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Abbreviation : BACs
Long Form : bacterial artificial chromosomes
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Simple Guide for Generating BAC Transgenic Animals for Retinal Research. ---
2020 Bacterial Artificial Chromosome-Based Lambda Red Recombination with the I-SceI Homing Endonuclease for Genetic Alteration of MERS-CoV. CoV, MERS-CoV
2020 Do sex chromosomes of snakes, monitor lizards, and iguanian lizards result from multiple fission of an "ancestral amniote super-sex chromosome"? SR2
2019 Bioprocessing of Recombinant CHO-K1, CHO-DG44, and CHO-S: CHO Expression Hosts Favor Either mAb Production or Biomass Synthesis. CHO, mAb
2019 Combined use of bacterial artificial chromosomes-on-beads with karyotype detection improves prenatal diagnosis. ---
2019 CRISPR-Directed Gene Editing Catalyzes Precise Gene Segment Replacement In Vitro Enabling a Novel Method for Multiplex Site-Directed Mutagenesis. CDM, YACs
2019 Enzyme-free optical DNA mapping of the human genome using competitive binding. ODM
2019 Gene modification by fast-track recombineering for cellular localization and isolation of components of plant protein complexes. CDKD, CYCH, GFP
2019 Genetic and cytological analyses reveal the recombination landscape of a partially differentiated plant sex chromosome in kiwifruit. FISH, NOR, SDR
10  2019 Rescue of Recombinant Zika Virus from a Bacterial Artificial Chromosome cDNA Clone. CMV, ZIKV, ZIKV-RGN
11  2018 Bacterial artificial chromosomes establish replication timing and sub-nuclear compartment de novo as extra-chromosomal vectors. EBV, hiPSCs, RT, TTRs
12  2018 Characterisation and use of a functional Gadd45g bacterial artificial chromosome. ---
13  2018 Chromosome map of the Siamese cobra: did partial synteny of sex chromosomes in the amniote represent "a hypothetical ancestral super-sex chromosome" or random distribution? FISH
14  2018 Generating a high-confidence reference genome map of the Greater Duckweed by integration of cytogenomic, optical mapping, and Oxford Nanopore technologies. mc-FISH, ON
15  2018 Identification of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) chromosomes using the BAC-FISH system. FISH
16  2018 Large-Scale Preparation of Yeast Agarose Plugs to Isolate Yeast Artificial Chromosome DNA. YACs
17  2018 Size and Content of the Sex-Determining Region of the Y Chromosome in Dioecious Mercurialis annua, a Plant with Homomorphic Sex Chromosomes. PCR, RNA-Seq, SDR
18  2018 Targeted Long-Read Sequencing of a Locus Under Long-Term Balancing Selection in Capsella. ---
19  2018 The development of functional mapping by three sex-related loci on the third whorl of different sex types of Carica papaya L. AS-seqs, HRM, SNPs
20  2017 Chromosome identification for the carnivorous plant Genlisea margaretae. mc-FISH
21  2017 Cytogenetic maps of homoeologous chromosomes A h01 and D h01 and their integration with the genome assembly in Gossypium hirsutum. FISH, RMP
22  2017 Direct Isolation of Seamless Mutant Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes. cDNA, FPE, PCR
23  2017 Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization for Glycine max Metaphase Chromosomes. FISH
24  2017 Gene Targeted Mice with Conditional Knock-In (-Out) of NMDAR Mutations. ES, NMDAR
25  2017 Generation of a novel human cytomegalovirus bacterial artificial chromosome tailored for transduction of exogenous sequences. HCMV
26  2017 Synergistic effects of deleting multiple nonessential elements in nonreplicative HSV-1 BAC genomic vectors play a critical role in their viability. HSV-1
27  2016 A haploid HSV-1 genome platform for vector development: testing of the tetracycline-responsive switch shows interference by infected cell protein 0. HSV-1, ICP0
28  2016 An efficient approach to BAC based assembly of complex genomes. NGS
29  2016 Genetic Stability of Bacterial Artificial Chromosome-Derived Human Cytomegalovirus during Culture In Vitro. HCMV, UL128L, US
30  2016 Highly Efficient CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Homologous Recombination Promotes the Rapid Generation of Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes of Pseudorabies Virus. ---
