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Abbreviation : ASIC
Long Form : application-specific integrated circuit
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Digital Interface ASIC for Triple-Axis MEMS Vibratory Gyroscopes. ADC, C/V, CMOS, DOF, MEMS, PI
2020 A Non-Linear Temperature Compensation Model for Improving the Measurement Accuracy of an Inductive Proximity Sensor and Its Application-Specific Integrated Circuit Implementation. CMOS, IPS, LUT
2020 Co-Integrated PIN-PMN-PT 2-D Array and Transceiver Electronics by Direct Assembly Using a 3-D Printed Interposer Grid Frame. BW, FPGA
2020 Compact 256-channel multi-well microelectrode array system for in vitro neuropharmacology test. BIC, MEAs
2020 Design and Implementation of an On-Chip Low-Power and High-Flexibility System for Data Acquisition and Processing of an Inertial Measurement Unit. IMU, MEMS, SoC
2020 Digital Circuit for Seamless Resampling ADC Output Streams. ADC, DSOs, FPGA
2020 Improving Paralysis Compensation in Photon Counting Detectors. CRLB, PCDs
2020 Laser Driven Miniature Diamond Implant for Wireless Retinal Prostheses. PV
2020 Miniaturized 0.13-mum CMOS Front-End Analog for AlN PMUT Arrays. CMOS-AlN-PMUT, CSA, HV, VA
10  2020 Multi-Channel Signal-Generator ASIC for Acoustic Holograms. CMOS, PMUT
11  2020 Real-time 400 Gbps/carrier WDM transmission over 2,000 km of field-installed G.654.E fiber. CSF, DRA, DSP, EDFA, PDM, QAM, SMF, WDM
12  2020 Recent Advances in ASIC Development for Enhanced Performance M-Sequence UWB Systems. ECC, UWB
13  2020 The Development of ASIC Type GSR Sensor Driven by GHz Pulse Current. GHz, GSR
14  2019 A 122 fps, 1 MHz Bandwidth Multi-Frequency Wearable EIT Belt Featuring Novel Active Electrode Architecture for Neonatal Thorax Vital Sign Monitoring. EIT
15  2019 A High-Temperature, Low-Noise Readout ASIC for MEMS-Based Accelerometers. AFE, CMOS, MEMS
16  2019 A Miniaturized Low-Intensity Ultrasound Device for Wearable Medical Therapeutic Applications. ---
17  2019 A Power Adaptive, 1.22-pW/Hz, 10-MHz Read-Out Front-End for Bio-Impedance Measurement. ADC, DAC
18  2019 An Analog Interface Circuit for Capacitive Angle Encoder Based on a Capacitance Elimination Array and Synchronous Switch Demodulation Method. ADC
19  2019 An Efficient Hardware Architecture for Template Matching-Based Spike Sorting. ---
20  2019 An Interface ASIC for MEMS Vibratory Gyroscopes with Nonlinear Driving Control. ADC, CMOS, MEMS, PI
21  2019 ASIC modelling of SENSE for parallel MRI. MRI, pMRI
22  2019 Depth-of-interaction study of a dual-readout detector based on TOFPET2 application-specific integrated circuit. DOI, LYSO, PET, SiPM
23  2019 Design and implementation of an ultra-low energy FFT ASIC for processing ECG in Cardiac Pacemakers. ECG, FFT, LUT
24  2019 Fan-Out Wafer and Panel Level Packaging as Packaging Platform for Heterogeneous Integration. FOWLP, PLP, SMD
25  2019 Fully Passive Flexible Wireless Neural Recorder for the Acquisition of Neuropotentials from a Rat Model. IEDs, SSEPs
26  2019 Implementation of a CMOS/MEMS Accelerometer with ASIC Processes. CMOS, MEMS
27  2019 Low-Power Hardware Implementation of a Support Vector Machine Training and Classification for Neural Seizure Detection. FPGA, IP, SMO, SVM
28  2019 Miniaturized Multi Sensor Implant for Monitoring of Hemodynamic Parameters. LTCC
29  2018 A 2-D Ultrasound Transducer With Front-End ASIC and Low Cable Count for 3-D Forward-Looking Intravascular Imaging: Performance and Characterization. FL-IVUS, IVUS
30  2018 A High-Performance Application Specific Integrated Circuit for Electrical and Neurochemical Traumatic Brain Injury Monitoring. TBI
31  2018 A Human-Machine Interface Using Electrical Impedance Tomography for Hand Prosthesis Control. ---
32  2018 A Reduced-Wire ICE Catheter ASIC With Tx Beamforming and Rx Time-Division Multiplexing. ICE, TDM
33  2018 Acoustic characterization of a miniature matrix transducer for pediatric 3D transesophageal echocardiography. TEE
