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Abbreviation : BH
Long Form : breath-holding
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Autonomic regulation of the heart and arrhythmogenesis in trained breath-hold divers. BHDs, HR, HX, NDs, Nx, PACs, PVCs
2020 Breath holding as an example of extreme hypoventilation: experimental testing of a new model describing alveolar gas pathways. RER
2020 Confounding of Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity by Blood Pressure During Breath Holding or Hyperventilation in Transient Ischemic Attack or Stroke. BP, MBP, MFV, OXVASC
2020 Elevation of intracranial pressure affects the relationship between hemoglobin concentration and neuronal activation in human somatosensory cortex. BOLD fMRI, deoxy-Hb, eICP, fNIRS, MNS, NB, oxy-Hb, SEP
2020 Impact of Free-Breathing Phase-Contrast MRI on Decision-Making in Fontan Surgical Planning. CFD, FB, HFD, PL
2020 Short- and long-term reproducibility of BOLD signal change induced by breath-holding at 1.5 and 3 T. BOLD, CVR, MRI
2019 Clinical implementation of respiratory-gated spot-scanning proton therapy: An efficiency analysis of active motion management. FB, Ph-G, QA, SSPT
2019 Hyperventilation and breath-holding test with indocyanine green kinetics predicts cerebral hyperperfusion after carotid artery stenting. AI, BFI, CAS, CHS, CVR, HV, ICG-NIRS
2019 Improving the Assessment of Breath-Holding Induced Cerebral Vascular Reactivity Using a Multiband Multi-echo ASL/BOLD Sequence. ASL/BOLD, CVR, MEC
10  2019 Respiratory-triggered spin-echo echo-planar imaging-based mr elastography for evaluating liver stiffness. MRE, RT, SE-EPI
11  2019 Three-dimensional imaging of vocalizing larynx by ultra-high-resolution computed tomography. FC, HP, IN, IP, U-HRCT, UVFP
12  2018 An innovative method to evaluate the severe level of general Qi deficiency. BFV, DBP, PTP, PWV, QDP, SaO2min, SBP, TCM
13  2018 Improvement of the repeatability of parallel transmission at 7T using interleaved acquisition in the calibration scan. AFI, CV, GRE, Int-FB, qTx, SD, Seq-FB
14  2018 Investigation of ischemic and demyelinating lesions by cerebral vasoreactivity based on transcranial Doppler sonography: a comparative study. BHI, MCA, MFV, MS
15  2017 Assessment of thoracic vasculature in patients with central bronchogenic carcinoma by unenhanced magnetic resonance angiography: comparison between 2D free-breathing TrueFISP, 2D breath-hold TrueFISP and 3D respiratory-triggered SPACE. CNR, FB, MRA, RT, VTR
16  2017 Breath holding endurance: stability over time and relationship with self-assessed persistence. ---
17  2017 Breath-holding during the Calibration Scan Improves the Reproducibility of Parallel Transmission at 7T for Human Brain. CV, FB, GRE, RF, SD
18  2017 Cerebrovascular reactivity and neurovascular coupling in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. CVR, NVC, OSAS, TCD
19  2017 Effect of free-breathing on left ventricular rotational mechanics in healthy subjects and patients with duchenne muscular dystrophy. avg, BEL, CL-shear, DMD, FAST, LV
20  2017 Electroencephalographic alpha activity modulations induced by breath-holding in apnoea divers and non-divers. EEG
21  2017 The oxygen-conserving potential of the diving response: A kinetic-based analysis. BHDs, CO, HR, NDs, NIRS, SV, TSI
22  2016 Considerable pancreatic tumor motion during breath-holding. AP, I-S, SD
23  2016 High-pitch Helical Dual-source Computed Tomographic Pulmonary Angiography: Comparing Image Quality in Inspiratory Breath-hold and During Free Breathing. CTPA, FB, PE
24  2016 Optimal Acquisition Number for Hepatic Shear Wave Velocity Measurements in Children. FB, ICC, SWVs
