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2022 A follow-up of pain reported by children undergoing outpatient surgery using a smartphone application: AlgoDARPEF multicenter descriptive prospective study. app, NRS, PPPM-SF
2022 An Investigation of Descending Pain Modulation in Women With Provoked Vestibulodynia: Alterations of Brain Connectivity. fMRI, PVD, SEM
2022 Characterizing patients reporting unchanged or worsened mental health symptoms after completing a partial hospital program: A mixed-methods study. ANCOVAs
2022 Effects of virtual reality-based motor control training on inflammation, oxidative stress, neuroplasticity and upper limb motor function in patients with chronic stroke: a randomized controlled trial. BDNF, COT, FMA-UE, HO-1, ICAM-1, IL-6, VR
2022 Look at the Audience? A Randomized Controlled Study of Shifting Attention From Self-Focus to Nonsocial vs. Social External Stimuli During Virtual Reality Exposure to Public Speaking in Social Anxiety. VR
2022 Preliminary Results from the ACTyourCHANGE in Teens Protocol: A Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Adolescents with Obesity. ---
2022 Spin Lattice (T1) and Magnetization Transfer Saturation (MTsat) Imaging to Monitor Age-Related Differences in Skeletal Muscle Tissue. MTsat
2022 Stress overload in first-generation college students: Implications for intervention. CGCS, FGCS
2022 The acute effects of action observation on muscle strength/weakness and corticospinal excitability in older adults. FDI, MEP, MVC, RTD200, RTD30
10  2022 The Impact of Electronic Data to Capture Qualitative Comments in a Competency-Based Assessment System. WBA
11  2022 The maturation of the acoustic change complex in response to iterated ripple noise in normal-hearing infants, toddlers, and adults. ACC, IRN
12  2022 Validity and Reliability of a Smartphone App for Gait and Balance Assessment. ICC, SEM
13  2021 A direct comparison of neuronavigated and non-neuronavigated intermittent theta burst stimulation in the treatment of depression. HAMD, iTBS, lDLPFC
14  2021 Acute Effects of Local Ischemic Hypoxia and Systemic Hypoxemia on Neuromuscular and Cognitive Function. ANAM, BFR, EMG AMP, MPF, MVIC
15  2021 An Italian Validation of ABILHAND-Kids for Children With Cerebral Palsy. CP, EFA, ICC, MACS
16  2021 Bouldering psychotherapy is effective in enhancing perceived self-efficacy in people with depression: results from a multicenter randomized controlled trial. BPT, CBT, EP
17  2021 Cognitive Behavioral Training Using a Mobile Application Reduces Body Image-Related Symptoms in High-Risk Female University Students: A Randomized Controlled Study. BDD, BIDs, EDs
18  2021 Comprehensive SPME-GC-MS Analysis of VOC Profiles Obtained Following High-Temperature Heating of Pork Back Fat with Varying Boar Taint Intensities. PCA, VOCs
19  2021 Development and initial validation of ability levels to interpret pediatric spinal cord injury activity measure and pediatric measure of participation scores. PMoP, SCI
20  2021 Distinct Whole-Body Movements in Response to Alcohol and Sexual Content in Alcohol Use Disorder. AUD
21  2021 Dysphagia, voice problems, and pain in head and neck cancer patients. EAT-10, HNC, QoL
22  2021 Empathy, compassion, and theory of mind in obsessive-compulsive disorder. OCD, ToM
23  2021 MYPATH: A novel mindfulness and yoga-based peer leader intervention to prevent violence among youth experiencing homelessness. YAEH
24  2021 Nonvoluntary or Forced Sex Among Women, by Sexual Identity, Attraction, and Behavior - National Survey of Family Growth, United States, 2011-2017. NSFG
25  2021 Program Quality and Developmental Outcomes Related to Youth Volleyball in Ethiopia: Assessing Relationships and Variations. ---
26  2021 Psychometric Suitability of Adaptations to the Special Judo Fitness Test for Athletes With Visual Impairment. SJFT
