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Abbreviation : AOB
Long Form : ammonia-oxidizing bacteria
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A meta-analysis to examine whether nitrification inhibitors work through selectively inhibiting ammonia-oxidizing bacteria. AOA, DMPP, NI
2022 A novel electrochemical sensor based on nitrite-oxidizing bacteria for highly specific and sensitive detection of nitrites. ATU, LOD, NOB, NOB
2022 A novel stable nitritation process: Treating sludge by alternating free nitrous acid/heat shock. FNA, NOB, SBR
2022 Achieving Partial Nitrification-Anammox Process Dependent on Microalgal-Bacterial Consortia in a Photosequencing Batch Reactor. DO, PN/A, TN
2022 Achieving Partial Nitritation by Treating Sludge With Free Nitrous Acid: The Potential Role of Quorum Sensing. FNA, NOB, QS
2022 Achieving PN through the selective recovery of AOB activity in inactivated nitrifying bacteria: Combined aerobic starvation and FA. DO, EPS, FA, NAR, NOB, PN, SAOR, SNPR
2022 Activated sludge microbial communities and hydrolytic potential in a full-scale SBR system treating landfill leachate. NOB, SBRs
2022 Advanced nitrogen removal in a single return anaerobic/aerobic/anoxic/aerobic (AnOAO) bioreactor treating municipal wastewater through hydroxylamine addition: Performance and microbial community. AnOAO, NOB
2022 Ammonia-oxidizing archaea and complete ammonia-oxidizing Nitrospira in water treatment systems. NOB
10  2022 Ammonia-oxidizing bacterial communities are affected by nitrogen fertilization and grass species in native C4 grassland soils. ---
11  2022 Biochar Addition Inhibits Nitrification by Shifting Community Structure of Ammonia-Oxidizing Microorganisms in Salt-Affected Irrigation-Silting Soil. amoA, NR
12  2022 Challenges, solutions and prospects of mainstream anammox-based process for municipal wastewater treatment. NOB, SRT
13  2022 Changes in Microbial Communities in Soil Treated with Organic or Conventional N Sources. AOA
14  2022 Changes in the Species and Functional Composition of Activated Sludge Communities Revealed Mechanisms of Partial Nitrification Established by Ultrasonication. AOA, NOB
15  2022 Comammox bacteria predominate among ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms in municipal but not in refinery wastewater treatment plants. AOA, AOMs, qPCR, WWTPs
16  2022 Comammox Nitrospira Bacteria Are Dominant Ammonia Oxidizers in Mainstream Nitrification Bioreactors Emended with Sponge Carriers. qPCR
17  2022 Deterministic Factors Determine the Comammox Community Composition in the Pearl River Estuary Ecosystem. AOA, AOM, PRE
18  2022 Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and dibutyl phthalate have a negative competitive effect on the nitrification of black soil. DBP, NOB
19  2022 Diversity distribution and characteristics of comammox in different ecosystems. AOA, qPCR
20  2022 Do NH4+-N and AOB affect atenolol removal during simulated riverbank filtration? OMPs, RBF
21  2022 Double anammox process in the AOAO process of treating real low C/N sewage: Validation, enhancement, and quantification of the contribution of anammox in the oxic zone. DO, PD/A, PN/A, TIN
22  2022 Dynamic calibration of process-wide partial-nitritation modeling with airlift granular for nitrogen removal in a full-scale wastewater treatment plant. AGU, ASM, NOB, PN, SBR, WWTPs
23  2022 Ecological Observations Based on Functional Gene Sequencing Are Sensitive to the Amplicon Processing Method. AOA, ASV, BLCA, NBC, OTUs, WUniFrac
24  2022 Ecotoxicity and fate of silver nanomaterial in an outdoor lysimeter study after twofold application by sewage sludge. DMS, ICP-MS
25  2022 Effect of aerobic microbes' competition for oxygen on nitrogen removal in mainstream nitritation-anammox systems. AHB, ANAMMOX, NOB, PN
26  2022 Effect of inoculation with newly isolated thermotolerant ammonia-oxidizing bacteria on nitrogen conversion and microbial community during cattle manure composting. M-AOB-4, T-AOB-2
27  2022 Effect of phosphorylated polyvinyl alcohol matrix size of cell entrapment on partial nitrification of ammonia in wastewater. NOB
