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Abbreviation : ATMs
Long Form : adipose tissue macrophages
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 2-Methoxyestradiol inhibits high fat diet-induced obesity in rats through modulation of adipose tissue macrophage infiltration and immunophenotype. AT, HFD, NSD
2020 Antisense oligonucleotide treatment produces a type I interferon response that protects against diet-induced obesity. ASO, ASOs, gWAT, IFN
2020 Cholesterol 25-Hydroxylase (CH25H) as a promoter of adipose tissue inflammation in obesity and diabetes. 25-HC, BMDMs, CH25H, DIO, HFD, IR, VAT
2020 Female adipose tissue has improved adaptability and metabolic health compared to males in aged obesity. ---
2020 High-fat diet triggers obesity-related early infiltration of macrophages into adipose tissue and transient reduction of blood monocyte count. HFD, ND, VAT
2020 Myeloid HMG-CoA Reductase Determines Adipose Tissue Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, and Hepatic Steatosis in Diet-Induced Obese Mice. HFD
2020 Natural Killer Cells as Sensors of Adipose Tissue Stress. NK
2020 Pro-inflammatory macrophages coupled with glycolysis remodel adipose vasculature by producing platelet-derived growth factor-B in obesity. ERK, eWAT, HFD, LPS, mTORC1, PDGF
2019 Adzuki Bean Water Extract Attenuates Obesity by Modulating M2/M1 Macrophage Polarization and Gut Microbiota Composition. AWE
10  2019 BMP4 facilitates beige fat biogenesis via regulating adipose tissue macrophages. ---
11  2019 Breast milk alkylglycerols sustain beige adipocytes through adipose tissue macrophages. AKG-type, BeAT, PAF, WAT
12  2019 circNrxn2 Promoted WAT Browning via Sponging miR-103 to Relieve Its Inhibition of FGF10 in HFD Mice. WAT
13  2019 Clcn3 deficiency ameliorates high-fat diet-induced obesity and adipose tissue macrophage inflammation in mice. HFD, SVF
14  2019 Glucan-Encapsulated siRNA Particles (GeRPs) for Specific Gene Silencing in Adipose Tissue Macrophages. GeRPs
15  2019 Hoxa5 alleviates obesity-induced chronic inflammation by reducing ER stress and promoting M2 macrophage polarization in mouse adipose tissue. ATM, ER, ERS, HFD
16  2019 Isolation and Characterization of Adipose Tissue Macrophages. ---
17  2019 MCP-1 deficiency enhances browning of adipose tissue via increased M2 polarization. MCP-1
18  2019 MicroRNA-10a-5p regulates macrophage polarization and promotes therapeutic adipose tissue remodeling. ASCs, gWAT, KO
19  2019 Programming effects of maternal and gestational obesity on offspring metabolism and metabolic inflammation. HFD
20  2019 SBP2 deficiency in adipose tissue macrophages drives insulin resistance in obesity. SBP2
21  2019 Scutellaria baicalensis Alleviates Insulin Resistance in Diet-Induced Obese Mice by Modulating Inflammation. HFD, SB
22  2019 The Effects of Poncirus fructus on Insulin Resistance and the Macrophage-Mediated Inflammatory Response in High Fat Diet-Induced Obese Mice. HFD, PF
23  2019 Vasculature-associated fat macrophages readily adapt to inflammatory and metabolic challenges. DP, eWAT, HFD, VAMs
24  2018 A reduced M1-like/M2-like ratio of macrophages in healthy adipose tissue expansion during SGLT2 inhibition. EPI, IL, Ipra
25  2018 Adipocyte-derived Lysophosphatidylcholine Activates Adipocyte and Adipose Tissue Macrophage Nod-Like Receptor Protein 3 Inflammasomes Mediating Homocysteine-Induced Insulin Resistance. DAMPs, Hcy, HIF-1, lysoPC, NLRP3
26  2018 Adipose tissue inflammation in breast cancer survivors: effects of a 16-week combined aerobic and resistance exercise training intervention. CON, DXA, EX
27  2018 Adipose tissue macrophages and their polarization in health and obesity. ---
28  2018 Adipose Tissue Macrophages in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Prevalence, Disease-Related Indicators, and Associations With Cardiometabolic RiskFactors. RA
29  2018 Adrenergic hormones induce extrapituitary prolactin gene expression in leukocytes-potential implications in obesity. ePRL, HSL, PRL
30  2018 Dual CCR2/5 Antagonist Attenuates Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance by Regulating Macrophage Recruitment and M1/M2 Status. CCR, HFD, RD
31  2018 FNDC5 attenuates adipose tissue inflammation and insulin resistance via AMPK-mediated macrophage polarization in obesity. FNDC5, HFD, LPS, PMs, SVF, WT
32  2018 Frontline Science: Rapid adipose tissue expansion triggers unique proliferation and lipid accumulation profiles in adipose tissue macrophages. ECs, HFD, PAs, WAT