27  2021 Running Biomechanics of Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder. ASD, BMI, GRFs, SPM
28  2021 Spectral Power Density analysis of the resting-state as a marker of the central effects of opioid use in fibromyalgia. EC, EEG, EO, FM, SPD
29  2021 The Influence of Authority Role and Victim Gender on Perceptions of Female-Perpetrated Child Sexual Abuse. ---
30  2021 Variation in Lower Limb Power and Three Point Shot Performance Following Repeated Sprints: One Vs. Five Changes of Direction in Male Basketball Players. FJT, HR, RPE, RSA, SJ
31  2020 An investigation into socio-demographic-, health-, and cancer-related factors associated with cortisol and C-reactive protein levels in breast cancer survivors: a longitudinal study. BCS, BMI, CRP
32  2020 An Open-Label Feasibility Trial Examining the Effectiveness of a Cognitive Training Program, Goal Management Training, in Individuals With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. GMT, PTSD, TAU
33  2020 Attenuation of Deviant Sexual Fantasy across the Lifespan in United States Adult Males. ---
34  2020 Autism Spectrum Disorder and Schizophrenia Are Better Differentiated by Positive Symptoms Than Negative Symptoms. ANCOVAs, ASD, PANSS, ROC, SZ, TD
35  2020 Benefits of dry needling of myofascial trigger points on autonomic function and photoelectric plethysmography in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome. FMS, MTrPs, PPI, TENS, VAS
36  2020 Biomechanical Comparison of Graft Preparation Techniques for All-Inside Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. ACLR
37  2020 Child-Oriented Marketing on Cereal Packaging: Associations With Sugar Content and Manufacturer Pledge. CFBAI
38  2020 Clinical and Patient-Reported Outcomes of Direct-Acting Antivirals for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Among Patients on Opioid Agonist Treatment: A Real-world Prospective Cohort Study. DAAs, HCV, ITT, OAT, PP, PROs, SVR
39  2020 Cognitive tests aid in clinical differentiation of Alzheimer's disease versus Alzheimer's disease with Lewy body disease: Evidence from a pathological study. AD, LBD
40  2020 Development of an Instrument to Assess Parents' Excessive Web-Based Searches for Information Pertaining to Their Children's Health: The "Children's Health Internet Research, Parental Inventory" (CHIRPI). CHIRPI, EFA
41  2020 Discriminating Metabolic Health Status in a Cohort of Nursing Students: Protocol for a Cross-Sectional Study. BMI, COVID-19, IPAQ, IRRID, PA, ROC, WHR
42  2020 Eating disorder symptomatology, clinical impairment, and comorbid psychopathology in racially and ethnically diverse college women with eating disorders. ED
43  2020 Enhanced long-term dietary change and adherence in a nutrigenomics-guided lifestyle intervention compared to a population-based (GLB/DPP) lifestyle intervention for weight management: results from the NOW randomised controlled trial. DPP, EEFHT, GLB, GLB/DPP, NOW
44  2020 Foot Rotation Gait Modifications Affect Hip and Ankle, But Not Knee, Stance Phase Joint Reaction Forces During Running. SPM
45  2020 High-Load Resistance Exercise Augments Androgen Receptor-DNA Binding and Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling without Increases in Serum/Muscle Androgens or Androgen Receptor Content. AR, HL, RE
46  2020 If Not Now, When? An Absence of Neurocognitive and Postural Stability Deficits in Collegiate Athletes with One or More Concussions. CIs, CVs, SOT
47  2020 Increases in theta CSD power and coherence during a calibrated stop-signal task: implications for goal-conflict processing and the Behavioural Inhibition System. BIS, CSD, EEG, SST
48  2020 Neuropsychologists' practice adjustments: The impact of COVID-19. TNP
49  2020 Older adult psychopathology: international comparisons of self-reports, collateral reports, and cross-informant agreement. ESs, OABCL, OASR
