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Abbreviation : BI
Long Form : bacterial index
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Develop and Field Evolution of Single Tube Nested PCR, SYBRGreen PCR Methods, for the Diagnosis of Leprosy in Paraffin-embedded Formalin Fixed Tissues in Yunnan Province, a Hyper endemic Area of Leprosy in China. FFPE, MB, MDT, NPVs, PB, PPV, RLEP, STNPCR
2018 Genomic Reduction at TTC Repeats in the Bacterial Genome of Treated Cases of Hansen's Disease: A Possible Survival Mechanism of Mycobacterium leprae. ---
2015 Multibacillary leprosy patients with high and persistent serum antibodies to leprosy IDRI diagnostic-1/LID-1: higher susceptibility to develop type 2 reactions. LID-1, MB, MDT, PGL-I
2013 Identification of clinical, epidemiological and laboratory risk factors for leprosy reactions during and after multidrug therapy. anti-PGL-1, CI, OR, PCR
2013 [Guidelines for the treatment of Hansen's disease in Japan (third edition)]. MB, MDT/PB, PB
2011 Relapse study in smear positive multibacillary (MB) leprosy after 1 year WHO-multi-drug therapy (MDT) in Cebu, Philippines. LWM, MB, MDT, PYAR
2011 Serum metabolomics reveals higher levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in lepromatous leprosy: potential markers for susceptibility and pathogenesis. PUFAs, UPLC-MS
2010 Enhanced bacterial uptake and bactericidal properties of ofloxacin loaded on bioadhesive hydrogels against Pseudomonas aeruginosa. ---
2009 Long-term relapse risk of multibacillary leprosy after completion of 2 years of multiple drug therapy (WHO-MDT) in Cebu, Philippines. CI, MDT
10  2009 Use of anti-PGL-1 antibodies to monitor therapy regimes in leprosy patients. MB, MDT, PB
11  2008 A fatal case of Lucio phenomenon from India. AFB
12  2007 Utility of measuring serum levels of anti-PGL-I antibody, neopterin and C-reactive protein in monitoring leprosy patients during multi-drug treatment and reactions. CRP, ENL, MB, MDT, PB, PGL
13  2006 Detection of antibodies against Mycobacterium leprae culture filtrate protein-10 in leprosy patients. CFP-10, PGL-I, rCFP-10, TB
14  2006 Histoid leprosy - unusual presentation. ELS, HIV ELISA, MI, oif
15  2006 ML0405 and ML2331 are antigens of Mycobacterium leprae with potential for diagnosis of leprosy. BL, IgG, LL, NDOHSA, PGL-I
16  2006 [Guideline for the treatment of Hansen's disease in Japan (Second edition)]. MB, MDT/PB, PB
17  2005 Comparative evaluation of immunotherapeutic efficacy of BCG and mw vaccines in patients of borderline lepromatous and lepromatous leprosy. BL, MB, MDT, WHO
18  2005 Use of reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction for the detection of Mycobacterium leprae in the slit-skin smears of leprosy patients. MB, RT-PCR
19  2004 Are viable Mycobacterium leprae present in lepromatous patients after completion of 12 months' and 24 months' multi-drug therapy? MDT, MFP
20  2004 Bullous erythema nodosum leprosum: a case report from Nepal. MDT
21  2004 Correlation of bacterial index (BI) and bacterial index of granuloma (BIG) in leprosy--is there a therapeutic relevance? BIG
22  2004 Mycobacterium leprae infection and serum lactoferrin levels. ELISA
23  2002 DNA-PCR and RT-PCR for the 18-kDa gene of Mycobacterium leprae to assess the efficacy of multi-drug therapy for leprosy. MDT, PGL, RT
24  2001 A comparison of the bactericidal activity of quinolone antibiotics in a Mycobacterium fortuitum model. OBC
25  2001 Detection of phenolic glycolipid I of Mycobacterium leprae in sera from leprosy patients before and after start of multidrug therapy. ELISA, PGL-I
26  2001 Impact of combined Mycobacterium w vaccine and 1 year of MDT on multibacillary leprosy patients. MB
27  2001 Measurement of the bactericidal activity of fluoroquinolones against Streptococcus pneumoniae using the bactericidal index method. ---
28  2000 Long-term follow up of multibacillary leprosy patients with high BI treated with WHO/MDT regimen for a fixed duration of two years. MB
