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Abbreviation : BOD
Long Form : bilirubin oxidase
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A high-energy sandwich-type self-powered biosensor based on DNA bioconjugates and a nitrogen doped ultra-thin carbon shell. CP, EBFCs
2020 Assessing electron transfer reactions and catalysis in multicopper oxidases with operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy. ORR, XAS
2020 BiVO4/Bilirubin Oxidase Photo(bio)electrochemical Cells for Unbiased Light-Triggered Electrical Power Generation. bio
2019 Conjugated Polymer Enhanced Photoelectric Response of Self-Circulating Photosynthetic Bioelectrochemical Cell. PBEC, PFP
2019 Operation stability of chitosan and nafion-chitosan coatings on bioelectrodes in enzymatic glucose biofuel cells. DET, MWCNTs, PQQ-GDH
2019 Performance of a glucose-reactive enzyme-based biofuel cell system for biomedical applications. EBFC, GDH, GOD
2018 Aqueous polythiophene electrosynthesis: A new route to an efficient electrode coupling of PQQ-dependent glucose dehydrogenase for sensing and bioenergetic applications. PQQ-GDH
2018 Nanostructured Porous Electrodes by the Anodization of Gold for an Application as Scaffolds in Direct-electron-transfer-type Bioelectrocatalysis. DET, POD
2018 Redox Potential-Dependent Formation of an Unusual His-Trp Bond in Bilirubin Oxidase. WT
10  2018 Structural Changes of the Trinuclear Copper Center in Bilirubin Oxidase upon Reduction. QM/MM, RO, TNC, UDFT
11  2017 A self-powered glucose biosensor based on pyrolloquinoline quinone glucose dehydrogenase and bilirubin oxidase operating under physiological conditions. PQQ-GDH
12  2017 Factors affecting the interaction between carbon nanotubes and redox enzymes in direct electron transfer-type bioelectrocatalysis. CNTs, CueO, DET
13  2017 Highly Selective and Sensitive Self-Powered Glucose Sensor Based on Capacitor Circuit. MWCNTs, PQQ-GDH
14  2017 Immobilization of bilirubin oxidase on graphene oxide flakes with different negative charge density for oxygen reduction. The effect of GO charge density on enzyme coverage, electron transfer rate and current density. GO
15  2017 Magnetic Nanoparticle-Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite as a Novel Bioelectrode for Mediatorless-Membraneless Glucose Enzymatic Biofuel Cells. EBC, GOD, OCV, rGO
16  2017 Switchable aerobic/anaerobic multi-substrate biofuel cell operating on anodic and cathodic enzymatic cascade assemblies. CAT, FDH, GOx, INV, MUT
17  2016 Diazonium Functionalisation of Carbon Nanotubes for Specific Orientation of Multicopper Oxidases: Controlling Electron Entry Points and Oxygen Diffusion to the Enzyme. MWCNTs
18  2016 Increasing the catalytic activity of Bilirubin oxidase from Bacillus pumilus: Importance of host strain and chaperones proteins. IBs
19  2016 Understanding of the Effects of Ionic Strength on the Bimolecular Rate Constant between Structurally Identified Redox Enzymes and Charged Substrates Using Numerical Simulations on the Basis of the Poisson-Boltzmann Equation. GOD, PB
20  2015 A Hybrid DNA-Templated Gold Nanocluster For Enhanced Enzymatic Reduction of Oxygen. ET, ORR, RRDE, SWNTs
21  2015 Coupling of an enzymatic biofuel cell to an electrochemical cell for self-powered glucose sensing with optical readout. BFC, GDH, MG, SPE
22  2015 Electrical stimulation by enzymatic biofuel cell to promote proliferation, migration and differentiation of muscle precursor cells. EBFC, GOx, MPCs
23  2015 Graphene oxide as a protein matrix: influence on protein biophysical properties. GO
24  2015 Mediatorless glucose biosensor and direct electron transfer type glucose/air biofuel cell enabled with carbon nanodots. BFC, CNDs, DET, GOx, LOD, OCV
25  2015 Rational Tuning of the Electrocatalytic Nanobiointerface for a "Turn-Off" Biofuel-Cell-Based Self-Powered Biosensor for p53 Protein. BFC, GPNHN
26  2015 Self-powered competitive immunosensor driven by biofuel cell based on hollow-channel paper analytical devices. BFC, CEA, GDH, muPADs
27  2015 Stretchable biofuel cell with enzyme-modified conductive textiles. CNT, FDH
28  2014 Biofuel cells based on direct enzyme-electrode contacts using PQQ-dependent glucose dehydrogenase/bilirubin oxidase and modified carbon nanotube materials. BP, VACNT
