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Abbreviation : BCS
Long Form : body condition score
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Assessing welfare risks in unowned unsocialised domestic cats in Denmark based on associations with low body condition score. CI
2023 Effect of body condition score at calving on transition success in Nili Ravi buffaloes. DMI, NEFA
2023 Effect of controlled-release monensin on automatically registered body condition score, milk β-hydroxybutyrate, milk yield and milk lactate dehydrogenase in fresh dairy cows. BHB, GO, LDH, MCRC, MY
2023 Effect of Sugar Beet Pulp and Anionic Salts on Metabolic Status and Mineral Homeostasis during the Peri-Parturient Period of Dairy Sheep. BHBA, DCAD
2023 Effects of injectable and intravaginal progesterone on ewes' reproductive performance at breeding season beginning. IM
2023 Efficiency evaluation of two estrus synchronization protocols in estrus response and conception rate of dairy cows in the Dalocha district, Ethiopia. ---
2023 Epidemiology of Gastrointestinal Parasites of Cattle in Three Districts in Central Ethiopia. GIS
2023 Evaluation of an Oral Supplemental Cannabidiol Product for Acceptability and Performance in Mature Horses. CBD
2023 Genomic Regions Associated with Wool, Growth and Reproduction Traits in Uruguayan Merino Sheep. CFW, FD, LP, LW, PR
10  2023 Impact Evaluation of Score Classes and Annotation Regions in Deep Learning-Based Dairy Cow Body Condition Prediction. CNN
11  2023 Obese dogs exhibit different fecal microbiome and specific microbial networks compared with normal weight dogs. BW, HBCS, KEGG, NBCS
12  2023 Reducing milking frequency from 3 to 2 times daily in early lactation: effects on milk production, health and body condition. ---
13  2023 Risk factors for appendicular osteosarcoma occurrence in large and giant breed dogs in western Canada. OSA
14  2023 Short-term evaluation of renal markers in overweight adult cats. CKD, SDMA
15  2023 The influence of different examiners on the Body Condition Score (BCS) in South American camelids-Experiences from a mixed llama and alpaca herd. gsBCS, SAC
16  2023 The Influence of Rumen-Protected Choline and α-tocopherol Supplementation on Early Lactating Dairy Cows Metabolism. ---
17  2023 Ultrasonographic monitoring of feline epaxial muscle height as part of an annual wellness examination to assess for the development of sarcopenia. EMH, SMA
18  2023 Visual Assessment of Adiposity in Elite Hunter Ponies. CNS
19  2023 Weight loss modifies lipid peroxidation and symmetric dimethylarginine levels in obese dogs. SDMA, TBARS
20  2023 Wet-food diet promotes the recovery from surgery of castration and control of body weight in adult young cats. BCFA, BW, CAN, DMI, HDL-C, IgG, SCFA, SOD, TG
21  2022 A comparison of the age at first calving of contract-reared versus home-reared replacement dairy heifers. ADG, AFC, EBI, MSD
22  2022 A deep learning model for CT-based kidney volume determination in dogs and normal reference definition. BW, CCC, CT, DSC, ICC
23  2022 A meta-analysis of the genetic contribution estimates to major indicators for ketosis in dairy cows. FP, FPR, KET, MY, PP
24  2022 A Prospective Cohort Study on the Periparturient Muscle Tissue Mobilisation in High Producing Dairy Cows. BFT, MT
25  2022 A protein- and fiber-rich diet with astaxanthin alleviates high-fat diet-induced obesity in beagles. CT, MRI
26  2022 Altrenogest treatment reduces the stress response of three-year-old warmblood mares during their initial equestrian training. ALT
27  2022 An Improved Approach to Automated Measurement of Body Condition Score in Dairy Cows Using a Three-Dimensional Camera System. ---
28  2022 Appetite Stimulant and Anti-Emetic Effect of Mirtazapine Transdermal Ointment in Cats Affected by Lymphoma Following Chemotherapy Administration: A Multi-Centre Retrospective Study. AEs, BW, CINV, GI, MCS, QoL
29  2022 Application of PGF2alpha at the moment of fixed-time artificial insemination in crossbred beef cows. CI, CR, EB, FTAI, GnRH, OR, PGF2 alpha
30  2022 Are Horse Owners Able to Estimate Their Animals' Body Condition Score and Cresty Neck Score? CNS
31  2022 Assessing owners' readiness to change their behaviour to address their companion animal's obesity. SOC
32  2022 Association among metabolic status, oxidative stress, milk yield, body condition score and reproductive cyclicity in dairy buffaloes. MDA
33  2022 Association between body condition genomic values and feed intake, milk production, and body weight in French Holstein cows. ---
34  2022 Association between body condition score fluctuations and pregnancy loss in Holstein cows. AI, PL
35  2022 Association between feline immunodeficiency virus and Leishmania infantum infections in cats: a retrospective matched case-control study. CBC, FIV, IFAT
