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Abbreviation : Abs
Long Form : Antibodies
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Antibodies as Diagnostic Targets and as Reagents for Diagnostics. ---
2020 Preparation and application of a beta-d-glucan microsphere conjugated protein A/G. ---
2020 Recognition Patterns of the C1/C2 Epitopes Involved in Fc-Mediated Response in HIV-1 Natural Infection and the RV114 Vaccine Trial. ADCC, Env
2020 Size and affinity kinetics of nanobodies influence targeting and penetration of solid tumours. mAb, Nbs
2019 A case of platelet transfusion refractoriness due to anti-CD36 with a successful treatment outcome. CCI, IVIG, PLTs
2019 Fcgamma Receptors Contribute to the Antiviral Properties of Influenza Virus Neuraminidase-Specific Antibodies. FcgammaR, FcgammaRs, NA, NI
2019 Human gestational N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor autoantibodies impair neonatal murine brain function. NMDAR
2019 Phage Display Technology for Human Monoclonal Antibodies. ---
10  2019 Protective Antibodies Against Influenza Proteins. HA
11  2019 Update on Fc-Mediated Antibody Functions Against HIV-1 Beyond Neutralization. ---
12  2019 Why recombinant antibodies - benefits and applications. ---
13  2018 Bispecific antibodies: design, therapy, perspectives. BsAbs
14  2018 IgG Antibodies to GlcNAcbeta and Asialo-GM2 (GA2) Glycans as Potential Markers of Liver Damage in Chronic Hepatitis C and the Efficacy of Antiviral Treatment. AG, GA2, HC, non-SVR
15  2018 Overinterpretation and Overtreatment of Low-Titer Antibodies Against Contactin-Associated Protein-2. ---
16  2017 Comparison of the Protective Efficacy of Neutralizing Epitopes of 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Hemagglutinin. H1N1, HA
17  2017 Evaluation of the Immunomodulatory Properties of Streptococcus suis and Group B Streptococcus Capsular Polysaccharides on the Humoral Response. CPSs, GBS
18  2017 Magnitude of Increased Infliximab Clearance Imposed by Anti-infliximab Antibodies in Crohn's Disease Is Determined by Their Concentration. IFX
19  2017 Neutralizing Antibodies Against a Specific Human Immunodeficiency Virus gp41 Epitope are Associated With Long-term Non-progressor Status. HIV, LTNP
20  2017 Serum Immune Profiling for Early Detection of Cervical Disease. ---
21  2017 The Individual and Population Genetics of Antibody Immunity. Ig
22  2017 [Exceptional Diversity of Catalytic Antibodies with Varying Activity in the Blood of Autoimmune and Viral Disease Patients]. ---
23  2016 AB-Bind: Antibody binding mutational database for computational affinity predictions. AB-Bind, AUC, ROC
24  2016 B Cell-Activating Transcription Factor Plays a Critical Role in the Pathogenesis of Anti-Major Histocompatibility Complex-Induced Obliterative Airway Disease. BATF, IL, MHC, miR, OAD, PIAS3, SAgs, STAT3, Th17
25  2016 Epitope-Dependent Pathogenicity of Antibodies Targeting a Major Bullous Pemphigoid Autoantigen Collagen XVII/BP180. mAb
26  2016 Obtaining anti-type 1 melatonin receptor antibodies by immunization with melatonin receptor-expressing cells. CHO-MT1-h, MT1
27  2016 Structure/Function Studies Involving the V3 Region of the HIV-1 Envelope Delineate Multiple Factors That Affect Neutralization Sensitivity. ---
28  2016 Time Course and Clinical Implications of Development of Antibodies Against Adalimumab in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease. ADL, RIA
29  2016 Translating genomic sequences into antibody efficacy and safety against influenza toward clinical trial outcomes: a case study. ---
30  2015 A microwell plate-based multiplex immunoassay for simultaneous quantitation of antibodies to infectious viruses. ---
31  2015 A versatile microparticle-based immunoaggregation assay for macromolecular biomarker detection and quantification. MP
32  2015 Acute hepatitis C virus infection induces anti-host cell receptor antibodies with virus-neutralizing properties. CLDN1, HCV, HCV
33  2015 Anti-SLA/LP alone or in combination with anti-Ro52 and fine specificity of anti-Ro52 antibodies in patients with autoimmune hepatitis. AIH
34  2015 Antibodies against immature virions are not a discriminating factor for dengue disease severity. DENV, Pr
