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Abbreviation : BC
Long Form : betweenness centrality
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Brain connectivity modulation after exoskeleton assisted gait in chronic hemiplegic stroke survivors: a pilot study. EEG, EXO, NS, UW
2020 Graph theory analysis of directed functional brain networks in major depressive disorder based on EEG signal. dDCG, EEG, GE, LE, MDD, PTE
2020 Identifying vital nodes in complex networks by adjacency information entropy. CC, DC, EC, PR, SH
2019 A Network Pharmacology Approach to Uncover the Molecular Mechanisms of Herbal Formula Kang-Bai-Ling for Treatment of Vitiligo. CC, DC, EC, KBL, LAC, NC, PPI
2019 Altered Functional Connectivity and Brain Network Property in Pregnant Women With Cleft Fetuses. ACG, DC, FC, IFG, ITG, MFG, MOG, Ne, NSCLP, OLF, PreCG, ReHo, rs-fMRI, SMG
2019 Construction and Analysis of Protein-Protein Interaction Network of Heroin Use Disorder. HUD, PPIs
2019 Deterioration from healthy to mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease mirrored in corresponding loss of centrality in directed brain networks. AD, EMCI, FC, fMRI, GC, LMCI, MCI, MP, NC
2019 Establishing Computational Approaches Towards Identifying Malarial Allosteric Modulators: A Case Study of Plasmodium falciparum Hsp70s. CG, HSPs
2019 Identification of prognostic biomarkers in colorectal cancer using a long non-coding RNA-mediated competitive endogenous RNA network. ceRNA, CRC, GO, lncRNA
10  2019 Identification of prognostic biomarkers of prostate cancer with long non-coding RNA-mediated competitive endogenous RNA network. ceRNAs, GO, lncRNA, PCa
11  2019 Mechanism of Action of Non-Synonymous Single Nucleotide Variations Associated with alpha-Carbonic Anhydrase II Deficiency. BCT, CAII, DRN, MD, PCA
12  2019 Network-based centrality measures and physical demands in football regarding player position: Is there a connection? A preliminary study. DC, DP
13  2019 Transient seizure onset network for localization of epileptogenic zone: effective connectivity and graph theory-based analyses of ECoG data in temporal lobe epilepsy. CC, EZ, ffADTF, LE, OD, SOZ
14  2018 A multigene support vector machine predictor for metastasis of cutaneous melanoma. DEGs, GEO, PPI, SVM
15  2018 Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment Is Associated With Frequency-Specific Brain Network Alterations in Temporal Poles. AD, aMCI, MEG, TPs
16  2018 Betweenness and diversity in journal citation networks as measures of interdisciplinarity-A tribute to Eugene Garfield. sub
17  2018 Brain functional connectivity in sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy. CC, FC, GE, ICA, LE, ND, SHE
18  2018 Clinical pain and functional network topology in Parkinson's disease: a resting-state fMRI study. GE, PD
19  2018 Establishment of a SVM classifier to predict recurrence of ovarian cancer. DEGs, OC, PPI, SVM
20  2018 Evidence for a Resting State Network Abnormality in Adults Who Stutter. AWS, SWP
21  2018 MMP2-A2M interaction increases ECM accumulation in aged rat kidney and its modulation by calorie restriction. CR, NGS, PPI, RNA-Seq, STAT
22  2018 Support vector machine classifier for prediction of the metastasis of colorectal cancer. CRC, CREB1, CUL7, DEGs, PPI, SSR3, SVM
23  2018 United neighborhood closeness centrality and orthology for predicting essential proteins. CC, DC, EC, IC, NC, NCC, PPI, SC
24  2017 A 80-gene set potentially predicts the relapse in laryngeal carcinoma optimized by support vector machine. PPI, SVM
25  2017 A support vector machine classifier for the prediction of osteosarcoma metastasis with high accuracy. DEGs, GEO, HPRD, OS, PPI, SVM
26  2017 Brain structure and organization five decades after childhood onset epilepsy. ---
27  2017 Central loops in random planar graphs. ---
28  2017 MEG Beamformer-Based Reconstructions of Functional Networks in Mild Cognitive Impairment. AD, FDR, MCI, MEG, MST, normalized Cw, PLI
29  2017 The Effects of an APOE Promoter Polymorphism on Human White Matter Connectivity during Non-Demented Aging. AD, ANG.L, APOE, IOG.R
30  2016 A New Method for Identifying Essential Proteins Based on Network Topology Properties and Protein Complexes. DC, EC, IDC, LAC, NC, SC
31  2016 Disruptions in cortico-subcortical covariance networks associated with anxiety in new-onset childhood epilepsy. GT, HC
32  2016 Emergence of fractal scaling in complex networks. ---
33  2016 Structural brain network analysis in schizophrenia using minimum spanning tree. MST
34  2015 A Topology Potential-Based Method for Identifying Essential Proteins from PPI Networks. CC, DC, EC, IC, NC, PPI, SC
35  2015 Brain Graph Topology Changes Associated with Anti-Epileptic Drug Use. CBZ/OXC, TLE
36  2015 Declining functional connectivity and changing hub locations in Alzheimer's disease: an EEG study. AD, EEG, MST, PLI
37  2015 Distinctive pathways characterize A. actinomycetemcomitans and P. gingivalis. A. actinomycetemcomitans, ASPL, CC, DEGs, EC, P. gingivalis, TC
38  2015 Focal cortical dysplasia alters electrophysiological cortical hubs in the resting-state. FCD, MEG
39  2015 Functional connectivity homogeneity correlates with duration of temporal lobe epilepsy. CC, CD, CS, fcMRI, GE, PL, SWI, TLE
40  2015 Localization of epileptogenic zones in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) using graph theoretical analysis of ictal intracranial EEG: a preliminary investigation. iEEG, LGS, PLV
41  2014 Effective identification of essential proteins based on priori knowledge, network topology and gene expressions. BN, CC, DC, DMNC, EC, IC, LAC, NC, SC
42  2014 Functional connectivity of resting state EEG and symptom severity in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. FC, PTSD
43  2014 Motor execution and motor imagery: a comparison of functional connectivity patterns based on graph theory. ME and MI
44  2014 Network analysis of inflammatory genes and their transcriptional regulators in coronary artery disease. CAD, IL-1B, IL-6, NFKB1, PTGS2, STAT3, TNF, VEGF-A
45  2014 Prediction of essential proteins based on overlapping essential modules. CC, DC, EC, IC, SC
46  2013 Classification of transport backbones of complex networks. IIPCs, MSTs, SF
47  2013 Extraversion and neuroticism relate to topological properties of resting-state brain networks. fMRI, MTG, PreCG
48  2012 A new essential protein discovery method based on the integration of protein-protein interaction and gene expression data. BN, CC, DC, DMNC, EC, IC, LAC, LI, LR, MC, NC, RL, SC, SoECC
49  2012 Similarity-based extraction of individual networks from gray matter MRI scans. ---
50  2012 Weighted phase lag index and graph analysis: preliminary investigation of functional connectivity during resting state in children. wPLI
51  2011 A local average connectivity-based method for identifying essential proteins from the network level. BN, CC, DC, EC, IC, SC
52  2011 Identification of candidate genes related to bovine marbling using protein-protein interaction networks. HPRD, PPI, qRT-PCR
53  2003 Betweenness centrality correlation in social networks. SF