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Abbreviation : AS-PCR
Long Form : allele-specific PCR
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Heterozygosity in LDLR rs2228671 and rs72658855 Gene is Associated with Increased Risk of Developing Coronary Artery Disease in India -A Case-Control Study. CAD, HDL
2020 Multiple anthelmintic resistance in gastrointestinal nematodes of small ruminants in Bangladesh. ABZ, AR, BZ, EHA, FECRT, GINs, IVM, LEV, SS
2020 [Genetic analysis of 90 families affected with spinal muscular atrophy]. MLPA, SMA
2019 Detection of NRAS G12D and NRAS G13C mutant genes among apparently healthy and haematologic malignant individuals in Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. ---
2019 Development of high oleic peanut lines through marker-assisted introgression of mutant ahFAD2 alleles and its fatty acid profiles under open-field and controlled conditions. CAPS, HO, ILs, LLS, MABC, RP
2019 Enzymatic and molecular characterization of insecticide resistance mechanisms in field populations of Aedes aegypti from Selangor, Malaysia. CDC, DDT, PCR
2019 Establishment of an innovative and sustainable PCR technique for 1534 locus mutation of the knockdown resistance (kdr) gene in the dengue vector Aedes albopictus. kdr, VGSC
2019 Evaluation of the Association of Omentin 1 rs2274907 A>T and rs2274908 G>A Gene Polymorphisms with Coronary Artery Disease in Indian Population: A Case Control Study. ARMS-PCR, CAD, CI, HDL-C, LDL-C, SNPs
2019 Genetic Polymorphisms of CXCL8 (-251) Are Associated with the Susceptibility of Helicobacter pylori Infection Increased the Risk of Inflammation and Gastric Cancer in Thai Gastroduodenal Patients. CagA, CXCL8, CXCR1, CXCR2, H. pylori, PCR-RFLP, qRT-PCR
10  2019 LDLR Gene Polymorphisms (rs5925 and rs1529729) Are Associated with Susceptibility to Coronary Artery Disease in a South Indian Population. CAD, CI, CVD, LDLR, OR, RR
11  2019 Rapid screening mutations of first-line-drug-resistant genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains by allele-specific real-time quantitative PCR. qPCR, TB
12  2018 Droplet digital PCR for detection of BRAF V600E mutation in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded melanoma tissues: a comparison with Cobas 4800, Sanger sequencing, and allele-specific PCR. ddPCR, LOD
13  2018 EGFR T790M Mutation in TKI-Naive Clinical Samples: Frequency, Tissue Mosaicism, Predictive Value and Awareness on Artifacts. ddPCR, EGFR, ex19del, NGS, NSCLC, TKI
14  2018 Relationship Between Fat Mass and Obesity-Associated (FTO) Gene Polymorphisms with Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in Ethnic Mongolians. BMI, FTO, HC, LDL-C, TC, TG, WC, WHR
15  2017 A multiplexPCR for detection of knockdown resistance mutations, V1016G and F1534C, in pyrethroid-resistant Aedes aegypti. EtBr, kdr, VGSC
16  2017 An assessment of benzimidazole resistance against caprine nematodes in Central India. BZ, EHT, FECR, MP, SS
17  2017 Detection of the MYD88 mutation by the combination of the allele-specific PCR and quenching probe methods. AS-QP, HRM, PCR-RFLP, QP
18  2017 Enhanced Risk for Specific Somatic Myeloproliferative Neoplastic Mutations in Patients with Stroke. AB, CALR, MPL, MPN
19  2017 First report of the Phe1534Cys kdr mutation in natural populations of Aedes albopictus from Brazil. kdr, MT, PR, PY, RO
20  2017 Isolation and characterization of the TaSnRK2.10 gene and its association with agronomic traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). CAPS, CDS, PH, RILs, SL, SnRKs, TGW
21  2017 Subsets of Inflammatory Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms are Associated with Risk of Carcinogenic Liver Fluke Opisthorchis viverrini-Associated Advanced Periductal Fibrosis and Cholangiocarcinoma. APF, CCA, ES, PBMCs