33  2018 Hepatocyte-secreted DPP4 in obesity promotes adipose inflammation and insulin resistance. DPP4, VAT
34  2018 Insulin Regulates Lipolysis and Fat Mass by Upregulating Growth/Differentiation Factor 3 in Adipose Tissue Macrophages. ALK7, GDF3
35  2018 JAZF1 Inhibits Adipose Tissue Macrophages and Adipose Tissue Inflammation in Diet-Induced Diabetic Mice. JAZF1, JAZF1-OX, RD
36  2018 Kisspeptin Receptor GPR54 Promotes Adipocyte Differentiation and Fat Accumulation in Mice. KISS1R, Kp-10, MSCs
37  2018 Macrophage Lamin A/C Regulates Inflammation and the Development of Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance. ---
38  2018 Macrophage phenotype and bioenergetics are controlled by oxidized phospholipids identified in lean and obese adipose tissue. OxPL
39  2018 Macrophage Populations in Visceral Adipose Tissue from Pregnant Women: Potential Role of Obesity in Maternal Inflammation. BMI, VAT
40  2018 Macrophages in obesity. NE, SAMs
41  2018 Metabolic Regulation of Adipose Tissue Macrophage Function in Obesity and Diabetes. AT, IR, T2D
42  2018 MFehi adipose tissue macrophages compensate for tissue iron perturbations in mice. ---
43  2018 MicroRNA-30 modulates metabolic inflammation by regulating Notch signaling in adipose tissue macrophages. BMDM, HFD, miR, NCD
44  2018 Obese asthmatics are characterized by altered adipose tissue macrophage activation. CRP, SAT
45  2018 Perilipin 1 (Plin1) deficiency promotes inflammatory responses in lean adipose tissue through lipid dysregulation. Plin1
46  2018 Properties and functions of adipose tissue macrophages in obesity. AT
47  2018 Purinergic receptor Y2 (P2Y2)- dependent VCAM-1 expression promotes immune cell infiltration in metabolic syndrome. ATP, DIO, HFD, ITT, P2Y2
48  2018 TLR4, TRIF, and MyD88 are essential for myelopoiesis and CD11c+ adipose tissue macrophage production in obese mice. BMTs, HFD, HSCs, TLR4, TRIF
49  2018 Unique metabolic activation of adipose tissue macrophages in obesity promotes inflammatory responses. HIF-1alpha
50  2018 Yeast beta-Glucan Suppresses the Chronic Inflammation and Improves the Microenvironment in Adipose Tissues of ob/ob Mice. VATs
51  2017 Adipose Tissue Macrophage-Derived Exosomal miRNAs Can Modulate InVivo and InVitro Insulin Sensitivity. Exos
52  2017 Adipose Type One Innate Lymphoid Cells Regulate Macrophage Homeostasis through Targeted Cytotoxicity. AT1-ILCs, HFD
53  2017 Berberine inhibits palmitate-induced NLRP3 inflammasome activation by triggering autophagy in macrophages: A new mechanism linking berberine to insulin resistance improvement. 3-MA, AMPK, Ara-A, BBR, BMDMs, IL-1beta, LPS, PA, PA-BSA
54  2017 Cell-Free Hydrogel System Based on a Tissue-Specific Extracellular Matrix for In Situ Adipose Tissue Regeneration. ASCs, ECM, MC, sECM
55  2017 Chikusetsu saponin IVa ameliorates high fat diet-induced inflammation in adipose tissue of mice through inhibition of NLRP3 inflammasome activation and NF-kappaB signaling. BMDMs, CS, LPS, SPJ
56  2017 Circulating sex steroids coregulate adipose tissue immune cell populations in healthy men. ---
57  2017 Des-acyl ghrelin inhibits the capacity of macrophages to stimulate the expression of aromatase in breast adipose stromal cells. ASCs
58  2017 Eicosapentaenoic acid and 5-HEPE enhance macrophage-mediated Treg induction in mice. EPA
59  2017 Flaxseed Oil Alleviates Chronic HFD-Induced Insulin Resistance through Remodeling Lipid Homeostasis in Obese Adipose Tissue. ALA-FO, HFD, M-FO, n-3 PUFA
60  2017 Inflammation, but not recruitment, of adipose tissue macrophages requires signalling through Mac-1 (CD11b/CD18) in diet-induced obesity (DIO). DIO
61  2017 Macrophage VLDLR mediates obesity-induced insulin resistance with adipose tissue inflammation. VLDLR
62  2017 Metabolically Activated Adipose Tissue Macrophages Perform Detrimental and Beneficial Functions during Diet-Induced Obesity. NOX2
63  2017 Neuropeptide FF increases M2 activation and self-renewal of adipose tissue macrophages. AGMO, Arg1, IL-4RA, MAFB, NDRG2, NPFF
64  2017 Omega-3 fatty acids promote fatty acid utilization and production of pro-resolving lipid mediators in alternatively activated adipose tissue macrophages. FA, PUFA
65  2017 The metabolic ER stress sensor IRE1alpha suppresses alternative activation of macrophages and impairs energy expenditure in obesity. BAT, ER, HFD, IRE1alpha, WAT
66  2017 Visceral adipose tissue macrophage-targeted TACE silencing to treat obesity-induced type 2 diabetes. TACE, TNF-alpha, WAT
