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Abbreviation : BED
Long Form : binge eating disorder
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A Group Intervention for Individuals With Obesity and Comorbid Binge Eating Disorder: Results From a Feasibility Study. BMI, HRQoL, RCT
2021 A Pilot Event-Related Potentials Study on Mechanisms Underlying a tDCS-Enhanced Food-Specific Response Inhibition Task for Patients With Binge Eating Disorder. CS, DLPFC, ES, tDCS
2021 A Systematic Review of Genetic Polymorphisms Associated with Binge Eating Disorder. 5-HTT
2021 Affective response to binge eating as a predictor of binge eating disorder treatment outcome. AUC, CBTgsh, EMA, NA, PA
2021 Age at menarche, eating disorders, and their relationships with some parameters in female adolescents in Iran. AM, AN, BMI, BN, EDs, SD, SES, WC
2021 Altered regional grey matter volume and appetite-related hormone levels in adolescent obesity with or without binge-eating disorder. GMV, HC, OFC
2021 An evaluation of binge eating characteristics in individuals with eating disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis. BEEs, BN
2021 App-based food-specific inhibitory control training as an adjunct to treatment as usual in binge-type eating disorders: A feasibility trial. BN, ICT, TAU
2021 Associations between eating disorder symptoms, employment status, and occupational functioning among female veterans. EDs
10  2021 Atypical Anorexia Nervosa, not so atypical after all: Prevalence, correlates, and clinical severity among United States military Veterans. AAN, AN, BN
11  2021 Baseline and momentary predictors of ecological momentary assessment adherence in a sample of adults with binge-eating disorder. EDs, EMA
12  2021 BED-online: Acceptance and efficacy of an internet-based treatment for binge-eating disorder: A randomized clinical trial including waitlist conditions. GSH
13  2021 Binge eating among young adults: association with sociodemographic factors, nutritional intake, dietary n-6:n-3 ratio and impulsivity. BE
14  2021 Binge Eating Disorder: A 5-Year Retrospective Study on Experimental Drugs. ---
15  2021 Binge sucrose-induced neuroadaptations: A focus on the endocannabinoid system. CB1R, CPP, ECS
16  2021 Binge-Eating Disorder and Type 2 Diabetes: A Review. ---
17  2021 Binge-eating disorder is associated with an unfavorable body mass composition in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. BEDS-7, NAFLD
18  2021 Bingeing on High-Fat Food Enhances Evoked Dopamine Release and Reduces Dopamine Uptake in the Nucleus Accumbens. DAT, LimA
19  2021 Change in impulsivity is prospectively associated with treatment outcomes for binge-eating disorder. BMI, CBT
20  2021 Characterizing eating disorder diagnosis and related outcomes by sexual orientation and gender identity in a national sample of college students. AN, BN, GD, SD
21  2021 Childhood and Adolescent Obesity: A Review. AN, AR, BN, NAFLD, NES, OSA
22  2021 Clinical binge eating, but not uncontrolled eating, is associated with differences in executive functions: Evidence from meta-analytic findings. BMI
23  2021 Clinical moderators and predictors of cognitive-behavioral therapy by guided-self-help versus therapist-led for binge-eating disorder: Analysis of aggregated clinical trials. CBT, OR, RCTs
24  2021 Clinicians as a critical link: Understanding health professionals' beliefs and attitudes toward anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. AN, BN, ED
25  2021 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Eating Disorders. AN, BN, CBT-ED
26  2021 Cognitive function in binge eating disorder and food addiction: A systematic review and three-level meta-analysis. FA
27  2021 Concurrent validity of the Brazilian Portuguese version of the Questionnaire on Eating and Weight Patterns-5 (QEWP-5) in the general population. BN, ED, QEWP-5, SCID-I-P
28  2021 Decision-Making in Gambling Disorder, Problematic Pornography Use, and Binge-Eating Disorder: Similarities and Differences. e.g., substance use, GD, PPU
29  2021 Decreased putamen activation in balancing goal-directed and habitual behavior in binge eating disorder. ACC, HCs, OFC
30  2021 Descriptions of Disordered Eating in German Psychiatric Textbooks, 1803-2017. AN, BN, EDs
31  2021 Descriptives and baseline ecological momentary assessed predictors of weight change over the course of psychological treatments for binge eating disorder. BMI, EMA
32  2021 Development and initial validation of an underreporting of Disordered Eating Behaviors Scale. AN, BN, SD, UDEBS
33  2021 Differences in Affective Dynamics Among Eating Disorder Diagnostic Groups. AN, BN, EMA, NA
