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Abbreviation : BL
Long Form : blood lactate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Effects of New Zealand blackcurrant extract on sport climbing performance. FG, HGS, HR, HT, NZBC, PL, TCT
2020 Physiological Demands of Trampolining at Different Intensities. EE, HR
2019 Caffeine and sodium bicarbonate supplementation alone or together improve karate performance. CAF, CON, KSAT, PLA, RPE, TTE
2019 Effect of acute watermelon juice supplementation on post-submaximal exercise heart rate recovery, blood lactate, blood pressure, blood glucose and muscle soreness in healthy non-athletic men and women. BG, BP, HR
2019 Effect of early restrictive fluid resuscitation on inflammatory and immune factors in patients with severe pelvic fracture. APACHE, ARDS, CFR, EFR, Hct, MODS, PLT, PT, SOFA, SPF
2019 Effect of heart rate on shooting performance in elite archers. HR
2019 High tempo music prolongs high intensity exercise. ES, HR, PPO, RPE
2019 Physical response of dogs supplemented with fish oil during a treadmill training programme. FO, HR, RT, TC
2018 Effect of Caffeine on Sprint Cycling in Experienced Cyclists. CAF, HR, PLAC, WAnT
10  2018 Effects of drop set resistance training on acute stress indicators and long-term muscle hypertrophy and strength. CSA, DS, ES, HR, MRI, MT, MVC, RPE, RT
11  2018 Essential Amino Acids (EAA) Mixture Supplementation: Effects of an Acute Administration Protocol on Myoelectric Manifestations of Fatigue in the Biceps Brachii After Resistance Exercise. CV, EAA, EAA, FD, MVCs, PLA, REP, sEMG, TtT
12  2018 Physiological and Biomechanical Responses to an Acute Bout of High Kicking in Dancers. CMJ, HR, JH, MTF, PP, Pre, TOA
13  2018 Physiological parameter values in greyhounds before and after high-intensity exercise. HR, RT
14  2018 Salivary total protein as a biomarker of anaerobic threshold in elderly athletes subjected to an incremental physical test. EEA, PAE, STP
15  2018 Ski Mountaineering - Evaluation of a Sports Specific Performance Diagnosis. ---
16  2018 Validity and Reliability of the 30-s Continuous Jump for Anaerobic Power and Capacity Assessment in Combat Sport. AP, EPOC, FI, ICC, JH, WAnT
17  2017 A fatal and metabolic experimental hemorrhagic shock in immature swine. ---
18  2017 Acute Responses to Resistance and High-Intensity Interval Training in Early Adolescents. HIIT, HR, RT, SC
19  2017 Assessment of a portable lactate meter for field use in the white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum). LOA, PFO, PL, WBFO, WBHEP
20  2017 Competition Intensity and Fatigue in Elite Fencing. AA, HR, IgA, RPE
21  2017 Does Swimming at a Moderate Altitude Favor a Lower Oxidative Stress in an Intensity-Dependent Manner? Role of Nonenzymatic Antioxidants. MOD, REC
22  2017 Oxygen cost and physiological responses of recreational badminton match play. HR, RPE
23  2017 The Effects of a 10-day Altitude Training Camp at 1828 Meters on Varsity Cross-Country Runners. HR, ITT
24  2016 Application of a combined global positioning and heart rate monitoring system in jumper horses during an official competition - A preliminary study. ANOVA, GPS, HR
25  2016 Extraction, purification and anti-fatigue activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid from mulberry (Morus alba L.) leaves. BUN, GABA, LG
26  2016 The Effect of a Moderately Low and High Carbohydrate Intake on Crossfit Performance. CHO, RER
27  2016 Use of Heart Rate Variability to Estimate Lactate Threshold in Coronary Artery Disease Patients during Resistance Exercise. CAD, DRET, HRV
28  2015 Comparison between whole-body vibration, light-emitting diode, and cycling warm-up on high-intensity physical performance during sprint bicycle exercise. LED, ST, WBV, WU
29  2015 The use of blood lactate concentration as an indicator of temperament and its impact on growth rate and tenderness of steaks from Simmental Angus steers. CS, EV
30  2014 A simplified approach for estimating the ventilatory and respiratory compensation thresholds. HR, RCT, VT
31  2014 Acute effects of a cluster-set protocol on hormonal, metabolic and performance measures in resistance-trained males. BP, BS, CMVJ, CP, CS, GH, Mid, PRE, SLJ, TS
32  2014 Do the acute biochemical and neuromuscular responses justify the classification of strength- and hypertrophy-type resistance exercise? CON, HYP, PF, RE, RFD, STR
33  2014 Effects of recovery type after a kickboxing match on blood lactate and performance in anaerobic tests. AR, CMJ, HR, PR, RPE, SJ
