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Abbreviation : BMI
Long Form : brain-machine interface
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Bayesian Shared Control Approach for Wheelchair Robot With Brain Machine Interface. EEG, MAP, SSVEP
2020 Decoding Movement-Related Cortical Potentials based on Subject-Dependent and Section-Wise Spectral Filtering. MRCP, SSSF
2019 Adaptive Artifact Removal From Intracortical Channels for Accurate Decoding of a Force Signal in Freely Moving Rats. CAR, LFP, MUA, SUA
2019 Adaptive Neural Control of a Kinematically Redundant Exoskeleton Robot Using Brain-Machine Interfaces. ---
2019 Brain State-dependent Gain Modulation of Corticospinal Output in the Active Motor System. CSE, MC, TMS
2019 Brain-Machine Interface Induced Morpho-Functional Remodeling of the Neural Motor System in Severe Chronic Stroke. ---
2019 Brain-Machine Interface-Based Rat-Robot Behavior Control. ---
2019 Brain-Machine Interface-Driven Post-Stroke Upper-Limb Functional Recovery Correlates With Beta-Band Mediated Cortical Networks. ARAT, FC, GS, MA, MEG, RS, UL
2019 Decoding Movements from Cortical Ensemble Activity Using a Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Network. LSTM
10  2019 Decoding Native Cortical Representations for Flexion and Extension at Upper Limb Joints Using Electrocorticography. ECoG
11  2019 Decoding neural activity to predict rat locomotion using intracortical and epidural arrays. EMG, FES, LFPs, SCI, SSEPs
12  2019 Decoding of muscle activity from the sensorimotor cortex in freely behaving monkeys. ECoG
13  2019 Design of smart EEG cap. EEG
14  2019 Event-related desynchronization possibly discriminates the kinesthetic illusion induced by visual stimulation from movement observation. ERD, OB
15  2019 From thought to action: The brain-machine interface in posterior parietal cortex. PPC
16  2019 Intrinsic Variable Learning for Brain-Machine Interface Control by Human Anterior Intraparietal Cortex. AIP
17  2019 Invasive Brain Machine Interface System. ---
18  2019 Multiscale modeling and decoding algorithms for spike-field activity. LFP, MSF, NHP
19  2019 Non-invasive, Brain-controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation for Locomotion Rehabilitation in Individuals with Paraplegia. SCI, sFES
20  2019 Pseudo-Online BMI Based on EEG to Detect the Appearance of Sudden Obstacles during Walking. LDA
21  2019 Regression-based reconstruction of human grip force trajectories with noninvasive scalp electroencephalography. EEG
22  2019 Somatosensation Evoked by Cortical Surface Stimulation of the Human Primary Somatosensory Cortex. ---
23  2019 Synchronization of Slow Cortical Rhythms During Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Machine Interface Control. ITPC, SMR
24  2019 The Advantage of Low-Delta Electroencephalogram Phase Feature for Reconstructing the Center-Out Reaching Hand Movements. EEG
25  2019 Trajectory Decoding of Arm Reaching Movement Imageries for Brain-Controlled Robot Arm System. DNN, EEG, LSTM, ME, MI
26  2019 [Brain-Machine Interface and Neuro-Rehabilitation]. ---
27  2018 A hybrid EEG-EMG BMI improves the detection of movement intention in cortical stroke patients with complete hand paralysis. ---
28  2018 A New Frontier: The Convergence of Nanotechnology, Brain Machine Interfaces, and Artificial Intelligence. AI, EEG
29  2018 A review and experimental study on the application of classifiers and evolutionary algorithms in EEG-based brain-machine interface systems. CVA, IWO, SDV
30  2018 A rodent brain-machine interface paradigm to study the impact of paraplegia on BMI performance. SCI
31  2018 Brain-machine interfaces for rehabilitation in stroke: A review. EEG
32  2018 Brain-to-speech decoding will require linguistic and pragmatic data. ECoG
33  2018 Change in hippocampal theta oscillation associated with multiple lever presses in a bimanual two-lever choice task for robot control in rats. ---
