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Abbreviation : AR
Long Form : androgen
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Increased androgen receptor expression in estrogen receptor-positive/progesterone receptor-negative breast cancer. ER, GR, PR
2020 The mixture effects of bisphenol derivatives on estrogen receptor and androgen receptor. AhR, BPA, BPF, BPS, BPs, EDC, ER
2019 Association of receptor expression with prostate volume in benign prostatic hyperplasia. ---
2019 Autism spectrum disorders, endocrine disrupting compounds, and heavy metals in amniotic fluid: a case-control study. AF, AhR, ASD, EDCs, ER, FDR, OR, PFAS, PFOS
2019 Bidirectional Synaptic Plasticity Is Driven by Sex Neurosteroids Targeting Estrogen and Androgen Receptors in Hippocampal CA1 Pyramidal Neurons. DP, ERs, HFS, LFS, LTD, LTP
2019 Expression of androgen, estrogen, and progesterone hormone receptors in the penile tissues of children with different types of hypospadias. ER, PR
2019 Functional profiling of bisphenols for nuclear receptors. BPA, ER, ERR, NRs, PR, PXR
2019 Male mammary gland development and methylation status of estrogen receptor alpha in Wistar rats are modified by the developmental exposure to a glyphosate-based herbicide. GBHs, PND, PRL
2019 Pilot study of global endocrine disrupting activity in Iowa public drinking water utilities using cell-based assays. AhR, EDCs, ER, GR, TR
10  2019 Prognostic markers in salivary gland cancer and their impact on survival. DFS, EGFR, ER, HER2, OS, PD-L1, PR, SGC, TIMC
11  2019 Sex hormones modulate pathogenic processes in experimental traumatic brain injury. CCI, TBI
12  2019 Sexually dimorphic gene expression and neurite sensitivity to estradiol in fetal arcuate Kiss1 cells. ARC, POA
13  2019 Testosterone-mediated activation of androgenic signalling sustains in vitro the transformed and radioresistant phenotype of rhabdomyosarcoma cell lines. RMS
14  2018 Assessment of endocrine disruption and oxidative potential of bisphenol-A, triclosan, nonylphenol, diethylhexyl phthalate, galaxolide, and carbamazepine, common contaminants of municipal biosolids. AhR, BPA, DEHP, ER, TCS, tNP, TTR
15  2018 Effect-directed analysis (EDA) of Danube River water sample receiving untreated municipal wastewater from Novi Sad, Serbia. BEQs, DHT, EDA, OSR, PS, RP-HPLC, UMWW, WWTP
16  2018 Expression of hormone receptors in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. ER, HPV, OPSCC, PR
17  2018 High level of C-type natriuretic peptide induced by hyperandrogen-mediated anovulation in polycystic ovary syndrome mice. DHEA, ER, hCG, LH, PCOS
18  2018 Incorporation of metabolic enzymes to improve predictivity of reporter gene assay results for estrogenic and anti-androgenic activity. ER
19  2018 Interference of dibutylphthalate on human prostate cell viability. DBP, EDCs, ERs
20  2018 SelexGLM differentiates androgen and glucocorticoid receptor DNA-binding preference over an extended binding site. GR
21  2018 Sex Hormones Regulate Innate Immune Cells and Promote Sex Differences in Respiratory Virus Infection. PR
22  2018 Src Kinase Dependent Rapid Non-genomic Modulation of Hippocampal Spinogenesis Induced by Androgen and Estrogen. DHT, ER
23  2017 Bisphenol A induces cell cycle arrest in primary and prostate cancer cells through EGFR/ERK/p53 signaling pathway activation. BPA, EGFR, ERbeta
24  2017 Corticosterone influences gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) prostatic morphophysiology and alters its proliferation and apoptosis rates. GCs, GR
25  2017 Effects of antiandrogenic progestins, chlormadinone and cyproterone acetate, and the estrogen 17alpha-ethinylestradiol (EE2), and their mixtures: Transactivation with human and rainbowfish hormone receptors and transcriptional effects in zebrafish (Danio rerio) eleuthero-embryos. CMA, CPA, PgR