22  2016 Allele-specific PCR for detecting the deafness-associated mitochondrial 12S rRNA mutations. MTRNR1
23  2016 Antiviral response and resistance analysis of treatment-naive HCV-infected patients receiving single and multiple doses of GS-9190. ---
24  2016 Benzimidazole resistance in equine cyathostomins in India. FECRT
25  2016 Disagreement in genotyping results of drug resistance alleles of the Plasmodium falciparum dihydrofolate reductase (Pfdhfr) gene by allele-specific PCR (ASPCR) assays and Sanger sequencing. ACT
26  2016 Hematological and Molecular Characterization of Hb J-Buda[alpha61(E10)Lys→Asn, AAG>AAT]. Hb
27  2016 Identification and Validation of SNP Markers Linked to Dwarf Traits Using SLAF-Seq Technology in Lagerstroemia. IL, MAS, PH, PLBH, SLAF-seq
28  2016 Influence of sustained deworming pressure on the anthelmintic resistance status in strongyles of sheep under field conditions. AR, FECRT, LPA
29  2016 The C609T (Pro187Ser) Null Polymorphism of the NQO1 Gene Contributes Significantly to Breast Cancer Susceptibility in North Indian Populations: a Case Control Study. IDC
30  2016 Validating the Sensitivity of High-Resolution Melting Analysis for JAK2 V617F Mutation in the Clinical Setting. HRM, JAK2, MPN, PCR
31  2016 Wilms' tumor susceptibility: possible involvement of FOXP3 and CXCL12 genes. CXCL12, CXCR4, PCR-RFLP
32  2015 Allele-specific polymerase chain reaction typing and sequencing of mitochondrial D-loop region in broiler chickens in Japan. mtDNA, SNP
33  2015 Anthelmintic resistance in gastrointestinal nematodes from grazing beef cattle in Campeche State, Mexico. AR, FECRT, GIN, IEH, LD50
34  2015 Associations of Il-1 Family-Related Polymorphisms With Gastric Cancer Risk and the Role of Mir-197 In Il-1f5 Expression. 3'-UTR, CIs, GC, ORs, PCR-RFLP, qRT, SNPs
35  2015 Drug resistance and plasma viral RNA level after ineffective use of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis in women. PrEP
36  2015 Fully automated sample preparation microsystem for genetic testing of hereditary hearing loss using two-color multiplex allele-specific PCR. ---
37  2015 Genotyping on ALDH2: comparison of four different technologies. ALDH2, CHD, HRM, SNPs
38  2015 Human catalase gene polymorphism (CAT C-262T) and risk of male infertility. ---
39  2015 Identification of SNP in HSP90AB1 and its association with the relative thermotolerance and milk production traits in Indian dairy cattle. ARR, ART, HSP, HTC, TMY
40  2015 Longitudinal Detection and Persistence of Minority Drug-Resistant Populations and Their Effect on Salvage Therapy. ARV
41  2015 Low frequency of c-MPL gene mutations in Iranian patients with Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative disorders. ARMS
42  2015 Multicentric occurrence of multiple papillary thyroid carcinomas--HUMARA and BRAF mutation analysis. HUMARA, PTCs
43  2015 Non-invasive sensitive detection of KRAS and BRAF mutation in circulating tumor cells of colorectal cancer patients. CTCs, HRM
44  2015 Polymorphism of catalase gene (CAT C-262T) in women with endometriosis. ---
45  2015 Relationship between insecticide resistance and kdr mutations in the dengue vector Aedes aegypti in Southern China. ---
46  2015 Status of benzimidazole resistance in Haemonchus contortus of goats from different geographic regions of Uttar Pradesh, India. BZ, FECRT, SS, UP
47  2015 [Analysis of parental origin of de novo SCN1A mutations in Dravet syndrome]. DS, PCR
48  2015 [Construction of CYP1B1 gene haplotypes predisposing to primary congenital glaucoma through allele-specific PCR/restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis]. PCG, RFLP, SNPs
