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Abbreviation : AN
Long Form : auditory nerve
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A canonical oscillator model of cochlear dynamics. ---
2019 Cochlear compound action potentials from high-level tone bursts originate from wide cochlear regions that are offset toward the most sensitive cochlear region. ABRs, CAPs, CF
2019 Divergent Auditory Nerve Encoding Deficits Between Two Common Etiologies of Sensorineural Hearing Loss. MHL, NIHL
2019 Investigating the Effect of Cochlear Synaptopathy on Envelope Following Responses Using a Model of the Auditory Nerve. EFR, EHF, HI, NH, SAM, SR
2019 Modeling the effects of medial olivocochlear efferent stimulation at the level of the inferior colliculus. CF, IC, MOC
2019 Neuronal population model of globular bushy cells covering unit-to-unit variability. ---
2019 Nonlinear auditory models yield new insights into representations of vowels. IHCs
2019 The local translation of KNa in dendritic projections of auditory neurons and the roles of KNa in the transition from hidden to overt hearing loss. ARHL, HHL, HL, KNa
2019 The onset and post-onset auditory responses of cochlear nucleus neurons are modulated differently by cortical activation. CN, ESAI, OS, pOS
10  2018 A Computational Account of the Role of Cochlear Nucleus and Inferior Colliculus in Stabilizing Auditory Nerve Firing for Auditory Category Learning. ---
11  2018 Changes in Neuronal Representations of Consonants in the Ascending Auditory System and Their Role in Speech Recognition. AI, IC
12  2018 Complementary metrics of human auditory nerve function derived from compound action potentials. CAP
13  2018 Computational modeling of the human auditory periphery: Auditory-nerve responses, evoked potentials and hearing loss. ABR, EFR, IHC
14  2018 GC-B Deficient Mice With Axon Bifurcation Loss Exhibit Compromised Auditory Processing. ASR, GC-B
15  2018 High-resolution frequency tuning but not temporal coding in the human cochlea. ---
16  2018 Modeling the level-dependent changes of concurrent vowel scores. ---
17  2018 Noise-Induced Dysregulation of Quaking RNA Binding Proteins Contributes to Auditory Nerve Demyelination and Hearing Loss. QKI
18  2018 Non-tip auditory-nerve responses that are suppressed by low-frequency bias tones originate from reticular lamina motion. BM, BTs, CF, MET, MOC, OHC, RL, TC
19  2018 Olivocochlear efferents: Their action, effects, measurement and uses, and the impact of the new conception of cochlear mechanical responses. BM, LOC, MOC, OAEs, OC, OHCs, RL
20  2018 Persistent Auditory Nerve Damage Following Kainic Acid Excitotoxicity in the Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus). ABR, CAPs, CMs, KA
21  2018 Reliability of Measures of N1 Peak Amplitude of the Compound Action Potential in Younger and Older Adults. CAP
22  2018 Subcortical sources dominate the neuroelectric auditory frequency-following response to speech. BS, FFRs, MEG, PAC
23  2018 Supra-Threshold Hearing and Fluctuation Profiles: Implications for Sensorineural and Hidden Hearing Loss. HSR, IC, IHC, L/MSR
24  2018 Tracking the dynamic representation of consonants from auditory periphery to cortex. EEG, MVPA
25  2017 A New Approach to Model Pitch Perception Using Sparse Coding. SC
26  2017 Adipose-derived stromal cells enhance auditory neuron survival in an animal model of sensory hearing loss. ASCs, CI
27  2017 Outer Hair Cell and Auditory Nerve Function in Speech Recognition in Quiet and in Background Noise. CAP, ECochG, OHCs
28  2017 The number and distribution of AMPA receptor channels containing fast kinetic GluA3 and GluA4 subunits at auditory nerve synapses depend on the target cells. AMPARs, BCs, FCs
29  2017 Weak Middle-Ear-Muscle Reflex in Humans with Noise-Induced Tinnitus and Normal Hearing May Reflect Cochlear Synaptopathy. IHCs, MEMR
30  2016 Contributions of Mouse and Human Hematopoietic Cells to Remodeling of the Adult Auditory Nerve After Neuron Loss. HSCs, SGNs
31  2016 Effects of Physiological Internal Noise on Model Predictions of Concurrent Vowel Identification for Normal-Hearing Listeners. NSIM, SNR
32  2016 Low-frequency bias tone suppression of auditory-nerve responses to low-level clicks and tones. BT's, MET, OHC