25  2016 Quantitative comparison of MR diffusion-weighted imaging for liver focal lesions between 3.0T and 1.5T: Regions of interest of the minimum-spot ADC, the largest possible solid part, and the maximum diameter in lesions. ADC, DWI, FB, MR, ROIs, RT
26  2016 Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) Targeting Left Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Modulates Task-Induced Acute Pain in Healthy Volunteers. CP, DLPFC, DVPRS, tDCS
27  2016 Vascular Reactivity Maps in Patients with Gliomas Using Breath-Holding BOLD fMRI. BOLD, VR
28  2015 Breath-holding times in various phases of respiration and effect of respiratory training in lung cancer patients. DEBH, DIBH, FVCpre, MVBH, PFT, RT
29  2015 Cardiorespiratory adaptation to breath-holding in air: Analysis via a cardiopulmonary simulation model. CP Model
30  2015 Effect of breath holding on cerebrovascular hemodynamics in normal pregnancy and preeclampsia. AUC, CBFV, CrCP, CVRi, PE, RAP
31  2015 Modeling the diving bradycardia: Toward an "oxygen-conserving breaking point"? HR, RMSSD
32  2014 Constraint and loneliness in agoraphobia: an empirical investigation. HV
33  2013 Breath holding duration and self-reported smoking abstinence intolerance as predictors of smoking lapse behavior in a laboratory analog task. DI
34  2013 Calibrating BOLD fMRI activations with neurovascular and anatomical constraints. ALFF, BOLD, DSSTs, GMV
35  2013 Cardiac function and oxygen saturation during maximal breath-holding in air and during whole-body surface immersion. LV
36  2013 Effects of nicotine withdrawal on panic-like response to breath holding: a placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover patch study. BP
37  2013 Hemodynamic adjustments during breath-holding in trained divers. BHDs, CO, CTi, HR, LVEDV, SV, VET
38  2013 Regional homogeneity of resting-state fMRI contributes to both neurovascular and task activation variations. ALFF, DSST, fMRI, FTAP, ReHo
39  2012 Autonomic cerebral vascular response to sildenafil in diabetic patient. BHI, CVR, FVD, MCA, TCD
40  2012 Cerebrovascular reacivity assessment in patients with carotid artery disease: a combined TCD and NIRS study. BAS, CARAD, DBH, MCBFV, NIRS, TCD, TOS, VMR
41  2012 Dosimetric investigation of breath-hold intensity-modulated radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer. EE
42  2012 Hadamard-encoded sub-slice fMRI for reduced signal dropout. SNR
43  2012 Mind-body relationships in elite apnea divers during breath holding: a study of autonomic responses to acute hypoxemia. AB, CNSD, FB, HPBH, HRV, IIR, NPBH, SC, SCRs
44  2011 An improved method for mapping cerebrovascular reserve using concurrent fMRI and near-infrared spectroscopy with Regressor Interpolation at Progressive Time Delays (RIPTiDe). BOLD, CVR, NIRS, RIPTiDe, RS
45  2011 Free-breathing single navigator gated cine cardiac magnetic resonance at 3 T: feasibility study in patients. CMRI, FB
46  2010 Breath holding with water immersion in synchronized swimmers and untrained women. HR, SS
47  2009 Caffeine challenge and breath-holding duration in patients with panic disorder. PD
48  2009 Carotid intima-media thickness and cerebrovascular reactivity in long-term type 1 diabetes mellitus. DM, HV
49  2009 Influence of combined exercise and gravity transients and apnea on hemodynamics. hiP, SV, TTC
50  2009 Spectral changes of near-infrared spectroscopy signals in migraineurs with aura reveal an impaired carbon dioxide-regulatory mechanism. LF, MWA, NIRS, VLF
51  2009 Usefulness of a breath-holding acquisition method in PET/CT for pulmonary lesions. CT, FB-PET, ROC, sBH-PET
52  2008 Caffeine challenge in patients with panic disorder: baseline differences between those who panic and those who do not. PD, SCL-90-R
