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Abbreviation : BAS
Long Form : behavioral activation system
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Aberrant probabilistic reinforcement learning in first-degree relatives of individuals with bipolar disorder. ---
2019 24-Hour Movement Behaviors and Impulsivity. CI, ST
2019 A dual-process psychobiological model of temperament predicts liking and wanting for food and trait disinhibition. BIS, EC
2019 Association between fatigue, motivational measures (BIS/BAS) and semi-structured psychosocial interview in hemodialytic treatment. BIS/BAS, CKD, HD
2019 Direct and Indirect Effects of Behavioral Inhibition/Activation Systems on Depression and Current Suicidal Ideation Through Rumination and Self-Reflection. BDI-II, BIS, BSSI, RRQ
2019 Evidence for a general factor of behavioral activation system sensitivity. BIS
2019 Mediating Effect of Trait Emotional Intelligence Between the Behavioral Activation System (BAS)/Behavioral Inhibition System (BIS) and Positive and Negative Affect. BIS, NA, SP, SR, TEI, TMMS
2019 Reward (BIS/BAS) mechanisms and fatigue in patients on chronic hemodialysis. BIS, FSS, HD, STAI-Y
2019 Self-control and its influence on global/local processing: An investigation of the role of frontal alpha asymmetry and dispositional approach tendencies. ---
10  2019 Social anxiety disorder and childhood trauma in the context of anxiety (behavioural inhibition), impulsivity (behavioural activation) and quality of life. BIS, SAD
11  2019 The influence of the revised reinforcement sensitivity theory on risk perception and intentions to speed in young male and female drivers. FFFS, rRST
12  2019 The N2 component in a go-nogo learning task: Motivation, behavioral activation, and reasoning. ---
13  2018 A Short Measure of the Revised Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory - RSQ17. BIS, FFFS, RSQ
14  2018 An explorative study on coping flexibility with behavioral approach system-activating stimuli: A comparison of people with and without bipolar disorder. BD
15  2018 Behavioral inhibition and activation as a modifier process in autism spectrum disorder: Examination of self-reported BIS/BAS and alpha EEG asymmetry. ASD, BIS
16  2018 Gambling behavior in Parkinson's Disease: Impulsivity, reward mechanism and cortical brain oscillations. BIS-11, CG, EEG, IGT, PD, PG
17  2018 Gray's Personality Dimensions and Reasons for Voluntary Sleep Deprivation Among College Students. BIS
18  2018 Motivational Sensitivities Linked to Impulsive Motor Errors in Parkinson's Disease. BIS, PD
19  2018 Personality correlates of individual differences in the recruitment of cognitive mechanisms when rewards are at stake. BIS
20  2018 Should I stay or should I go? Approach/avoidance conflict and emotional functioning. BIS
21  2017 A prospective study of bipolar disorder vulnerability in relation to behavioural activation, behavioural inhibition and dysregulation of the Behavioural Activation System. HPS, ISS, MDQ
22  2017 Behavioral activation sensitivity and default mode network-subgenual cingulate cortex connectivity in youth. DMN, RSFC, sgACC
23  2017 Evidences from Rewarding System, FRN and P300 Effect in Internet-Addiction in Young People SHORT TITLE: Rewarding System and EEG in Internet-Addiction. ERPs, FRN, IA, IAT
24  2017 Personality of young drivers in Oman: Relationship to risky driving behaviors and crash involvement among Sultan Qaboos University students. BIS
25  2017 Physical Activity in Bariatric Surgery Patients: Does Temperament Matter? BIS, BMI, EC, PA
26  2017 Reward anticipation revisited- evidence from an fMRI study in euthymic bipolar I patients and healthy first-degree relatives. ACC, BD
27  2017 The link between hypomania risk and creativity: The role of heightened behavioral activation system (BAS) sensitivity. ASRM, BD, ECS, HPS, PANAS
28  2016 Behavioral and neural inhibitory control moderates the effects of reward sensitivity on adolescent substance use. BIS, MSIT
29  2016 BIS/BAS sensitivity and emotional modulation in a prepulse-inhibition paradigm: A brain potential study. BIS, PPI
30  2016 Exercising control over bipolar disorder. ---
31  2016 Exercising self-control increases relative left frontal cortical activation. BIS, EEG
32  2016 Physiological response to reward and extinction predicts alcohol, marijuana, and cigarette use two years later. BIS, EDR, PEP, ZIP