34  2018 An Analog Front End ASIC for Cardiac Electrical Impedance Tomography. ---
35  2018 ASIC Implementation of a Nonlinear Dynamical Model for Hippocampal Prosthesis. MIMO, VLSI
36  2018 Compact and Programmable Ultrasound Front-End Processing Module for Research Activities. DSP's, FPGA's
37  2018 Design and Fabrication Technology of Low Profile Tactile Sensor with Digital Interface for Whole Body Robot Skin. BCB
38  2018 FPGA Based Adaptive Rate and Manifold Pattern Projection for Structured Light 3D Camera System. FPGA
39  2018 Note: A 102 dB dynamic-range charge-sampling readout for ionizing particle/radiation detectors based on an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). ---
40  2018 On-Probe Neural Interface ASIC for Combined Electrical Recording and Optogenetic Stimulation. FSM, LEDs, LFPs, SPI
41  2018 Towards an ASIC-based Fluoroscopic Capsule for the Early Cancer Detection in the Small Intestine. ICG, IRFE
42  2017 16-Channel biphasic current-mode programmable charge balanced neural stimulation. CAD, CMOS, DRC, LSB, LVS, NMOS, PMOS
43  2017 A 172 $\mu$W Compressively Sampled Photoplethysmographic (PPG) Readout ASIC With Heart Rate Estimation Directly From Compressively Sampled Data. CS, HR, PPG
44  2017 A 2.5 mW/ch, 50 Mcps, 10-Analog Channel, Adaptively Biased Read-Out Front-End IC With Low Intrinsic Timing Resolution for Single-Photon Time-of-Flight PET Applications With Time-Dependent Noise Analysis in 90 nm CMOS. DAC, RMS
45  2017 A CMOS application-specified-integrated-circuit for 40 GHz high-electron-mobility-transistors automatic biasing. ACS, CMB, HEMT, LNAs, LSPE
46  2017 A novel CMOS transducer for giant magnetoresistance sensors. 1P6M, GMR, PSD
47  2017 A Thermally Powered ISFET Array for On-Body pH Measurement. ISEs, ISFETs, TEGs
48  2017 An Efficient Hardware Circuit for Spike Sorting Based on Competitive Learning Networks. CL
49  2017 An Energy Efficient ECG Signal Processor Detecting Cardiovascular Diseases on Smartphone. ---
50  2017 An Integrated Passive Phase-Shift Keying Modulator for Biomedical Implants With Power Telemetry Over a Single Inductive Link. PPSK
51  2017 On-chip enzymatic microbiofuel cell-powered integrated circuits. ---
52  2017 Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor With Transmit Beamforming Based on a PMUT Array Bonded to CMOS Circuitry. PDMS
53  2016 4-D ICE: A 2-D Array Transducer With Integrated ASIC in a 10-Fr Catheter for Real-Time 3-D Intracardiac Echocardiography. TEE
54  2016 A Differential Monolithically Integrated Inductive Linear Displacement Measurement Microsystem. ---
55  2016 A Low Cost VLSI Architecture for Spike Sorting Based on Feature Extraction with Peak Search. NEO
56  2016 A Low Noise CMOS Readout Based on a Polymer-Coated SAW Array for Miniature Electronic Nose. CMOS, e-nose, SAW, TSMC
57  2016 A Muscle Fibre Conduction Velocity Tracking ASIC for Local Fatigue Monitoring. MFCV, MUAPs
58  2016 An Energy efficient application specific integrated circuit for electrocardiogram feature detection and its potential for ambulatory cardiovascular disease detection. ECG
59  2016 An Enhanced Technique for Ultrasonic Flow Metering Featuring Very Low Jitter and Offset. TTD
60  2016 Design of a video capsule endoscopy system with low-power ASIC for monitoring gastrointestinal tract. WCE
61  2016 Substrate-decoupled, bulk-acoustic wave gyroscopes: Design and evaluation of next-generation environmentally robust devices. ARW, BAW, HARPSS, IC, SD
62  2016 X-ray characterization of a multichannel smart-pixel array detector. PAD
63  2015 A 290 mV Sub-V(T) ASIC for Real-Time Atrial Fibrillation Detection. ---
64  2015 A Circadian and Cardiac Intraocular Pressure Sensor for Smart Implantable Lens. CDS, IOP
65  2015 A closed-loop compressive-sensing-based neural recording system. CS
66  2015 A complexity-efficient and one-pass image compression algorithm for wireless capsule endoscopy. WCE
