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Abbreviation : Ad2
Long Form : adenovirus type 2
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Phosphorylation Time-Course Study of the Response during Adenovirus Type 2 Infection. ---
2019 Transcriptomic and proteomic analyses reveal new insights into the regulation of immune pathways during adenovirus type 2 infection. Ad
2017 Identification of the adenovirus type 2 C-168 protein. MS
2017 Neutralizing antibodies against adenovirus type 2 in normal and HIV-1-infected subjects: Implications for use of Ad2 vectors in vaccines. HIV, NAbs
2017 Posttranscriptional Regulation in Adenovirus Infected Cells. hpi
2017 Temporal characterization of the non-structural Adenovirus type 2 proteome and phosphoproteome using high-resolving mass spectrometry. DBP
2016 Data on the expression of cellular lncRNAs in human adenovirus infected cells. lincRNAs, lncRNAs
2013 Post translational modifications in adenovirus type 2. LC-MS, PTMs
2011 Survival of adenovirus types 2 and 41 in surface and ground waters measured by a plaque assay. ---
10  2010 Human adenovirus 36 decreases fatty acid oxidation and increases de novo lipogenesis in primary cultured human skeletal muscle cells by promoting Cidec/FSP27 expression. Ad-36, FSP27, SREBP-1c, UCP3
11  2010 Mechanistic aspects of adenovirus serotype 2 inactivation with free chlorine. CAR
12  2008 Structural analysis of the adenovirus type 2 E3/19K protein using mutagenesis and a panel of conformation-sensitive monoclonal antibodies. ER, mAbs, MHC, NK
13  2007 Adenoviral vectors for gene therapy. ---
14  2006 Structure of the dodecahedral penton particle from human adenovirus type 3. ---
15  2006 Thermal stability of adenovirus type 2 as a function of pH. EPD
16  2005 Early steps of clathrin-mediated endocytosis involved in phagosomal escape of Fcgamma receptor-targeted adenovirus. CAR
17  2005 Nuclear targeting of adenovirus type 2 requires CRM1-mediated nuclear export. LMB, RJA
18  2004 Activation of adenovirus type 2 early region 4 ORF4 cytoplasmic death function by direct binding to Src kinase domain. E4orf4
19  2004 Cholesterol is required for endocytosis and endosomal escape of adenovirus type 2. MbetaCD
20  2003 Structural and phylogenetic analysis of adenovirus hexons by use of high-resolution x-ray crystallographic, molecular modeling, and sequence-based methods. ---
21  2003 [Hybrids of human and monkey adenoviruses (adeno-adeno hybrids) that can reproduce in monkey cells: biological and molecular genetic peculiarities]. ---
22  2002 Adenovirus triggers macropinocytosis and endosomal leakage together with its clathrin-mediated uptake. ---
23  2002 Distinct cell death pathways triggered by the adenovirus early region 4 ORF 4 protein. E4orf4
24  2002 Enhanced microtubule-dependent trafficking and p53 nuclear accumulation by suppression of microtubule dynamics. MT, MTCs, PUMA
25  2002 Intact microtubules support adenovirus and herpes simplex virus infections. HSV-1, NOC, p.i
26  2001 Import of adenovirus DNA involves the nuclear pore complex receptor CAN/Nup214 and histone H1. NPC
27  2000 Adenovirus endopeptidase hydrolyses human squamous cell carcinoma antigens in vitro but not ex vivo. ---
28  2000 Adenovirus types 11p and 35p show high binding efficiencies for committed hematopoietic cell lines and are infective to these cell lines. ---
29  2000 An epitope on the adenovirus fibre tail is common to all human subgroups. mAb
30  2000 Epigenetic and genotype-specific effects on the stability of de novo imposed methylation patterns in transgenic mice. ---
31  2000 Expression of an antigenic adenovirus epitope in a group B coxsackievirus. ---
32  2000 Immunoreactive domains and integrin-binding motifs in adenovirus penton base capsomer. mAbs, SDS
33  2000 Induction of p53-independent apoptosis by the adenovirus E4orf4 protein requires binding to the Balpha subunit of protein phosphatase 2A. PP2A
34  2000 PCR and restriction endonuclease analysis for rapid identification of human adenovirus subgenera. ---
35  2000 Progress toward vaccines against viruses that cause heart disease. ---
36  2000 The first step of adenovirus type 2 disassembly occurs at the cell surface, independently of endocytosis and escape to the cytosol. PKC