67  2016 Adipose tissue macrophages in non-rodent mammals: a comparative study. ACP5, SVF
68  2016 Adipose tissue macrophages: going off track during obesity. ---
69  2016 Blocking CXCR7-mediated adipose tissue macrophages chemotaxis attenuates insulin resistance and inflammation in obesity. ---
70  2016 Cell type-specific modulation of lipid mediator's formation in murine adipose tissue by omega-3 fatty acids. PUFA, WAT
71  2016 Characteristics of adipose tissue macrophages and macrophage-derived insulin-like growth factor-1 in virus-induced obesity. Ad36, DIO, IGF-1, VIO
72  2016 Deletion of SIRT1 in myeloid cells impairs glucose metabolism with enhancing inflammatory response to adipose tissue hypoxia. ---
73  2016 DPP-4 Inhibition by Linagliptin Attenuates Obesity-Related Inflammation and Insulin Resistance by Regulating M1/M2 Macrophage Polarization. DIO, DPP-4, FACS, WAT
74  2016 Epigenetic regulation of macrophage polarization and inflammation by DNA methylation in obesity. DNMT1, PPARgamma1
75  2016 Exercise and Adipose Tissue Macrophages: New Frontiers in Obesity Research? ---
76  2016 Human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells elicit macrophages into an anti-inflammatory phenotype to alleviate insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic rats. IL, MSCs, siRNA, T2D, UC-MSCs
77  2016 Hypoxia Potentiates Palmitate-induced Pro-inflammatory Activation of Primary Human Macrophages. ---
78  2016 Local proliferation initiates macrophage accumulation in adipose tissue during obesity. ---
79  2016 Luteolin reduces obesity-associated insulin resistance in mice by activating AMPKalpha1 signalling in adipose tissue macrophages. AMPK, HFD, LU
80  2016 Major role of adipocyte prostaglandin E2 in lipolysis-induced macrophage recruitment. CM, COX, PGD2, PGE2
81  2015 A method for long-term live imaging of tissue macrophages in adipose tissue explants. AT, CLS
82  2015 ABCG1 regulates mouse adipose tissue macrophage cholesterol levels and ratio of M1 to M2 cells in obesity and caloric restriction. ---
83  2015 Adipose tissue macrophages induce PPARgamma-high FOXP3(+) regulatory T cells. ---
84  2015 Association of Adipose Tissue Inflammation With Histologic Severity of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. NAFLD, NASH, SAT, VAT
85  2015 CD11b regulates obesity-induced insulin resistance via limiting alternative activation and proliferation of adipose tissue macrophages. ---
86  2015 Depletion of H2S during obesity enhances store-operated Ca2+ entry in adipose tissue macrophages to increase cytokine production. LPS
87  2015 Folate receptor expression on murine and human adipose tissue macrophages. FR
88  2015 Gamma-tocotrienol attenuates high-fat diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance by inhibiting adipose inflammation and M1 macrophage recruitment. ELISA, hASCs, HF, LPS
89  2015 Inflamed macrophage microvesicles induce insulin resistance in human adipocytes. GLUT4, M1 MVs, M2 MVs, MVs, NF, p-Akt
90  2015 Injecting engineered anti-inflammatory macrophages therapeutically induces white adipose tissue browning and improves diet-induced insulin resistance. HFD, IR, RIP140, WAT
91  2015 MicroRNA-223 is a crucial mediator of PPARgamma-regulated alternative macrophage activation. miR-223, PPREs
92  2015 Obesity-induced remodeling of the adipose tissue elastin network is independent of the metalloelastase MMP-12. ECM
93  2015 Proinsulin-producing, hyperglycemia-induced adipose tissue macrophages underlie insulin resistance in high fat-fed diabetic mice. BM, CLSs, HFD, PI
94  2015 Prostaglandin profiling reveals a role for haematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase in adipose tissue macrophage polarisation in mice and humans. H-Pgds, WAT
95  2015 Sympathetic Nerve Activity Maintains an Anti-Inflammatory State in Adipose Tissue in Male Mice by Inhibiting TNF-alpha Gene Expression in Macrophages. AR, BAT, EPI, SNS, WAT
96  2015 The "Big Bang" in obese fat: Events initiating obesity-induced adipose tissue inflammation. DM2, VAT
97  2015 TNF-alpha modulates adipose macrophage polarization to M1 phenotype in response to scorpion venom. Aah, SVC
98  2014 An MHC II-dependent activation loop between adipose tissue macrophages and CD4+ T cells controls obesity-induced inflammation. MHC-II
99  2014 Epigenetic regulation of macrophage polarization by DNA methyltransferase 3b. DNMT3B, PPAR
100  2014 Flow cytometry analyses of adipose tissue macrophages. ---