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Abbreviation : AOB
Long Form : anterior open bite
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Anterior open bite - diagnostics and therapy. ---
2022 Contextual and Individual Determinants of Anterior Open Bite in Adolescents. DMFT, HDI, MW, ORs
2022 Dental arch changes after anterior open bite treatment in the mixed dentition produced by miniscrew-supported palatal crib vs conventional fixed palatal crib. CFPC, MSPC
2022 Evidence of Association between MTRR and TNF-α Gene Polymorphisms and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Children with Anterior Open Bite. ECOHIS, OHRQoL
2022 Functional orthopedic treatment for anterior open bite in children. A systematic review of randomized clinical trials. CI, MD, RCT
2022 Impacts of Skeletal Anterior Open Bite Malocclusion on Speech. DFD, SMA
2022 Influence of rapid maxillary expansion in the stability of anterior open bite treatment. EPC, PC, PC, RME
2022 Posttreatment stability of an anterior open-bite by molar intrusion compared with 2-jaw surgery - a retrospective study. OB
2022 Tooth size discrepancy in orthodontic patients with skeletal anterior open bite. TSD
10  2021 Anterior open bite and its relationship with dental arch dimensions and tongue position during swallowing and phonation in individuals aged 8-16 years: A retrospective case-control study. MD, NVO
11  2021 Anterior openbite malocclusion in adults. ---
12  2021 Clinical complications during early treatment of anterior open bite. ---
13  2021 Condylar degeneration in anterior open bite patients: A cone beam computed tomography study. CBCT
14  2021 Corticosteroid injections in the temporomandibular joint temporarily alleviate pain and improve function in rheumatoid arthritis. CRP, ESR, IL-1beta, RA, RF, TMJ
15  2021 Dental arch changes after open bite treatment with spurs associated with posterior build-ups in the mixed dentition: A randomized clinical trial. CAPES, CI, MD, SBU
16  2021 Evaluation of the acceleration, skeletal and dentoalveolar effects of low-level laser therapy combined with fixed posterior bite blocks in children with skeletal anterior open bite: A three-arm randomised controlled trial. FPBB, LLLT, UCG
17  2021 Outcomes and Stability of Anterior Open Bite Treatment with Skeletal Anchorage in Non-Growing Patients and Adults Compared to the Results of Orthognathic Surgery Procedures: A Systematic Review. ---
18  2021 Palatal vault morphometric analysis of the effects of two early orthodontic treatments in anterior open bite growing subjects: a controlled clinical study. AOBG, CG, GMM, PCA, QH/C, RME/BB
19  2021 Stability of early anterior open bite treatment: a 2-year follow-up randomized clinical trial. BS, FPC, RPC
20  2020 A prospective clinical trial of the effects produced by the extrusion arch in the treatment of anterior open bite. ---
21  2020 Brain Cortex Activity in Children With Anterior Open Bite: A Pilot Study. bpm, IQ, qEEG
22  2020 Characterisation of anterior open bite in primary school-aged children: A preliminary study with artificial neural network analysis. ---
23  2020 Lower Arch Dimensions in Children with Anterior Open Bite and Normal Vertical Overbite: A Cross-sectional Study. CI, NVO
24  2020 Orthognathic surgery with two-segment le fort i and sagittal split ramus osteotomies of open bite deformity in an amelogenesis imperfecta patient via virtual planning: A case report. AI, CBCT
25  2020 Pathways to anterior open bite after changing of pacifier sucking habit in preschool children: A cohort study. ---
26  2020 Patient satisfaction after orthognathic surgery: a 3 year follow-up of 60 high-angle Class II individuals. ---
27  2020 Risk factors for anterior open bite: A case-control study. ---
28  2020 Stability of anterior open bite treatment with molar intrusion using skeletal anchorage: a systematic review and meta-analysis. ---
29  2020 The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network Adult Anterior Open Bite Study: Treatment success. TADs
30  2019 Anterior Open Bite Treated by Maxillary Posterior Teeth Intrusion Using Zygomatic Miniplates: A Case Report. ---
31  2019 Change of the upper airway after mandibular setback surgery in patients with mandibular prognathism and anterior open bite. CT, MP, MS, PAS
32  2019 Open bite in adult patients. ---
33  2019 Oral health-related quality of life of children before, during, and after anterior open bite correction: A single-blinded randomized controlled trial. FPC, OHRQoL
34  2019 Stability of early treatment of anterior open bite: clinical performance of bonded lingual spurs. ---
35  2019 Tongue position assessment during oral phase deglutition in children with anterior open bite and normal vertical overbite. NVO
36  2018 Dentoalveolar effects produced by different appliances on early treatment of anterior open bite: A randomized clinical trial. ---
37  2018 Genetic Polymorphism in MMP9 May Be Associated With Anterior Open Bite in Children. MMPs
38  2018 Lingual function in children with anterior open bite: A case-control study. CI, NVO, OR
39  2018 Non-orthodontic intervention and non-nutritive sucking behaviours: A literature review. NOI, OMT
40  2018 Stability of anterior open bite treatment with bonded spurs associated with high-pull chincup. BS/HPCC
41  2018 The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network adult anterior open bite study: A description of the practitioners and patients. TADs
42  2018 Three-dimensional ultrasound evaluation of tongue posture and its impact on articulation disorders in preschool children with anterior open bite. ENT