34  2014 Identification of anaerobic threshold by analysis of heart rate variability during discontinuous dynamic and resistance exercise protocols in healthy older men. AT, DET-C, HRV
35  2014 Low-level laser therapy associated with high intensity resistance training on cardiac autonomic control of heart rate and skeletal muscle remodeling in wistar rats. HIT, HRV, LLLT, TA
36  2013 Anaerobic upper and lower body power measurements and perception of fatigue during a kick boxing match. CMJ, HR, RPE, SJ
37  2013 Evaluation of the running-based anaerobic sprint test as a measure of repeated sprint ability in collegiate-level soccer players. RAST, RSA, WAnT
38  2013 Exercise order influences number of repetitions and lactate levels but not perceived exertion during resistance exercise in adolescents. BC, BP, RM, RPE, RT, SM-LM, TE
39  2013 Influence of post-warm-up recovery time on swim performance in international swimmers. core, RPE, TT
40  2013 Lactate and heart rate variability threshold during resistance exercise in the young and elderly. AT, HRV
41  2013 Relationships between biochemical and physiological changes induced by exercise in postmyocardial infarction patients. CK, CK-MB, HR, LDH, LDH-1, PMIP, RPP
42  2013 Sports massage with ozonised oil or non-ozonised oil: Comparative effects on recovery parameters after maximal effort in cyclists. HR, PR, VAS
43  2013 The cadence and water temperature effect on physiological responses during water cycling. HR, TC, VE, WC27
44  2013 The effects of wearing lower body compression garments during a cycling performance test. CG, COMP, CON, HR, PS, TG
45  2012 Alterations in muscular oxidative metabolism parameters in incremental treadmill exercise test in untrained rats. CK, SDH
46  2012 Effect of moderate physical exercise on postural control among 65-74 years old men. BMI, COP, PC, WHR
47  2011 Effect of maximal and slow versus recreational muscle contractions on energy expenditure in trained and untrained men. MAX, REC
48  2011 Physiological characteristics of elite sport-dancers. ---
49  2011 The mathematical analysis of the heart rate and blood lactate curves during incremental exercise testing. HR, LTP1, LVEF
50  2011 Therapeutic effects of intravenous infusion of hyperoxygenated solution on acute haemorrhagic shock in rabbits. BE, HOS, HOS1 group, MAP
51  2010 Lactate is a better predictor than systolic blood pressure for determining blood requirement and mortality: could prehospital measures improve trauma triage? AUC, ED, PH, SBP
52  2009 Aerobic exercise intensity in breast cancer patients: a preliminary investigation. HR, RPE
53  2009 Effect of 830 nm low-level laser therapy applied before high-intensity exercises on skeletal muscle recovery in athletes. CK, LLLT
54  2009 Reliability of an incremental exercise test to evaluate acute blood lactate, heart rate and body temperature responses in Labrador retrievers. BT, HR
55  2009 Serial lactate measurements using microdialysis of interstitial fluid do not correlate with plasma lactate in children after cardiac surgery. CHS
56  2007 Changes in heart rate and blood lactate concentration as intensity parameters during simulated Taekwondo competition. HR
57  2006 Chemoreflex and metaboreflex responses to static hypoxic exercise in aging humans. BP, HG, HR, MSNA, VE
58  2006 Hyperoxia enhances metaboreflex sensitivity during static exercise in humans. BP, HR, MBP, MSNA, MSNA, PECA
59  2004 Physiological responses to fitness activities: a comparison between land-based and water aerobics exercise. BMI, HR
60  2004 [Mechanism of better result of limited resuscitation in a model of uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock]. BE, Hct, MAP, MDA, MSIA, T-AOC
61  2003 Kinematic changes at intensities proximal to onset of lactate accumulation. MKFF, OBLA, RI, ROM, SF, VOCOG
62  2003 Physiological responses using 2 high-speed resistance training protocols. CPMP, HR, RPE, RT
63  2001 Comparison between the CR10 Borg's scale and the VAS (visual analogue scale) during an arm-cranking exercise. HR, VAS
64  1998 Importance of wash riding in kayaking training and competition. HR, LW, RPE, RW
65  1998 The effect of exercise intensity on the slow component of VO2 in persons of different fitness levels. MV, RT
66  1997 [Observation of therapeutic effect by combined administration of Salvia miltiorrhiza, ligustrazine and Panax notoginseng on late hemorrhagic shock of rabbits]. MDA, SOD
67  1988 Circulating lactate and FFA during exercise: effect of reduction in plasma volume following exposure to simulated microgravity. BR, FFA, PV
68  1987 Pleural fluid lactate in pleural effusion. PFL