53  2008 Controlled inspiration depth reduces variance in breath-holding-induced BOLD signal. BOLD, fMRI
54  2008 Mapping and correction of vascular hemodynamic latency in the BOLD signal. BOLD, WM
55  2008 [Subtraction image for dynamic liver MRI using free breath-hold at functional residual capacity: a clinical trial]. A-Po, FRC, Pl-A, Pl-Pa, VE
56  2007 Calibration of BOLD fMRI using breath holding reduces group variance during a cognitive task. BOLD, WM
57  2007 Cerebrovascular reactivity in multiple sclerosis patients. IVMP, MS, RR, TCD
58  2007 Cyanotic breath-holding spells in children respond to adenotonsillectomy for sleep-disordered breathing. SDB
59  2007 Influences of prolonged apnea and oxygen inhalation on pulmonary hemodynamics during breath holding: quantitative assessment by velocity-encoded MR imaging with SENSE technique. MCFR, SV
60  2007 Why do we need NIRS in migraine? CBFV, NIRS, TCD
61  2006 Both nitric oxide and endothelin-1 influence cerebral blood flow velocity at rest and after hyper- and hypocapnic stimuli in hypertensive and healthy adolescents. CVR, ET-1, HV, MCAv, NO
62  2006 Free-breathing delayed hyperenhanced imaging of the myocardium: a clinical application of real-time navigator echo imaging. FB, LV, SDNR
63  2006 Relationship between oxygen supply and cerebral blood flow assessed by transcranial Doppler and near-infrared spectroscopy in healthy subjects during breath-holding. BHI, CBFV, NIRS, TCD, VMR
64  2005 Heart rate responses during a breath-holding competition in well-trained divers. BHD, FVC
65  2005 Non-invasive measurement of circulation time using pulse oximetry during breath holding in chronic hypoxia. TLC
66  2002 Transcranial Doppler study of the cerebral hemodynamic changes during breath-holding and hyperventilation tests. HV, MCAv
67  2001 Chronological analysis of physiological T2* signal change in the cerebrum during breath holding. EPI, ROI, SI
68  2000 Continuous monitoring of haemodynamic parameters in humans during the early phase of simulated diving with and without breathholding. BP, SV, TPR
69  1998 Cerebral oxygenation and hemodynamics during hyperventilation and sleep in patients with Rett syndrome. HV
70  1998 [MRI phase contrast flow measurement of portal vein: influence and compensation of respiratory motion and propriety of phase correction using background]. CV, HS, LC, PC, PF, PhC, QB, RC, RSP
71  1994 Blood flow velocity in common carotid artery in humans during breath-holding and face immersion. BP, HR
72  1993 Suppression of shivering by breath holding, relaxation, mental arithmetic, and warm water ingestion. MA, RMS
73  1991 [Lung ventilation imaging with TECHNEGAS: clinical study of lung deposition and ventilation/perfusion]. ---
74  1989 Effects of maximal breath holding on maximal expiratory flows. MEFVC
75  1989 Heart rate response to breath-holding during supramaximal exercise. Ca, HR
76  1988 Bilateral carotid body resection in man enhances hypoxic tachycardia. BR, HR, UR
77  1988 Breath holding during intense exercise: arterial blood gases, pH, and lactate. ---
78  1981 Sexual and postural differences in cardioventilatory responses during and after breath holding at rest. ABP
79  1977 Heart rate response to breath holding at 18.6 ATA. FI, HR, TCV
80  1976 Left-ventricular performance in man during breath-holding and simulated diving. FS, LV, STI
81  1976 Role of the carotid bodies in the heart rate response to breath holding in man. CBR, HR
82  1975 Human Pavlovian decelerative cardiac conditioning based on a respiratory-induced cardiac deceleration as an unconditional reflex. CR, CS, UCR, UCS
83  1975 Individual facial areas in the human circulatory response to immersion. FBF, FI, HR