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Abbreviation : BC
Long Form : buffy coat
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 ABO-mismatched marrow processing for transplantation: Comparative results of 80 procedures performed with Cobe Spectra and Spectra Optia. BM, Cobe, MNCs, RBCs, TNCs
2019 Platelet storage properties are associated with donor age: in vitro quality of platelets from young donors and older donors with and without Type 2 diabetes. dys, PLT, sPC, T2D
2018 Distribution, recovery and concentration of platelets and leukocytes in L-PRP prepared by centrifugation. BL, PRP, UL, WB
2018 Evaluation of the functional properties of cryopreserved buffy coat-derived monocytes for monocyte monolayer assay. LPS, MMA, PB, PBMNCs, PI, RBC, Sc2
2018 Sterility release testing of peripheral blood stem cells for transplantation: impact of culture bottles and incubation temperature. PBSCs
2018 Superior integrin activating capacity and higher adhesion to fibrinogen matrix in buffy coat-derived platelet concentrates (PCs) compared to PRP-PCs. PCs, PSL
2017 An alternative mini buffy coat preparation method for adult patients with extracorporeal photopheresis contraindications. ECP, WBC
2017 Characterization of human leukocyte-HUVEC adhesion: Effect of cell preparation methods. FB, HUVEC, OM, SEM
2017 Critical re-appraisal of blood component quality after overnight hold of whole blood outside current room temperature limits. RCC, sPC, WB
10  2017 Differences in levels of platelet-derived microparticles in platelet components prepared using the platelet rich plasma, buffy coat, and apheresis procedures. AP, PMPs, PRP-PC
11  2017 Efficiency of riboflavin and ultraviolet light treatment against high levels of biofilm-derived Staphylococcus epidermidis in buffy coat platelet concentrates. CFU, PCs, WB
12  2017 Microparticle and mitochondrial release during extended storage of different types of platelet concentrates. AP, MPs, PCs, PRP, SPADE
13  2016 Bacterial survival and distribution during buffy coat platelet production. WB
14  2016 Comprehensive description of blood microbiome from healthy donors assessed by 16S targeted metagenomic sequencing. RBCs
15  2016 Cord blood collection and processing with hydroxyethyl starch or non-hydroxyethyl starch. 7-AAD, AnnV, CB, CBBs, CFUs, Hct, HES, MNC, TNC
16  2016 Determining the Volume of Additive Solution and Residual Plasma in Whole Blood Filtered and Buffy Coat Processed Red Cell Concentrates. RCCs, WBF
17  2016 Further studies to evaluate methods of leucoreduction to prevent alloimmune platelet refractoriness and induce tolerance in a dog platelet transfusion model. C-LR, F-LR, non-LR, PRP
18  2016 Inactivation of dengue, chikungunya, and Ross River viruses in platelet concentrates after treatment with ultraviolet C light. PLT, RRV, UVC
19  2016 Where do Trypanosoma cruzi go? The distribution of parasites in blood components from fractionated infected whole blood. PL, PLTs, qPCR, RBCs, WB
20  2015 Buffy coat volume reduction for optimization of leucapheresis harvests produced by the autoMNC program. LA, PEV, RBC
21  2015 Evaluation of Random Donor Platelets Produced from Buffy Coat Stored for 24h at Ambient Temperature: Should This be Implemented in India? PRP, RDPs
22  2015 Evaluation of the effectiveness of a pathogen inactivation technology against clinically relevant transfusion-transmitted bacterial strains. APs, CFUs, PI, PLTs, WB
23  2015 In vitro variables of buffy coat-derived platelet concentrates with residual plasma of down to 10% are stably maintained in new-generation platelet additive solutions. PASs, PCs, PLTs
24  2015 Observational study of corrected count increments after transfusion of platelets treated with riboflavin pathogen reduction technology in additive solutions. CCI, PAS, PLTs, PP, PRT
25  2015 Pathogen inactivation of double-dose buffy-coat platelet concentrates photochemically treated with amotosalen and UVA light: preservation of in vitro function. DD, MMP, PLT, UVA
26  2015 Quality of red blood cells washed using a second wash sequence on an automated cell processor. Ig, RBCs, WBF
27  2015 The effect of riboflavin and ultraviolet light on the infectivity of arboviruses. BFV, MVEV, PLTs, PRT, RRV
28  2015 Time Dependent Release of Interleukin-8 and Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha in Platelet Concentrate. IL, PC, PRP, TNF-alpha
29  2015 Validation of sterility testing of cord blood: challenges and results. CB, RBCs
30  2015 Whole blood treated with riboflavin and ultraviolet light: quality assessment of all blood components produced by the buffy coat method. PCs, PI, PLT, RBC, UV, WB
31  2014 Advanced platelet-rich fibrin: a new concept for cell-based tissue engineering by means of inflammatory cells. A-PRF, PRF, RBC, S-PRF
32  2014 Application of qPCR in conjunctival swab samples for the evaluation of canine leishmaniasis in borderline cases or disease relapse and correlation with clinical parameters. BCS, CS, qPCR
