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Abbreviation : BN
Long Form : bombesin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 68Ga-radiolabeled bombesin-conjugated to trimethyl chitosan-coated superparamagnetic nanoparticles for molecular imaging: preparation, characterization and biological evaluation. 68Ga, BC, FTIR, GRP, HYNIC, MNPs, MRI, NPs, PET, PXRD, SPIONs, TEM, TGA, TLC, TMC, VSM
2019 A convenient and efficient total solid-phase synthesis of DOTA-functionalized tumor-targeting peptides for PET imaging of cancer. ---
2019 Bombesin receptors as potential targets for anticancer drug delivery and imaging. ---
2019 Development and Characterization of a Novel, High-Affinity, Specific, Radiolabeled Ligand for BRS-3 Receptors. BnRs, CNS, GRPR, hBRS-3, NMB-R
2019 HYNIC and DOMA conjugated radiolabeled bombesin analogs as receptor-targeted probes for scintigraphic detection of breast tumor. GRP
2018 Distribution of the pig gastrin-releasing peptide receptor and the effect of GRP on porcine Leydig cells. CNS, GRP, IHC, ORF, RT-PCR
2017 Interaction of bombesin and its fragments with gold nanoparticles analyzed using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. ---
2016 Anti prostate cancer using PEGylated bombesin containing, cabazitaxel loading nano-sized drug delivery system. BN-PEG-DSPE, CAB, EE, LPNs, PCa
2016 Bombesin related peptides/receptors and their promising therapeutic roles in cancer imaging, targeting and treatment. ---
10  2016 Breast cancer targeted chemotherapy based on doxorubicin-loaded bombesin peptide modified nanocarriers. DOX, MDR
11  2016 Novel Bispecific PSMA/GRPr Targeting Radioligands with Optimized Pharmacokinetics for Improved PET Imaging of Prostate Cancer. BRLs, GRPR, PCa, PSMA
12  2016 Selection of optimal chelator improves the contrast of GRPR imaging using bombesin analogue RM26. GRPRs
13  2016 Which one performs better for targeted lung cancer combination therapy: pre- or post-bombesin-decorated nanostructured lipid carriers? BN-NH2, DOX, DOX-DNA-NLC, EE, NLC, SA-PEG-COOH
14  2015 The effect of macrocyclic chelators on the targeting properties of the 68Ga-labeled gastrin releasing peptide receptor antagonist PEG2-RM26. GRPR
15  2014 Intravenous infusion of gastrin-releasing peptide-27 and bombesin in rats reveals differential effects on meal size and intermeal interval length. GRP-27, i.p, i.v, IMI, MS
16  2014 Obese and lean Zucker rats respond similarly to intraperitoneal administration of gastrin-releasing peptides. i.p
17  2014 The stomach and/or upper duodenum contain sites of action that control meal size and intermeal interval length by exogenous rat gastrin releasing peptide. CA, IMI, MS
18  2013 (68)Ga-labeled bombesin analogs for receptor-mediated imaging. GRP
19  2013 An update of radiolabeled bombesin analogs for gastrin-releasing peptide receptor targeting. GRPR, PET, SPECT
20  2013 Bombesin peptide antagonist for target-selective delivery of liposomal doxorubicin on cancer cells. DSPC, DTPA, PEG, TGI
21  2013 Comparative pharmacology of bombesin receptor subtype-3, nonpeptide agonist MK-5046, a universal peptide agonist, and peptide antagonist Bantag-1 for human bombesin receptors. BRS-3, FAK, GRPR, hBRS-3, MAPK, NMB-R, PLA2, PLC
22  2013 Improving radiopeptide pharmacokinetics by adjusting experimental conditions for bombesin receptor-mediated imaging of prostate cancer. GRPR, PC
23  2013 Preclinical evaluation of a novel In-labeled bombesin homodimer for improved imaging of GRPR-positive prostate cancer. GRPR
24  2013 The role of bombesin and bombesin-related peptides in the short-term control of food intake. BRS-3, GRP, IMI, MS, NMB
25  2012 Evolution of bombesin conjugates for targeted PET imaging of tumors. GRPR
26  2012 Improving radiopeptide pharmacokinetics by adjusting experimental conditions for bombesin receptor-targeted imaging of prostate cancer. GRPR, PC
27  2012 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of a 64Cu-labeled NOTA-Bn-SCN-Aoc-bombesin analogue in gastrin-releasing peptide receptor expressing prostate cancer. Aoc, GRPR
28  2012 PEGylation, increasing specific activity and multiple dosing as strategies to improve the risk-benefit profile of targeted radionuclide therapy with 177Lu-DOTA-bombesin analogues. PEG5k
29  2012 Peptide-modified liposomes for selective targeting of bombesin receptors overexpressed by cancer cells: a potential theranostic agent. DOX, DSPC
30  2012 Preparation and evaluation of bombesin peptide derivatives as potential tumor imaging agents: effects of structure and composition of amino acid sequence on in vitro and in vivo characteristics. ---
31  2012 Radiolabelled peptides for oncological diagnosis. ---
32  2012 Structural modifications of ⁹⁹mTc-labelled bombesin-like peptides for optimizing pharmacokinetics in prostate tumor targeting. ---
