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Abbreviation : ANNs
Long Form : artificial neural networks
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 AI-Based Methods and Technologies to Develop Wearable Devices for Prosthetics and Predictions of Degenerative Diseases. AI, EFuNN, SNN
2020 3D Stackable Synaptic Transistor for 3D Integrated Artificial Neural Networks. ---
2020 A biohybrid synapse with neurotransmitter-mediated plasticity. ---
2020 A biologically plausible supervised learning method for spiking neural networks using the symmetric STDP rule. bio-plausible, SL, SNNs, sym-STDP, t-SNE
2020 A Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Deep Learning Models for Human Activity Recognition. CNNs, DL, HAR, ML, RNNs
2020 A Data-Driven Damage Identification Framework Based on Transmissibility Function Datasets and One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks: Verification on a Structural Health Monitoring Benchmark Structure. ASCE, FFT, TFs, TS
2020 A machine learning algorithm to improve building performance modeling during design. BPMs, IVEs
2020 A machine learning based prediction system for the Indian Ocean Dipole. IOD, NMME, RMSE
2020 A Nested Ensemble Approach with ANNs to Investigate the Effect of Socioeconomic Attributes on Active Commuting of University Students. ---
10  2020 A Novel Fuzzy Multilayer Perceptron (F-MLP) for the Detection of Irregularity in Skin Lesion Border Using Dermoscopic Images. F-MLP
11  2020 A novel machine learning based computational framework for homogenization of heterogeneous soft materials: application to liver tissue. FE, PGD
12  2020 A Review on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Spinal Diseases. ---
13  2020 Accurate Prediction of Sensory Attributes of Cheese Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Based on Artificial Neural Network. NIR
14  2020 Adaptive Tracking Control of State Constraint Systems Based on Differential Neural Networks: A Barrier Lyapunov Function Approach. BLF, DNNs, SGUUB
15  2020 Adsorption of tetracycline antibiotic onto modified zeolite: Experimental investigation and modeling. ANFIS, MZ, TC
16  2020 Application of artificial intelligence models and optimization algorithms in plant cell and tissue culture. AI, FR, GA, OA, SVMs
17  2020 Application of artificial neural networks in detection and diagnosis of gastrointestinal and liver tumors. ---
18  2020 Application of Electrospray in Preparing Solid Lipid Nanoparticles and Optimization of Nanoparticles Using Artificial Neural Networks. SLNs
19  2020 Application of machine learning to predict monomer retention of therapeutic proteins after long term storage. Tm
20  2020 Application of Multiple Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Networks for the Prediction of the Packing and Capsule Filling Performance of Coated and Plain Pellets Differing in Density and Size. CFW, FWV, MBP, MLR, OBD
21  2020 Application of soft computing to predict water quality in wetland. AN, ANFIS, BOD, COD, DO, GMDH, SS, WQI
22  2020 Applications of neural networks in urology: a systematic review. ---
23  2020 Artificial intelligence and neural networks in urology: current clinical applications. AI, ML
24  2020 Artificial intelligence driven next-generation renal histomorphometry. ---
25  2020 Artificial neural network analysis of bone quality DXA parameters response to teriparatide in fractured osteoporotic patients. BMD, BSI, HSA, SDI, TBS
26  2020 Artificial neural network for Slice Encoding for Metal Artifact Correction (SEMAC) MRI. CNN, MLP, SEMAC
27  2020 Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Partial Least Squares (PLS) Regression in the Quantitative Analysis of Respirable Crystalline Silica by Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). FTIR, PLS, RCS
28  2020 Artificial neural networks allow response prediction in squamous cell carcinoma of the scalp treated with radiotherapy. cSCC, Gy
29  2020 Artificial Neural Networks Applied as Molecular Wave Function Solvers. BM, CASCI, NQS, RBM
30  2020 Artificial Neural Networks for Neuroscientists: A Primer. ---
31  2020 Artificial neural networks for quantitative online NMR spectroscopy. NMR, PAT
32  2020 Artificial Neural Networks in Computer-Aided Drug Design: An Overview of Recent Advances. CADD
33  2020 Artificial neural networks in neurorehabilitation: A scoping review. ---
34  2020 Assessing the Big Five personality traits using real-life static facial images. ---