37  1999 A chimeric type 2 adenovirus vector with a type 17 fiber enhances gene transfer to human airway epithelia. ---
38  1999 Coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor amino-terminal immunoglobulin V-related domain binds adenovirus type 2 and fiber knob from adenovirus type 12. Ad12, CAR, Ig
39  1999 Group D adenoviruses infect primary central nervous system cells more efficiently than those from group C. ---
40  1999 Influence of highly curved DNA segments on in vivo topology of plasmids. ---
41  1998 Cardiovirulent coxsackieviruses and the decay-accelerating factor (CD55) receptor. mAbs
42  1998 Rapid identification of subgenera of human adenovirus by serological and PCR assays. ELISA, pIX
43  1997 A single locus on human chromosome 21 directs the expression of a receptor for adenovirus type 2 in mouse A9 cells. CHO
44  1997 Cloning and characterization of the genes encoding the murine homologues of the human melanoma antigens MART1 and gp100. rVV
45  1997 Cloning and sequencing of the bovine adenovirus type 2 early region 4. aa, BAV2, MDBK, ORFs
46  1997 Structural and functional determinants in adenovirus type 2 penton base recombinant protein. ---
47  1996 Adenovirus interaction with distinct integrins mediates separate events in cell entry and gene delivery to hematopoietic cells. ---
48  1996 Anti-interferon activity of adenovirus-2-encoded VAI and VAII RNAs in translation in cultured human cells. CAT, IFN-alpha
49  1996 Characterization of three components of human adenovirus proteinase activity in vitro. rEP
50  1996 Comparative analysis of adenovirus fiber-cell interaction: adenovirus type 2 (Ad2) and Ad9 utilize the same cellular fiber receptor but use different binding strategies for attachment. Ad, F9K
51  1996 Human adenovirus-specific CD8+ T-cell responses are not inhibited by E3-19K in the presence of gamma interferon. CTL
52  1995 Adenovirus protein-protein interactions: molecular parameters governing the binding of protein VI to hexon and the activation of the adenovirus 23K protease. ---
53  1995 Antigenic sites on the receptor-binding domain of human adenovirus type 2 fiber. ---
54  1995 Genomic sequencing reveals absence of DNA methylation in the major late promoter of adenovirus type 2 DNA in the virion and in productively infected cells. 5-mC, MLP, p.i
55  1995 Protein ligands of the human adenovirus type 2 outer capsid identified by biopanning of a phage-displayed peptide library on separate domains of wild-type and mutant penton capsomers. ---
56  1994 Adenovirus type 40 and 41 growth in vitro: host range diversity reflected by differences in patterns of DNA replication. ---
57  1994 Association of vaccinia virus-expressed adenovirus E3-19K glycoprotein with class I MHC and its effects on virulence in a murine pneumonia model. CTL, ER, MHC, ORF
58  1994 Crystal structure of the receptor-binding domain of adenovirus type 5 fiber protein at 1.7 A resolution. Ad5
59  1994 Integrin alpha v beta 5 selectively promotes adenovirus mediated cell membrane permeabilization. ---
60  1994 Sequence analysis of putative E3, pVIII, and fiber genomic regions of a porcine adenovirus. ORFs, pVIII
61  1994 Sequence and structural analysis of murine adenovirus type 1 hexon. MAV-1
62  1994 The protease of adenovirus serotype 2 requires cysteine residues for both activation and catalysis. ---
63  1994 The topology of the promoter of RNA polymerase II- and III-transcribed genes is modified by the methylation of 5'-CG-3' dinucleotides. 5-mC, VAI
64  1993 Comparative analysis of the structure and function of adenovirus virus-associated RNAs. VA
65  1993 Involvement of cellular adhesion sequences in the attachment of adenovirus to the HeLa cell surface. FNR, VNR
66  1993 Probing DNA-protein interactions in vitro with the CpG DNA methyltransferase. VAI
67  1993 Promotion of cell adhesion on fibronectin during adenovirus infection of KB cells. FN
68  1993 The analgesic activity of some tuftsin- and tuftsin inhibitor-like fragments of the viral coat proteins. ---
69  1992 Alterations in the levels of expression of specific cellular genes in adenovirus-infected and -transformed cells. Ad12
70  1992 Characterization of the structural proteins of hemorrhagic enteritis virus. HEV-A, PAGE