33  2016 Resting-State Brain and the FTO Obesity Risk Allele: Default Mode, Sensorimotor, and Salience Network Connectivity Underlying Different Somatosensory Integration and Reward Processing between Genotypes. BBr, FTO, SMN, SN, SNPs
34  2016 Sensitivity to reward is associated with snack and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption in adolescents. RR, SR, SSBs
35  2016 Why bother? Death, failure, and fatalistic withdrawal from life. ---
36  2015 A latent variable analysis of the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised and behavioral inhibition system/behavioral activation system factors in North American and Swedish offenders. BIS, PCL-R
37  2015 A new measure for the revised reinforcement sensitivity theory: psychometric criteria and genetic validation. AVPR1A, BIS, FFFS, RST
38  2015 Effects of the behavioral inhibition system (BIS), behavioral activation system (BAS), and emotion regulation on depression: A one-year follow-up study in Chinese adolescents. BIS
39  2015 Handedness and behavioural inhibition system/behavioural activation system (BIS/BAS) scores: A replication and extension of Wright, Hardie, and Wilson (2009). AHPQ, BIS, BIS/BAS
40  2015 Neural basis of motivational approach and withdrawal behaviors in neurodegenerative disease. AD, BAS-FS, BAS-RR, BIS, bvFTD, rtFTD, svPPA, VBM
41  2015 Neural Processing of Calories in Brain Reward Areas Can be Modulated by Reward Sensitivity. ---
42  2015 Pain Intensity, Headache Frequency, and the Behavioral Activation and Inhibition Systems. BIS
43  2015 Posterior versus frontal theta activity indexes approach motivation during affective autobiographical memories. EEG
44  2015 Reward Sensitivity (Behavioral Activation System), Cognitive, and Metacognitive Control in Gambling Behavior: Evidences From Behavioral, Feedback-Related Negativity, and P300 Effect. FRN, IGT
45  2015 Reward sensitivity modulates brain activity in the prefrontal cortex, ACC and striatum during task switching. ---
46  2015 Study on the Difference of BIS/BAS Scale between Sasang Types. BAS-D, BAS-FS, BAS-RR, BIS, BIS/BAS, SE, SY
47  2014 Differences between left- and right-handers in approach/avoidance motivation: influence of consistency of handedness measures. BIS
48  2014 Differential hedonic experience and behavioral activation in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. BP, HC, SZ, TEPS
49  2014 Dissociation of explicit and implicit measures of the behavioral inhibition and activation system in borderline personality disorder. BIS, BPD, HC
50  2014 Distinct profiles of behavioral inhibition and activation system sensitivity in unipolar vs. bipolar mood disorders. BIS
51  2014 Extraversion and behavioral activation: integrating the components of approach. ---
52  2014 Gender-specific neuroanatomical basis of behavioral inhibition/approach systems (BIS/BAS) in a large sample of young adults: a voxel-based morphometric investigation. BIS, BIS/BAS, IPL, PHG, rGMV, VBM, vmPFC
53  2014 Hippocampal and amygdalar volumetric differences in pathological gambling: a preliminary study of the associations with the behavioral inhibition system. BIS, HC, PG
54  2014 Motivational mechanisms (BAS) and prefrontal cortical activation contribute to recognition memory for emotional words. rTMS effect on performance and EEG (alpha band) measures. L-DLPFC, rTMS
55  2014 Reward sensitivity, decisional bias, and metacognitive deficits in cocaine drug addiction. IGT, SUD
56  2014 Reward-system effect (BAS rating), left hemispheric "unbalance" (alpha band oscillations) and decisional impairments in drug addiction. IGT, LTA, SUD
57  2014 Too close for comfort: Stimulus valence moderates the influence of motivational orientation on distance perception. BIS
58  2013 A model of BIS/BAS sensitivity, emotion regulation difficulties, and depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms in relation to sleep quality. BIS, ER, ERD, SQ
59  2013 Anticipatory pleasure and approach motivation in schizophrenia-like negative symptoms. BIS
60  2013 Behavioral Activation System (BAS) differences in bipolar I and II disorder. ---
61  2013 Behavioral activation system moderates self-referent processing following recovery from depression. BIS, CTL
62  2013 Individual differences in drivers' cognitive processing of road safety messages. FFFS, rRST
63  2013 Low spirits keep rewards subdued: decreases in sensitivity to reward and vulnerability to dysphoria. BIS
64  2013 PTSD's underlying symptom dimensions and relations with behavioral inhibition and activation. BIS, PTSD, RST