35  2020 Asynchronous multi-decadal time-scale series of biotic and abiotic responses to precipitation during the last 1300years. EASM, PqPann
36  2020 Attribute selection using correlations and principal components for artificial neural networks employment for landslide susceptibility assessment. DEM, PCs
37  2020 Bio-Inspired Techniques in a Fully Digital Approach for Lifelong Learning. SoC, STDP
38  2020 Circadian Phase Prediction from Non-Intrusive and Ambulatory Physiological Data. CBT, DLMO
39  2020 Comparing an Artificial Neural Network to Logistic Regression for Predicting ED Visit Risk Among Patients With Cancer: A Population-Based Cohort Study. ED, LR
40  2020 Complete Nuclear Permutation Inversion Invariant Artificial Neural Network (CNPI-ANN) Diabatization for the Accurate Treatment of Vibronic Coupling Problems. CNPI, CNPI-ANN, PESs
41  2020 Conductive-bridging random-access memories for emerging neuromorphic computing. CBRAMs, CMOS
42  2020 Coupled artificial neural networks to estimate 3D whole-body posture, lumbosacral moments, and spinal loads during load-handling activities. IDPs
43  2020 Deep learning for EEG-based Motor Imagery classification: Accuracy-cost trade-off. BCI, CNNs, EEG, FFNNs, RNNs
44  2020 Deep learning for population size history inference: Design, comparison and combination with approximate Bayesian computation. ABC, SNPs
45  2020 Deep learning in next-generation sequencing. DL, ML, NGS
46  2020 Denoising Autoencoders and LSTM-Based Artificial Neural Networks Data Processing for Its Application to Internal Model Control in Industrial Environments-The Wastewater Treatment Plant Control Case. ANN-based IMC, IAE, ISE, WWTP
47  2020 Detection of subjects with ischemic heart disease by using machine learning technique based on heart rate total variability parameters. HRV, IHD, LVEF
48  2020 Development and validation of machine learning models to predict gastrointestinal leak and venous thromboembolism after weight loss surgery: an analysis of the MBSAQIP database. AUC, LR, VTE
49  2020 Development, Validation and Comparison of Artificial Neural Network Models and Logistic Regression Models Predicting Survival of Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer. AUC, LR
50  2020 Dissolved oxygen prediction using a new ensemble method. ANFIS, BMA, CART, ELM, MLR, RMSE, WQ
51  2020 EEG Signal Analysis for Diagnosing Neurological Disorders Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Intelligent Techniques. ASD, DWT, EEG, ICA, KNN, LBP, LDA, SE, SVM
52  2020 Efficient Processing of Spatio-Temporal Data Streams With Spiking Neural Networks. SNNs
53  2020 Emerging imaging techniques for acute pancreatitis. AP
54  2020 Enabling Spike-Based Backpropagation for Training Deep Neural Network Architectures. SNNs
55  2020 Estimation of glandular dose in mammography based on artificial neural networks. MC, MGD
56  2020 Evaluating the Predictability of Cancer Types from 536 Somatic Mutations: A New Dataset. CGC
57  2020 Event-Based Computation for Touch Localization Based on Precise Spike Timing. SNNs
58  2020 Evolving Connectionist Models to Capture Population Variability across Language Development: Modeling Children's Past Tense Formation. ---
59  2020 Expression profiling of small intestinal neuroendocrine tumors identified pathways and gene networks linked to tumorigenesis and metastasis. DEGs, GSEA, KEGG, LM, SI-NETs
60  2020 Gate-Tunable Synaptic Dynamics of Ferroelectric-Coupled Carbon-Nanotube Transistors. ---
61  2020 Gelatin nanoparticles for NSAID systemic administration: Quality by design and artificial neural networks implementation. ANN, CCD, DLC, FTIR, GNs, XRD
62  2020 Human thermal sensation over a mountainous area, revealed by the application of ANNs: the case of Ainos Mt., Kefalonia Island, Greece. PET
63  2020 Implementing Any Nonlinear Quantum Neuron. ---
64  2020 Improvement of the performances of a commercial hand-held laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy instrument for steel analysis using multiple artificial neural networks. ---
65  2020 Improving genomic prediction accuracy for meat tenderness in Nellore cattle using artificial neural networks. ReLU
66  2020 Intelligent-assistant system for scleral spur location. ---
67  2020 Investigating mechanical properties and biocement application of CaCO3 precipitated by a newly-isolated Lysinibacillus sp. WH using artificial neural networks. CaCl2, VRH
68  2020 Investigation of singular ordinary differential equations by a neuroevolutionary approach. FO-DPSO
