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Abbreviation : BC
Long Form : bladder cancer
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A noninvasive urine-based methylation biomarker panel to detect bladder cancer and discriminate cancer grade. ---
2020 A Novel Splice Variant of HYAL-4 Drives Malignant Transformation and Predicts Outcome in Bladder Cancer Patients. WT
2020 A novel tumor suppressing gene, ARHGAP9, is an independent prognostic biomarker for bladder cancer. MIBC, NMIBC
2020 Antiproliferative Activity of the Olive Extract Rich in Polyphenols and Modified Pectin on Bladder Cancer Cells. ---
2020 Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer Diagnosis and Surveillance: A Comprehensive Review. ---
2020 Circular RNA hsa_circ_0075828 promotes bladder cancer cell proliferation through activation of CREB1. circRNAs
2020 Coffee consumption and risk of bladder cancer: a pooled analysis of 501,604 participants from 12 cohort studies in the BLadder Cancer Epidemiology and Nutritional Determinants (BLEND) international study. BLEND, CIs, HRs
2020 Comprehensive gene expression analysis after ERH gene knockdown in human bladder cancer T24 cell lines. DEGL, GO, IPA, KEGG, TLR
2020 Copper and zinc levels in plasma and cancerous tissues and their relation with expression of VEGF and HIF-1 in the pathogenesis of muscle invasive urothelial bladder cancer: a case-controlled clinical study. HIF-1, VEGF
10  2020 Early Postoperative Morbidity of Robotic Versus Open Radical Cystectomy in Obese Patients. LOS, Op time, ORC, RRC
11  2020 Emerging Roles of Cancer Stem Cells in Bladder Cancer Progression, Tumorigenesis, and Resistance to Chemotherapy: A Potential Therapeutic Target for Bladder Cancer. CSCs
12  2020 Enhanced Efficacy of PEGylated Liposomal Cisplatin: In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation. FTIR
13  2020 FGF9 inhibition by a novel binding peptide has efficacy in gastric and bladder cancer per se and reverses resistance to cisplatin. GC, Ig-like, SPR
14  2020 High expression of SMYD3 indicates poor survival outcome and promotes tumour progression through an IGF-1R/AKT/E2F-1 positive feedback loop in bladder cancer. IGF-1R
15  2020 Hsa_circ_0001361 promotes bladder cancer invasion and metastasis through miR-491-5p/MMP9 axis. circ0001361, circRNAs
16  2020 Human papillomavirus and urinary bladder cancer revisited. HPV, SCC
17  2020 Identification of a six-lncRNA signature based on a competing endogenous RNA network for predicting the risk of tumour recurrence in bladder cancer patients. ceRNA, RFS, ROC
18  2020 Impact of time to second transurethral resection on oncological outcomes of patients with high-grade T1 bladder cancer treated with intravesical Bacillus Calmette-Guerin. BCG, CSS, PFS, Re-TUR, RFS
19  2020 Increased expression of Psoriasin is correlated with poor prognosis of bladder transitional cell carcinoma by promoting invasion and proliferation. IHC, MMP
20  2020 Intake of milk and other dairy products and the risk of bladder cancer: a pooled analysis of 13 cohort studies. BLEND
21  2020 Isorhapontigenin (ISO) inhibits stem cell-like properties and invasion of bladder cancer cell by attenuating CD44 expression. CSC, ISO
22  2020 Knockdown of P3H4 inhibits proliferation and invasion of bladder cancer. P3H4
23  2020 Lnc-MUC20-9 binds to ROCK1 and functions as a tumor suppressor in bladder cancer. lncRNAs, qRT-PCR
24  2020 lncRNA BCAR4 sponges miR‑370‑3p to promote bladder cancer progression via Wnt signaling. BCAR4, lncRNAs, miR