36  2022 Associations between cow-level parameters and heart rate variability as a marker of the physiological stress response in dairy cows. DIM, HR, SCC
37  2022 Associations between ultrasound hepatic measurements, body measures, and milk production traits in Holstein cows. BW, US
38  2022 B-mode and color Doppler ultrasonography of normal external jugular vein in donkeys (Equus asinus). ---
39  2022 Beef cows housed in mud during late gestation have greater net energy requirements compared with cows housed on wood chip bedding. BW, CON
40  2022 Berberine supplementation modulates the somatotropic axis and ameliorates glucose tolerance in dairy goats during late gestation and early lactation. AP, AUC, BBR, CR, IVGTT, PP
41  2022 Body Composition of Healthy Cats and Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease Fed on a Dry Diet Low in Phosphorus with Maintenance Protein. BW, CKD, LBM, MMS
42  2022 Body condition and hair coat length impact weight estimation in dogs and cats presented to an emergency department. ---
43  2022 Body Condition Score Change throughout Lactation Utilizing an Automated BCS System: A Descriptive Study. 305PMY, ABCS, DIM
44  2022 Body Condition Score Is Not Correlated to Gastric Ulcers in Non-Athlete Horses. EGUS
45  2022 Changes in body condition score from calving to first insemination and milk yield, pregnancy per AI, and pregnancy loss in lactating dairy cows: A meta-analysis. AI, P/AI
46  2022 Characteristics of Holstein cows predisposed to ketosis during the post-partum transition period. BHBA
47  2022 Characterization of intestinal microbiota in normal weight and overweight Border Collie and Labrador Retriever dogs. BC, LR
48  2022 Chronic heat stress part 1: Decrease in egg quality, increase in cortisol levels in egg albumen, and reduction in fertility of breeder pekin ducks. EQ, HS
49  2022 Clustering and Correlations amongst NEFA, Selected Adipokines and Morphological Traits-New Insights into Equine Metabolic Syndrome. CNS
50  2022 Comparison of 3-breed rotational crossbreds of Montbeliarde, Viking Red, and Holstein with Holstein cows fed 2 alternative diets for dry matter intake, production, and residual feed intake. BW, CB, DIM, DMI, HFLS, HO, RFI, TRAD
51  2022 Composition and short-term stability of gut microbiota in lean and spontaneously overweight healthy Labrador retriever dogs. F/B, OTU, PCoA
52  2022 Copper oxide wire particles effective against gastrointestinal nematodes in adult alpacas during a randomized clinical trial. COWP, FEC, GIN
53  2022 Copy number variant-based genome wide association study reveals immune-related genes associated with parasite resistance in a heritage sheep breed from the United States. CNVs, SNP
54  2022 Correlation between liver lipidosis, body condition score variation, and hepatic analytes in dairy cows. LFI
55  2022 Cow-related factors associated with intramammary infections during the 1st week postpartum in primiparous dairy cows in certified organic herds. IMI, ML, SCC
56  2022 Cross-sectional study to describe bovine leukemia virus herd and within-herd ELISA prevalence and bovine leukemia virus proviral load of convenience-sampled Kansas beef cow-calf herds. BLV, PVL, qPCR
57  2022 Descriptive analysis of horses and ponies attending horse auctions in Victoria from July 2019 to March 2020. ---
58  2022 Development and Progression of Shoulder Lesions and Their Influence on Sow Behavior. CON, les
59  2022 Development of resilience indicator traits based on daily step count data for dairy cattle breeding. ---
60  2022 Dietary Chromium Picolinate Supplementation Improves Glucose Utilization in Transition Calf by Ameliorating Insulin Response. ADG, Cr, Cr-Pic, GCR, HOMA-IR, IRS-1, IVGTT, NEFAs, OGTT, RQUICKI
61  2022 Differences in the composition and predicted functions of the intestinal microbiome of obese and normal weight adult dogs. ---
62  2022 Do water shortages increase gastrointestinal nematode loads in Nguni does? FEC, GIN, PCV
63  2022 Dose-response relationship between dietary choline and serum lipid profile, energy expenditure, and respiratory quotient in overweight adult cats fed at maintenance energy requirements. ALP, BUN, BW, HDL-C, RA, VLDL
64  2022 Dynamics of automatically generated body condition scores during early lactation and pregnancy at first artificial insemination of Holstein cows. DIM
65  2022 Effect of aging on monocyte phagocytic and inflammatory functions, and on the ex vivo inflammatory responses to lipopolysaccharide, in horses. LPS, PBMCs
66  2022 Effect of PGF2alpha and GnRH administration on reproductive performance in Ghezel ewes. PCD
67  2022 Effect of transition to an automated milking system for a tie-stall barn on milk production and cow condition. AM, CM
68  2022 Effects of a high-protein, high-fiber diet rich in antioxidants and l-carnitine on body weight, body composition, metabolic status, and physical activity levels of cats after spay surgery. BF, BW, DEXA, fBMI, HPHF, MPMF