33  2011 (99m)technetium-HYNIC(tricine/TPPTS)-Aca-bombesin(7-14) as a targeted imaging agent with microSPECT in a PC-3 prostate cancer xenograft model. GRPR
34  2011 Application of human pancreatic carcinoid BON cells for receptor-targeted drug development. CPT, SST
35  2011 Bombesin receptor-mediated imaging and cytotoxicity: review and current status. GRP, NMB
36  2011 Investigation of cancer cell lines for peptide receptor-targeted drug development. GPCRs, SST, SSTR, VIP
37  2011 PEGylation of (99m)Tc-labeled bombesin analogues improves their pharmacokinetic properties. GRP, PEG, SPECT
38  2011 Pharmacology and selectivity of various natural and synthetic bombesin related peptide agonists for human and rat bombesin receptors differs. GRPR-receptor, NMB receptor
39  2010 A standardised study to compare prostate cancer targeting efficacy of five radiolabelled bombesin analogues. GRPR, PC, PRRT, PSA
40  2010 Androgen-regulated gastrin-releasing peptide receptor expression in androgen-dependent human prostate tumor xenografts. GRPR, PC, RT-PCR
41  2010 Leupaxin is similar to paxillin in focal adhesion targeting and tyrosine phosphorylation but has distinct roles in cell adhesion and spreading. CNI, FA, GRPR, LPXN
42  2010 Multimodality imaging and preclinical evaluation of 177Lu-AMBA for human prostate tumours in a murine model. BLI, GRPR, HRPC
43  2010 Pharmacology of putative selective hBRS-3 receptor agonists for human bombesin receptors (BnR): affinities, potencies and selectivity in multiple native and BnR transfected cells. BnR, BRS-3, GRPR, NMB-R
44  2010 Regulation of HER expression and transactivation in human prostate cancer cells by a targeted cytotoxic bombesin analog (AN-215) and a bombesin antagonist (RC-3095). GRP, GRPR
45  2010 Synthesis and evaluation of a technetium-99m labeled cytotoxic bombesin peptide conjugate for targeting bombesin receptor-expressing tumors. MTX
46  2010 Targeting gastrin releasing peptide receptors: New options for the therapy and diagnosis of cancer. GRP
47  2009 Characterization of putative GRP- and NMB-receptor antagonist's interaction with human receptors. GRP, NMB
48  2009 Comparative study on DOTA-derivatized bombesin analog labeled with 90Y and 177Lu: in vitro and in vivo evaluation. GRP, SA
49  2009 Current status and perspectives in peptide receptor radiation therapy. CCK, GLP-1, GRP, NETs, NPY, NT, PRRT
50  2009 Molecular basis for the selectivity of the mammalian bombesin peptide, neuromedin B, for its receptor. GRP, NMB, TM5
51  2009 Peptide receptor imaging of prostate cancer with radiolabelled bombesin analogues. GRP, GRPR, PC
52  2009 Potential-dependent characterization of bombesin adsorbed states on roughened Ag, Au, and Cu electrode surfaces at physiological pH. SERS
53  2009 Receptor-binding, biodistribution, dosimetry, and micro-SPECT/CT imaging of 111In-[DTPA(1), Lys(3), Tyr(4)]-bombesin analog in human prostate tumor-bearing mice. DTPA, GRPRs, SCID
54  2009 Spacer site modifications for the improvement of the in vitro and in vivo binding properties of (99m)Tc-N(3)S-X-bombesin[2-14] derivatives. GRPRs
55  2009 The orientation of BN-related peptides adsorbed on SERS-active silver nanoparticles: comparison with a silver electrode surface. NMB, NMC, SERS
56  2008 Bombesin promotes vasculogenesis and angiogenesis in chick chorio-allantoic membrane: A morphometric, structural, and ultrastructural study. CAM
57  2008 Bombesin-modified 6-14 C-terminal fragments adsorption on silver surfaces: influence of a surface substrate. SERS
58  2008 Investigation of molecular structure of bombesin and its modified analogues nonadsorbed and adsorbed on electrochemically roughened silver surface. SERS
59  2008 Molecular basis for agonist selectivity and activation of the orphan bombesin receptor subtype 3 receptor. BRS, EC2, GRPR, TM2
60  2008 Structures and bonding on a colloidal silver surface of the various length carboxyl terminal fragments of bombesin. DFT, SERS
61  2008 Surface-enhanced Raman difference between bombesin and its modified analogues on the colloidal and electrochemically roughen silver surfaces. SERS
62  2008 Synthesis, Copper(II) Complexation, (64)Cu-Labeling, and Bioconjugation of a New Bis(2-pyridylmethyl) Derivative of 1,4,7-Triazacyclononane. GRPR, SOD, tacn
63  2007 Androgen-dependent expression of the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor in human prostate tumor xenografts. GRP, PC
64  2007 Bombesin analogs containing alpha-amino-isobutyric acid with potent anticancer activity. AIB, MD
65  2007 Capsaicin treatment differentially affects feeding suppression by bombesin-like peptides. GRP, NMB
66  2007 Growth inhibition of non-small-cell lung carcinoma by BN/GRP antagonist is linked with suppression of K-Ras, COX-2, and pAkt. GRP, LRP, NSCLC, SCLC