25  2020 LncRNA MBNL1-AS1 represses cell proliferation and enhances cell apoptosis via targeting miR-135a-5p/PHLPP2/FOXO1 axis in bladder cancer. MBNL1-AS1
26  2020 Long non-coding RNA in bladder cancer. ASOs, EMT, lncRNAs, OS
27  2020 Long noncoding RNA AC114812.8 promotes the progression of bladder cancer through miR-371b-5p/FUT4 axis. ---
28  2020 Longitudinal patterns of cost and utilization of medicare beneficiaries with bladder cancer. CI
29  2020 Management of bladder cancer in older patients: Position paper of a SIOG Task Force. IO
30  2020 Melittin inhibits proliferation, migration and invasion of bladder cancer cells by regulating key genes based on bioinformatics and experimental assays. DEGs, Mel
31  2020 MicroRNA-142-3p suppresses cell proliferation and migration in bladder cancer via Rac1. miR
32  2020 Molecular Mechanisms of the Anti-Cancer Effects of Isothiocyanates from Cruciferous Vegetables in Bladder Cancer. ITCs
33  2020 MRI of Bladder Cancer: Local and Nodal Staging. LN, mpMRI, TURBT, UUT, VI-RADS
34  2020 Multiparametric Cystoscopy for Detection of Bladder Cancer Using Real-time Multispectral Imaging. EVC, MPC, rMSI, WL
35  2020 NMR-derived targeted serum metabolic biomarkers appraisal of bladder cancer: A pre- and post-operative evaluation. DMA, HC, NMR
36  2020 NNT-AS1 enhances bladder cancer cell growth by targeting miR-1301-3p/PODXL axis and activating Wnt pathway. lncRNAs
37  2020 Overexpressed miR-200a promotes bladder cancer invasion through direct regulating Dicer/miR-16/JNK2/MMP-2 axis. MMP
38  2020 Prognostic impact of tumor-associated immune cell infiltrates at radical cystectomy for bladder cancer. OS, RC, TAIC
39  2020 Prognostic value of CLIC3 mRNA overexpression in bladder cancer. CLIC3, ECM, GEO, GO, GSEA, KEGG, qRT-PCR
40  2020 Proteome-based classification of Nonmuscle Invasive Bladder Cancer. NMIBC, NPS, PCA
41  2020 Silencing circular RNA VANGL1 inhibits progression of bladder cancer by regulating miR-1184/IGFBP2 axis. circVANGL1, IGFBP-2, miRNAs, qRT-PCR, VANGL1
42  2020 STAT3/5 Inhibitors Suppress Proliferation in Bladder Cancer and Enhance Oncolytic Adenovirus Therapy. CAM
43  2020 SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex and glucose metabolism are deregulated in advanced bladder cancer. CRC
44  2020 TERT Promoter Mutation as a Potential Predictive Biomarker in BCG-Treated Bladder Cancer Patients. BCG, FGFR3, TERTp
45  2020 The inhibitory effect of compound ChlA-F on human bladder cancer cell invasion can be attributed to its blockage of SOX2 protein. Chel A, SOX2
46  2020 Urinary TERT promoter mutations are detectable up to 10 years prior to clinical diagnosis of bladder cancer: Evidence from the Golestan Cohort Study. TERT
47  2020 Variation in energy metabolism arising from the effect of the tumor microenvironment on cell biological behaviors of bladder cancer cells and endothelial cells. CBBs, HUVECs, OXPHOS, TME
48  2020 [Immunohistochemical study of the MSI phenotype of urothelial bladder cancer]. IHC
49  2019 18F-FDG PET/CT and Urothelial Carcinoma: Impact on Management and Prognosis-A Multicenter Retrospective Study. UC, UUTC
50  2019 A colorimetric immunosensor based on self-linkable dual-nanozyme for ultrasensitive bladder cancer diagnosis and prognosis monitoring. AbApoA1, ApoA1, PB, PMGO, PMGO-1, TMB
51  2019 A Feedback Loop Formed by ATG7/Autophagy, FOXO3a/miR-145 and PD-L1 Regulates Stem-Like Properties and Invasion in Human Bladder Cancer. ---
52  2019 A Renal-Clearable Macromolecular Reporter for Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging of Bladder Cancer. NIRF