31  2016 Integration of Lupinus angustifolius L. (narrow-leafed lupin) genome maps and comparative mapping within legumes. rDNA
32  2016 Multiplex sequencing of bacterial artificial chromosomes for assembling complex plant genomes. ---
33  2016 Refinement of the canine CD1 locus topology and investigation of antibody binding to recombinant canine CD1 isoforms. DCs, GFP, mAbs, SNP
34  2016 Speeding up chromosome evolution in Phaseolus: multiple rearrangements associated with a one-step descending dysploidy. FISH, NCF, rDNA
35  2016 Structure, phylogeny, allelic haplotypes and expression of sucrose transporter gene families in Saccharum. SsSUT, SUTs
36  2016 Targeted Mutagenesis of Guinea Pig Cytomegalovirus Using CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Gene Editing. Cas9, CMVs, CRISPR
37  2016 The infectious BAC genomic DNA expression library: a high capacity vector system for functional genomics. CHO, ES, iBAC
38  2016 The map-based genome sequence of Spirodela polyrhiza aligned with its chromosomes, a reference for karyotype evolution. mc-FISH
39  2016 Transgenesis of Tol2-mediated seamlessly constructed BAC mammary gland expression vectors in Mus musculus. ---
40  2015 A comprehensive mapping of the structure and gene organisation in the sheep MHC class I region. MHC
41  2015 Ad 2.0: a novel recombineering platform for high-throughput generation of tailored adenoviruses. AdVs
42  2015 Application of BAC-probes to visualize copy number variants (CNVs). CNV, CNVs, CNVs, Mb, POD-FISH
43  2015 Engineering infectious cDNAs of coronavirus as bacterial artificial chromosomes. CoV, MERS-CoV
44  2015 From selective full-length genes isolation by TAR cloning in yeast to their expression from HAC vectors in human cells. TAR, YACs
45  2015 Generating a transgenic mouse line stably expressing human MHC surface antigen from a HAC carrying multiple genomic BACs. HAC
46  2015 Generation of knockout alleles by RFLP based BAC targeting of polymorphic embryonic stem cells. ES, RFLPs
47  2015 Homologous recombination using bacterial artificial chromosomes. ChAT
48  2015 Infectious delivery of alphaherpesvirus bacterial artificial chromosomes. ---
49  2015 Intermolecular Complementation between Two Varicella-Zoster Virus pORF30 Terminase Domains Essential for DNA Encapsidation. HCMV, VZV
50  2015 Sequencing of 15622 gene-bearing BACs clarifies the gene-dense regions of the barley genome. ---
51  2014 A piggyBac transposon- and gateway-enhanced system for efficient BAC transgenesis. WT1
52  2014 Construction and characterization of bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) containing herpes simplex virus full-length genomes. ---
53  2014 Development of a novel DNA-launched dengue virus type 2 infectious clone assembled in a bacterial artificial chromosome. DENV
54  2014 Engineering adenovirus genome by bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) technology. BAC
55  2014 Expansion of a 12-kb VNTR containing the REXO1L1 gene cluster underlies the microscopically visible euchromatic variant of 8q21.2. EVs, HCV
56  2014 Fluorescent in situ hybridization shows DIPLOSPOROUS located on one of the NOR chromosomes in apomictic dandelions (Taraxacum) in the absence of a large hemizygous chromosomal region. FISH, NOR
57  2014 Generation of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) transgenic mice. BAC
58  2014 Identification and characterization of TCRgamma and TCRdelta chains in channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus. TCR
59  2014 Mouse and human BAC transgenes recapitulate tissue-specific expression of the vitamin D receptor in mice and rescue the VDR-null phenotype. VDR
60  2014 Short homologies efficiently generate detectable homologous recombination events. PCR
61  2014 Sugarcane genome sequencing by methylation filtration provides tools for genomic research in the genus Saccharum. CDS, ESTs, MF, SNPs, UF, WGS
62  2013 Application of a new molecular technique for the genetic evaluation of products of conception. POCs
63  2013 BAC transgenic mice and the GENSAT database of engineered mouse strains. EGFP, GENSAT
64  2013 Bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs)-on-Beads™ as a diagnostic platform for the rapid aneuploidy screening of products of conception. POC