33  2016 Speech Coding in the Midbrain: Effects of Sensorineural Hearing Loss. BF
34  2016 Thalamic gamma band desynchronization in a computational model of the auditory pathway. DCN, STC
35  2015 Abnormal Auditory Gain in Hyperacusis: Investigation with a Computational Model. LDLs
36  2015 Functional modeling of the human auditory brainstem response to broadband stimulation. ABR, CN, IC
37  2015 Identifying the threshold of iron deficiency in the central nervous system of the rat by the auditory brainstem response. ABR, ID
38  2015 Inhibitory properties underlying non-monotonic input-output relationship in low-frequency spherical bushy neurons of the gerbil. AP, AVCN, RLF, SBCs
39  2015 Tone-in-noise detection using envelope cues: comparison of signal-processing-based and physiological models. IC
40  2015 Towards a Diagnosis of Cochlear Neuropathy with Envelope Following Responses. ABRs, EFR
41  2014 Auditory nerve perinodal dysmyelination in noise-induced hearing loss. ---
42  2014 BDNF increases survival and neuronal differentiation of human neural precursor cells cotransplanted with a nanofiber gel to the auditory nerve in a rat model of neuronal damage. BDNF, hNPC, IAM
43  2014 Coincidence detection in the medial superior olive: mechanistic implications of an analysis of input spiking patterns. ITD, TB
44  2014 Computational modeling of the effects of auditory nerve dysmyelination. AOE
45  2014 Dynorphin release by the lateral olivocochlear efferents may inhibit auditory nerve activity: a cochlear drug delivery study. CAP, DYN, LOC
46  2014 Implications of within-fiber temporal coding for perceptual studies of F0 discrimination and discrimination of harmonic and inharmonic tone complexes. Env, NH, REF, TFS
47  2014 Modeling the time-varying and level-dependent effects of the medial olivocochlear reflex in auditory nerve responses. CF, MOCR, OHCs
48  2014 Olivocochlear efferent function: issues regarding methods and the interpretation of results. ipsi, MOC, OAEs, OC, SNRs
49  2014 Perception and coding of high-frequency spectral notches: potential implications for sound localization. ---
50  2014 Speech enhancement for listeners with hearing loss based on a model for vowel coding in the auditory midbrain. ---
51  2014 Target- and input-dependent organization of AMPA and NMDA receptors in synaptic connections of the cochlear nucleus. AMPA, IMPs, NMDA, PF, PF-FC synapses
52  2014 The interaural time difference pathway: a comparison of spectral bandwidth and correlation sensitivity at three anatomical levels. BW, CF, IC, ITD, TB
53  2014 Tonotopic organization of vertical cells in the dorsal cochlear nucleus of the CBA/J mouse. AVCN, DCN
54  2013 3D model of frequency representation in the cochlear nucleus of the CBA/J mouse. CN
55  2013 Effects of sensorineural hearing loss on temporal coding of harmonic and inharmonic tone complexes in the auditory nerve. ENV, NH, SNHL, TFS
56  2013 How Broadband Speech May Avoid Neural Firing Rate Saturation at High Intensities and Maintain Intelligibility. ---
57  2013 Neuronal differentiation and extensive migration of human neural precursor cells following co-culture with rat auditory brainstem slices. BS, CN, hNPC, SGN
58  2013 Relationships between auditory nerve activity and temporal pitch perception in cochlear implant users. CI, ECAP, IPIs
59  2012 Across-channel timing differences as a potential code for the frequency of pure tones. BM
60  2012 Electrophysiologic and behavioral outcomes of cochlear implantation in children with auditory nerve hypoplasia. ANC, CI, IAC
61  2012 Emergence of coordinated plasticity in the cochlear nucleus and cerebellum. BCs
62  2012 How are inner hair cells stimulated? Evidence for multiple mechanical drives. BM, IHC, MOC, OHCs, RL, TM
63  2012 Modeling the anti-masking effects of the olivocochlear reflex in auditory nerve responses to tones in sustained noise. MOCR, OHC
64  2012 Sensitivity of cochlear nucleus neurons to spatio-temporal changes in auditory nerve activity. CD, CN
65  2012 Survival, migration and differentiation of mouse tau-GFP embryonic stem cells transplanted into the rat auditory nerve. BDNF, ChABC, PA
66  2012 Temporal modulation transfer functions measured from auditory-nerve responses following sensorineural hearing loss. CF, SAM, SNHL, TMTFs
