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Abbreviation : ASFV
Long Form : ASF virus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Attenuated and non-haemadsorbing (non-HAD) genotype II African swine fever virus (ASFV) isolated in Europe, Latvia 2017. non-HAD
2019 Identification of T-cell epitopes in African swine fever virus CD2v and C-type lectin proteins. ASF
2019 Interaction of historical and modern Sardinian African swine fever viruses with porcine and wild-boar monocytes and monocyte-derived macrophages. ASF
2019 Pathogenesis of African swine fever in domestic pigs and European wild boar - lessons learned from recent animal trials. ASF
2019 Serum Concentrations of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Stromal Cell-Derived Factor, Nitric Oxide and Endothelial DNA Proliferation in Development of Microvascular Pathology in Acute African Swine Fever. ASF, NO, VEGFBeta
2019 Simulation of transmission and persistence of African swine fever in wild boar in Denmark. ASF
2019 Surveillance and control of African Swine Fever in free-ranging pigs in Sardinia. ASF
2018 Genetic characterisation of African swine fever virus from 2017 outbreaks in Zambia: Identification of p72 genotype II variants in domestic pigs. ASF
2018 Genetic diversity, breed composition and admixture of Kenyan domestic pigs. ASF
10  2018 Infection, modulation and responses of antigen-presenting cells to African swine fever viruses. APCs, ASF, DC
11  2018 Interaction of porcine monocyte-derived dendritic cells with African swine fever viruses of diverse virulence. ASF, DC, MoDC
12  2018 Phylodynamics and evolutionary epidemiology of African swine fever p72-CVR genes in Eurasia and Africa. ASF
13  2018 Qualitative risk assessment for the transmission of African swine fever to Thailand from Italy, 2015. ASF
14  2018 Third wave of African swine fever infection in Armenia: Virus demonstrates the reduction of pathogenicity. ASF
15  2017 African swine fever outbreak on a medium-sized farm in Uganda: biosecurity breaches and within-farm virus contamination. ASF
16  2017 African Swine Fever Virus: A Review. ASF
17  2017 Characterization of the interaction of African swine fever virus with monocytes and derived macrophage subsets. ASF, MOI
18  2017 Diagnostic specificity of the African swine fever virus antibody detection enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in feral and domestic pigs in the United States. ASF, CI, ELISA, OIE
19  2017 Experimental Infection of Domestic Pigs with African Swine Fever Virus Lithuania 2014 Genotype II Field Isolate. ASF, EU
20  2017 Identification of a New Genotype of African Swine Fever Virus in Domestic Pigs from Ethiopia. ASF, CVR, TAD
21  2017 Pig traders' networks on the Kenya-Uganda border highlight potential for mitigation of African swine fever virus transmission and improved ASF disease risk management. ASF
22  2017 Recombinant Protein p30 for Serological Diagnosis of African Swine Fever by Immunoblotting Assay. ASF
23  2016 African swine fever virus transmission cycles in Central Europe: Evaluation of wild boar-soft tick contacts through detection of antibodies against Ornithodoros erraticus saliva antigen. ASF
24  2016 Association of the Host Immune Response with Protection Using a Live Attenuated African Swine Fever Virus Model. ASF, dpi, IFN, Pret4
25  2016 Development of a duplex lateral flow assay for simultaneous detection of antibodies against African and Classical swine fever viruses. ASF, CSF, CSFV
26  2016 Diagnosis and genotyping of African swine fever viruses from 2015 outbreaks in Zambia. ASF
27  2016 Evidence of hemolysis in pigs infected with highly virulent African swine fever virus. ASF, RBCs
28  2016 Simulation of Spread of African Swine Fever, Including the Effects of Residues from Dead Animals. ASF
29  2016 Transmission routes of African swine fever virus to domestic pigs: current knowledge and future research directions. ASF
30  2015 A longitudinal survey of African swine fever in Uganda reveals high apparent disease incidence rates in domestic pigs, but absence of detectable persistent virus infections in blood and serum. ASF
31  2015 African swine fever virus CD2v and C-type lectin gene loci mediate serological specificity. ASF, HAI
32  2015 Assessment of African Swine Fever Diagnostic Techniques as a Response to the Epidemic Outbreaks in Eastern European Union Countries: How To Improve Surveillance and Control Programs. ASF, CI, ELISA, EU, IPT, OIE
33  2015 New insights into the role of ticks in African swine fever epidemiology. ASF
34  2015 [On the situation of African swine fever and the biological characterization of recent virus isolates]. ASF, OIE
35  2014 Modern adjuvants do not enhance the efficacy of an inactivated African swine fever virus vaccine preparation. ASF
36  2014 Modular framework to assess the risk of African swine fever virus entry into the European Union. ASF, EU, HRP
37  2013 African swine fever virus serodiagnosis: a general review with a focus on the analyses of African serum samples. ASF, p30r
38  2013 Potential use of oral fluid samples for serological diagnosis of African swine fever. ASF, ELISA, IPT
39  2013 Quantification of airborne African swine fever virus after experimental infection. ASF, dpi 4
40  2013 Review of the sylvatic cycle of African swine fever in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian ocean. ASF
41  2012 African swine fever virus excretion patterns in persistently infected animals: a quantitative approach. ASF
42  2012 African swine fever: an epidemiological update. ASF, EU
43  2012 Monitoring of African swine fever in the wild boar population of the most recent endemic area of Spain. ASF, OIE
44  2012 Risk of African swine fever introduction into the European Union through transport-associated routes: returning trucks and waste from international ships and planes. ASF, EU, RF, TAR
45  2011 Assessment of interactions between African swine fever virus, bushpigs (Potamochoerus larvatus), Ornithodoros ticks and domestic pigs in north-western Madagascar. ASF
46  2010 Molecular characterisation of African swine fever viruses from Nigeria (2003-2006) recovers multiple virus variants and reaffirms CVR epidemiological utility. ASF, CVR
47  2009 Molecular monitoring of African swine fever virus using surveys targeted at adult ornithodoros ticks: a re-evaluation of Mkuze game reserve, South Africa. ASF, MGR
48  2009 Recombinant antigen targets for serodiagnosis of African swine fever. ASF, CI, ELISAs, OIE
49  2008 African swine fever virus isolate, Georgia, 2007. ASF
50  2006 Optimization and validation of recombinant serological tests for African Swine Fever diagnosis based on detection of the p30 protein produced in Trichoplusia ni larvae. ELISA, p30r
51  2004 Apoptosis of thymocytes in experimental African Swine Fever virus infection. ABC, ASF, dpi
52  1999 Laboratory-scale inactivation of African swine fever virus and swine vesicular disease virus in pig slurry. ASV, SVD, SVDV
53  1995 Early infection of interdigitating dendritic cells in the pig lymph node with African swine fever viruses of high and low virulence: immunohistochemical and ultrastructural studies. ASF, dpi, IDCs
54  1992 Rapid and biologically safe diagnosis of African swine fever virus infection by using polymerase chain reaction. ASF, PCR
55  1988 Epitopic diversity of African swine fever virus. ASF, DIC, mAb