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Abbreviation : Ad12
Long Form : adenovirus 12
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2012 Tumorigenic adenovirus 12 cells evade NK cell lysis by reducing the expression of NKG2D ligands. NK
2003 Identification of genes associated with adenovirus 12 tumorigenesis by microarray. BTG2, Grb10, PN-1
1999 Coexpression of the adenovirus 12 E1B 55 kDa oncoprotein and cellular tumor suppressor p53 is sufficient to induce metaphase fragility of the human RNU2 locus. ---
1998 Metaphase fragility of the human RNU1 and RNU2 loci is induced by actinomycin D through a p53-dependent pathway. snRNA
1997 A cis-acting element 7 bp upstream of the ESF-1-binding motif is involved in E1A 13S autoregulation of the adenovirus 12 TS2 promoter. ESF-1
1997 Adenovirus E1a interferes with expression of vaccinia viral genes. EMC
1997 The MHC-encoded TAP1/LMP2 bidirectional promoter is down-regulated in highly oncogenic adenovirus type 12 transformed cells. ---
1996 LMP-associated proteolytic activities and TAP-dependent peptide transport for class 1 MHC molecules are suppressed in cell lines transformed by the highly oncogenic adenovirus 12. TAP
1994 Downregulation of peptide transporter genes in cell lines transformed with the highly oncogenic adenovirus 12. ---
10  1994 Transcriptional regulation of class-I major histocompatibility complex genes transformed in murine cells is mediated by positive and negative regulatory elements. CRE, MEF, MHC
11  1994 Transgenic mouse models of human gastric and hepatic carcinomas. HBV
12  1993 Aberrant biosynthesis and transport of class I major histocompatibility complex molecules in cells transformed with highly oncogenic human adenoviruses. ---
13  1993 Evaluation of celiac disease biopsies for adenovirus 12 DNA using a multiplex polymerase chain reaction. CD, CMV, HSV
14  1992 The transformation-defective adenovirus 12 host range mutant CS-1 lacks the E1a-specific 9.5S mRNA and contains a second deletion in E1b. ---
15  1991 Formation in vitro of the pTP-dCMP initiation complex of human adenovirus type 12. pTP
16  1990 The expression of the adenovirus 12 early region 1B 19K protein using a recombinant simian virus 40 system. E1B
17  1989 Modulation of morphological differentiation of human neuroepithelial cells by serine proteases: independence from blood coagulation. DIP, DRF
18  1988 Differentiation of normal and adenovirus-12 E1 transformed human embryo retinal cells. dbcAMP, GFAP
19  1988 Expression of the cellular p53 protein in cells transformed by adenovirus 12 and viral DNA fragments. ---
20  1987 Definition of a region required for transformation in E1a of adenovirus 12. ---
21  1987 Post-transcriptional control of class I MHC mRNA expression in adenovirus 12-transformed cells. MHC
22  1987 The level of expression of class-I MHC antigens in adenovirus-transformed human cell lines. Ad5, EI, EIA, MHC
23  1986 Cellular protein differences between nontumorigenic Ad5 and tumorigenic Ad12 transformed mouse cells. Ad5, MHC
24  1986 How reliable is amino acid sequence homology in predicting similarity of structure and function of c-myc and Ad12 E1A oncogenic proteins? Rgp
25  1985 Increased MHC H-2K gene transcription in cultured mouse embryo cells after adenovirus infection. Ad5, MHC
26  1984 Cytotoxic activity of lymphocytes from F 344 rats bearing intraocular tumor derived from human adenovirus 12-induced retinoblastoma-like cell line. ---
27  1984 Identification of adenovirus 12-encoded E1A tumor antigens synthesized in infected and transformed mammalian cells and in Escherichia coli. ---
28  1984 Isolation and characterization of four adenovirus type 12-transformed human embryo kidney cell lines. HEK
29  1984 Production of a monospecific antiserum against the early region 1A proteins of adenovirus 12 and adenovirus 5 by an adenovirus 12 early region 1A-beta-galactosidase fusion protein antigen expressed in bacteria. 12-1A-FP, E1A
30  1984 Tumorigenicity of adenovirus-transformed rat cells and expression of class I major histocompatibility antigen. CTLs
31  1982 Differential effect of imidazole antibiotics on untransformed and virus-transformed rat cell lines. ---
32  1977 Retinoblastoma-like neoplasm induced in C3H/BifB/Ki strain mice by human adenovirus serotype 12. ---
33  1976 A unique pattern of integrated viral genes in hamster cells transformed by highly oncogenic human adenovirus 12. ---
34  1976 Do highly oncogenic group A human adenoviruses cause human cancer? Analysis of human tumors for adenovirus 12 transforming DNA sequences. ---
35  1971 Inactivation of T antigen-forming capacites of simian virus 40 and adenovirus 12 by ultraviolet irradiation. SV40, UV