28  2022 Effect of short-term light irradiation with varying energy densities on the activities of nitrifiers in wastewater. Es, MBC, NOB, rAOB, RSM
29  2022 Effects of agricultural land use on the differentiation of nitrifier communities and functional patterns from natural terrestrial ecosystems. AO, AOA, MAP, MAT, NOB, NP, OM, TP
30  2022 Effects of aquatic nitrogen pollution on particle-attached ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in urban freshwater mesocosms. qRT-PCR
31  2022 Efficient nitrogen removal from mature landfill leachate in a step feed continuous plug-flow system based on one-stage anammox process. A/O, AnAOB, COD, FISH, IFAS, PNA
32  2022 Efficient nitrogen removal from onsite wastewater by a novel continuous flow biofilter. AOA, CFB, STE
33  2022 Elucidating nitrifying performance, nitrite accumulation and microbial community in a three-stage plug flow moving bed biofilm reactor (PF - MBBR). NAR, NOB, OTUs, PF - MBBR
34  2022 Enhanced simultaneous partial nitrification and denitrification performance of aerobic granular sludge via tapered aeration in sequencing batch reactor for treating low strength and low COD/TN ratio municipal wastewater. AGS-SPNDPR, DGAOs, PAOs, SBR
35  2022 Enriched microbial communities for ammonium and nitrite removal from recirculating aquaculture systems. AMO, NOB, NXR, RAS
36  2022 Evaluation of operating parameters affecting the two-stage nitritatin/anammox process in mainstream flows: From lab-scale to pilot-scale. NOB, PN/A
37  2022 Free Nitrous Acid Inhibits Atenolol Removal during the Sidestream Partial Nitritation Process through Regulating Microbial-Induced Metabolic Types. FNA, PN
38  2022 Genome Streamlining, Proteorhodopsin, and Organic Nitrogen Metabolism in Freshwater Nitrifiers. AOA, NOB
39  2022 Genome-Resolved Metagenomic Insights into Massive Seasonal Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea Blooms in San Francisco Bay. AOA, MAGs, NOB, SFB
40  2022 Impact of influent strengths on nitrous oxide emission and its molecular mechanism in constructed wetlands treating swine wastewater. AOA, CWs, TN
41  2022 Improved insights into the adaptation and selection of Nitrosomonas spp. for partial nitritation under saline conditions based on specific oxygen uptake rates and next generation sequencing. DO, PN, SOUR
42  2022 Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Aerobic Rice Based on Insights Into the Ecophysiology of Archaeal and Bacterial Ammonia Oxidizers. AOA, AWD, BNIs, DDSR, NIs, NUE, SSC
43  2022 Influence of ammonia and NaCl on nitrifying community and activity: Implications for formulating nitrifying culture augmentation. AOA, NaCl, RAS, TAN
44  2022 Integration of Zeolite Membrane Bioreactor With Granular Sludge-Based Anammox in High-Efficiency Nitrogen Removal From Iron Oxide Red Wastewater. FA, IORW, MBR, NLR, NOB, NPR, NRR, PN, ZMBR
45  2022 Lab-scale data and microbial community structure suggest shortcut nitrogen removal as the predominant nitrogen removal mechanism in post-aerobic digestion (PAD). NAR, NOB, PAD
46  2022 Metagenomic Insights Into Competition Between Denitrification and Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to Ammonia Within One-Stage and Two-Stage Partial-Nitritation Anammox Bioreactor Configurations. DNRA, MAGs
47  2022 Mitigation of inhibitory effect of THP-AD centrate on partial nitritation and anammox: Insights into ozone pretreatment. HMW, NRR, PN/A
48  2022 Molecular evidence for stimulation of methane oxidation in Amazonian floodplains by ammonia-oxidizing communities. AOA, n-DAMO
49  2022 Morphological and Spatial Heterogeneity of Microbial Communities in Pilot-Scale Autotrophic Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge System Treating Coal to Ethylene Glycol Wastewater. AnAOB, CtEG, IFAS, PN/A
50  2022 New insights into modeling two-step nitrification in activated sludge systems - The effects of initial biomass concentrations, comammox and heterotrophic activities. HRT, MLSS, mu, NOB, RSM, SRT