53  2019 A six-gene prognostic model predicts overall survival in bladder cancer patients. AUC, GO, KEGG, LASSO, OS
54  2019 A two-gene methylation signature for the diagnosis of bladder cancer in urine. ---
55  2019 Aberrantly expressed PLOD1 promotes cancer aggressiveness in bladder cancer: a potential prognostic marker and therapeutic target. MIBC, miRNA, PLOD1
56  2019 Ability of a urine gene expression classifier to reduce the number of follow-up cystoscopies in bladder cancer patients. AUC, NMIBC, NPV, PFBC, RNA, Sn
57  2019 Adaptation to Extreme Environments in an Admixed Human Population from the Atacama Desert. ---
58  2019 Age Differences in Patient-reported Psychological and Physical Distress Symptoms in Bladder Cancer Patients - A Cross Sectional Study. PDSS, PHSDSS, RC
59  2019 Alterations of Antioxidant Enzymes and Biomarkers of Nitro-oxidative Stress in Tissues of Bladder Cancer. RNS, ROS
60  2019 Analysis of Gene Expression in Bladder Cancer: Possible Involvement of Mitosis and Complement and Coagulation Cascades Signaling Pathway. DEGs, miRNAs, PPI, TFs
61  2019 Androgen Suppression Therapy Is Associated with Lower Recurrence of Non-muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer. AST, HRs, IQR, NMIBC, PFS, RFS, TUR
62  2019 Anti-cancer Effects of a Chemically Modified miR-143 on Bladder Cancer by Either Systemic or Intravesical Treatment. GDP, GTP, miRNA, PIC
63  2019 Application of nomograms in the prediction of overall survival and cancer-specific survival in patients with T1 high-grade bladder cancer. C-indices, CSS, OS, SEER, T1HG
64  2019 Assessing the Feasibility and Accuracy of High-resolution Microultrasound Imaging for Bladder Cancer Detection and Staging. MIBC, MRI, MUS, NMIBC
65  2019 Association between AXIN1 Gene Polymorphisms and Bladder Cancer in Chinese Han Population. AXIN1, NMIBC, NSCLC, PCR-RFLP, SNPs
66  2019 Association between De Ritis ratio (aspartate aminotransferase/alanine aminotransferase) and oncological outcomes in bladder cancer patients after radical cystectomy. CI, HR, RC
67  2019 Association between precystectomy epithelial tumor marker response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and oncological outcomes in urothelial bladder cancer. CA125, CA19-9, CEA, HR, NAC
68  2019 ATG7 Promotes Bladder Cancer Invasion via Autophagy-Mediated Increased ARHGDIB mRNA Stability. Atg7
69  2019 Autophagy modulation in bladder cancer development and treatment (Review). ---
70  2019 Benefits and Complications during the Stay at an Early Rehabilitation Facility after Radical Cystectomy and Orthotopic Ileum Neobladder Reconstruction. BMI, ER, IQR, RC
71  2019 Benzyl isothiocyanate suppresses IGF1R, FGFR3 and mTOR expression by upregulation of miR-99a-5p in human bladder cancer cells. BITC, FGFR3, IGF1R, mTOR, qPCR, RT
72  2019 BET inhibitor JQ1 suppresses cell proliferation via inducing autophagy and activating LKB1/AMPK in bladder cancer cells. IHC, MTT
73  2019 Bioactivation of the tobacco carcinogens 4-aminobiphenyl (4-ABP) and 2-amino-9H-pyrido[2,3-b]indole (AalphaC) in human bladder RT4 cells. 2-NA, 4-ABP, AAs, CYP1, HAAs, PhIP
74  2019 Bioinformatics Analysis Identified Key Molecular Changes in Bladder Cancer Development and Recurrence. DEGs, GO, MCODE
75  2019 Bladder Cancer Stage Development, 2004-2014 in Europe Compared With the United States: Analysis of European Population-based Cancer Registries, the United States SEER Database, and a Large Tertiary Institutional Cohort. AAPC, MIBC, NMIBC, SEER, US
76  2019 Bladder cancer survival nomogram: Development and validation of a prediction tool, using the SEER and TCGA databases. AUC, C-index, KM, OS, SEER