33  2014 Comparison of the platelet-rich plasma and buffy coat protocols for preparation of canine platelet concentrates. PLT, PRP, PSL
34  2014 Extended storage of buffy coat platelet concentrates in plasma or a platelet additive solution. PLT
35  2014 Performance of parasitological and molecular techniques for the diagnosis and surveillance of gambiense sleeping sickness. CTC, GE, LNA, mAECT, TL, WB
36  2014 Quality assessment of buffy-coat-derived leucodepleted platelet concentrates in PAS-plasma, prepared by the OrbiSac or TACSI automated system. O-PCs, PCs, T-PCs
37  2014 Segments from red blood cell units should not be used for quality testing. Hb, Hct, HS, RBC, WB
38  2014 Separation of centrifuged whole blood and pooled buffy coats using the new CompoMat G5: 3years experience. CF, LR-RCC, PC, PLT
39  2013 Liposomes as carriers of the lipid soluble antioxidant resveratrol: evaluation of amelioration of oxidative stress by additional antioxidant vitamin. PDE, PDI, RES, ROS
40  2013 Monitoring of platelet activation in platelet concentrates using transmission electron microscopy. BA, PC, PLT, TEM
41  2013 Significance of mastocytemia in cats. MCT
42  2013 Utility of the microculture method for Leishmania detection in non-invasive samples obtained from a blood bank. ICT, MCM, PCR
43  2012 An assessment of whole blood and fractions by nested PCR as a DNA source for diagnosing canine ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. nPCR, WB
44  2012 Development of a quality monitoring program for platelet components: a report of the first four years' experience at Canadian Blood Services. CBS, PCs, PLT, PRP, QC, QMP
45  2012 Human monocyte-derived dendritic cells from leukoreduction system chambers after plateletpheresis are functional in an in vitro co-culture assay with intestinal epithelial cells. DC, IEC, LAB, PBMC, PP
46  2012 Superiority of the buffy coat over serum or plasma for the detection of Alkhumra virus RNA using real time RT-PCR. ALKV
47  2012 Transfusion reactions: a comparative observational study of blood components produced before and after implementation of semiautomated production from whole blood. AS-3, ATEs, CI, PCs, PLTs, PRP, SAGM
48  2012 Volume-reduced platelet concentrates: optimization of production and storage conditions. BTHC, DEHP, PLT
49  2011 A randomized controlled trial comparing autologous radiolabeled in vivo platelet (PLT) recoveries and survivals of 7-day-stored PLT-rich plasma and buffy coat PLTs from the same subjects. FDA, PLT
50  2011 Active cooling of whole blood to room temperature improves blood component quality. PLT, RBCs, WB, WBC
51  2011 Characterization of blood components separated from donated whole blood after an overnight holding at room temperature with the buffy coat method. 2,3-DPG, FP, PCs, RBCs, WB
52  2011 Evaluation of overnight hold of whole blood at room temperature before component processing: effect of red blood cell (RBC) additive solutions on in vitro RBC measures. 2,3-DPG, ASs, ATP, PLT, PRP, RBC, WB
53  2011 Improved BC method of Compomat G4 for expression of BCs twice from whole blood in top and top bags. PCs, WB
54  2011 Platelet activation of platelet concentrates derived from buffy coat and apheresis methods. PF4
55  2010 Conversion to the buffy coat method and quality of frozen plasma derived from whole blood donations in Canada. FFP, FP, FP-BC, FP-PRP, PRP
56  2010 High recovery of mesenchymal progenitor cells with non-density gradient separation of human bone marrow. BM, DGS, HSC, MNC, MSC, NDGS, RBC, WBC
57  2010 Longitudinal study on the detection of canine Leishmania infections by conjunctival swab analysis and correlation with entomological parameters. CanL, CS
58  2010 Mastocytaemia in cats: prevalence, detection and quantification methods, haematological associations and potential implications in 30 cats with mast cell tumours. Hct, MCT
59  2010 Plasma and cryoprecipitate manufactured from whole blood held overnight at room temperature meet quality standards. PRP, QC, WB, WBF
60  2010 [Bone marrow cellularity measurement by myelocrit]. BM
61  2009 A new automatic device for routine cord blood banking: critical analysis of different volume reduction methodologies. DMSO, HES, RBC, TNC, UCB
62  2009 A randomized study of buffy coat platelets in platelet additive solution stored 1-5 versus 6-7 days prior to prophylactic transfusion of allogeneic haematopoietic progenitor cell transplant recipients. CCI, PAS
63  2009 Experimental infection of white-tailed deer fawns (Odocoileus virginianus) with bovine viral diarrhea virus type-1 isolated from free-ranging white-tailed deer. BVDV, ISH, VN
64  2009 Platelet concentrates produced from whole blood using the Atreus processing system. PC, WB
65  2009 Pooled platelet concentrates: an alternative to single donor apheresis platelets? LR, PC, PRP
66  2009 Storage of whole blood overnight in different blood bags preceding preparation of blood components: in vitro effects on red blood cells. RBC, WB