49  2014 Concordance between allele-specific PCR and ultra-deep pyrosequencing for the detection of HIV-1 non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor resistance mutations. ---
50  2014 Development and application of an AllGlo probe-based qPCR assay for detecting knockdown resistance (kdr) mutations in Anopheles sinensis. AllGlo-qPCR, kdr, TaqMan-qPCR
51  2014 Development of allele-specific multiplex PCR to determine the length of poly-T in intron 8 of CFTR. CBAVD, CF, CFTR, HRM
52  2014 Effects of p53 codon 72 and MDM2 SNP309 polymorphisms on gastric cancer risk among the Iranian population. GC
53  2014 Enhanced specificity of TPMT*2 genotyping using unidirectional wild-type and mutant allele-specific scorpion primers in a single tube. CRAS-PCR, TPMT
54  2014 Genotyping common FSHR polymorphisms based on competitive amplification of differentially melting amplicons (CADMA). CADMA, FSHR
55  2014 JAK2V617F mutation and endogenous erythroid colony formation in patients with polycythaemia vera. Agar-LCM, EEC, EPO, PV, WHO
56  2014 Next generation MUT-MAP, a high-sensitivity high-throughput microfluidics chip-based mutation analysis panel. COSMIC, FFPE, MUT-MAP, NGS
57  2014 Nuclease-mediated double-strand break (DSB) enhancement of small fragment homologous recombination (SFHR) gene modification in human-induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs). CF, DSB, hiPSCs, iPS, SDFs, SFHR, TAL, WT
58  2014 Phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of Haemonchus spp. and other gastrointestinal nematodes resistant to benzimidazole in infected calves from the tropical regions of Campeche State, Mexico. BZ, FECRT, gDNA, GIN
59  2014 Polymorphisms of glutathione peroxidase 1 (GPX1 Pro198Leu) and catalase (CAT C-262T) in women with spontaneous abortion. CAT, GPX1, PCR-RFLP
60  2014 Serological assay and genotyping of hepatitis C virus in infected patients in zanjan province. HCV, LiPA
61  2014 [AS-PCR assay for 20 mtDNA SNP typing and haplotype frequency]. mtDNA
62  2014 [Whole blood allele-specific PCR, a simple method to detect four ATP7B gene mutations in Wilson disease]. ---
63  2013 Detection of the V1016G mutation in the voltage-gated sodium channel gene of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) by allele-specific PCR assay, and its distribution and effect on deltamethrin resistance in Thailand. VGSC
64  2013 Evidence for gene duplication in the voltage-gated sodium channel gene of Aedes aegypti. ---
65  2013 Highly-sensitive allele-specific PCR testing identifies a greater prevalence of transmitted HIV drug resistance in Japan. ---
66  2013 Identification of mitochondrial DNA sequence variation and development of single nucleotide polymorphic markers for CMS-D8 in cotton. CMS, InDel, SNP
67  2013 Interleukin-8 but not interleukin-6 variant may affect susceptibility to brucellosis. IL-6, IL-8
68  2012 Advantages of the quenching probe method over other PCR-based methods for detection of the JAK2 V617F mutation. HRM, MPN, PCR-RFLP, QP
69  2012 An improved allele-specific PCR primer design method for SNP marker analysis and its application. SNP, SSR
70  2012 Assessing the risk that Phytophthora melonis can develop a point mutation (V1109L) in CesA3 conferring resistance to carboxylic acid amide fungicides. CAA, CesA3
71  2012 Association of 5-lipoxygenase gene polymorphisms with bronchial asthma. 5-LO, BA, SNPs
72  2012 Inheritance of mitochondrial DNA in serially recloned pigs by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). MMP, mtDNA, SCNT
73  2012 JAK2 V617F, MPL W515L and JAK2 Exon 12 Mutations in Chinese Patients with Primary Myelofibrosis. MPD, PMF
74  2012 Mitochondrial DNA mutation m.10680G > A is associated with Leber hereditary optic neuropathy in Chinese patients. LHON