51  2022 Niche Differentiation Among Canonical Nitrifiers and N2O Reducers Is Linked to Varying Effects of Nitrification Inhibitors DCD and DMPP in Two Arable Soils. AOA, DCD, DMPP, NIs
52  2022 Nitrification performance and bacterial community dynamics in a membrane bioreactor with elevated ammonia concentration: The combined inhibition effect of salinity, free ammonia and free nitrous acid on nitrification at high ammonia loading rates. ALR, MBR
53  2022 Rapid and stable achievement of mainstream nitritation at low temperature using the competitive inhibition caused by the organics. NOB
54  2022 Removal of Mg2+ inhibition benefited the growth and isolation of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria: An inspiration from bacterial interaction. ---
55  2022 Rhizosphere soil bacterial communities and nitrogen cycling affected by deciduous and evergreen tree species. AOA
56  2022 Seasonal dynamics of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria but not archaea influence soil nitrogen cycling in a semi-arid agricultural soil. ---
57  2022 Segregation of effect between granules and flocs in PN/A system treating acrylic fiber wastewater: Performance and mechanism. AnAOB, PN/A
58  2022 Simultaneous shortcut nitrification and denitrification in a hybrid membrane aerated biofilms reactor (H-MBfR) for nitrogen removal from low COD/N wastewater. EPS, H-MBfR, RSM, SND
59  2022 Soil dissolved organic matters mediate bacterial taxa to enhance nitrification rates under wheat cultivation. DOMs
60  2022 Substrate loading rates conducive to nitritation in entrapped cell reactors: performance and microbial community structure. COD, TAN
61  2022 Surface Ammonia-Oxidizer Abundance During the Late Summer in the West Antarctic Coastal System. WAP
62  2022 The Responses of Ammonia-Oxidizing Microorganisms to Different Environmental Factors Determine Their Elevational Distribution and Assembly Patterns. AOA
63  2022 The startup of the partial nitritation/anammox-hydroxyapatite process based on reconciling biomass and mineral to form the novel granule sludge. PN/A
64  2022 Thermodynamic Analysis of Intermediary Metabolic Steps and Nitrous Oxide Production by Ammonium-Oxidizing Bacteria. NO, TEEM
65  2022 Wild Heterotrophic Nitrifying Strain Pseudomonas BT1 Isolated from Kitchen Waste Sludge Restores Ammonia Nitrogen Removal in a Sewage Treatment Plant Shocked by Thiourea. PCB
66  2022 [Effect of pH on the Abundance and Community Structure of Comammox Nitrospira in Paddy Soils]. amoA, AOA
67  2022 [Effects of biochar combined with nitrification/urease inhibitors on soil active nitrogen emissions from subtropical paddy soils]. GWP
68  2022 [Responses of soil ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms to simulated nitrogen deposition in a natural Castanopsis carlesii forest]. AOA, SOC, TN
69  2021 A novel inhibition mechanism of aniline on nitrification: Aniline degradation competes dissolved oxygen with nitrification. AMO, cATP, DO, NR
70  2021 A novel simultaneous partial nitritation, denitratation and anammox (SPNDA) process in sequencing batch reactor for advanced nitrogen removal from ammonium and nitrate wastewater. DO, PN, SPNDA, TN
71  2021 A successful start-up of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) coupled mainstream partial nitritation-anammox (PN/A) system: A pilot-scale study on in-situ NOB elimination, AnAOB growth kinetics, and mainstream treatment performance. AnAOB, AnMBR, DO, FA, FNA, NOB, PN/A, TN
72  2021 Abundance, community structure and diversity of nitrifying bacterial enrichments from low and high saline brackishwater environments. AOA, NOB
73  2021 Achieving rapid mainstream deammonification through inoculating long-term refrigerated sidestream sludge in plug-flow fixed-bed biofilm reactor. AnAOB, PFBR
74  2021 Achieving stable nitrogen removal performance of mainstream PN-ANAMMOX by combining high-temperature shock for selective recovery of AOB activity. ANAMMOX, CSTR, DO, ER, NOB, PN, PVA
75  2021 Active ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in wastewater treatment systems. AOMs, WWTSs
76  2021 Ammonia Oxidizing Prokaryotes Respond Differently to Fertilization and Termination Methods in Common Oat's Rhizosphere. AOA, CC, PNA, qPCR
