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Abbreviation : AOS
Long Form : apraxia of speech
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Clinical Assessment of Characteristics of Apraxia of Speech in Primary Progressive Aphasia. ---
2020 How do persons with apraxia of speech deal with morphological stress in Spanish? A preliminary study. ---
2019 Do Patients With Neurogenic Speech Sound Impairments Benefit From Auditory Priming With a Regular Metrical Pattern? PI
2019 Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Apraxia of Speech and Cortical Activation in Patients With Stroke: A Randomized Sham-Controlled Study. a-tDCS, A-tDCS-M1, EEG
2019 Longitudinal flortaucipir ([18F]AV-1451) PET imaging in primary progressive apraxia of speech. HLM, PiB, PPAOS
2019 Perceptual Characteristics of Consonant Production in Apraxia of Speech and Aphasia. ---
2019 Reliability and stability of the metrical stress effect on segmental production accuracy in persons with apraxia of speech. ---
2019 Sound Distortion Errors in Aphasia With Apraxia of Speech. ---
2019 Speech Fluency in Acquired Apraxia of Speech During Narrative Discourse: Group Comparisons and Dual-Task Effects. ---
10  2019 Speech motor planning in the context of phonetically similar words: Evidence from apraxia of speech and aphasia. ---
11  2019 Testing hypotheses about the underlying deficit of apraxia of speech through computational neural modelling with the DIVA model. DIVA
12  2019 The Effectiveness of Action Observation Therapy Based on Mirror Neuron Theory in Chinese Patients with Apraxia of Speech after Stroke. AOT, WAB
13  2019 Use of diverse diagnostic criteria for acquired apraxia of speech: a scoping review. SLT
14  2018 An Investigation of Compensation and Adaptation to Auditory Perturbations in Individuals With Acquired Apraxia of Speech. APH
15  2018 Cerebral Hemodynamics in Speech-Related Cortical Areas: Articulation Learning Involves the Inferior Frontal Gyrus, Ventral Sensory-Motor Cortex, and Parietal-Temporal Sylvian Area. IPL, NIRS, vSMC
16  2018 Combined aphasia and apraxia of speech treatment (CAAST): Systematic replications in the development of a novel treatment. CAAST, CIUs, PCC
17  2018 Contemporary Approaches to the Management of Post-stroke Apraxia of Speech. ---
18  2018 Error Consistency in Acquired Apraxia of Speech With Aphasia: Effects of the Analysis Unit. ---
19  2018 Neural Mechanisms of Swallowing Dysfunction and Apraxia of Speech in Acute Stroke. ---
20  2018 Tau uptake in agrammatic primary progressive aphasia with and without apraxia of speech. ---
21  2018 Vowel Formant Dispersion Reflects Severity of Apraxia of Speech. VOT
22  2018 [18F] AV-1451 uptake in corticobasal syndrome: the influence of beta-amyloid and clinical presentation. CBS, PiB
23  2017 A Multivariate Analytic Approach to the Differential Diagnosis of Apraxia of Speech. ---
24  2017 Acquired Apraxia of Speech: The Relationship Between Awareness of Errors in Word Productions and Treatment Outcomes. ---
25  2017 Apraxia of speech and cerebellar mutism syndrome: a case report. CMS, PFS
26  2017 Comparing phoneme frequency, age of acquisition, and loss in aphasia: Implications for phonological universals. AoA
27  2017 Predicting clinical decline in progressive agrammatic aphasia and apraxia of speech. ---
28  2017 Pure apraxia of speech due to infarct in premotor cortex. dPMC
29  2017 Quantification and Systematic Characterization of Stuttering-Like Disfluencies in Acquired Apraxia of Speech. LBDL
30  2017 The Nature of Error Consistency in Individuals With Acquired Apraxia of Speech and Aphasia. ---
31  2016 A predictive model for diagnosing stroke-related apraxia of speech. ---
32  2016 Brain damage associated with apraxia of speech: evidence from case studies. AIns-L
33  2016 Damage to the Left Precentral Gyrus Is Associated With Apraxia of Speech in Acute Stroke. AOS-aphasia, pure AOS
34  2016 Diagnostic Distortions: A Case Report of Progressive Apraxia of Speech. ---
35  2016 Lack of Frank Agrammatism in the Nonfluent Agrammatic Variant of Primary Progressive Aphasia. nfPPA
36  2016 Post-stroke pure apraxia of speech - A rare experience. ---
37  2016 Self-Judgments of Word Production Accuracy in Acquired Apraxia of Speech. ---
38  2016 Sound production treatment for acquired apraxia of speech: Effects of blocked and random practice on multisyllabic word production. SPT, SPT-B, SPT-R
39  2016 The role of metrical information in apraxia of speech. Perceptual and acoustic analyses of word stress. ---
40  2016 The Use of Electropalatography in the Treatment of Acquired Apraxia of Speech. EPG, VBFB
41  2016 Utility of testing for apraxia and associated features in dementia. AD, bvFTD, FTD, lvPPA, nfvPPA, PCA, SCI, svPPA
42  2015 Altered resting-state network connectivity in stroke patients with and without apraxia of speech. aINS, IFG, PM
43  2015 Feedforward and feedback control in apraxia of speech: effects of noise masking on vowel production. DIVA
44  2015 Functional significance of the electrocorticographic auditory responses in the premotor cortex. fMRI
45  2015 Patterns of poststroke brain damage that predict speech production errors in apraxia of speech and aphasia dissociate. ---
46  2015 Phonological simplifications, apraxia of speech and the interaction between phonological and phonetic processing. ---
47  2015 Primary progressive apraxia of speech: clinical features and acoustic and neurologic correlates. ---
48  2015 Sound Production Treatment: Synthesis and Quantification of Outcomes. ---