50  2020 Perceived barriers to physical activity during and after a behavioural weight loss programme. BWL, MVPA, PA
51  2020 Preferred Music Genre Benefits During Strength Tests: Increased Maximal Strength and Strength-Endurance and Reduced Perceived Exertion. NPMG, PMG, RPE
52  2020 Quality of life in patients with severe mental illness: a cross-sectional survey in an integrated outpatient health care model. CGI, CI, IC, QoL
53  2020 Resting-State Isolated Effective Connectivity of the Cingulate Cortex as a Neurophysiological Biomarker in Patients with Severe Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia. ACC, DMN, iCoh, NTRS, PCC, TRS
54  2020 Sensory profile alterations in patients with insular epilepsy surgery: Preliminary findings. ---
55  2020 The Role of Age and Gender in Perceived Vulnerability to Infectious Diseases. ---
56  2020 Trajectories of Dynamic Risk Factors During Forensic Treatment: Growth Trajectory of Clinical Risk Factors in a Sample of Dutch Forensic Patients. ---
57  2020 Use of language in the medical decision-making process for biologic therapy: Youth and parent perspectives. ANCOVAs, CD, JIA
58  2019 African American women's relationship with their mobile phone, and what they want in a mobile delivered physical activity intervention: guidance for intervention development. AA, MPAS, PA
59  2019 Anti-gay "Honor" Abuse: A Multinational Attitudinal Study of Collectivist- Versus Individualist-Orientated Populations in Asia and England. ---
60  2019 Brain White Matter Hyperintensity Lesion Characterization in T2 Fluid-Attenuated Inversion Recovery Magnetic Resonance Images: Shape, Texture, and Potential Growth. FLAIR, MRI, PGI, WMH
61  2019 Cooking Frequency Associated With Dietary Quality in iCook-4H Youth Participants at Baseline. BMI, CF, SE
62  2019 Do children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have set shifting deficits? ADHD
63  2019 Effects of BDNF Val66Met polymorphisms on brain structures and behaviors in adolescents with conduct disorder. BDNF, CD, HCs
64  2019 Effects of region of interest sizes on apparent diffusion coefficient measurements of pleomorphic adenoma, Warthin tumor, and normal parotid parenchyma. ADC, DWI, ICC, PA, ROI, SDs, WT
65  2019 Emotional and Autonomic Processing of Olfactory Stimuli Is Compromised in Patients with a History of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. OS
66  2019 Estimating the Change in Renal Function During the First Year of Therapy in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis. ANCA, ATI, GFR
67  2019 Exploration of the Factors Influencing Attitudes to Breastfeeding in Public. ---
68  2019 Improving Concussion Reporting across National College Athletic Association Divisions Using a Theory-Based, Data-Driven, Multimedia Concussion Education Intervention. CI, NCAA, OR
69  2019 Log-Transformed Electromyography Amplitude-Power Output Relationship: Single-Leg Knee-Extensor Versus Single-Leg Cycle Ergometry. CE, EMG, KE, QF
70  2019 Magnetization transfer saturation imaging of human calf muscle: Reproducibility and sensitivity to regional and sex differences. CV, FLASH, MTsat, RC
71  2019 Mental health status compared among rural-to-urban migrant, urban and rural school-age children in Guangdong Province, China. SDQ
72  2019 Pelvic Drop Changes due to Proximal Muscle Strengthening Depend on Foot-Ankle Varus Alignment. FAC
73  2019 RNA Sequencing Analyses of Gene Expression during Epstein-Barr Virus Infection of Primary B Lymphocytes. ChIA-PET, ChIP-seq, CRISPR, CRISPRa, EBV, FDR, LCL, LCLs, lncRNAs, RBLs, RNA-seq
74  2019 Sexual Assault Among Women in College: Immediate and Long-Term Associations With Mental Health, Psychosocial Functioning, and Romantic Relationships. C-SA, PTS
75  2019 The effectiveness of Nurture and Play: a mentalisation-based parenting group intervention for prenatally depressed mothers. EA, NaP, RCT, RF, TAU