35  2015 Antibodies Targeting the Envelope of HIV-1. ---
36  2015 HPV16 antibodies as risk factors for oropharyngeal cancer and their association with tumor HPV and smoking status. HPVOPC
37  2015 Multi-color quantum dot-based fluorescence immunoassay array for simultaneous visual detection of multiple antibiotic residues in milk. PCG, QD, SM, TC
38  2015 Serum from a Patient with GAD65 Antibody-Associated Limbic Encephalitis Did Not Alter GABAergic Neurotransmission in Cultured Hippocampal Networks. ---
39  2015 Treating a GAD65 Antibody-Associated Limbic Encephalitis with Basiliximab: A Case Study. CSF, LE
40  2014 Analysis of seroreactivity against cell culture-derived Bartonella spp. antigens in dogs. Bh, Bk, Bvb, IFA
41  2014 Antibodies as an unlimited source of anti-infective, anti-tumour and immunomodulatory peptides. ---
42  2014 Conjoint occurrence of GABAB receptor antibodies in Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome with antibodies to the voltage gated calcium channel. LEMS, SCLC
43  2014 Encapsulation of immunoglobulin G by solid-in-oil-in-water: effect of process parameters on microsphere properties. EtAc, IgG, MC, PLGA
44  2014 Immune responses to collagen-IV and fibronectin in renal transplant recipients with transplant glomerulopathy. Col IV, DSA, FN, IFN-gamma, self-Ags, TG
45  2014 Phage display technology for human monoclonal antibodies. ---
46  2014 Stability study of full-length antibody (anti-TNF alpha) loaded PLGA microspheres. mAb, PLGA
47  2014 Targeting the tumor microenvironment with interferon-beta bridges innate and adaptive immune responses. ---
48  2013 Autoimmune thyroiditis in childhood. AIT, Tg, TPO
49  2013 Long-lived Plasmodium falciparum specific memory B cells in naturally exposed Swedish travelers. MBCs
50  2013 MuSK-Ab positive myasthenia: not always grave. IS, MG, MuSK
51  2013 On the benefits of sin: can greater understanding of the 1F7-idiotypic repertoire freeze enhance HIV vaccine development? BnAbs
52  2012 Role of monocytes in mediating HIV-specific antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. ADCC, RFADCC
53  2011 Antibodies against anthrax: mechanisms of action and clinical applications. ---
54  2011 Comparison of antibody repertoires produced by HIV-1 infection, other chronic and acute infections, and systemic autoimmune disease. bNt, SAD, SM
55  2011 Serum antibodies to the HPV16 proteome as biomarkers for head and neck cancer. HPV, OPC
56  2010 COMBODY: one-domain antibody multimer with improved avidity. sdAb
57  2010 Monoclonal antibodies specific for discontinuous epitopes direct refolding of influenza A virus hemagglutinin. HA, mAbs
58  2009 Antibodies as crypts of antiinfective and antitumor peptides. CDRs
59  2009 Applications of single-chain variable fragment antibodies in therapeutics and diagnostics. rAb, scFv
60  2009 Fc-receptors and immunity to malaria: from models to vaccines. Ags, FcRs
61  2008 Extracellular-loop peptide antibodies reveal a predominant hemichannel organization of connexins in polarized intestinal cells. Cx
62  2008 Naturally-occurring human serum antibodies to inner core lipopolysaccharide epitopes of Neisseria meningitidis protect against invasive meningococcal disease caused by isolates displaying homologous inner core structures. IC, LPS
63  2008 Reactivity profile of anti-factor VIII antibodies with designed synthetic peptides mimicking epitopes of the C2 and a1 domains. FVIII
64  2007 Alpha-enolase: a target of antibodies in infectious and autoimmune diseases. ---
65  2007 Antibodies to the superantigenic site of HIV-1 gp120: hydrolytic and binding activities of the light chain subunit. ---
66  2006 Characterization of antibody-containing vesicles shed from B-lymphoma cell lines: exposure of annexin V binding sites. CSVs
67  2006 Overlapping humoral autoimmunity links rheumatic fever and the antiphospholipid syndrome. APS, beta2GPI, GlcNAc, RF
68  2006 Theory of proteolytic antibody occurrence. ---
69  2006 Tolerance induction by lentiviral gene therapy with a nonmyeloablative regimen. BMT, GalT, PBCs
70  2006 Toll-like receptor 7 and TLR9 dictate autoantibody specificity and have opposing inflammatory and regulatory roles in a murine model of lupus. Ags, SLE, Sm, TLR