29  2000 Use of ML dipstick as a tool to classify leprosy patients. MB, PB, WHO
30  2000 [Guideline for the treatment of Hansen's disease in Japan]. MB, MDT/PB, PB
31  1999 An assessment of the value of midfinger smears in multibacillary leprosy patients. AFB, BL
32  1999 An immunotherapeutic vaccine for multibacillary leprosy. RFT
33  1999 Risk factors for erythema nodosum leprosum. ENL, MDT
34  1999 Serum markers of treatment success in leprosy. ICAM-1, IgG, MDT
35  1998 Assessment of anti-PGL-I as a prognostic marker of leprosy reaction. PGL-I
36  1998 Choosing the decolourizer and its strength to stain Mycobacterium leprae. Does it actually matter? ---
37  1998 Cytokines in leprosy, I. Serum cytokine profile in leprosy. ELISA, IFN-gamma, IL-10, IL-1beta, IL-2, IL-2R, LL, TNF-alpha
38  1998 Cytokines in leprosy, II. Effect of treatment on serum cytokines in leprosy. ELISA, IL-10, IL-1beta, IL-2R, MB, MDT, MI, PB, Th1, Th2
39  1998 Low specificity of the bacterial index for the diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia by bronchoalveolar lavage. BAL, CFU
40  1997 Daily multidrug therapy for leprosy; results of a fourteen-year experience. ENL, ETH, LRR, MDT, PYR, RR
41  1997 Fixed-duration multidrug therapy in multibacillary leprosy. FD-MDT, MB, PY
42  1996 Absence of relapse within 4 years among 34 multibacillary patients with high BIs treated for 2 years with MDT. WHO/MDT
43  1996 Drug resistance in Nepali leprosy patients. MDT
44  1996 Effectiveness of MDT in multibacillary leprosy. CLO, DADDS, MB, RFP, WHO/MDT
45  1996 Immunological status of ENL (erythema nodosum leprosum) patients: its relationship to bacterial load and levels of circulating IL-2R. ENL
46  1996 Response to treatment by multidrug regimens in the THELEP controlled clinical drug trials. Subcommittee on Clinical Trials of the Chemotherapy of Leprosy (THELEP) Scientific Working Group of the UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases. ---
47  1996 Retrospective analysis of 194 leprosy cases in the Republic of Yemen. ---
48  1996 Use of NASBA RNA amplification for detection of Mycobacterium leprae in skin biopsies from untreated and treated leprosy patients. MB, MI, PB
49  1995 Addition of immunotherapy with Mycobacterium w vaccine to multi-drug therapy benefits multibacillary leprosy patients. AFB, MB, MDT
50  1995 Minocycline in lepromatous leprosy. LIB, PGL-I
51  1995 Relapse after long-term follow up of multibacillary patients treated by WHO multidrug regimen. Marchoux Chemotherapy Study Group. MB, MDT
52  1995 Treatment of bacilliferous BL/LL cases with combined chemotherapy and immunotherapy. BL/LL, i.d
53  1995 Viability of Mycobacterium leprae in lepromatous patients after five years of dapsone monotherapy supplemented with two years of multidrug therapy. LL, MDT
54  1994 A colorimetric PCR method for the detection of M. leprae in skin biopsies from leprosy patients. MDT, PCR
55  1994 Antibody response to recombinant 65-kDa, 70-kDa and 18-kDa mycobacterial antigens in leprosy patients and healthy contacts in a leprosy-endemic population. HFC, HHC, HNC, PGL-I, rML65, SACT
56  1994 Cellular and humoral immune responses to recombinant 65-kD antigen of Mycobacterium leprae in leprosy patients and healthy controls. BCG, rIL-2, rML65
57  1994 Localized lepromatous leprosy and its response to chemo-immunotherapy. LL, Mw
58  1993 Cross-sectional assessment of ELISA reactivity in leprosy patients, contacts, and normal population using the semisynthetic antigen natural disaccharide octyl bovine serum albumin (ND-O-BSA) in Cebu, The Philippines. ELISA, MB, ND-O-BSA, PB
59  1993 Effect of recombinant interferon gamma administration on lesional monocytes/macrophages in lepromatous leprosy patients. rIFN-gamma
60  1993 Evaluation of polymerase chain reaction amplification of Mycobacterium leprae-specific repetitive sequence in biopsy specimens from leprosy patients. PCR