69  2022 Effects of diet on feed intake, weight change, and gas emissions in beef cows. ADG, BW, CF, DMI, FC, HAY, RFI
70  2022 Effects of Dietary Inclusion of Tannin-Rich Sericea Lespedeza Hay on Relationships among Linear Body Measurements, Body Condition Score, Body Mass Indexes, and Performance of Growing Alpine Doelings and Katahdin Ewe Lambs. ADG, ALP, BMI, BW, KAT
71  2022 Effects of early or conventional weaning on beef cow and calf performance in pasture or drylot environments. ADG
72  2022 Effects of environmental condition, size, coat type, and body condition score on rectal temperature prediction in dogs using infrared auricular and surface temperature. ST
73  2022 Effects of Exercise on Donkey Semen Parameters and Some Physiological Indices. ---
74  2022 Effects of feeding Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation products on the health and growth performance of Holstein dairy calves. ADG, BW, CON, CP, HH, HW, MR, NDF, SCFP, STP
75  2022 Effects of feeding sainfoin proanthocyanidins to lactating ewes on intake, milk production and plasma metabolites. PACs, PEG
76  2022 Effects of maternal winter vs. year-round supplementation of protein and energy on postnatal growth, immune function, and carcass characteristics of Bos indicus-influenced beef offspring. BVDV-1, BW, PI3, YMOL
77  2022 Effects of melatonin implants on reproductive performance of dairy sheep and dairy goats. ---
78  2022 Effects of pelleted versus loose salt-limited protein supplement on supplement intake behavior of yearling heifers grazing dryland pastures. BW
79  2022 Effects of Phenolic Phytogenic Feed Additives on Certain Oxidative Damage Biomarkers and the Performance of Primiparous Sows Exposed to Heat Stress under Field Conditions. CARB, LF, PFAs, TBARS
80  2022 Efficiency of Equilume light mask on the resumption of early estrous cyclicity and ovulation in Thoroughbred mares. ---
81  2022 Energy restriction and housing of pregnant beef heifers in mud decreases body weight and conceptus free live weight. BF, BW, CFLW, CON, RF
82  2022 Evaluation of growth parameters and body condition score on weaning stages of Saanen goats. ---
83  2022 Evaluation of peripheral blood polymorphonuclear cell functions after an oral carbohydrate overload in obese and insulin dysregulated horses. ID, in-feed OGT, ITT, lean-IS, obese-ID, obese-IS, PMN
84  2022 Evaluation of three classification methods of antral follicle count and fertility to the timed artificial insemination in cattle. AFC, TAI
85  2022 Evaluation of Ultrasound Measurement of Subcutaneous Fat Thickness in Dairy Jennies during the Periparturient Period. RTU, SF
86  2022 Factors affecting reproductive outcomes in lactating dairy cows that undergo presynchronization-Ovsynch and successive resynchronization programs. OR, TAI
87  2022 Feed intake, milk production and metabolism of Holstein, Gyr and Girolando-F1 heifers with high body condition score during the transition period. BHB, BW, DMI, MY, NEFA
88  2022 Feeding native rumen microbial supplements increases energy-corrected milk production and feed efficiency by Holstein cows. BW, DIM, DMI, ECM, MFS, TMR
89  2022 Genetic analysis of production traits and body size measurements and their relationships with metabolic diseases in German Holstein cattle. BTA, DCH, STAT
90  2022 Genetic parameters, heterosis, and breed effects for body condition score and mature cow weight in beef cattle. MWT
91  2022 Grass composition and distribution patterns as determinants of behavioral activities and weight accumulation of Nguni and Boran cattle post-relocation. BR, NG
92  2022 Growth Curves and Body Condition of Young Cats and Their Relation to Maternal Body Condition. ---
93  2022 Holstein dairy cows lose body condition score and gain body weight with increasing parity in both pasture-based and total mixed ration herds. BW, CI
94  2022 Immune Response After Rabies Vaccination in Owned Free-Roaming Domestic Dogs in Flores Island, Indonesia. OR
95  2022 Impacts of postpartum length at the initiation of the fixed-time artificial insemination protocol on pregnancy rates of Bos indicus beef cows. dpp, FTAI
96  2022 Indicators of immunosuppression peripartum in dual purpose cows in the tropics affected health, productive and reproductive parameters. CE
97  2022 Influence of body condition score and its change after parturition on pregnancy rates to fixed-timed artificial insemination in Bos indicus beef cows. FTAI
98  2022 Influence of Heifer Post-Weaning Voluntary Feed Intake Classification on Lifetime Productivity in Black Angus Beef Females. BW
99  2022 Influence of refeeding on production, blood biochemistry parameters, and reproduction in underfed Kacang goat does. BW
100  2022 Influence of weaning management at 30, 75 and 180 days of age on non-esterified fatty acids and reproductive performance in beef cows. BW, dpp, NEFA, PR