67  2007 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of 64Cu-labeled DOTA-linker-bombesin(7-14) analogues containing different amino acid linker moieties. GRPR, PET
68  2007 MicroPET imaging of breast cancer using radiolabeled bombesin analogs targeting the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor. GRPR, PET
69  2007 Novel 111In-labelled bombesin analogues for molecular imaging of prostate tumours. GRP
70  2006 Conformational analysis in solution of gastrin releasing peptide. GRP, GRPR
71  2006 Effects of oral preload, CCK or bombesin administration on short term food intake of melanocortin 4-receptor knockout (MC4RKO) mice. CCK, HET, MC4R, MC4RKO
72  2006 Evaluation of a series of new 99mTc-labeled bombesin-like peptides for early cancer detection. GRP
73  2006 Identification of bombesin receptor subtype-specific ligands: effect of N-methyl scanning, truncation, substitution, and evaluation of putative reported selective ligands. BRS-3
74  2006 Imaging pancreatic cancer with a peptide-nanoparticle conjugate targeted to normal pancreas. PDAC
75  2006 Immunohistochemical detection of bombesin receptor subtypes GRP-R and BRS-3 in human tumors using novel antipeptide antibodies. BRS-3, GRPR
76  2006 In vitro and in vivo antitumor effects of cytotoxic camptothecin-bombesin conjugates are mediated by specific interaction with cellular bombesin receptors. CPT
77  2006 Targeted chemotherapy with cytotoxic bombesin analogue AN-215 inhibits growth of experimental human prostate cancers. GRP
78  2005 A new high affinity technetium-99m-bombesin analogue with low abdominal accumulation. GRP
79  2005 Experimental therapy of human endometrial cancers with a targeted cytotoxic bombesin analog AN-215: low induction of multidrug resistance proteins. ---
80  2005 Fast cancer uptake of 99mTc-labelled bombesin (99mTc BN1). ---
81  2005 Focal adhesion kinase is required for bombesin-induced prostate cancer cell motility. FAK, GRP, NED
82  2005 GRP receptor-targeted PET of a rat pancreas carcinoma xenograft in nude mice with a 68Ga-labeled bombesin(6-14) analog. GRPR
83  2005 Identification of key amino acids in the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPR) responsible for high affinity binding of gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP). BRS-3, GRP, GRPR, GRPR, NMBR
84  2005 Immunohistochemical localization of gastrin-releasing peptide receptor in the mouse brain. BLA, GRP, GRPR, LA, NTS
85  2005 Leptin enhances feeding suppression and neural activation produced by systemically administered bombesin. ---
86  2005 Mechanisms underlying anorexia after microinjection of bombesin into the lateral cerebroventricle. GRP, i.c.v, NMB, PK
87  2005 Quantification of the bombesin/gastrin releasing peptide antagonist RC-3095 by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. GRP
88  2005 Targeted cytotoxic bombesin analog AN-215 effectively inhibits experimental human breast cancers with a low induction of multi-drug resistance proteins. BCRP, GRP, MDR-1, MRP-1
89  2004 A new high affinity technetium analogue of bombesin containing DTPA as a pharmacokinetic modifier. DTPA, GRP
90  2004 Development of bombesin analogs with conformationally restricted amino acid substitutions with enhanced selectivity for the orphan receptor human bombesin receptor subtype 3. Apa, GRP, hBRS-3, NMB
91  2004 Development of high affinity camptothecin-bombesin conjugates that have targeted cytotoxicity for bombesin receptor-containing tumor cells. CPT-BN
92  2004 Distributions of two chicken bombesin receptors, bombesin receptor subtype-3.5 (chBRS-3.5) and gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (chGRP-R) mRNAS in the chicken telencephalon. chBRS-3.5, chBRS-3.5, ED
93  2004 Gastrin releasing peptide receptor expression is decreased in patients with Crohn's disease but not in ulcerative colitis. CD, GRP, IBD, UC
94  2004 Gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) analogues for cancer imaging. GRP
95  2004 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of a 64Cu-labeled polyethylene glycol-bombesin conjugate. GRPR, PEG
96  2004 Leptin resistance and enhancement of feeding facilitation by melanin-concentrating hormone in mice lacking bombesin receptor subtype-3. BRS, GRPR, MCH
97  2004 Role of 99mTc-bombesin scan in diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer. ---
98  2004 The bombesin/gastrin releasing peptide receptor antagonist RC-3095 blocks apomorphine but not MK-801-induced stereotypy in mice. GRP, i.p
99  2003 Blockade of bombesin-like peptide receptors impairs inhibitory avoidance learning in mice. GRP
100  2003 Intrahippocampal infusion of the bombesin/gastrin-releasing peptide antagonist RC-3095 impairs inhibitory avoidance retention. GRP, IA