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Abbreviation : BSO
Long Form : buthionine sulfoximine
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Acute kidney injury model established by systemic glutathione depletion in mice. Mb
2019 Amplification of Tumor Oxidative Stresses with Liposomal Fenton Catalyst and Glutathione Inhibitor for Enhanced Cancer Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. SPECT
2019 Antioxidant and reactive oxygen species scavenging properties of cellular albumin in HepG2 cells is mediated by the glutathione redox system. NAC, ROS
2019 Arsenic Disulfide Combined with L-Buthionine-(S, R)-Sulfoximine Induces Synergistic Antitumor Effects in Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Models of MCF-7 Breast Carcinoma Cells. ---
2019 Carteolol hydrochloride reduces visible light-induced retinal damage invivo and BSO/glutamate-induced oxidative stress invitro. ERG, ONL, ROS
2019 Celastrol Protects RPE Cells from Oxidative Stress-Induced Cell Death via Activation of Nrf2 Signaling Pathway. AMD, RPE
2019 Cigarette Smoke-Induced Oxidative Stress and Autophagy in Human Alveolar Epithelial Cell Line (A549 Cells). CS, HSP70
2019 Comparative Evaluation of Conventional and Novel Extracts of Stem Bark of Terminalia arjuna for Antihypertensive Activity in BSO Induced Oxidative Stress based Rat Model. MAE, RTE, SE, TA, USAE
2019 Cytotoxicity of safrole in HepaRG cells: studies on the role of CYP1A2-mediated ortho-quinone metabolic activation. alpha-NAP, CYP450, OME, RMs
10  2019 Cytotoxicity, Oxidative Stress, and Autophagy in Human Alveolar Epithelial Cell Line (A549 Cells) Exposed to Standardized Urban Dust. CB, PM, UD
11  2019 Effects of inhibiting antioxidant pathways on cellular hydrogen sulfide and polysulfide metabolism. DEM, ROS, RSS
12  2019 Establishment and characterization of a mouse model of rhabdomyolysis by coadministration of statin and fibrate. AST, CPK, GF, LV
13  2019 Exposure to a competitive social environment activates an epigenetic mechanism that limits pheomelanin synthesis in zebra finches. ---
14  2019 Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency increases cell adhesion molecules and activates human monocyte-endothelial cell adhesion: Protective role of l-cysteine. 6-AN, EC, eNOS, HUVEC, ICAM-1, iNOS, MCP-1, NADPH, NO, NOX4, ROS, TNF, VCAM-1
15  2019 Glutamine starvation inhibits snakehead vesiculovirus replication via inducing autophagy associated with the disturbance of endogenous glutathione pool. GCL, ROS, SHVV
16  2019 Imbalance in the glutathione system in Opisthorchis felineus infected liver promotes hepatic fibrosis. GSH, NAC, ROS
17  2019 Impact of CH223191-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction on Its Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Agonistic and Antagonistic Activities. AhR, CYP1A1, FICZ, NAC, ROS
18  2019 Increased oxidative stress in the cerebellum and peripheral immune cells leads to exaggerated autism-like repetitive behavior due to deficiency of antioxidant response in BTBR T + tf/J mice. BTBR, GPx, iNOS, SOD
19  2019 Increasing tolerance to bispyribac-sodium is able to allow glutathione homeostasis to recover in indica rice compared with japonica rice. BS, DEM, GSH, GSTs, NAC
20  2019 Methane Control of Adventitious Rooting Requires gamma-Glutamyl Cysteine Synthetase-Mediated Glutathione Homeostasis. gamma-ECS
21  2019 MRP1 modulators synergize with buthionine sulfoximine to exploit collateral sensitivity and selectively kill MRP1-expressing cancer cells. ROS
22  2019 N-acetyl-cysteine blunts 6-hydroxydopamine- and L-buthionine-sulfoximine-induced apoptosis in human mesenchymal stromal cells. AIF, CASP3, DAergic, GPX1, MSCs, NAC, OS, PD
23  2019 Natural combination of phenolic glycosides from fruits resists pro-oxidant insults to colon cells and enhances intrinsic antioxidant status in mice. AEFC
24  2019 Osteonecrosis of the jaws caused by bisphosphonate treatment and oxidative stress in mice. BRONJ, OS, ZOL