26  2017 Endocrine Activity of AVB, 2MR, BHA, and Their Mixtures. 2MR, AVB, BHA, GR, TRs
27  2017 Expression of sex steroid hormone receptors in human skeletal muscle during the menstrual cycle. PR
28  2017 Impact of postoperative radiotherapy and HER2/new overexpression in salivary duct carcinoma : Amonocentric clinicopathologic analysis. DFS, DMFS, EGFR, ER, LRC, PD-L1-R, PR, SDC
29  2017 LSD1 dual function in mediating epigenetic corruption of the vitamin D signaling in prostate cancer. DNMT1, ER, IP, LSD1, PCa, VDR, WT
30  2017 Occurrence and In Vitro Bioactivity of Estrogen, Androgen, and Glucocorticoid Compounds in a Nationwide Screen of United States Stream Waters. ER, GR
31  2017 Seasonal changes and sexual dimorphism in gene expression of StAR protein, steroidogenic enzymes and sex hormone receptors in the frog brain. D-M
32  2017 Selective progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM) ulipristal acetate (UPA) and its effects on the human endometrium. SPRM, UPA
33  2017 Steroid and Xenobiotic Receptor Signalling in Apoptosis and Autophagy of the Nervous System. AhR, ER, GR, MR, PPARs, PR
34  2017 The neurons expressing calcium-binding proteins in the amygdala of the guinea pig: precisely designed interface for sex hormones. CB, CR, ERalpha, GABA, PV
35  2016 Concurrent Androgen and Estrogen Ablation and Inhibition of Steroid Biosynthetic Enzyme Treatment for Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer. CRPC, DES, ER, PCa
36  2016 Estrogenicity and androgenicity screening of PCB sulfate monoesters in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells. ER, HO-PCBs, PCB
37  2016 Halowax 1051 affects steroidogenesis by down-regulation of aryl hydrocarbon and estrogen receptors and up-regulation of androgen receptor in porcine ovarian follicles. AhR, PCNs
38  2016 Hormonal receptors in lung adenocarcinoma: expression and difference in outcome by sex. ER, PgR
39  2016 Male breast cancer: Looking for better prognostic subgroups. ER, FBC, MBC, PR
40  2016 Ovariectomy and chronic stress lead toward leptin resistance in the satiety centers and insulin resistance in the hippocampus of Sprague-Dawley rats. ER-beta, HIPP, HTH, PR
41  2016 Tadalafil modulates aromatase activity and androgen receptor expression in a human osteoblastic cell in vitro model. ARO, ER, PDE5i, TAD
42  2015 Expression of estrogen, estrogen related and androgen receptors in adrenal cortex of intact adult male and female rats. ER, ZG
43  2015 Histological grade (HG) in invasive ductal carcinomas of the breast of less than 1 cm: clinical and biological associations during progression from HG1 to HG3. Bcl-2, ER, HG, IDC, PR
44  2015 Mapping functional group free energy patterns at protein occluded sites: nuclear receptors and G-protein coupled receptors. ASM, beta2AR, GCMC/MD, GPCR, LBP, mGluR, NR, PPARgamma, SILCS
45  2015 Mixture effects of levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol: estrogenic biomarkers and hormone receptor mRNA expression during sexual programming. LNG
46  2015 Reporter Cell Lines for the Characterization of the Interactions between Human Nuclear Receptors and Endocrine Disruptors. EDCs, NRs, PXR
47  2015 Sex Steroid Hormone Receptor Expression Affects Ovarian Cancer Survival. ER, PR
48  2015 Therapeutic Targeting of the FKBP52 Co-Chaperone in Steroid Hormone Receptor-Regulated Physiology and Disease. GR, HSP, PR
49  2014 Ductuli efferentes of the male Golden Syrian hamster reproductive tract. VDR
50  2014 Endocrine-disrupting effects of compounds in Danish streams. AhR, ALP, EDCs, ER, ER, AR, AhR