34  2018 Change in Reciprocal Inhibition of the Forearm with Motor Imagery among Patients with Chronic Stroke. FCR, MI, RI
35  2018 Control of a Robot Arm Using Decoded Joint Angles from Electrocorticograms in Primate. DOF, ECoG, EMG
36  2018 Cortical Decoding of Individual Finger Group Motions Using ReFIT Kalman Filter. MRP, NHP
37  2018 Decoding unconstrained arm movements in primates using high-density electrocorticography signals for brain-machine interface use. ECoG
38  2018 Development of a Cognitive Brain-Machine Interface Based on a Visual Imagery Method. ---
39  2018 Emergent coordination underlying learning to reach to grasp with a brain-machine interface. ---
40  2018 Estimation of neuronal firing rate using Bayesian Adaptive Kernel Smoother (BAKS). BAKS, BARS, IG, IIG, NHP, OKS, VKS
41  2018 Evaluating the Effectiveness and Safety of the Electroencephalogram-Based Brain-Machine Interface Rehabilitation System for Patients With Severe Hemiparetic Stroke: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial (BEST-BRAIN Trial). EEG, ERD, IRRID, RCT
42  2018 Event-related desynchronization during movement attempt and execution in severely paralyzed stroke patients: An artifact removal relevance analysis. EEG, ERD
43  2018 Feature Extraction of Shoulder Joint's Voluntary Flexion-Extension Movement Based on Electroencephalography Signals for Power Assistance. EEG, EMG, ICA
44  2018 Identifying multiscale hidden states to decode behavior. LFP
45  2018 Implantable Neural Probes for Brain-Machine Interfaces - Current Developments and Future Prospects. ECoG
46  2018 Improving Real-Time Lower Limb Motor Imagery Detection Using tDCS and an Exoskeleton. CVA, EEG, MI, tDCS
47  2018 Investigation of the Influence of ECoG Grid Spatial Density on Decoding Hand Flexion and Extension. CSP, ECoG, ERD, ERS, HFB, LDA, LFB
48  2018 MEG-BMI to Control Phantom Limb Pain. BPRA
49  2018 Near Perfect Neural Critic from Motor Cortical Activity Toward an Autonomously Updating Brain Machine Interface. LFPs, PSD, SFC, SU/MU
50  2018 Novel tDCS montage favors lower limb motor imagery detection. tDCS
51  2018 On Muscle Selection for EMG Based Decoding of Dexterous, In-Hand Manipulation Motions. sEMG
52  2018 On the design of EEG-based movement decoders for completely paralyzed stroke patients. ---
53  2018 Paradigm Shift in Sensorimotor Control Research and Brain Machine Interface Control: The Influence of Context on Sensorimotor Representations. ---
54  2018 Place Cell-Like Activity in the Primary Sensorimotor and Premotor Cortex During Monkey Whole-Body Navigation. ---
55  2018 Prediction of movement intention using connectivity within motor-related network: An electrocorticography study. ---
56  2018 Real-time particle filtering and smoothing algorithms for detecting abrupt changes in neural ensemble spike activity. ---
57  2018 Recent Progress on Microelectrodes in Neural Interfaces. MEA, MEMS, non-penetrating
58  2018 Rodent Behavioral Testing to Assess Functional Deficits Caused by Microelectrode Implantation in the Rat Motor Cortex. ---
59  2018 Screening for Cognitive Function in Complete Immobility Using Brain-Machine Interfaces: A Proof of Principle Study. ECAS
60  2018 Superior arm-movement decoding from cortex with a new, unsupervised-learning algorithm. ---
61  2017 3D printed wire electrode carrier for a pilot study of the functional brain mapping. ---
62  2017 A hybrid BMI-based exoskeleton for paresis: EMG control for assisting arm movements. MP, SCIs
63  2017 An Intention-Driven Semi-autonomous Intelligent Robotic System for Drinking. ID-SIR
64  2017 An unsupervised learning algorithm for multiscale neural activity. ECoG, EM, LFP
65  2017 Boosting performance in brain-machine interface by classifier-level fusion based on accumulative training models from multi-day data. NHP
66  2017 Brain-Machine Interface Control Algorithms. ---
67  2017 Changes in cortical network connectivity with long-term brain-machine interface exposure after chronic amputation. MI