77  2019 CALD1, CNN1, and TAGLN identified as potential prognostic molecular markers of bladder cancer by bioinformatics analysis. DEGs, GEO, GO, KEGG
78  2019 Cancer-associated fibroblasts-derived exosomes-mediated transfer of LINC00355 regulates bladder cancer cell proliferation and invasion. alpha-SMA, CAFs, FAP, NFs, qRT-PCR
79  2019 Cancer-associated methylated lncRNAs in patients with bladder cancer. GO, KEGG, lncRNAs, TSS
80  2019 Carotenoid Intake and Circulating Carotenoids Are Inversely Associated with the Risk of Bladder Cancer: A Dose-Response Meta-analysis. ---
81  2019 CCL18 enhances migration, invasion and EMT by binding CCR8 in bladder cancer cells. EMT, MMP, sh, VEGF
82  2019 CD44s is a crucial ATG7 downstream regulator for stem-like property, invasion, and lung metastasis of human bladder cancer (BC) cells. Atg7, CD44s
83  2019 Celecoxib inhibits the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in bladder cancer via the miRNA-145/TGFBR2/Smad3 axis. EMT, miR
84  2019 Cell-type-specific CD73 expression is an independent prognostic factor in bladder cancer. MIBC, NMIBC
85  2019 Characterization of Histone Deacetylase Expression Within In Vitro and In Vivo Bladder Cancer Model Systems. HDAC, MIBC, qRT-PCR
86  2019 CircPTPRA acts as a tumor suppressor in bladder cancer by sponging miR-636 and upregulating KLF9. circRNAs, KLF9
87  2019 Circular RNA circ-VANGL1 as a competing endogenous RNA contributes to bladder cancer progression by regulating miR-605-3p/VANGL1 pathway. circRNAs
88  2019 Circular RNA circPICALM sponges miR-1265 to inhibit bladder cancer metastasis and influence FAK phosphorylation. FAK
89  2019 Circular RNA cTFRC acts as the sponge of MicroRNA-107 to promote bladder carcinoma progression. ceRNA, circRNA
90  2019 Circular RNA hsa_circ_0002024 suppresses cell proliferation, migration, and invasion in bladder cancer by sponging miR-197-3p. ---
91  2019 Circ_0058063 regulates CDK6 to promote bladder cancer progression by sponging miR-145-5p. circRNA, miRNA, qRT-PCR
92  2019 Cisplatin contributes to programmed death-ligand 1 expression in bladder cancer through ERK1/2-AP-1 signaling pathway. AP-1, PD-L1, qPCR
93  2019 CIZ1 knockdown suppresses the proliferation of bladder cancer cells by inducing apoptosis. CIZ1
94  2019 Clinical performance of Xpert Bladder Cancer (BC) Monitor, a mRNA-based urine test, in active surveillance (AS) patients with recurrent non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC): results from the Bladder Cancer Italian Active Surveillance (BIAS) project. AS, BIAS, HG, LDA, LG, NMIBC
95  2019 Comprehensive circular RNA profiling reveals theregulatory role of the hsa_circ_0137606/miR‑1231 pathway in bladder cancer progression. circ, GO, KEGG, miR
96  2019 Connecting the dots between different networks: miRNAs associated with bladder cancer risk and progression. miRNAs
97  2019 Detection of Clinical Mesenchymal Cancer Cells from Bladder Wash Urine for Real-Time Detection and Prognosis. EBCCs, EMT
98  2019 Detection of novel biomarkers for early detection of Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer using Competing Endogenous RNA network analysis. ceRNA, NMIBC
99  2019 Detection of serum long non-coding RNA UCA1 and circular RNAs for the diagnosis of bladder cancer and prediction of recurrence. AUC, circRNAs, lncRNAs, ROC, UCA1
100  2019 Development and validation of a prognostic nomogram for patients with intravesical recurrence after radical nephroureterectomy for non-metastatic upper tract urothelial carcinoma. CSS, IVR, RNU, UTUC