51  2014 Expression of androgen receptor in the brain of a sub-oscine bird with an elaborate courtship display. ---
52  2014 Fighting experience alters brain androgen receptor expression dependent on testosterone status. GR
53  2014 Immunohistochemical localization of androgen and progesterone receptors in the uterus of the camel (Camelus dromedarius). PR
54  2014 Impact of lycopene on epididymal androgen and estrogen receptors' expression in polychlorinated biphenyls-exposed rat. ER, GPC, i.p, LPO, mRNA, PCBs
55  2014 Increased expression of ACTH (MC2R) and androgen (AR) receptors in giant bilateral myelolipomas from patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia. ACTH, CAH, LEP, MC2R, SF-1
56  2014 Molecular signatures in rainbow darter (Etheostoma caeruleum) inhabiting an urbanized river reach receiving wastewater effluents. cyp11a, DMRT1, FOXL2, GSI, LSI, MWWE, sox9
57  2014 Role of steroid hormone receptors in formation and progression of bladder carcinoma: a case-control study. ER, PR, UBC
58  2013 Effects of low concentrations of the antiprogestin mifepristone (RU486) in adults and embryos of zebrafish (Danio rerio): 2. Gene expression analysis and in vitro activity. GR, hsd17b3, PgR
59  2013 Estrogen receptor alpha functions in the regulation of motivation and spatial cognition in young male rats. BDNF, ERalpha, GR, MR
60  2013 Oestrogens and androgen receptors in oral squamous cell carcinoma. ERalpha, OSCC
61  2013 Sample preparation for combined chemical analysis and in vitro bioassay application in water quality assessment. ER, GR, PR, TR
62  2013 Three cases of intraocular mesectodermal leiomyoma expressing progesterone and androgen receptors. PR
63  2013 Trigger values for investigation of hormonal activity in drinking water and its sources using CALUX bioassays. BQ, DEX, DHT, GR, PR
64  2012 A case of feline primary inflammatory mammary carcinoma: clinicopathological and immunohistochemical findings. PR
65  2012 Differential targeting of androgen and glucocorticoid receptors induces ER stress and apoptosis in prostate cancer cells: a novel therapeutic modality. BZ, CpdA, ERS, GR, PC, PCa
66  2012 Fate of steroid hormones and endocrine activities in swine manure disposal and treatment facilities. AhR, EDCs, ER, NP, PAHs, PPARgamma, PXR
67  2012 FOXA1 promotes tumor progression in prostate cancer and represents a novel hallmark of castration-resistant prostate cancer. FOXA1, PSA
68  2012 Gender-related invasion differences associated with mRNA expression levels of melatonin membrane receptors in colorectal cancer. CRC, ER, NM
69  2012 Global methylation analysis identifies PITX2 as an upstream regulator of the androgen receptor and IGF-I receptor genes in prostate cancer. 5-Aza, IGF-IR
70  2012 High-fat diet obesity associated with insulin resistance increases cell proliferation, estrogen receptor, and PI3K proteins in rat ventral prostate. ER, ERbeta, PI3K, PIN
71  2012 Reduction of insulin signalling pathway IRS-1/IRS-2/AKT/mTOR and decrease of epithelial cell proliferation in the prostate of glucocorticoid-treated rats. CTL, DEX, ERK, GR, IRS-1, PCNA
72  2012 Seasonal variation in estrogen receptor ERalpha, but not ERbeta, androgen receptor and aromatase, in the efferent ductules and epididymis of the big fruit-eating bat Artibeus lituratus. ED, EP, ER
73  2012 Towards an understanding of the evolution of the chorioallantoic placenta: steroid biosynthesis and steroid hormone signaling in the chorioallantoic membrane of an oviparous reptile. CAM, GR, PR
74  2011 Cross-talk of dioxin and estrogen receptor signals through the ubiquitin system. AhR, ER
75  2011 Developmental expression of genes involved in neural estrogen biosynthesis and signaling in the brain of the orange-spotted grouper Epinephelus coioides during gonadal sex differentiation. dah, ir