67  2015 A low power, area efficient fpga based beamforming technique for 1-D CMUT arrays. AWG, CMUT
68  2015 An array of virtual Frisch-grid CdZnTe detectors and a front-end application-specific integrated circuit for large-area position-sensitive gamma-ray cameras. ---
69  2015 An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Multi-Channel Spike Sorting Using a Generalized Hebbian Algorithm. GHA, NEO
70  2015 An Implantable Versatile Electrode-Driving ASIC for Chronic Epidural Stimulation in Rats. ---
71  2015 Performance of an optical encoder based on a nondiffractive beam implemented with a specific photodetection integrated circuit and a diffractive optical element. DOE, NDB
72  2015 Radiation hardness assessment of the charge-integrating hybrid pixel detector JUNGFRAU 1.0 for photon science. ---
73  2015 Test of a 32-channel Prototype ASIC for Photon Counting Application. CMOS, CZT, DNL, ENC, INL, SPECT
74  2015 Toward an Ultralow-Power Onboard Processor for Tongue Drive System. eTDS, FPGA, iTDS, TDS
75  2015 Ultrananocrystalline diamond-CMOS device integration route for high acuity retinal prostheses. PDMS
76  2014 A 7.5 ps single-shot precision integrated time counter with segmented delay line. CMOS, RMS
77  2014 A field-programmable-gate-array based time digitizer for the time-of-flight mass spectrometry. FPGA, LSB, TOF
78  2014 A wireless capsule system with ASIC for monitoring the physiological signals of the human gastrointestinal tract. ADC, GI, PGA, SPI
79  2014 Accelerated-stress reliability evaluation for an encapsulated wireless cortical stimulator. ICVP, IIT
80  2014 Simulation of charge transport in pixelated CdTe. FEM, PEM, PET, VIP
81  2013 A time digitizer for space instrumentation using a field programmable gate array. FPGA, TDCs, TOF
82  2013 A wireless beta-microprobe based on pixelated silicon for in vivo brain studies in freely moving rats. ---
83  2013 Blind channel estimation for MLSE receiver in high speed optical communications: theory and ASIC implementation. BER, DSP, MLSE
84  2013 Design and implementation of a new real-time frequency sensor used as hardware countermeasure. CMOS
85  2013 Design and implementation of a wireless capsule suitable for autofluorescence intensity detection in biological tissues. AF, SPAD
86  2013 Design and implementation of an FPGA-based timing pulse programmer for pulsed-electron paramagnetic resonance applications. EPR, ESEEM, FPGA, HYSCORE, NMR
87  2012 A programmable triangular neighborhood function for a Kohonen self-organizing map implemented on chip. GNF, SOMs, TF, TNF
88  2012 An inductively powered implantable blood flow sensor microsystem for vascular grafts. SiNW
89  2012 Architecture design of the multi-functional wavelet-based ECG microprocessor for realtime detection of abnormal cardiac events. AMI, BASN, CWT, ECG
90  2012 ASIC design and data communications for the Boston retinal prosthesis. ---
91  2012 Intrinsic activation of iridium electrodes over a wireless link. AIROF
92  2012 Multiplexed detection of cardiac biomarkers in serum with nanowire arrays using readout ASIC. ELISA
93  2011 An electronic-nose sensor node based on a polymer-coated surface acoustic wave array for wireless sensor network applications. IDT, SAW, WSN
94  2011 Circuit design and simulation of a transmit beamforming ASIC for high-frequency ultrasonic imaging systems. DLL
95  2011 Design and Characteristics of a Multichannel Front-End ASIC Using Current-Mode CSA for Small-Animal PET Imaging. ---
96  2011 Implementation of a synchronized oscillator circuit for fast sensing and labeling of image objects. ---
97  2011 Laser-micromachined, chip-scaled ceramic carriers for implantable neurostimulators. Pt
98  2011 Low-power wireless micromanometer system for acute and chronic bladder-pressure monitoring. ---
99  2011 MicroCT with energy-resolved photon-counting detectors. CdTe
100  2011 Multi-Material Decomposition using Low-Current X-Ray and a Photon-Counting CZT Detector. CZT