67  2009 Ten-year quality control of a semiautomated procedure of cord blood unit volume reduction. CFU-GM, TNCs
68  2008 Antigen-specific T cell immune response detected by skewed T cell receptor usage in normal placenta and complete molar pregnancy. CM, NP, RT-PCR, TCR, VBC
69  2008 Evaluation of the conjunctival swab for canine visceral leishmaniasis diagnosis by PCR-hybridization in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. CS, FP, PCR, VL
70  2008 Implementation of buffy coat platelet component production: comparison to platelet-rich plasma platelet production. PLTs, QC
71  2008 Platelet products prepared by different methods of sedimentation undergo platelet activation differently during storage. APs, CD40L, PCs, PLTs, PRP, sCD40L, sCD62
72  2008 Storage of platelet concentrates from pooled buffy coats made of fresh and overnight-stored whole blood processed on the novel Atreus 2C+ system: in vitro study. PLTs, RBC, WB
73  2008 [Clinical and laboratory parameters in neonatal nosocomial sepsis]. CBC, CRP, NNS, OR, PN
74  2007 Automated CD14+ monocyte collection with the autoMNC program of the COM.TEC cell separator. DC, MNC, PLTs, RBCs, WBCs
75  2007 Clinical effect of buffy-coat vs. apheresis platelet concentrates in patients with severe thrombocytopenia after intensive chemotherapy. CCI-1, PC
76  2007 Evaluation of platelet activation and cytokine release during storage of platelet concentrates processed from buffy coats either manually or by the automated OrbiSac system. PCs, PLT, TGF-beta1, TRAP
77  2007 Storage of buffy-coat-derived platelets in additive solutions at 4 degrees C and 22 degrees C: flow cytometry analysis of platelet glycoprotein expression. PC
78  2006 Automated separation of cord blood units in top and bottom bags using the Compomat G4. CB
79  2006 Cytokine generation in stored platelet concentrate: comparison of two methods of preparation. IL-6, IL-8, PC, PRP, TNF-alpha, WBCs
80  2006 Variation of platelet production and discard rates in 17 blood centers representing 10 European countries from 2000 to 2002. PLT
81  2005 The use of hydroxy-ethyl starch sedimentation for autologous buffy coat preparation. HES, RBCs, TEG
82  2004 Detection of Leishmania infantum cryptic infection in asymptomatic blood donors living in an endemic area (Eivissa, Balearic Islands, Spain) by different diagnostic methods. DTH, PBMC
83  2003 CD34+CDw90(Thy-1)+ subset colocated with mesenchymal progenitors in human normal bone marrow hematon units is enriched in colony-forming unit megakaryocytes and long-term culture-initiating cells. BM, CFC, CFU-F, HUs, LTC-IC
84  2003 Effect of recombinant human deoxyribonuclease on the expression of cell adhesion molecules of thawed and processed cord blood hematopoietic progenitors. DMSO, rhDNase, UCB
85  2003 Engraftment capacity of umbilical cord blood cells processed by either whole blood preparation or filtration. HPCs, NC, NOD/SCID, UCB, WB
86  2003 Evaluation of cytology in the diagnosis of acute canine monocytic ehrlichiosis (Ehrlichia canis): a comparison between five methods. BM, CME, LN, OIFs, PB
87  2003 Storage of platelets in additive solutions: a multicentre study of the in vitro effects of potassium and magnesium. PAS-III, PAS-III
88  2003 WBC reduction in cryopreserved RBC units. ---
89  2002 Cytokine levels as performance indicators for white blood cell reduction of platelet concentrates. ELISAs, IL-8, PCs, RANTES, WBC
90  2002 Lymphocyte subsets in inline filtered packed red blood cell units: comparison between low and high spin procedures. LD, PRC, PRP, WBC
91  2002 The application of PCR-ELISA to the detection of Trypanosoma brucei and T. vivax infections in livestock. PCR
92  2001 Comparison of various sample preparation methods for PCR diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis using peripheral blood. PK, VL, WB
93  2001 Leucoreduced platelet concentrates in additive solution: an evaluation of filters and storage containers. LDH, LR-PCs, PRS
94  2001 Platelet storage lesion of WBC-reduced, pooled, buffy coat-derived platelet concentrates prepared in three in-process filter/storage bag combinations. PCs
95  2001 Prevalence and incidence of trypanosomosis in horses and donkeys in the Gambia. PCR
96  2001 WBC content of platelet concentrates prepared by the buffy coat method using different processing procedures and storage solutions. PCs
97  2000 Characteristics of lymphocytes and granulocytes removed from whole blood by buffy coat depletion. Comparison of an automated bottom-and-Top processing system and the manual technique. BAT
98  2000 Characteristics of the specific removal of lymphocytes and granulocytes from whole blood in an automated bottom-and-top processing system. ---
99  2000 Differential leucocyte subpopulation analysis of leucodepleted red cell products. ---
100  2000 Low leukocyte contamination without filtration by preparation of platelet concentrates in cylindrical bags with the buffy-coat method. PC