29  2014 Carbon nanotube-bilirubin oxidase bioconjugate as a new biofuel cell label for self-powered immunosensor. BFCs, CNT
30  2014 Improvement of a direct electron transfer-type fructose/dioxygen biofuel cell with a substrate-modified biocathode. DET, FDH
31  2014 The pH dependence of the cathodic peak potential of the active sites in bilirubin oxidase. ---
32  2013 Improved direct electrochemistry for proteins adsorbed on a UV/ozone-treated carbon nanofiber electrode. CNF, cyt c, DET
33  2013 Purification and characterization of a new laccase from the filamentous fungus Podospora anserina. SGZ
34  2012 Bilirubin oxidase from Bacillus pumilus: a promising enzyme for the elaboration of efficient cathodes in biofuel cells. BFCs, MCO
35  2012 Bilirubin oxidase from Magnaporthe oryzae: an attractive new enzyme for biotechnological applications. ---
36  2012 Features and applications of bilirubin oxidases. MCOs
37  2012 Heat and drying time modulate the O2 reduction current of modified glassy carbon electrodes with bilirubin oxidases. ---
38  2012 Purification, characterization and decolorization of bilirubin oxidase from Myrothecium verrucaria 3.2190. MALDI-TOF MS, PAGE
39  2011 Electroactive multilayer assemblies of bilirubin oxidase and human cytochrome C mutants: insight in formation and kinetic behavior. cyt c
40  2011 Fabrication and characterization of buckypaper-based nanostructured electrodes as a novel material for biofuel cell applications. BPs, MWCNTs, ORR
41  2010 A mediator-adapted diaphorase variant for a glucose dehydrogenase-diaphorase biocatalytic system. ANQ, DI, G122D, GDH
42  2010 Development of a (PQQ)-GDH-anode based on MWCNT-modified gold and its application in a glucose/O2-biofuel cell. GDH, MWCNTs, PQQ
43  2010 Feedback mode SECM study of laccase and bilirubin oxidase immobilised in a sol-gel processed silicate film. CLSM, SECM
44  2010 From dynamic measurements of photosynthesis in a living plant to sunlight transformation into electricity. GOx
45  2010 X-ray analysis of bilirubin oxidase from Myrothecium verrucaria at 2.3 A resolution using a twinned crystal. MPD, SAD
46  2009 Application of poly[oxyethylene(dimethylimino)propyl-(dimethylimino)ethylene] as enzyme stabilizer for bilirubin oxidase immobilized electrode. ---
47  2009 Measurements of reversible and irreversible inactivation processes of a redox enzyme, bilirubin oxidase, by electrochemical methods based on bioelectrocatalysis. GuHCl
48  2008 A bioelectrocatalysis method for the kinetic measurement of thermal inactivation of a redox enzyme, bilirubin oxidase. ---
49  2008 Direct electron transfer from graphite and functionalized gold electrodes to T1 and T2/T3 copper centers of bilirubin oxidase. DET, MPA-gold, SPGE
50  2008 Gold single-crystal electrode surface modified with self-assembled monolayers for electron tunneling with bilirubin oxidase. SAMs
51  2008 Surface characterization and direct electrochemistry of redox copper centers of bilirubin oxidase from fungi Myrothecium verrucaria. CE
52  2007 Electrochemical consideration on the optimum pH of bilirubin oxidase. ABTS, DET, OAP, PPD
53  2007 Integrated, electrically contacted NAD(P)+-dependent enzyme-carbon nanotube electrodes for biosensors and biofuel cell applications. AlcDH, GDH, SWCNT
54  2006 Redox potentials of the blue copper sites of bilirubin oxidases. ---
55  2005 Detection of glucose at 2 fM concentration. GOx
56  2005 Development of a novel glucose enzyme fuel cell system employing protein engineered PQQ glucose dehydrogenase. ---
57  2004 A novel electrochemical approach to the characterization of oxidoreductase reactions. QH-AmDH
58  2004 Deactivation of bilirubin oxidase by a product of the reaction of urate and O2. ---
59  2004 Detection of approximately 10(3) copies of DNA by an electrochemical enzyme-amplified sandwich assay with ambient O(2) as the substrate. ---
60  1999 Enzymatic assay for conjugated bilirubin (Bc) in serum using bilirubin oxidase (BOD). Bc, Bu, CV, DBIL, HPLC
61  1999 Monitoring catalytic reaction of bilirubin oxidase and determination of bilirubin and bilirubin oxidase activity by capillary electrophoresis. MEKC, RSD
62  1998 A new enzymatic assay for selectively measuring conjugated bilirubin concentration in serum with use of bilirubin oxidase. ---
63  1990 Enzymatic synthesis of polyaniline film using a copper-containing oxidoreductase: bilirubin oxidase. ---