75  2012 Mutation scanning using MUT-MAP, a high-throughput, microfluidic chip-based, multi-analyte panel. FFPE, gDNA
76  2012 The prevalence of pyrethroid resistance phenotype and genotype in Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus in Yucatan, Mexico. RF
77  2012 [Determination of hematopoietic clonality by detection of multiple X-linked gene exonic polymorphic loci using transcription-based clonality assays]. ET, MDS, XCIP
78  2012 [JAK2 exon 12 mutations in patients with Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms]. EPO, MPN, PCR, Ph
79  2011 Allele-specific PCR typing and sequencing of the mitochondrial D-loop region in four layer breeds. BPR, RIR, SNP, WL
80  2011 Association of p53 codon 72 genetic polymorphism with the risk of ulcerative colitis in northern Iran. UC
81  2011 Combined effect of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine gene polymorphisms on susceptibility to liver cirrhosis in Tunisian HCV-infected patients. IFN, IL, RFLP, SNP
82  2011 Compound heterozygous mutation in two unrelated cases of Chinese spinal muscular atrophy patients. MLPA, NAIP, RFLP, SMA, SMN1
83  2011 Detection of MPL exon10 mutations in 103 Chinese patients with JAK2V617F-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms. ET, MPN, PMF, PV, SSCP
84  2011 Detection of mutations associated with multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates. DST, MDR-TB
85  2011 Evolution of acaricide resistance: phenotypic and genotypic changes in field populations of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus in response to pyrethroid selection pressure. CY, RF
86  2011 High-throughput assays for detection of the F1534C mutation in the voltage-gated sodium channel gene in permethrin-resistant Aedes aegypti and the distribution of this mutation throughout Thailand. ---
87  2011 HIV-1 drug resistance at antiretroviral treatment initiation in children previously exposed to single-dose nevirapine. NNRTI, sdNVP
88  2011 JAK2-V617F mutation in Moroccan patients with myeloproliferative disorders: contribution, diagnosis and therapeutic prospects. MPDs
89  2011 Low level of the K103N HIV-1 above a threshold is associated with virological failure in treatment-naive individuals undergoing efavirenz-containing therapy. ---
90  2011 Phenotype changes inherited by crossing pyrethroid susceptible and resistant genotypes from the cattle tick Riphicephalus (Boophilus) microplus. DC, LPT, SS, SS
91  2011 Role of matrix metalloproteinase 3 gene promoter polymorphism in chronic pancreatitis. CP
92  2011 [Evaluation of methods for detection of NPM1 gene mutations in acute myeloid leukemia]. AML, CE, HRM
93  2011 [Mutation analysis of KIF21A gene in a Chinese family with congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles type I]. ---
94  2010 Allele-specific differences in ryanodine receptor 1 mRNA expression levels may contribute to phenotypic variability in malignant hyperthermia. LCLs, MH
95  2010 Analysis of SCN1A mutation and parental origin in patients with Dravet syndrome. DS, MLPA
96  2010 Development of gene-targeted SNP markers for genomic mapping in Pacific abalone Haliotis discus hannai Ino. PCR, SNPs
97  2010 Discrepancy in genotyping of apolipoprotein E between allele-specific PCR and fluorescence resonance energy transfer or sequencing. APOE, FRET, SNPs
98  2010 Enhancing allele-specific PCR for specifically detecting short deletion and insertion DNA mutations. ---
99  2010 Minimally invasive genetic screen for GJB2 related deafness using dried blood spots. ---
100  2010 Minor resistant variants in nevirapine-exposed infants may predict virologic failure on nevirapine-containing ART. ART, PMTCT, sdNVP