25  2019 Osthole prevents tamoxifen-induced liver injury in mice. ALT, AST, MDA, NAC, TMX
26  2019 Overcoming Cancer Cell Drug Resistance by a Folic Acid Targeted Polymeric Conjugate of Buthionine Sulfoximine. HeLa, ROS
27  2019 Protective role of melatonin on retinal ganglionar cell: In vitro an in vivo evidences. GLUT, MEL, RGCs
28  2019 Putative Role of Nuclear Factor-Kappa B But Not Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1alpha in Hypoxia-Dependent Regulation of Oxidative Stress in Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells. HIF, HSCs, LSK, NF-kappaB, ROS
29  2019 ReactELISA method for quantifying methylglyoxal levels in plasma and cell cultures. MG, ReactELISA
30  2019 Reactive oxygen species modulate macrophage immunosuppressive phenotype through the up-regulation of PD-L1. PD-L1, ROS, TAMs, TNBC
31  2019 S-1-propenylmercaptocysteine protects murine hepatocytes against oxidative stress via persulfidation of Keap1 and activation of Nrf2. AOAA, CBS, CSE, Keap1, Nrf2, PAG, RSSH
32  2019 Synergistic effect of buthionine sulfoximine on the chlorin e6-based photodynamic treatment of cancer cells. Ce6, GSH-OEt, PDT, ROS
33  2019 Systemic L-Buthionine -S-R-Sulfoximine Treatment Increases Plasma NGF and Upregulates L-cys/L-cys2 Transporter and gamma-Glutamylcysteine Ligase mRNAs Through the NGF/TrkA/Akt/Nrf2 Pathway in the Striatum. CNS, NGF, TrkA
34  2019 Tanshinone I Induces Mitochondrial Protection by a Mechanism Involving the Nrf2/GSH Axis in the Human Neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y Cells Exposed to Methylglyoxal. MG, siRNA, T-I
35  2019 Thioredoxin Reductase-1 Inhibition Augments Endogenous Glutathione-Dependent Antioxidant Responses in Experimental Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. AFN, BPD, GCL, GPx, mtCCs, TXNRD1
36  2019 Tris(8-Hydroxyquinoline)iron induces apoptotic cell death via oxidative stress and by activating death receptor signaling pathway in human head and neck carcinoma cells. DR, HNSCC, NAC, ROS, RT-PCR, TNF-alpha, TRAIL-Rs
37  2018 A Fluorescent Cy7-Mercaptopyridine for the Selective Detection of Glutathione over Homocysteine and Cysteine. NAC, NIR
38  2018 Arabidopsis mutants impaired in glutathione biosynthesis exhibit higher sensitivity towards the glucosinolate hydrolysis product allyl-isothiocyanate. AITC, ITCs
39  2018 Arsenic trioxide induces growth inhibition and death in human pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells accompanied by mitochondrial O2•- increase and GSH depletion. ATO, HPASM, NAC, ROS, VSMCs
40  2018 Biomarkers of tumour redox status in response to modulations of glutathione and thioredoxin antioxidant pathways. EPR, Trx
41  2018 Cell-based assay using glutathione-depleted HepaRG and HepG2 human liver cells for predicting drug-induced liver injury. DILI
42  2018 Cyanidin-3-O-glucoside ameliorates diabetic nephropathy through regulation of glutathione pool. ACR, alpha-SMA, BUN, C3G, DN, GCLC, GCLM, MCP-1, MMP9, TGF-beta1
43  2018 CYP3A Activation and Glutathione Depletion Aggravate Emodin-Induced Liver Injury. DEX, KTZ
44  2018 Effect of bleaching agent extracts on murine macrophages. NAC
45  2018 Establishment of a drug-induced rhabdomyolysis mouse model by co-administration of ciprofloxacin and atorvastatin. AKI, AST, ATV, AUC, CPFX, CPK
46  2018 Exposure to far-infrared rays attenuates methamphetamine-induced recognition memory impairment via modulation of the muscarinic M1 receptor, Nrf2, and PKC. FIR, GPx-1, MA, mAChRs, PKCdelta
47  2018 GSH/GSSG redox couple plays central role in aryl hydrocarbon receptor-dependent modulation of cytochrome P450 1A1. AhR, CYP1A1, FICZ, NAC
48  2018 Impairment in exploratory behavior is associated with arc gene overexpression in the dorsolateral striatum of rats with nigral injection of l-buthionine sulfoximine. ---
49  2018 Impairment of gamma-glutamyl transferase 1 activity in the metabolic pathogenesis of chromophobe renal cell carcinoma. BHD, ccRCC, ChRCC, GGT1, PCA, TSC