34  2021 Differences in Food Craving in Individuals With Obesity With and Without Binge Eating Disorder. ---
35  2021 Diminished prefrontal cortex activation in patients with binge eating disorder associates with trait impulsivity and improves after impulsivity-focused treatment based on a randomized controlled IMPULS trial. fNIRS, HC
36  2021 Diseases of affluence? A systematic review of the literature on socioeconomic diversity in eating disorders. AN, BN, ED, SES
37  2021 DSM-5 eating disorder prevalence, gender differences, and mental health associations in United States military veterans. AAN, AN, BN, NES
38  2021 Eating behaviour and symptom trajectories in patients with a history of binge eating disorder during COVID-19 pandemic. BE, ED
39  2021 Effectiveness of a brief form of group dialectical behavior therapy for binge-eating disorder: Case series in a routine clinical setting. DBT
40  2021 Effects of implementation intentions on subthreshold binge eating. BN
41  2021 Effects of intranasal oxytocin in food intake and craving: A meta-analysis of clinical trials. AN, BN, CI, IN-OT, OT, SMD
42  2021 Efficacy of emotion-focused therapy in the treatment of eating disorders: A systematic review. AN, BN, EDNOS, EDs, EFT
43  2021 Emotion and Psychophysiological Responses During Emotion-Eliciting Film Clips in an Eating Disorders Sample. AN, BN, EDs
44  2021 Emotional eating across different eating disorders and the role of body mass, restriction, and binge eating. BMI, BN, ED
45  2021 Epidemiology of binge eating disorder: prevalence, course, comorbidity, and risk factors. ---
46  2021 Examining depression scores as predictors and moderators of treatment outcomes in patients with binge-eating disorder. BWL, CBT
47  2021 Examining emotion regulation in binge-eating disorder. ---
48  2021 Executive functions and depressive symptoms interplay in binge eating disorder: A structural equation model analysis. EF
49  2021 Exploring Neural Mechanisms Related to Cognitive Control, Reward, and Affect in Eating Disorders: A Narrative Review of FMRI Studies. AN, BN, fMRI
50  2021 Exploring the role of feeling fat in individuals categorized with bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder and overweight/obesity. BN
51  2021 High serum neurotensin level in obese adolescents is not associated with metabolic parameters, hyperphagia or food preference. NT
52  2021 Illness perception in patients with eating disorders: clinical, personality, and food addiction correlates. AN, BN, ED, FA, IPQ-R, OSFED
53  2021 Impulsivity and compulsivity in binge eating disorder: A systematic review of behavioral studies. ---
54  2021 Lisdexamfetamine and binge-eating disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis of the preclinical and clinical data with a focus on mechanism of drug action in treating the disorder. LDX
55  2021 Machine learning v. traditional regression models predicting treatment outcomes for binge-eating disorder from a randomized controlled trial. AUC, RMSE
56  2021 Metacognition and emotion regulation as treatment targets in binge eating disorder: a network analysis study. NA
57  2021 Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy added to usual care improves eating behaviors in patients with bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder by decreasing the cognitive load of words related to body shape, weight, and food. BN, ED, MBCT, TFEQ
58  2021 Naturalistic and Uncontrolled Pilot Study on the Efficacy of Vortioxetine in Binge Eating Disorder With Comorbid Depression. VTX
59  2021 Neuronal activities during palatable food consumption in the reward system of binge-like eating female rats. Acb, fMRI, mPFC, VTA
60  2021 No association between dopaminergic polymorphisms and response to treatment of binge-eating disorder. DA
61  2021 Participants' experience of approach bias modification training with transcranial Direct Current Stimulation as a combination treatment for binge eating disorder. ABM, RCT, tDCS
62  2021 Patients' Experience of Attending a Binge Eating Group Program - Qualitative Evaluation of a Pilot Study. CBT
63  2021 Physical activity changes during behavioral weight loss treatment by Latinx patients with obesity with and without binge eating disorder. BWL, PA
64  2021 Physiological, emotional and neural responses to visual stimuli in eating disorders: a review. AN, BN
65  2021 Preoccupation in bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and higher weight. AN, BMI, BN, HW
66  2021 Prevalence of binge-eating disorder among children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis. LOC
67  2021 Prospects for new drugs to treat binge-eating disorder: Insights from psychopathology and neuropharmacology. ADHD, LDX, TPP