49  2015 The Relationship Between Apraxia of Speech and Oral Apraxia: Association or Dissociation? OA
50  2015 Treatment for Acquired Apraxia of Speech: A Systematic Review of Intervention Research Between 2004 and 2012. ---
51  2014 A case of atypical progressive supranuclear palsy. PSP
52  2014 Behavioral, computational, and neuroimaging studies of acquired apraxia of speech. BA
53  2014 Combined Aphasia and Apraxia of Speech Treatment (CAAST): effects of a novel therapy. CAAST
54  2014 In vivo signatures of nonfluent/agrammatic primary progressive aphasia caused by FTLD pathology. FTLD, GM, nfvPPA, WM
55  2014 Paving the way for speech: voice-training-induced plasticity in chronic aphasia and apraxia of speech--three single cases. ---
56  2014 Sound production treatment: effects of blocked and random practice. SPT, SPT-blocked, SPT-random
57  2014 The Apraxia of Speech Rating Scale: a tool for diagnosis and description of apraxia of speech. ASRS
58  2014 The neuroanatomy of pure apraxia of speech in stroke. ---
59  2014 Treating apraxia of speech with an implicit protocol that activates speech motor areas via inner speech. ---
60  2013 "The caterpillar": a novel reading passage for assessment of motor speech disorders. DYSs, HC
61  2013 A case of crossed aphasia with apraxia of speech. ---
62  2013 Chronic apraxia of speech and Broca's area. ---
63  2013 Distinct regional anatomic and functional correlates of neurodegenerative apraxia of speech and aphasia: an MRI and FDG-PET study. ASRS, FDG, WAB
64  2013 Error variability and the differentiation between apraxia of speech and aphasia with phonemic paraphasia. ---
65  2013 Isolated buccofacial apraxia subsequent to a left ventral premotor cortex infarction. ---
66  2013 Primary progressive apraxia of speech (AOS) in a patient with Pick's disease with Pick bodies: a neuropsychological and anatomical study and review of literatures. ---
67  2013 Speech motor programming in apraxia of speech: evidence from a delayed picture-word interference task. DIVA, RTs
68  2013 Syndromes dominated by apraxia of speech show distinct characteristics from agrammatic PPA. agPPA, PiB, PPAOS
69  2013 Treatment for acquired apraxia of speech: examination of treatment intensity and practice schedule. ---
70  2013 Treatment for apraxia of speech in nonfluent variant primary progressive aphasia. PPA
71  2012 Acquired apraxia of speech: the effects of repeated practice and rate/rhythm control treatments on sound production accuracy. ---
72  2012 Apraxia of speech and phonological errors in the diagnosis of nonfluent/agrammatic and logopenic variants of primary progressive aphasia. PiB, PPA
73  2012 Apraxia of speech: concepts and controversies. ---
74  2012 Apraxia of speech: perceptual analysis of trisyllabic word productions across repeated sampling occasions. ---
75  2012 Assessing the treatment effects in apraxia of speech: introduction and evaluation of the Modified Diadochokinesis Test. AAT, MDT
76  2012 Constrained versus unconstrained intensive language therapy in two individuals with chronic, moderate-to-severe aphasia and apraxia of speech: behavioral and fMRI outcomes. CIAT, fMRI, PACE
77  2012 Error reduction therapy in reducing struggle and grope behaviours in apraxia of speech. ---
78  2012 Error variability in apraxia of speech: a matter of controversy. ---
79  2012 Patterns of impairments in AOS and mechanisms of interaction between phonological and phonetic encoding. ---
80  2012 Speech planning happens before speech execution: online reaction time methods in the study of apraxia of speech. RT
81  2012 The diagnosis and understanding of apraxia of speech: why including neurodegenerative etiologies may be important. PAOS, PPA
82  2012 Toward a quantitative basis for assessment and diagnosis of apraxia of speech. ---
83  2012 Two French-speaking cases of foreign accent syndrome: an acoustic-phonetic analysis. FAS
84  2011 Pure apraxia of speech - a case report -. ---
85  2011 Script training treatment for adults with apraxia of speech. ---
86  2010 Apraxia in progressive nonfluent aphasia. CBS, PNFA, PSP, VBM
87  2010 Effects of online augmented kinematic and perceptual feedback on treatment of speech movements in apraxia of speech. AVKF, EMA, SMTs
88  2010 Syndromes of nonfluent primary progressive aphasia: a clinical and neurolinguistic analysis. GRN, PPA
89  2010 The neural correlates of semantic feature analysis in chronic aphasia: discordant patterns according to the etiology. ER, fMRI, PNFA, PPA, SFA
90  2010 Vowel acoustics in adults with apraxia of speech. ---
91  2009 Kinematic analysis of articulatory coupling in acquired apraxia of speech post-stroke. ---
92  2009 Kinematic investigation of lingual movement in words of increasing length in acquired apraxia of speech. EMA
93  2009 Neural recruitment for the production of native and novel speech sounds. aINS, IFG
94  2008 Acquired apraxia of speech: a review. AKA
95  2008 Bite block vowel production in apraxia of speech. ---
96  2008 Effects of feedback frequency and timing on acquisition, retention, and transfer of speech skills in acquired apraxia of speech. ---
97  2008 Motor programming in apraxia of speech. Seq
98  2008 Progressive apraxia of speech presenting as isolated disorder of speech articulation and prosody: a case report. ---
99  2008 Visuomotor tracking abilities of speakers with apraxia of speech or conduction aphasia. CA
100  2007 Influence of continual biofeedback on jaw pursuit-tracking in healthy adults and in adults with apraxia plus aphasia. ---