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Abbreviation : BSMV
Long Form : Barley stripe mosaic virus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Virus-Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) for Functional Characterization of Disease Resistance Genes in Barley Seedlings. VIGS
2018 Barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV) as a virus-induced gene silencing vector in maize seedlings. VIGS
2018 Barley stripe mosaic virus gammab Protein Subverts Autophagy to Promote Viral Infection by Disrupting the ATG7-ATG8 Interaction. ATG7
2018 Barley stripe mosaic virus infection requires PKA-mediated phosphorylation of gammab for suppression of both RNA silencing and the host cell death response. VSR
2018 Chinese Wheat Mosaic Virus-Induced Gene Silencing in Monocots and Dicots at Low Temperature. CWMV, FoMV, mRNA, PDS, VIGS
2018 Construction of infectious clones of lychnis ringspot virus and evaluation of its relationship with barley stripe mosaic virus by reassortment of genomic RNA segments. ---
2018 Hijacking of the nucleolar protein fibrillarin by TGB1 is required for cell-to-cell movement of Barley stripe mosaic virus. GAR, LSCM, NLS, NoLS, PD, RNP, TGB1
2018 Host-induced gene silencing of an important pathogenicity factor PsCPK1 in Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici enhances resistance of wheat to stripe rust. HIGS, PKA, Pst, RNAi, siRNAs
2018 Molecular analysis of barley stripe mosaic virus isolates differing in their biological properties and the development of reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification assays for their detection. RT-LAMP
10  2018 Non-structural Functions of Hordeivirus Capsid Protein Identified in Plants Infected by a Chimeric Tobamovirus. CPs, TVCV
11  2018 The transcription factor PstSTE12 is required for virulence of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici. HIGS, Pst, RT-PCR
12  2018 Three-Dimensional Analysis of Chloroplast Structures Associated with Virus Infection. CIs
13  2018 Virus-Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) in Aegilops tauschii and Its Use in Functional Analysis of AetDREB2. VIGS
14  2017 A barley homolog of yeast ATG6 is involved in multiple abiotic stress responses and stress resistance regulation. ---
15  2017 A rapid and efficient method for uniform gene expression using the barley stripe mosaic virus. iLOV
16  2017 BSMV as a Biotemplate for Palladium Nanomaterial Synthesis. TMV
17  2017 BSMV-Induced Gene Silencing Assay for Functional Analysis of Wheat Rust Resistance. VIGS
18  2017 Identification and VIGS-based characterization of Bx1 ortholog in rye (Secale cereale L.). BX, dai
19  2017 Molecular cloning and characterization of two novel genes from hexaploid wheat that encode double PR-1 domains coupled with a receptor-like protein kinase. AS, CRKs, STKc
20  2017 The Barley stripe mosaic virus gammab protein promotes chloroplast-targeted replication by enhancing unwinding of RNA duplexes. VSR
21  2017 Virus-Based MicroRNA Silencing and Overexpressing in Common Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). amiR-PDS, miRNAs
22  2016 Host-induced silencing of Fusarium culmorum genes protects wheat from infection. FHB, HIGS
23  2016 Identification of an attenuated barley stripe mosaic virus for the virus-induced gene silencing of pathogenesis-related wheat genes. FHB, VIGS
24  2016 Virus-Induced Gene Silencing for Gene Function Studies in Barley. VIGS
25  2015 Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus (BSMV) Induced MicroRNA Silencing in Common Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). miRNAs
26  2015 Phosphorylation of TGB1 by protein kinase CK2 promotes barley stripe mosaic virus movement in monocots and dicots. T395A, T401A, TGB1, XJTGB1
27  2015 TaSCL14, a novel wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) GRAS gene, regulates plant growth, photosynthesis, tolerance to photooxidative stress, and senescence. VIGS, XY54
28  2015 The knottin-like Blufensin family regulates genes involved in nuclear import and the secretory pathway in barley-powdery mildew interactions. Bgh, BiFC, Bln1
29  2015 Virus induced gene silencing (VIGS) for functional analysis of wheat genes involved in Zymoseptoria tritici susceptibility and resistance. VIGS
30  2014 A complete ancient RNA genome: identification, reconstruction and evolutionary history of archaeological Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus. ---
31  2014 Development of a one-step immunocapture real-time RT-PCR assay for the detection of barley stripe mosaic virus strains in barley seedlings. IC-real-time RT-PCR, TGB2