77  2021 Ammonia-oxidizing archaea possess a wide range of cellular ammonia affinities. ---
78  2021 Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria rather than ammonia-oxidizing archaea dominate nitrification in a nitrogen-fertilized calcareous soil. AOA, NUE, PNR
79  2021 Ammonium promoting methane oxidation by stimulating the Type Ia methane-oxidizing bacteria in tidal flat sediments of the Yangtze River estuary. MOB
80  2021 An investigation into the optimal granular sludge size for simultaneous nitrogen and phosphate removal. AGS, DO, nir gene, PAO, SND
81  2021 Assessing and modeling nitrite inhibition in microalgae-bacteria consortia for wastewater treatment by means of photo-respirometric and chlorophyll fluorescence techniques. ETR, NPQ, opr net
82  2021 Bacterial community compositions and nitrogen metabolism function in a cattle farm wastewater treatment plant revealed by Illumina high-throughput sequencing. Cf-WWTP, COD, NOB, PCoA, PICRUSt, RDA, TN, TP, WWTPs
83  2021 Biochar enhances the retention capacity of nitrogen fertilizer and affects the diversity of nitrifying functional microbial communities in karst soil of southwest China. AOA, BC0, MBN, NF, NOB, TN
84  2021 Bioelectricity production and shortcut nitrogen removal by microalgal-bacterial consortia using membrane photosynthetic microbial fuel cell. DNB, MPMFC, SNR
85  2021 Biotransformation of lincomycin and fluoroquinolone antibiotics by the ammonia oxidizers AOA, AOB and comammox: A comparison of removal, pathways, and mechanisms. AOA, AOM, CFX, FQs, LIN, NFX, OFX
86  2021 Challenges of THP-AD centrate treatment using partial nitritation-anammox (PN/A) - inhibition, biomass washout, low alkalinity, recalcitrant and more. NRR, PN/A, THP-AD
87  2021 Changes in soil ammonia oxidizers and potential nitrification after clear-cutting of boreal forests in China. AOA, PNR
88  2021 Characterization of the synergistic relationships between nitrification and microbial regrowth in the chloraminated drinking water supply system. DWDS, SWSSs
89  2021 Combining biofilm and membrane flocculation to enhance simultaneous nutrients removal and membrane fouling reduction. Al, COD, EPS, NOB, TN, TP
90  2021 Cometabolic biodegradation of antibiotics by ammonia oxidizing microorganisms during wastewater treatment processes. AOA, AOMs
91  2021 Cometabolism of 17alpha-ethynylestradiol by nitrifying bacteria depends on reducing power availability and leads to elevated nitric oxide formation. EC
92  2021 Competition between Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea and Bacteria from Freshwater Environments. AOA
93  2021 Constraining nitrification by intermittent aeration to achieve methane-driven ammonia recovery of the mainstream anaerobic effluent. MOB
94  2021 Contribution of nitrification and denitrification to nitrous oxide turnovers in membrane-aerated biofilm reactors (MABR): A model-based evaluation. COD, HB, HRT, MABR, NH2OH, TN
95  2021 Conversion of grassland to cropland altered soil nitrogen-related microbial communities at large scales. NOB
96  2021 Depth Profile of Nitrifying Archaeal and Bacterial Communities in the Remote Oligotrophic Waters of the North Pacific. AOA, ASVs, DCM, DIN, NOB
97  2021 Determination of the lower limits of antibiotic biodegradation and the fate of antibiotic resistant genes in activated sludge: Both nitrifying bacteria and heterotrophic bacteria matter. ARGs, SMX
98  2021 Development of a Short-Cut Combined Magnetic Coagulation-Sequence Batch Membrane Bioreactor for Swine Wastewater Treatment. COD, HRT, MC, NRL, PAC, PAM, SS, TN, TP
99  2021 Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) exposure suppressed the community diversity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizers and mitigated N2O emissions in an alkaline soil. AOA, DEHP, MBC and MBN, PAEs, PLS-PM
100  2021 Different nutrient levels, rather than seasonal changes, significantly affected the spatiotemporal dynamic changes of ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms in Lake Taihu. AAOB, AOA, AOM