76  2011 Difference in the expression of hormone receptors and fibrotic markers in the human peritoneum--implications for therapeutic targets to prevent encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis. EPS, ER, GCR, MMP9, PD, PR, TGF-beta1
77  2011 Evaluating the reproductive status of the male budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus). HSD, PR
78  2011 Role of 17beta-estradiol and testosterone in apoptosis. ER
79  2011 Small molecule inhibitors as probes for estrogen and androgen receptor action. ER
80  2011 The anti-oestrogen fulvestrant (ICI 182,780) reduces the androgen receptor expression, ERK1/2 phosphorylation and cell proliferation in the rat ventral prostate. ---
81  2010 Androgen receptor expression in breast cancer patients tested for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. BRCA, PR
82  2010 Bioanalytical characterisation of multiple endocrine- and dioxin-like activities in sediments from reference and impacted small rivers. ED, EDCs, ER, PXR
83  2010 Biological analysis of endocrine-disrupting compounds in Tunisian sewage treatment plants. AhR, EDCs, GR, MR, PR, PXR, WWTPs
84  2010 Blockade of androgen or estrogen receptors reduces nandrolone's ability to modulate acute reward-related neurochemical effects of amphetamine in rat brain. 5-HT, DA, ER, HPLC
85  2010 Distribution of androgen and progesterone receptors in the spiny mouse (Acomys cahirinus) ovary during postnatal life. PR
86  2010 Effect of essential oils, such as raspberry ketone and its derivatives, on antiandrogenic activity based on in vitro reporter gene assay. ---
87  2010 Expression analysis of steroid hormone receptor mRNAs during zebrafish embryogenesis. GR, hpf, mpr alpha and beta, MR, PR
88  2010 The prognostic significance of PELP1 expression in invasive breast cancer with emphasis on the ER-positive luminal-like subtype. BCSS, CK, DFI, HR, PgR
89  2009 Age-dependent differential expression of genes involved in steroid signalling pathway in the brain of protandrous black porgy, Acanthopagrus schlegeli. ---
90  2009 Association between estrogen and androgen receptor genes and prostate cancer risk. OR, PC
91  2009 Capsaicin, a component of red peppers, induces expression of androgen receptor via PI3K and MAPK pathways in prostate LNCaP cells. ---
92  2009 Effect of flavonoids on androgen and glucocorticoid receptors based on in vitro reporter gene assay. GR
93  2009 Prostaglandin treatment is associated with a withdrawal of progesterone and androgen at the receptor level in the uterine cervix. GR, PG, PR, SHBG
94  2009 Sex differences in histone modifications in the neonatal mouse brain. CTX/HIP
95  2009 The effects of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin on foetal male rat steroidogenesis. ED, ER, LH, TCDD
96  2009 Treatment relevant target immunophenotyping of 139 salivary gland carcinomas (SGCs). AD, NOS, ER, PgR, SDC, SGCs, TKRs
97  2008 Androgen and estrogen (alpha) receptor localization on periaqueductal gray neurons projecting to the rostral ventromedial medulla in the male and female rat. AR-IR, ERalpha-IR, PAG, RVM
98  2008 Androgen receptors are required for full masculinization of nitric oxide synthase system in rat limbic-hypothalamic region. ARC, MPA, nNOS, PVN
99  2008 Detection of multiple hormonal activities in wastewater effluents and surface water, using a panel of steroid receptor CALUX bioassays. ER, GR, PR
100  2008 Expression of mRNAs encoding oestrogen receptor (ER) alpha and ERbeta, androgen receptor and progesterone receptor during gonadal and follicular development in the marsupial brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula). ER, PR