71  1992 Conserved sequences of the adenovirus genome for detection of all human adenovirus types by hybridization. ---
72  1992 Homologous recombination of adenovirus DNA in mammalian cells: enhanced recombination following UV-irradiation of the virus. Py
73  1991 Heterologous recombination between Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus DNA and foreign DNA in non-polyhedrin segments of the viral genome. AcNPV
74  1991 Host cell reactivation of sunlamp-exposed adenovirus in fibroblasts from patients with Bloom's syndrome, ataxia telangiectasia, and Huntington's disease. HCR, Vag
75  1991 Interference with protein binding at AP2 sites by sequence-specific methylation in the late E2A promoter of adenovirus type 2 DNA. 5-mC
76  1991 Persistence or loss of preimposed methylation patterns and de novo methylation of foreign DNA integrated in transgenic mice. CAT
77  1991 The DNA-binding domain of nuclear factor I is sufficient to cooperate with the adenovirus type 2 DNA-binding protein in viral DNA replication. NFI
78  1991 The E1b oncogene of adenovirus confers cellular resistance to cytotoxicity of tumor necrosis factor and monoclonal anti-Fas antibody. MnSOD, TNF
79  1990 Adenovirus type 2 precursor proteins are cleaved by proteinases of other adenoviruses. ---
80  1990 Analysis of adenovirus early and late gene expression in cultured epidermal keratinocytes. ---
81  1990 Failure to detect viral genomic sequences of three viruses (herpes simplex, simian virus 40 and adenovirus) in human and rat brain tumors. HSV, SV40
82  1990 Purification and characterization of wild-type and ts 112 mutant protein IIIa of human adenovirus 2 expressed in Escherichia coli. SDS-PAGE
83  1990 Relative accessibility of N-acetylglucosamine in trimers of the adenovirus types 2 and 5 fiber proteins. ---
84  1990 Severe chronic active Epstein-Barr virus infection syndrome and adenovirus type-2 infection. CPE, EA, EBV, ELISA, IF, IgG, LCLs, VCA
85  1990 Structure of adenovirus fibre. I. Analysis of crystals of fibre from adenovirus serotypes 2 and 5 by electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography. ---
86  1990 The significance of DNA methylation patterns: promoter inhibition by sequence-specific methylation is one functional consequence. ---
87  1989 Adenovirus polypeptide IX revealed as capsid cement by difference images from electron microscopy and crystallography. GON, STEM
88  1989 Adenovirus region E3 proteins that prevent cytolysis by cytotoxic T cells and tumor necrosis factor. CTL, MHC, TNF
89  1989 Characterization of the adenovirus proteinase: development and use of a specific peptide assay. ---
90  1989 Characterization of the translational defect to fiber synthesis in monkey cells abortively infected with human adenovirus: role of ancillary leaders. ---
91  1989 Defective repair of UV-damaged DNA in human tumor and SV40-transformed human cells but not in adenovirus-transformed human cells. HCR, Vag
92  1989 DNA damage and biological expression of adenovirus: a comparison of liquid versus frozen conditions of exposure to gamma rays. HCR
93  1989 Genome organization of mouse adenovirus type 1 early region 1: a novel transcription map. MAV-1
94  1989 Genomic sequencing reveals a 5-methylcytosine-free domain in active promoters and the spreading of preimposed methylation patterns. CAT, m5dC
95  1989 HeLa nuclear protein recognizing DNA termini and translocating on DNA forming a regular DNA-multimeric protein complex. NFIV
96  1989 Promoter inactivation or inhibition by sequence-specific methylation and mechanisms of reactivation. ---
97  1989 Reactivation of a methylation-silenced gene in adenovirus-transformed cells by 5-azacytidine or by E1A trans activation. 5-azaC
98  1989 Relative repair of adenovirus damaged by sunlamp, UV and gamma-irradiation in Cockayne syndrome fibroblasts is different from that in xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblasts. CS, HCR, Vag, XP
99  1989 Role of adenovirus type 2 early region 1B 19K protein stability in expression of the cyt and deg phenotypes. cyt, E1B
100  1989 Sequence-specific methylation in a downstream region of the late E2A promoter of adenovirus type 2 DNA prevents protein binding. 5-mC, bp