65  2013 Characterization of a large human transgene following invasin-mediated delivery in a bacterial artificial chromosome. CFTR
66  2013 Efficient generation of recombinant RNA viruses using targeted recombination-mediated mutagenesis of bacterial artificial chromosomes containing full-length cDNA. CSFVs
67  2013 Fine mapping of the pond snail left-right asymmetry (chirality) locus using RAD-Seq and fibre-FISH. FISH, RAD-seq
68  2013 Generation of transgenic mice with megabase-sized human yeast artificial chromosomes by yeast spheroplast-embryonic stem cell fusion. ES, Mb, TRA, YAC
69  2013 Identifying Distal cis-acting Gene-Regulatory Sequences by Expressing BACs Functionalized with loxP-Tn10 Transposons in Zebrafish. ---
70  2013 In vivo analysis of Aicda gene regulation: a critical balance between upstream enhancers and intronic silencers governs appropriate expression. AID
71  2013 Karyotype stability in the genus Phaseolus evidenced by the comparative mapping of the wild species Phaseolus microcarpus. DAPI, FISH
72  2013 New insights into nested long terminal repeat retrotransposons in Brassica species. BAC, EST, LTR
73  2013 New tools for studying osteoarthritis genetics in zebrafish. OA
74  2013 Recent advances in recombinant protein production: BAC-based expression vectors, the bigger the better. ---
75  2013 Recombineering: using drug cassettes to knock out genes in vivo. ---
76  2013 Shadow enhancers flanking the HoxB cluster direct dynamic Hox expression in early heart and endoderm development. RAREs
77  2013 Strategies for designing transgenic DNA constructs. ---
78  2013 Transposon mediated BAC transgenesis via pronuclear injection of mouse zygotes. ---
79  2013 Whole genome profiling physical map and ancestral annotation of tobacco Hicks Broadleaf. ---
80  2013 Young, intact and nested retrotransposons are abundant in the onion and asparagus genomes. LTR, TEs
81  2012 A second generation integrated map of the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) genome: analysis of conserved synteny with model fish genomes. BES
82  2012 An easy and versatile 2-step protocol for targeted modification and subcloning of DNA from bacterial artificial chromosomes using non-commercial plasmids. ---
83  2012 Characterization of the chromosomal translocation t(10;17)(q22;p13) in clear cell sarcoma of kidney. CCSK
84  2012 Chromosome evolution in Solanum traced by cross-species BAC-FISH. FISH
85  2012 Comprehensive DNA copy number profile and BAC library construction of an Indian individual. FISH, OLFM3
86  2012 Development of pachytene FISH maps for six maize chromosomes and their integration with other maize maps for insights into genome structure variation. FISH
87  2012 Evidence for a critical role of gene occlusion in cell fate restriction. ---
88  2012 Functional and genetic analysis of haplotypic sequence variation at the nicastrin genomic locus. NCSTN
89  2012 Human cytomegalovirus: bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) cloning and genetic manipulation. BAC, HCMV
90  2012 Is BAC transgenesis obsolete? State of the art in the era of designer nucleases. DNs, TALENs, ZFNs
91  2012 Modulation of translation initiation efficiency in classical swine fever virus. BHK, CSFV, IRES, WT
92  2012 SLiCE: a novel bacterial cell extract-based DNA cloning method. ---
93  2012 The intronic GABRG2 mutation, IVS6+2T->G, associated with childhood absence epilepsy altered subunit mRNA intron splicing, activated nonsense-mediated decay, and produced a stable truncated gamma2 subunit. PTC
94  2012 The use of bacterial artificial chromosomes for recombinant protein production in mammalian cell lines. ---
95  2012 Transposon-mediated BAC transgenesis in human ES cells. hESCs
96  2012 Use of bacterial artificial chromosomes in baculovirus research and recombinant protein expression: current trends and future perspectives. ---
97  2012 Use of DOP-PCR for amplification and labeling of BAC DNA for FISH. DOP-PCR, FISH
98  2011 A multi-step strategy for BAC recombineering of large DNA fragments. ---
99  2011 Application of a bacterial artificial chromosome modification system for a human artificial chromosome vector. HAC
100  2011 BAC modification through serial or simultaneous use of CRE/Lox technology. ---