68  2021 Psychiatric comorbidity as predictor and moderator of binge-eating disorder treatment outcomes: an analysis of aggregated randomized controlled trials. RCTs
69  2021 Reevaluating Cue Exposure and Response Prevention in a Pilot Study: An Updated Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder. CERP
70  2021 Relationships Between Childhood Abuse and Eating Pathology Among Individuals with Binge-Eating Disorder: examining the Moderating Roles of Self-Discrepancy and Self-Directed Style. EDs
71  2021 Reliability of the Brazilian version of the questionnaire on eating and weight patterns-5 (QEWP-5). BN, QEWP-5
72  2021 Resting State Hypoconnectivity of Reward Networks in Binge Eating Disorder. NAcc, rsFC, SFG, WMC
73  2021 Self-reported symptoms of binge-eating disorder among adolescents in a community-based Danish cohort-A study of prevalence, correlates, and impact. ---
74  2021 Separating binge-eating disorder stigma and weight stigma: A vignette study. ---
75  2021 Sequencing of symptom emergence in anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and purging disorder and relations of prodromal symptoms to future onset of these disorders. AN, BN, PD
76  2021 Sleep dysregulation in binge eating disorder and "food addiction": the orexin (hypocretin) system as a potential neurobiological link. SUDs
77  2021 Study protocol and rationale for a randomized, placebo-controlled trial of solriamfetol to treat binge eating disorder. CGIS, DNRI, YBOCS-BE
78  2021 Suicidality risk among adults with binge-eating disorder. ---
79  2021 The association between bullying and eating disorders: A case-control study. BN, EDs, ORs
80  2021 The connection between childhood maltreatment and eating disorder psychopathology: a network analysis study in people with bulimia nervosa and with binge eating disorder. BN, CM, EDs
81  2021 The Course of Weight/Shape Concerns and Disordered Eating Symptoms Among Adolescent and Young Adult Males. BN, PD
82  2021 The economic cost of bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder: a population-based study. BN, EDs, YLD
83  2021 The feasibility of emotion-focused therapy for binge-eating disorder: a pilot randomised wait-list control trial. ANOVA, EFT
84  2021 The impact of duration of illness on treatment nonresponse and drop-out: Exploring the relevance of enduring eating disorder concept. AN, BN, EDs, OSFED
85  2021 The neural correlates of delay discounting in obesity and binge eating disorder. ---
86  2021 The outcomes of mindfulness-based interventions for Obesity and Binge Eating Disorder: A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. MBIs, RCTs
87  2021 The role of the intestinal microbiota in eating disorders - bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. BN, EDs
88  2021 The Role of the Noradrenergic System in Eating Disorders: A Systematic Review. AN, BN, EDs, NE
89  2021 Too hot to handle: Mood states moderate implicit approach vs. avoidance tendencies toward food cues in patients with obesity and active binge eating disorder. AAT, sad
90  2021 Translating Virtual Reality Cue Exposure Therapy for Binge Eating into a Real-World Setting: An Uncontrolled Pilot Study. BN, CBT, OBEs, VR
91  2021 Treatment outcomes of psychotherapy for binge-eating disorder in a randomized controlled trial: Examining the roles of childhood abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. EDE, PTSD
92  2021 Two of a Kind? Mapping the Psychopathological Space between Obesity with and without Binge Eating Disorder. OB
93  2021 Views on online self-help programmes from people with eating disorders and their carers in UK. BN, EDs
94  2021 Where does purging disorder lie on the symptomatologic and personality continuum when compared to other eating disorder subtypes? Implications for the DSM. AN-BP, AN-R, BN, ED, PD, UFED
95  2020 A broad-spectrum review on multimodal neuroimaging in bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. BN
96  2020 A multi-perspective analysis of dissemination, etiology, clinical view and therapeutic approach for binge eating disorder (BED). ED
97  2020 A Perspective on Candidate Neural Underpinnings of Binge Eating Disorder: Reward and Homeostatic Systems. OFC, rsFC, VS
98  2020 A Pilot Study of a Videoconferencing-Based Binge Eating Disorder Program in Overweight or Obese Females. VC
99  2020 A retrospective chart review study of symptom onset, diagnosis, comorbidities, and treatment in patients with binge eating disorder in Canadian clinical practice. HCPs
100  2020 A Systematic Review of Scientific Studies on the Effects of Music in People with or at Risk for Eating Disorders. AN, BN, EDs, RCT