50  2018 Low tumor glutathione level as a sensitivity marker for glutamate-cysteine ligase inhibitors. GCL
51  2018 Modulation of glutathione promotes apoptosis in triple-negative breast cancer cells. CSCs, ITdU, ROS
52  2018 PICK1 deficiency exacerbates sepsis-associated acute lung injury and impairs glutathione synthesis via reduction of xCT. ALI, CLP, GSH-MEE, NAC, PICK1, RNS, ROS, WT
53  2018 S-Alk(en)ylmercaptocysteine suppresses LPS-induced pro-inflammatory responses in murine macrophages through inhibition of NF-kappaB pathway and modulation of thiol redox status. GCL, IKK, LPS, NF-kappaB, Nrf2
54  2018 Shenxian-Shengmai Oral Liquid Reduces Myocardial Oxidative Stress and Protects Myocardium from Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury. A/R, CCK-8, GCLC, GSH-Px, HR, I/R, IPC, LVDP, ROS, SD, SOD, SXSM
55  2018 Survival of rats bearing advanced intracerebral F 98 tumors after glutathione depletion and microbeam radiation therapy: conclusions from a pilot project. Group A, MRT, PVDR
56  2018 Systemic L-buthionine-S-R-sulfoximine administration modulates glutathione homeostasis via NGF/TrkA and mTOR signaling in the cerebellum. BBB, EAAC1, EAAT3, LAT1, mTOR, NGF, TrkA
57  2018 The cathepsin B inhibitor z-FA-CMK induces cell death in leukemic T cells via oxidative stress. NAC, ROS
58  2018 The involvement of Nrf2 antioxidant signalling pathway in the protection of monocrotaline-induced hepatic sinusoidal obstruction syndrome in rats by (+)-catechin hydrate. ALT/AST, Dim, HHSECs, HO-1, HSOS, Keap1, MCT, NQO1, Nrf2, ROS, TBIL, ZnPP
59  2017 3-bromopyruvate and buthionine sulfoximine effectively kill anoikis-resistant hepatocellular carcinoma cells. 3-BP, AR, EMT, HCC, ROS
60  2017 A monkey model of acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity; phenotypic similarity to human. NAPQI
61  2017 A novel CCR-2/TLR-2 triggered signaling in murine peritoneal macrophages intensifies bacterial (Staphylococcus aureus) killing by reactive oxygen species through TNF-R1. L-NMMA
62  2017 Acute maternal oxidant exposure causes susceptibility of the fetal brain to inflammation and oxidative stress. EtOH, NAC, OS
63  2017 Amentoflavone prevents sepsis-associated acute lung injury through Nrf2-GCLc-mediated upregulation of glutathione. ALI, AMF, CLP
64  2017 Betaine homocysteine S-methyltransferase emerges as a new player of the nuclear methionine cycle. BHMT, Gal, NAC
65  2017 Buthionine sulfoximine is a multitarget inhibitor of trypanothione synthesis in Trypanosomacruzi. gamma-ECS, SH, TryS
66  2017 Buthionine sulfoximine, a glutathione depletor, attenuates endotoxic fever and reduces IL-1beta and IL-6 level in rats. IL, LPS, Tb
67  2017 Co-delivery of multiple drug resistance inhibitors by polymer/inorganic hybrid nanoparticles to effectively reverse cancer drug resistance. CXB, DOX, MDR
68  2017 Comparison of neurons derived from mouse P19, rat PC12 and human SH-SY5Y cells in the assessment of chemical- and toxin-induced neurotoxicity. DeltaPsim
69  2017 D-penicillamine combined with inhibitors of hydroperoxide metabolism enhances lung and breast cancer cell responses to radiation and carboplatin via H2O2-mediated oxidative stress. Au, D-Pen
70  2017 Decreased phosphatase PTEN amplifies PI3K signaling and enhances proinflammatory cytokine release in COPD. COPD, CSE, PI3K
71  2017 Establishment of a mouse model of enalapril-induced liver injury and investigation of the pathogenesis. DEX, DILI, ELP
72  2017 Gallic acid induces HeLa cell death via increasing GSH depletion rather than ROS levels. GA, HUVEC, MMP, NAC, ROS
73  2017 Identification of Novel Inhibitors of Leishmania donovani gamma-Glutamylcysteine Synthetase Using Structure-Based Virtual Screening, Docking, Molecular Dynamics Simulation, and in Vitro Studies. Gcs, LdGcs
74  2017 Imaging thiol redox status in murine tumors in vivo with rapid-scan electron paramagnetic resonance. RS EPR