76  2019 The MELFO Study: A Multicenter, Prospective, Randomized Clinical Trial on the Effects of a Reduced Stage-Adjusted Follow-Up Schedule on Cutaneous Melanoma IB-IIC Patients-Results After 3Years. AJCC, CWS, HR, IES, PCS/MCS, PROMs, STAI-S
77  2019 The relationship between attentional bias to food and disordered eating in females with type 1 diabetes. EDE-Q, T1DM
78  2019 Unilateral hamstring foam rolling does not impair strength but the rate of force development of the contralateral muscle. EMG, RFD, ROM, SAFR
79  2018 Effects of a Six-Month Multi-Ingredient Nutrition Supplement Intervention of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, vitamin D, Resveratrol, and Whey Protein on Cognitive Function in Older Adults: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Controlled Trial. DHA, EPA, PUFAs, SD
80  2018 Effects of Statins and Cholesterol on Patient Aggression: Is There a Connection? CG, RS
81  2018 Freeriding-Only a need for thrill?: Comparing different motives and behavioural aspects between slope skiers and freeride skiers. ---
82  2018 Gait speed is more challenging than cognitive load on the stride-to-stride variability in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament deficiency. ACL, LyE
83  2018 MRI Features and Site-specific Factors of Ischemic Changes in White Matter: A Retrospective Study. ALP, LDL-C, MRI, WMCs
84  2018 Patient-Reported Outcome Measures May Add Value in Breast Cancer Surgery. BCT
85  2018 Preliminary investigation of a videogame prototype for cigarette and marijuana prevention in adolescents. ---
86  2018 Statistical evaluation of the geochemical variability in overbank sediments in Spain. ilr, REE
87  2018 The impact of driver distraction in tractor-trailers and motorcoach buses. ---
88  2018 Using Work Ability Index and work-related stress to evaluate the physical and mental fitness of Iranian telecom tower climbers. HSE, WAI
89  2017 "When risk communication backfires: Randomized controlled trial on self-affirmation and reactance to personalized risk feedback in high-risk individuals": Correction to Schuz, Schuz, and Eid (2013). MANOVA, UV
90  2017 A randomized controlled trial of a smartphone app for posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms. apps, PTSD
91  2017 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to manage pain and opioid use after major surgery: Preliminary outcomes from the Toronto General Hospital Transitional Pain Service. ACT, CPSP, TPS
92  2017 Accuracy of step count measured by physical activity monitors: The effect of gait speed and anatomical placement site. PAMs
93  2017 Blood-brain barrier permeability of normal-appearing white matter in patients with vestibular schwannoma: A new hybrid approach for analysis of T1 -W DCE-MRI. DCE, MRI, NAWM, PD, PP, ROIs, SI
94  2017 Computed tomographic analysis of the internal structure of the metacarpals and its implications for hand use, pathology, and surgical intervention. SSIp
95  2017 Exploring pressures, tissue reperfusion and body positioning: a pilot evaluation. APACHE II, BMI, ICU, IP, NHA, PPI, PT, SOFA, STC, TR
96  2017 GABAA and GABAB receptor dysregulation in superior frontal cortex of subjects with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. GABA
97  2017 High-functioning autism patients share similar but more severe impairments in verbal theory of mind than schizophrenia patients. ToM
98  2017 Intimate Partner Abuse and Attachment: A Comparison Between Abused and Nonabused Women. IPA
99  2017 Male clinical norms and sex differences on the Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI) and Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q). EDE-Q, EDI, EDI-3, EDs
100  2017 Psychological Well-Being in Italian Families: An Exploratory Approach to the Study of Mental Health Across the Adult Life Span in the Blue Zone. HLM