69  2020 Leaf Biochemistry Parameters Estimation of Vegetation Using the Appropriate Inversion Strategy. Cab, Car, EWT, FW, LMA, PCA
70  2020 Learning partial differential equations for biological transport models from noisy spatio-temporal data. Fisher-KPP, PDE
71  2020 Machine Learning on Mainstream Microcontrollers. DT, ELM, KNN, SVM
72  2020 Machine learning techniques for biomedical image segmentation: An overview of technical aspects and introduction to state-of-art applications. CNNs, RNNs
73  2020 Machine Learning Technology Reveals the Concealed Interactions of Phytohormones on Medicinal Plant In Vitro Organogenesis. BAP, IAA, ML
74  2020 Machine learning-based development and validation of a scoring system for progression-free survival in liver cancer. AUROC, HCC, HRs, OS, PFS
75  2020 Memristor-based LSTM network with in situ training and its applications. CNN, LSTM, MbLSTM
76  2020 Migrating from partial least squares discriminant analysis to artificial neural networks: a comparison of functionally equivalent visualisation and feature contribution tools using jupyter notebooks. ML, PLS-DA
77  2020 Modeling the degradation and disinfection of water pollutants by photocatalysts and composites: A critical review. CW, L-H, ROS, RSM
78  2020 Modeling the Interfacial Tension of Water-Based Binary and Ternary Systems at High Pressures Using a Neuro-Evolutive Technique. CS, DE, IFT
79  2020 Modelling traffic noise in a wide gradient interval using artificial neural networks. ---
80  2020 Molecular and DNA Artificial Neural Networks via Fractional Coding. ANN, ReLU
81  2020 Multi-volume modeling of Eucalyptus trees using regression and artificial neural networks. ---
82  2020 Neural Networks Multiobjective Learning With Spherical Representation of Weights. ---
83  2020 NMR Calculations with Quantum Methods: Development of New Tools for Structural Elucidation and Beyond. ---
84  2020 On-Chip Training Spiking Neural Networks Using Approximated Backpropagation With Analog Synaptic Devices. GSDs, LTD, LTP, SNNs
85  2020 Online ANN-based fault diagnosis implementation using an FPGA: Application in the EFI system of a vehicle. ELM, FDD, GD, LM
86  2020 Opening the black box of artificial intelligence for clinical decision support: A study predicting stroke outcome. AUC, ML, MLPs, mRS
87  2020 Optimization of fungi co-fermentation for improving anthraquinone contents and antioxidant activity using artificial neural networks. BP, RBF
88  2020 Optimization of the silica-gel adsorption technique for the extraction of phytosterol glycosides from soybean lecithin powder using response surface methodology and artificial neural network models. ASGs, PGs, RSM, SGs
89  2020 Prediction of Degreening Velocity of Broccoli Buds Using Hyperspectral Camera Combined with Artificial Neural Networks. ---
90  2020 Prediction of malaria transmission drivers in Anopheles mosquitoes using artificial intelligence coupled to MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. MALDI-TOF, MS
91  2020 Prediction of perioperative transfusions using an artificial neural network. ---
92  2020 Prediction of the performance of artificial neural networks in mapping sEMG to finger joint angles via signal pre-investigation techniques. ---
93  2020 Relative importance of clinical and sociodemographic factors in association with post-operative in-hospital deaths in colorectal cancer patients in New South Wales: An artificial neural network approach. ---
94  2020 Response surface methodology and artificial neural network for remediation of acid orange 7 using TiO2-P25: optimization and modeling approach. AARE, AO7, MAD, MSE, RMSE, RSM, TNPs
95  2020 Rethinking the performance comparison between SNNS and ANNS. SNNs
96  2020 Seeing Is Believing: Experimental Spin States from Machine Learning Model Structure Predictions. SCO
97  2020 Spatial Properties of STDP in a Self-Learning Spiking Neural Network Enable Controlling a Mobile Robot. SNNs, STDP
98  2020 Spike-Train Level Direct Feedback Alignment: Sidestepping Backpropagation for On-Chip Training of Spiking Neural Nets. BP, SNNs, ST-DFA
99  2020 The application of artificial neural networks in modeling and predicting the effects of melatonin on morphological responses of citrus to drought stress. GRNN, MLP, NSGA-II, RBF
100  2020 The relationship between air pollution and COVID-19-related deaths: An application to three French cities. COVID-19, ML, PM, PM2.5