32  2014 Development of an Efficient Virus Induced Gene Silencing Strategy in the Non-Model Wild Ginger-Zingiber zerumbet and Investigation of Associated Proteome Changes. PDS, VIGS
33  2014 Mla- and Rom1-mediated control of microRNA398 and chloroplast copper/zinc superoxide dismutase regulates cell death in response to the barley powdery mildew fungus. Bgh, HR, hvu-miR398, Mla, rom1
34  2014 Proof by synthesis of Tobacco mosaic virus. TMV, ToMV
35  2013 'Phytochip': on-chip detection of phytopathogenic RNA viruses by a new surface plasmon resonance platform. SPR
36  2013 Actin Cytoskeleton and Golgi Involvement in Barley stripe mosaic virus Movement and Cell Wall Localization of Triple Gene Block Proteins. CW, Lat B, TGB
37  2013 Barley stripe mosaic virus: structure and relationship to the tobamoviruses. ---
38  2013 First Report of Barley yellow dwarf virus and Cereal yellow dwarf virus Affecting Cereal Crops in Azerbaijan. BaYMV, BYDV, BYSMV, MSV
39  2013 Host-induced gene silencing of wheat leaf rust fungus Puccinia triticina pathogenicity genes mediated by the Barley stripe mosaic virus. HIGS, Pt
40  2013 Selection of reference genes for gene expression studies in virus-infected monocots using quantitative real-time PCR. BMV, qPCR, RBSDV, SCMV
41  2013 Structural lability of Barley stripe mosaic virus virions. CP, TMV
42  2013 TaEIL1, a wheat homologue of AtEIN3, acts as a negative regulator in the wheat-stripe rust fungus interaction. EIN3, Pst, RACE, SA, TFs, VIGS
43  2013 Virus-induced gene silencing of Arabidopsis thaliana gene homologues in wheat identifies genes conferring improved drought tolerance. VIGS
44  2013 vsiRNAs derived from the miRNA-generating sites of pri-tae-miR159a based on the BSMV system play positive roles in the wheat response to Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici through the regulation of taMyb3 expression. CYR23, Pst, sRNAs, VIGS
45  2012 A conserved C-terminal motif is essential for self-interaction of Barley stripe mosaic virus China strain TGB3 protein. BSMV-CH, TGB
46  2012 A new BSMV-based vector with modified beta molecule allows simultaneous and stable silencing of two genes. ORF betac
47  2012 Development of a multiplex polymerase chain reaction for simultaneous detection of wheat viruses and a phytoplasma in China. mPCR
48  2012 Fine mapping of the Bsr1 barley stripe mosaic virus resistance gene in the model grass Brachypodium distachyon. Bsr1, RIL
49  2012 Functional characterization of calcineurin homologs PsCNA1/PsCNB1 in Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici using a host-induced RNAi system. Pst
50  2012 Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) of genes expressed in root, leaf, and meiotic tissues of wheat. COI1, DMC1, GFP, VIGS
51  2012 Virus-induced gene silencing in hexaploid wheat using barley stripe mosaic virus vectors. BSMV-VIGS, VIGS
52  2012 Virus-induced gene-silencing in wheat spikes and grains and its application in functional analysis of HMW-GS-encoding genes. dpi, HMW-GS 1Bx14, VIGS
53  2011 A high throughput barley stripe mosaic virus vector for virus induced gene silencing in monocots and dicots. ChlH, LIC, PDS, TK, VIGS
54  2011 Inactivation of plant infecting fungal and viral pathogens to achieve biological containment in drainage water using UV treatment. UV
55  2011 The Barley stripe mosaic virus system used for virus-induced gene silencing in cereals differentially affects susceptibility to fungal pathogens in wheat. VIGS
56  2010 Establishment of an effective virus induced gene silencing system with BSMV in Haynaldia villosa. PDS, VIGS
57  2010 Intracellular expression of a host-selective toxin, ToxA, in diverse plants phenocopies silencing of a ToxA-interacting protein, ToxABP1. ---
58  2010 Investigations of barley stripe mosaic virus as a gene silencing vector in barley roots and in Brachypodium distachyon and oat. BdPDS, VIGS
59  2010 Virus-induced gene silencing of WRKY53 and an inducible phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in wheat reduces aphid resistance. PAL, VIGS
60  2009 A cation/proton-exchanging protein is a candidate for the barley NecS1 gene controlling necrosis and enhanced defense response to stem rust. FN, PR, VIGS
61  2009 Hordeivirus replication, movement, and pathogenesis. ---
62  2009 Subcellular localization of the barley stripe mosaic virus triple gene block proteins. CW, ORFs, TGB
63  2009 Virus-induced gene silencing in the culinary ginger (Zingiber officinale): an effective mechanism for down-regulating gene expression in tropical monocots. VIGS
64  2009 Virus-induced gene silencing, a post transcriptional gene silencing method. VIGS