67  2012 Time course of dynamic range adaptation in the auditory nerve. ---
68  2011 Auditory brainstem responses predict auditory nerve fiber thresholds and frequency selectivity in hearing impaired chinchillas. ABRs, SL
69  2011 Auditory-nerve responses predict pitch attributes related to musical consonance-dissonance for normal and impaired hearing. ---
70  2011 Calcium imaging of auditory nerve fiber terminals in the cochlear nucleus. AVCN, BCs
71  2011 Excitatory modulation in the cochlear nucleus through group I metabotropic glutamate receptor activation. AVCN, BCs, DHPG, mGluRs, TBOA
72  2011 Neurophysiologic intraoperative monitoring of the vestibulocochlear nerve. BAEPs, CNAPs, CPA, ECochG
73  2011 Predicted effects of sensorineural hearing loss on across-fiber envelope coding in the auditory nerve. ---
74  2011 Responses of auditory nerve and anteroventral cochlear nucleus fibers to broadband and narrowband noise: implications for the sensitivity to interaural delays. AVCN, ITD, JNDs
75  2010 A low-affinity antagonist reveals saturation and desensitization in mature synapses in the auditory brain stem. BCs, CTZ, DGG
76  2010 Enhancement of neural stochastic firing in cochlear implant stimulation by the addition of noise: a computational study of the influence of stimulation settings and spontaneous activity. CIs
77  2010 Envelope coding in auditory nerve fibers following noise-induced hearing loss. SNHL
78  2010 Neuromodulation by GABA converts a relay into a coincidence detector. BCs, GABARs
79  2010 The upper limit of temporal pitch for cochlear-implant listeners: stimulus duration, conditioner pulses, and the number of electrodes stimulated. CI
80  2010 Time course of neuronal and synaptic plasticity in dorsal cochlear nucleus of guinea pig following chronic kanamycin-induced deafness. FC, IGF-1
81  2010 Time sequence of auditory nerve and spiral ganglion cell degeneration following chronic kanamycin-induced deafness in the guinea pig. SGC, VG
82  2009 A phenomenological model of the synapse between the inner hair cell and auditory nerve: long-term adaptation with power-law dynamics. ---
83  2009 Dynamic range adaptation to sound level statistics in the auditory nerve. ---
84  2009 Impact of synaptic depression on spike timing at the endbulb of Held. BCs
85  2009 Spontaneous activity of auditory nerve fibers in the barn owl (Tyto alba): analyses of interspike interval distributions. ISIs
86  2009 Stochastic population model for electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve. ---
87  2009 The role of auditory nerve innervation and dendritic filtering in shaping onset responses in the ventral cochlear nucleus. BF, OC, OI, OL, PSTHs, VCN
88  2008 Auditory nerve inputs to cochlear nucleus neurons studied with cross-correlation. EP, VCN
89  2008 Behavioral and physiological correlates of temporal pitch perception in electric and acoustic hearing. CAPs, IPIs, NH
90  2008 Cochlear implants and brain plasticity. ---
91  2008 Comparison of bandwidths in the inferior colliculus and the auditory nerve. II: Measurement using a temporally manipulated stimulus. BW, CF, IC, ITDs, ND
92  2008 Effects of an improved auditory-periphery model on the response properties of modeled neurons in the dorsal cochlear nucleus. DCN
93  2008 Medial olivocochlear efferent inhibition of basilar-membrane responses to clicks: evidence for two modes of cochlear mechanical excitation. ANIP, BM, MOC, OHCs
94  2008 Response patterns to sound associated with labeled globular/bushy cells in cat. CN, GBC, LSO, MNTB
95  2008 Subthreshold K+ channel dynamics interact with stimulus spectrum to influence temporal coding in an auditory brain stem model. VCN
96  2007 Comparison of bandwidths in the inferior colliculus and the auditory nerve. I. Measurement using a spectrally manipulated stimulus. BWs, IC
97  2007 Direct comparison between properties of adaptation of the auditory nerve and the ventral cochlear nucleus in response to repetitive clicks. ANEPs, VCN
98  2007 Effect of auditory-nerve response variability on estimates of tuning curves. CF
99  2007 Mutual suppression in the 6 kHz region of sensitive chinchilla cochleae. BM
100  2007 Perception of temporally processed speech by listeners with hearing impairment. HINT, NST, SPC, SPIN