71  2005 177Lu-antibody conjugates for single-cell kill of B-lymphoma cells in vitro and for therapy of micrometastases in vivo. MTD
72  2005 Antibodies as defensive enzymes. ---
73  2005 [An autopsied case of limbic encephalitis associated with extremely high titers of anti-SS-A antibodies in serum and anti-neuronal antibodies in CSF]. ---
74  2004 Antibodies to CD20 and MHC class II antigen bound to B-lymphoma cells accumulate in shed cytoplasmic fragments. ---
75  2004 Changes in pools of autoantibodies and anti-bacterial antibodies in patients suffering from recurrent infections of the urinary tract and undergoing bacterial immunization treatment. Ag
76  2004 Prevalence of autoantibodies against structure specific recognition protein 1 in systemic lupus erythematosus. CSS, IAU, RA, SLE, SSc, SSRP1
77  2004 The v3 loop is accessible on the surface of most human immunodeficiency virus type 1 primary isolates and serves as a neutralization epitope. mAbs
78  2003 Abnormalities of serum antielastin antibodies in connective tissue diseases. RA, SLE
79  2003 Experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis in mice expressing human immunoglobulin loci. AChR, EAMG, MG, TAChR
80  2003 Induction of allograft tolerance through costimulatory blockade: first selection of drugs in vitro. ---
81  2003 Virus-neutralizing activity mediated by the Fab fragment of a hemagglutinin-specific antibody is sufficient for the resolution of influenza virus infection in SCID mice. HA, i.n, IgG, mAbs, SCID, VN, YR
82  2002 CTLA4 blockade maximizes antitumor T-cell activation by dendritic cells presenting idiotype protein or opsonized anti-CD20 antibody-coated lymphoma cells. DCs
83  2002 In-vitro characterisation of the phagocytosis and fate of anthrax spores in macrophages and the effects of anti-PA antibody. PA
84  2002 Low-avidity antibodies to carbonic anhydrase-I and -II in autoimmune chronic pancreatitis. CP
85  2002 Molecular mechanisms involved in the etiopathogenesis of malnutrition-modulated diabetes mellitus. GAD65-Abs, TTG-Abs
86  2001 5'UTR sequences of the glucocorticoid receptor 1A transcript encode a peptide associated with translational regulation of the glucocorticoid receptor. 1A-1E, Ab, GCs, GR, mGR, uORF
87  2000 Anti-galactose-alpha(1,3) galactose antibody production in alpha1,3-galactosyltransferase gene knockout mice after xeno and allo transplantation. alpha1,3Gal
88  2000 Antibodies to the estrogen receptor-alpha modulate rapid prolactin release from rat pituitary tumor cells through plasma membrane estrogen receptors. ERalpha, PRL
89  2000 Reactivity of natural and induced human antibodies to MUC1 mucin with MUC1 peptides and n-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) peptides. KLH
90  1999 Degradation of basement membrane by prostate tumor heparanase. BM, CM, HSPG
91  1999 Neutralization of HIV type 1 by alloimmune sera derived from polytransfused patients. PT
92  1999 Treatment of influenza virus-infected SCID mice with nonneutralizing antibodies specific for the transmembrane proteins matrix 2 and neuraminidase reduces the pulmonary virus titer but fails to clear the infection. CT, HA, mAbs, VN
93  1998 Antibody purification methods. ---
94  1998 Identification of reggie-1 and reggie-2 as plasmamembrane-associated proteins which cocluster with activated GPI-anchored cell adhesion molecules in non-caveolar micropatches in neurons. CAMs, DRGs, ESA, GPI
95  1997 DNA- and RNA-hydrolyzing antibodies from the blood of patients with various forms of viral hepatitis. ---
96  1997 Immunocytochemistry on the Thinprep processor. AR, DS, ICC, TL, TPP, US
97  1997 Neonatal appendectomy impairs mucosal immunity in rabbits. ELISA, i.p, ID, OVA
98  1997 Therapeutic passive vaccination against chronic Lyme disease in mice. OspA
99  1996 Antibodies reactive to Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes or amastigotes express different idiotypic patterns if from patients with different clinical forms of Chagas' disease. Id
100  1995 Immunohistochemical detection of early myocardial infarction. An evaluation of antibodies against the terminal complement complex (C5b-9). ABC, APAAP, DAB