65  2008 Comparison of barley stripe mosaic virus strains. CP, TGB1
66  2008 Triple gene block protein interactions involved in movement of Barley stripe mosaic virus. RNP, TGB
67  2007 Stability of Barley stripe mosaic virus-induced gene silencing in barley. PDS, qRT-PCR, VIGS
68  2006 Alterations of NADPH:protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase quantity and lipid composition in etiolated barley seedlings infected by Barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV). MGDG, PLB
69  2006 Barley stripe mosaic virus-encoded proteins triple-gene block 2 and gammab localize to chloroplasts in virus-infected monocot and dicot plants, revealing hitherto-unknown roles in virus replication. CLSM, TGBs
70  2006 First Detection of Wheat dwarf virus in Barley in Spain Associated with an Outbreak of Barley Yellow Dwarf. BaMMV, BaYMV, BMV, BStMV, BYDV, BYSMV, CYDV, ELISA, RT-PCR, SBCMV
71  2005 An empirical study of the evolution of virulence under both horizontal and vertical transmission. ---
72  2005 Development of a virus-induced gene-silencing system for hexaploid wheat and its use in functional analysis of the Lr21-mediated leaf rust resistance pathway. VIGS
73  2005 Virus-induced gene silencing-based functional characterization of genes associated with powdery mildew resistance in barley. VIGS
74  2004 First Record of Barley yellow striate mosaic virus Affecting Wheat Summer-Nurseries in Syria. BYDV-PAV, BYSMV
75  2004 The C-terminal region of the Barley stripe mosaic virusgammab protein participates in homologous interactions and is required for suppression of RNA silencing. ---
76  2003 Sequence elements controlling expression of Barley stripe mosaic virus subgenomic RNAs in vivo. sgRNAs, TGB1
77  2002 Barley stripe mosaic virus-induced gene silencing in a monocot plant. GFP, PDS, VIGS
78  2002 Long-distance movement, virulence, and RNA silencing suppression controlled by a single protein in hordei- and potyviruses: complementary functions between virus families. PSLV
79  2001 Interactions of the TGB1 protein during cell-to-cell movement of Barley stripe mosaic virus. GFP, TGB
80  2001 Requirements for cell-to-cell movement of Barley stripe mosaic virus in monocot and dicot hosts. GFP
81  1999 Movement of hordeivirus hybrids with exchanges in the triple gene block. LRSV, MPs, PSLV, TGB
82  1998 Genome sequences of poa semilatent and lychnis ringspot hordeiviruses. LRSV, PCV, PSLV, SBWMV
83  1998 In vivo transfer of barley stripe mosaic hordeivirus ribonucleotides to the 5' terminus of maize stripe tenuivirus RNAs. MStV
84  1997 Host-controlled cell-to-cell movement of a hybrid barley stripe mosaic virus expressing a dianthovirus movement protein. MPs, RCNMV, TGB
85  1997 The barley stripe mosaic virus 58-kilodalton beta(b) protein is a multifunctional RNA binding protein. ds, ss
86  1996 A single nucleotide substitution in the alpha a gene confers oat pathogenicity to barley stripe mosaic virus strain ND18. ---
87  1996 Comparisons of the genomic cis-elements and coding regions in RNA beta components of the hordeiviruses barley stripe mosaic virus, lychnis ringspot virus, and poa semilatent virus. LRSV, PSLV, TGB
88  1996 Expression of the barley stripe mosaic virus RNA beta "triple gene block". CAT, ORFs
89  1996 Highly sensitive immunoassays for detection of barley stripe mosaic virus and beet necrotic yellow vein virus. BNYVV, HRP, mAbs
90  1996 Movement of a barley stripe mosaic virus chimera with a tobacco mosaic virus movement protein. MP, TGB, TMV
91  1996 RNA-binding activities of barley stripe mosaic virus gamma b fusion proteins. ---
92  1995 Mapping of the seed transmission determinants of barley stripe mosaic virus. ---
93  1994 Complete nucleotide sequence of peanut clump virus RNA 1 and relationships with other fungus-transmitted rod-shaped viruses. BNYVV, ORFs, PCV, SBWMV
94  1994 Evidence that the alpha a gene of barley stripe mosaic virus encodes determinants of pathogenicity to oat (Avena sativa). ---
95  1993 Serological analysis of barley stripe mosaic virus-encoded proteins in infected barley. dpi
96  1992 Poa semilatent virus, a hordeivirus having no internal polydisperse poly(A) in the 3' non-coding region of the RNA genome. ORFs, PSLV
97  1990 BSMV genome mediated expression of a foreign gene in dicot and monocot plant cells. Luc, ORF
98  1990 Expression of resistance to barley stripe mosaic virus in barley and oat protoplasts. PEG
99  1990 Mutational analysis of barley stripe mosaic virus RNA beta. ---
100  1990 Nicotiana velutina mosaic virus: evidence for a bipartite genome comprising 3 kb and 8 kb RNAs. NVMV, ORFs