61  1992 Relapses in multibacillary leprosy patients after stopping treatment with rifampin-containing combined regimens. Marchoux Chemotherapy Study Group. RMP
62  1992 Treatment of paucibacillary leprosy with a regimen containing rifampicin, dapsone and prothionamide. BT, PTH, RFM
63  1991 Bactericidal activity of human peritoneal macrophages from patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis. PD, PM
64  1991 Clinical and bacteriological progress of highly bacillated BL-LL patients discontinuing treatment after different periods of MDT. BL/LL, WHO/MDT
65  1991 Diagnosis of ventilator-associated pneumonia by bacteriologic analysis of bronchoscopic and nonbronchoscopic "blind" bronchoalveolar lavage fluid. BAL, ICU, NB-BAL, VA
66  1991 On the value of sequential serology with a Mycobacterium leprae-specific antibody competition ELISA in monitoring leprosy chemotherapy. ---
67  1991 Serum IgA1 and IgM antibodies against Mycobacterium leprae-derived phenolic glycolipid-I: a comparative study in leprosy patients and their contacts. D-BSA, PGL-I
68  1991 The systemic influence of recombinant interleukin 2 on the manifestations of lepromatous leprosy. PGL-1, rIL-2
69  1991 [The value of criteria for pneumonia in the diagnosis of a ventilated pneumonia]. BAL, TS
70  1990 A quantitative study of the relationship between systemic and histological parameters of immunity in individual leprosy patients. GF, PGL-I
71  1990 Acid-fast bacilli in semen; correlation with bacterial index. AFB, MI
72  1990 Controlled clinical trial of two multidrug regimens with and without rifampin in highly bacilliferous BL/LL south Indian patients: a five-year report. ---
73  1990 Immunotherapeutic effects of a vaccine based on a saprophytic cultivable mycobacterium, Mycobacterium w in multibacillary leprosy patients. ---
74  1990 Joint chemotherapy trials in lepromatous leprosy conducted in Thailand, the Philippines, and Korea. ---
75  1990 Quantitation of IgM antibodies to the M. leprae synthetic disaccharide can predict early bacterial multiplication in leprosy. ---
76  1990 Sequential monitoring of leprosy patients with serum antibody levels to phenolic glycolipid-I, a synthetic analog of phenolic glycolipid-I, and mycobacterial lipoarabinomannan. LAM, PGL-I
77  1989 Appraisal of two Mycobacterium leprae-specific serological assays for monitoring chemotherapy in lepromatous (LL/BL) leprosy patients. ELISA, RIA
78  1989 Blood bactericidal assay (Pasteurella haemolytica) comparison of morbidity in marketed feeder calves. CV, Ph1
79  1989 Results of a modified WHO regimen in highly bacilliferous BL/LL patients. BL/LL
80  1988 A bacteriological assessment of multibacillary cases in leprosy colonies after 4 1/2 years of multidrug therapy. MDT
81  1988 Bacteriologic diagnosis of nosocomial pneumonia following prolonged mechanical ventilation. BAL, PSB
82  1988 Reproducibility of histology in leprosy lesions. GF
83  1987 Defective monocyte chemotaxis in active lepromatous leprosy. ---
84  1986 ELISA detection of IgM antibodies against phenolic glycolipid-I in the management of leprosy: a comparison between laboratories. PGL-I
85  1986 Selection of sites for slit skin smears in untreated and treated leprosy patients. MI
86  1984 Comparative study of two regimens of combined chemotherapy of one year duration in multibacillary leprosy. Results after four and five years' follow-up. ---
87  1984 Oral zinc as an adjunct to dapsone in lepromatous leprosy. BIG
88  1983 DDS-resistant infection among leprosy patients in the population of Gudiyatham Taluk, South India. Part 3. Prevalence, incidence, risk factors, and interpretation of mouse foot pad test results. BL
89  1983 The significance of dapsone (DDS)-resistant Mycobacterium leprae in untreated patients. ---
90  1980 Cell mediated immunity in patients with Virchowian hanseniasis before and after treatment with transfer factor. CMI, MI, TF