65  2013 Reward dysregulation and mood symptoms in an adolescent outpatient sample. BPSD
66  2012 Social anxiety in online and real-life interaction and their associated factors. BIS
67  2012 The behavioral activation system and mania. ---
68  2012 [A study of temperament and personality in children diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)]. ADHD, BFQ-C, BIS
69  2011 Are adolescents gambling with cannabis use? A longitudinal study of impulsivity measures and adolescent substance use: the TRAILS study. BGT, BIS, TRAILS
70  2011 Experiential avoidance as a moderator of the relationship between behavioral inhibition system sensitivity and posttraumatic stress symptoms. BIS, EA, PTSS
71  2010 Behavioral activation system modulation on brain activation during appetitive and aversive stimulus processing. RST
72  2010 FRN and P300 ERP effect modulation in response to feedback sensitivity: the contribution of punishment-reward system (BIS/BAS) and behaviour identification of action. BIF, BIS
73  2010 Interactive effects of reward sensitivity and residential fast-food restaurant exposure on fast-food consumption. ---
74  2010 Lateralisation effect in comprehension of emotional facial expression: a comparison between EEG alpha band power and behavioural inhibition (BIS) and activation (BAS) systems. BIS
75  2010 Morningness-eveningness and depression: preliminary evidence for the role of the behavioral activation system and positive affect. BIS, NA, PA
76  2010 Reactive and self-regulatory temperament dimensions in relation to alcohol use in adolescence. BIS, EATQ-R, EC, T-ASI
77  2010 Veridical and false feedback sensitivity and punishment-reward system (BIS/BAS): ERP amplitude and theta frequency band analysis. ERD
78  2009 BIS, BAS, and response conflict: Testing predictions of the revised reinforcement sensitivity theory. BIS, RST
79  2009 Factors of the psychopathic personality inventory: criterion-related validity and relationship to the BIS/BAS and five-factor models of personality. NEO-PI-R, PPI
80  2009 Mapping Gray's BIS and BAS Constructs onto Factor 1 and Factor 2 of Hare's Psychopathy Checklist - Revised. BIS, PCL-R, RST
81  2008 A multimethod investigation of the behavioral activation system in bipolar disorder. BPD
82  2008 Behavioural inhibition system (BIS) and behavioural activation system (BAS) as predictors of emotional and cognitive deficits observed in alcohol abstainers. BIS
83  2008 Dysregulation of the behavioral activation system in remitted bipolar I disorder. ---
84  2008 Effect of bipolar disorder on left frontal cortical responses to goals differing in valence and task difficulty. EEG
85  2008 Hypomania: a depressive inhibition override defense mechanism. BIS
86  2008 Psychometric Properties of Carver and White's (1994) BIS/BAS Scales in a Large Sample of Offenders. BIS, RST
87  2007 Behavioral Activation System (BAS) sensitivity and reactivity to alcohol cues among hazardous drinkers. ---
88  2007 Behavioral activation, inhibition and mood symptoms in early-onset bipolar disorder. BIS
89  2007 Distinguishing between learning and motivation in behavioral tests of the reinforcement sensitivity theory of personality. BIS, RST
90  2007 The relations of motivational traits with workplace deviance. ---
91  2006 Behavioral activation system deficits predict the six-month course of depression. LIFE, MDD
92  2006 Behavioral inhibition system (BIS), behavioral activation system (BAS) and schizophrenia: relationship with psychopathology and physiology. BIS, HR, HRV
93  2006 Functional impulsivity and reinforcement sensitivity theory. BIS, DI, FI, RST
94  2006 Individual differences in decision making: Drive and Reward Responsiveness affect strategic bargaining in economic games. ---
95  2006 Mood fluctuations in people putatively at risk for bipolar disorders. BD, HPS
96  2006 The relation of cortical activity and BIS/BAS on the trait level. BIS
97  2005 Assessing the dysregulation of the Behavioral Activation System: the Hypomanic Personality Scale and the BIS-BAS scales. BIS-BAS
98  2005 Dispositional motivations and genetic risk feedback. BIS
99  2005 Mechanisms of virtual reality exposure therapy: the role of the behavioral activation and behavioral inhibition systems. BIS, VR
100  2004 Effects of a small talking facial image on autonomic activity: the moderating influence of dispositional BIS and BAS sensitivities and emotions. HRV, LF, PTT, RSA