68  2017 Closed-Loop Hybrid Gaze Brain-Machine Interface Based Robotic Arm Control with Augmented Reality Feedback. AR, EEG
69  2017 Control of Redundant Kinematic Degrees of Freedom in a Closed-Loop Brain-Machine Interface. DOFs
70  2017 Decoding Local Field Potentials for Neural Interfaces. LFPs
71  2017 Decoding Lower Limb Muscle Activity and Kinematics from Cortical Neural Spike Trains during Monkey Performing Stand and Squat Movements. EMG, SpTA
72  2017 Design of a Closed-Loop, Bidirectional Brain Machine Interface System With Energy Efficient Neural Feature Extraction and PID Control. ADC, AP, LFP, PID, SAR, SoC
73  2017 Detecting abrupt change in neuronal tuning via adaptive point process estimation. ---
74  2017 Enhancement of Interface Characteristics of Neural Probe Based on Graphene, ZnO Nanowires, and Conducting Polymer PEDOT. PEDOT, SNR
75  2017 Evaluation of filtering techniques to extract movement intention information from low-frequency EEG activity. EEG, MRCP
76  2017 Feedback for reinforcement learning based brain-machine interfaces using confidence metrics. NAcc, PARC, RL
77  2017 Finger movements are mainly represented by a linear transformation of energy in band-specific ECoG signals. ANN, ECoG, EEG, LRM
78  2017 Improving robotic stroke rehabilitation by incorporating neural intent detection: Preliminary results from a clinical trial. ---
79  2017 Influence of artifacts on movement intention decoding from EEG activity in severely paralyzed stroke patients. EEG
80  2017 Interactions of Neurons with Physical Environments. ---
81  2017 Motor Cortical Visuomotor Feedback Activity Is Initially Isolated from Downstream Targets in Output-Null Neural State Space Dimensions. ---
82  2017 Movement-Related Sensorimotor High-Gamma Activity Mainly Represents Somatosensory Feedback. ECoG, EMG
83  2017 Multiple Kernel Based Region Importance Learning for Neural Classification of Gait States from EEG Signals. EEG, MKL, ROI, SCI
84  2017 Multiscale decoding for reliable brain-machine interface performance over time. LFP, NHP
85  2017 Open-Source, Low Cost, Free-Behavior Monitoring, and Reward System for Neuroscience Research in Non-human Primates. ---
86  2017 Rapid control and feedback rates enhance neuroprosthetic control. ---
87  2017 Restoration of Hindlimb Movements after Complete Spinal Cord Injury Using Brain-Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation. ---
88  2017 Soft brain-machine interfaces for assistive robotics: A novel control approach. BCI, EEG
89  2017 Stop state classification in intracortical brain-machine-interface. LDA
90  2017 Stroke lesion location influences the decoding of movement intention from EEG. EEG
91  2017 Using monkey hand exoskeleton to explore finger passive joint movement response in primary motor cortex. MCP
92  2017 [Training cortical signals by means of a BMI-EEG system, its evolution and intervention. A case report]. EEG
93  2016 A Brain-Machine Interface Based on ERD/ERS for an Upper-Limb Exoskeleton Control. EEG, ERD/ERS, ME, MI
94  2016 A four-dimensional virtual hand brain-machine interface using active dimension selection. ADS
95  2016 A new therapeutic application ofbrain-machine interface (BMI) training followed by hybrid assistive neuromuscular dynamic stimulation (HANDS) therapy forpatients with severe hemiparetic stroke: A proof of concept study. ERD, FMA, HANDS, MAL-AOU, NMES
96  2016 A novel bioelectronic tongue in vivo for highly sensitive bitterness detection with brain-machine interface. LFPs
97  2016 A robust adaptive denoising framework for real-time artifact removal in scalp EEG measurements. ANC, EEG
98  2016 A Study on the Effect of Electrical Stimulation as a User Stimuli for Motor Imagery Classification in Brain-Machine Interface. EEG, FES
99  2016 A Wireless 32-Channel Implantable Bidirectional Brain Machine Interface. BBMI, LFP, NIS, SNR
100  2016 Adaptive decoding using local field potentials in a brain-machine interface. LFP