43  2017 Anterior open bite correction by Le Fort I osteotomy with or without anterior segmentation: which is more stable? ---
44  2017 Skeletal open-bite treatment with zygomatic anchorage for a child with mental retardation: A new modality. ---
45  2017 Subjective facial analysis and its correlation with dental relationships. ---
46  2017 The Factors Affecting Long-Term Stability in Anterior Open-Bite Correction - A Systematic Review. ---
47  2016 Anterior open-bite and sucking habits in Italian preschool children. NNSH
48  2016 Association between oronasopharyngeal abnormalities and malocclusion in Northeastern Brazilian preschoolers. PC
49  2016 Breaking the Thumb Sucking Habit: When Compliance Is Essential. ---
50  2016 Effect of a thin-neck pacifier on primary dentition: a randomized controlled trial. TNP
51  2016 Effects of conventional and orthodontic pacifiers on the dental occlusion of children aged 24-36months old. GC, MO, PCB
52  2016 Effects of palatal crib and bonded spurs in early treatment of anterior open bite: A prospective randomized clinical study. BLS, FPC
53  2015 Anterior open bite treated with myofunctional therapy and palatal crib. ---
54  2015 Changes of some functional speech disorders after surgical correction of skeletal anterior open bite. ---
55  2015 Effectiveness of the open bite treatment in growing children and adolescents. A systematic review. RCTs
56  2015 Severity and outcome assessments of patients undertaking surgical orthodontic treatment. SOI, UK
57  2015 The effect of orofacial myofunctional treatment in children with anterior open bite and tongue dysfunction: a pilot study. OMT
58  2014 Diagnostic model of anterior open bite--a new way to predict skeletal type: a cross-sectional study. LFH, ROC
59  2014 Prevalence and associated factors for the development of anterior open bite and posterior crossbite in the primary dentition. PC, PR
60  2014 Relationship between facial morphology, anterior open bite and non-nutritive sucking habits during the primary dentition stage. FM, NNSHs
61  2013 Oral habits as risk factors for anterior open bite in the deciduous and mixed dentition - cross-sectional study. OR
62  2013 Prevalence and factors associated with anterior open bite in 2 to 5 year old children in Benin city, Nigeria. ---
63  2013 The prevalence of anterior open bite in Portuguese children during deciduous and mixed dentition--correlations for a prevention strategy. ---
64  2011 Comparison of Japanese and European overbite depth indicator and antero-posterior dysplasia indicator values. APDI, ODI
65  2011 Perceptions of dental aesthetics of Class III and anterior open bite malocclusions: a comparison between 10- to 11-year-old schoolchildren and orthodontists. AC, IOTN
66  2011 Stability of treatment for anterior open-bite malocclusion: a meta-analysis. OB
67  2010 A multidisciplinary approach to the functional and esthetic rehabilitation of amelogenesis imperfecta and open bite deformity: a case report. AI
68  2010 Altered oral sensory perception in tongue thrusters with an anterior open bite. ---
69  2010 Cephalometric and electromyographic study of patients of East African ethnicity with and without anterior open bite. ---
70  2010 Prevalence and determinant factors of malocclusion in children with special needs. CP, DS
71  2009 Anterior open bite: a case-control study. ---
72  2009 Malocclusion and occlusal traits in an urban Iranian population. An epidemiological study of 11- to 14-year-old children. OJ
73  2008 Dental arch morphology in children with sleep-disordered breathing. AHI, OSA
74  2008 Non-surgical treatment of anterior open bite and its assessment using the Dawjee analysis: a case report. ---
75  2007 Assessment of malocclusion in the permanent dentition: reliability of intraoral measurements. SD
76  2006 Anterior open bite treated with a palatal crib and high-pull chin cup therapy. A prospective randomized study. ---
77  2005 Attractiveness ratings of anterior open bites and reverse overjets using the aesthetic component of the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need. AC, IOTN
78  2003 Moulding of the generate to control open bite during mandibular distraction osteogenesis. ---
79  2002 Vertical changes following orthodontic extraction treatment in skeletal open bite subjects. ---
80  2001 Electropalatographic and cephalometric assessment of myofunctional therapy in open-bite subjects. EPG, MFT
81  2000 Electropalatographic and cephalometric assessment of tongue function in open bite and non-open bite subjects. EPG
82  1998 Cephalometric characteristics of anterior open bite in a southern Chinese population. ---
83  1998 Interleukin-1beta in synovial fluid from the arthritic temporomandibular joint and its relation to pain, mobility, and anterior open bite. PPTL, TDP, TMJ
84  1998 Open bite deformity in amelogenesis imperfecta. Part 1: An analysis of contributory factors and implications for treatment. AI
85  1998 Open bite deformity in amelogenesis imperfecta. Part 2: Le Fort I osteotomies and treatment results. AI
86  1997 Cephalometric parameters affecting severity of anterior open bite. ---
87  1997 Outcome prediction of the anterior open bite. Comparison of computer and clinician analysis of cephalograms. ---
88  1997 Pain, tenderness, mandibular mobility, and anterior open bite in relation to radiographic erosions in temporomandibular joint disease. TMJ
89  1996 The morphologic structure of the openbite in adult Taiwanese. ---
90  1990 A review of the management of anterior open bite malocclusion. ---