75  2017 Impaired cross-talk between the thioredoxin and glutathione systems is related to ASK-1 mediated apoptosis in neuronal cells exposed to mercury. ASK1, Cys, mGrx2D, Sec, Trx, TrxR
76  2017 Inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness after chlorine exposure are prolonged by Nrf2 deficiency in mice. AHR, BAL, Nrf2, SFN
77  2017 Inhibition of glutathione metabolism attenuates esophageal cancer progression. ESCC
78  2017 Low-Intensity Ultrasound Decreases alpha-Synuclein Aggregation via Attenuation of Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species in MPP(+)-Treated PC12 Cells. CK2, LIUS, PD, ROS
79  2017 Midazolam anesthesia protects neuronal cells from oxidative stress-induced death via activation of the JNK-ERK pathway. ERK, MCAO, ROS, TUNEL
80  2017 Neuroprotection of Brain Cells by Lipoic Acid Treatment after Cellular Stress. LA, LPS, MDA
81  2017 Nitric oxide improves S-assimilation and GSH production to prevent inhibitory effects of cadmium stress on photosynthesis in mustard (Brassica juncea L.). Cd, NO
82  2017 Opposite Effects of Mechanical Action of Fluid Flow on Proangiogenic Factor Secretion From Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells With and Without Oxidative Stress. ASCs, HUVEC
83  2017 Ornithine decarboxylase or gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase overexpression protects Leishmania (Vianna) guyanensis against antimony. DFMO, ODC
84  2017 Phytochelatin synthesis in Dunaliella salina induced by arsenite and arsenate under various phosphate regimes. Cys, PCs
85  2017 Phytochelatins play key roles for the difference in root arsenic accumulation of different Triticum aestivum cultivars in comparison with arsenate uptake kinetics and reduction. Cys, PCs
86  2017 Proteomic analysis of the glutathione-deficient LEGSKO mouse lens reveals activation of EMT signaling, loss of lens specific markers, and changes in stress response proteins. EMT
87  2017 Radiation-induced surge of macrophage foam cell formation, oxidative damage, and cytokine release is attenuated by a nanoformulation of curcumin. DNC, IR, NAC, ROS
88  2017 Resveratrol modulates GSH system in C6 astroglial cells through heme oxygenase 1 pathway. CNS, GCL, GPx, GR, HO-1, ROS/RNS
89  2017 Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid induces thioredoxin1-mediated apoptosis in lung cancer cells via up-regulation of miR-129-5p. 3'UTR, ASK, HDAC, NAC, ROS, SAHA, Trx1
90  2017 Targeting of the Glutathione, Thioredoxin, and Nrf2 Antioxidant Systems in Head and Neck Cancer. ARE, HNC, ROS, Trx
91  2017 Targeting redox homeostasis in rhabdomyosarcoma cells: GSH-depleting agents enhance auranofin-induced cell death. AUR, ERA, NAC, RMS, ROS, Trx, TrxR
92  2017 The diverse roles of glutathione-associated cell resistance against hypericin photodynamic therapy. HYP-PDT, PDT
93  2017 The effects of changes in glutathione levels through exogenous agents on intracellular cysteine content and protein adduct formation in chronic alcohol-treated VL17A cells. DEM, HNE, NAC, UDCA
94  2017 The replication of spring viraemia of carp virus can be regulated by reactive oxygen species and NF-kappaB pathway. NAC, ROS, SVCV
95  2017 Thymoquinone protects against cobalt chloride-induced neurotoxicity via Nrf2/GCL-regulated glutathione homeostasis. GCLC, GCLm, MDA, TQ
96  2017 Transcriptome of the GSH-Depleted Lens Reveals Changes in Detoxification and EMT Signaling Genes, Transport Systems, and Lipid Homeostasis. EMT
97  2017 TriPer, an optical probe tuned to the endoplasmic reticulum tracks changes in luminal H2O2. ER
98  2017 Tumor Targeting Synergistic Drug Delivery by Self-Assembled Hybrid Nanovesicles to Overcome Drug Resistance. DOX, MDR, P-gp, TQR
99  2016 A Low Glutathione Redox State Couples with a Decreased Ascorbate Redox Ratio to Accelerate Flowering in Oncidium Orchid. AsA, DHA, DHAR, GSSG
100  2016 A Phase I New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy Study of Buthionine Sulfoximine and Melphalan With Autologous Stem Cells for Recurrent/Refractory High-Risk Neuroblastoma. MRs, PR