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Abbreviation : C1P
Long Form : ceramide-1-phosphate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Antiproliferative Effects of Thymoquinone in MCF-7 Breast and HepG2 Liver Cancer Cells: Possible Role of Ceramide and ER Stress. Cer, GRP78, NFkappaB1, nSMase, S1P, SM, TQ
2020 Down-regulation of ceramide kinase via proteasome and lysosome pathways in PC12 cells by serum withdrawal: Its protection by nerve growth factor and role in exocytosis. CERK, NGF
2020 Effect of ER stress on sphingolipid levels and apoptotic pathways in retinal pigment epithelial cells. Cers, ER, GRP78, NFkappaB1, SM, TM, TUDCA
2020 Inhibitory effects of ceramide kinase on Rac1 activation, lamellipodium formation, cell migration, and metastasis of A549 lung cancer cells. CERK
2020 Interaction between nitric oxide and storage temperature on sphingolipid metabolism of postharvest peach fruit. ALP, AP, Cer, CERK, CerS, KDSR, NO, PLA, PLC, PLD, S1P, SM, SMS, Sph, SphK
2020 Modulation of radiation-induced damage of human glomerular endothelial cells by SMPDL3B. CERK, GEnC, IR, NOXs, ROS, SMPDL3b
2020 Novel signaling aspects of ceramide 1-phosphate. CERK, cPLA2
2020 Sphingolipids in food and their critical roles in human health. Cer, MetS, S1P, SLs
2019 Bioactive Phospholipids Enhance Migration and Adhesion of Human Leukemic Cells by Inhibiting Heme Oxygenase 1 (HO-1) and Inducible Nitric Oxygenase Synthase (iNOS) in a p38 MAPK-Dependent Manner. HO-1, iNOS, LPA, LPC, S1P
10  2019 Ceramide 1-Phosphate Protects Endothelial Colony-Forming Cells From Apoptosis and Increases Vasculogenesis In Vitro and In Vivo. ---
11  2019 Chemotherapy selection pressure alters sphingolipid composition and mitochondrial bioenergetics in resistant HL-60 cells. AC, AML, DNR, S1P, SL, SphK1
12  2019 Phosphorylation and inhibition of ceramide kinase by protein kinase C-beta: Their changes by serine residue mutations. CERK, PKC, PMA
13  2019 Regulation of the amount of ceramide-1-phosphate synthesized in differentiated human podocytes. CERK, GPI, PM, SMPDL3b, SPT
14  2019 Role of Bioactive Sphingolipids in Inflammation and Eye Diseases. Cer, LacCer, RPE, S1P, SM
15  2019 Serum Sphingolipidomic Analysis in Acne Vulgaris Patients. AV, Cer, ELISA, MRM, MS/MS, N-SMase, S1P, SM, UFLC
16  2019 SMPDL3b modulates insulin receptor signaling in diabetic kidney disease. DKD, PM, SMPDL3b
17  2019 Sphingolipids as Emerging Mediators in Retina Degeneration. AMD, Cer, RPE, S1P, Sph
18  2019 The Cross-Talk Between Sphingolipids and Insulin-Like Growth Factor Signaling: Significance for Aging and Neurodegeneration. IGF-I, NF-kappaB, ROS, S1P
19  2019 The interaction of ceramide 1-phosphate with group IVA cytosolic phospholipase A2 coordinates acute wound healing and repair. HETE, KI, KO, pDFs
20  2019 The Role of Ceramide 1-Phosphate in Inflammation, Cellular Proliferation, and Wound Healing. ---
21  2019 Translocation and activation of sphingosine kinase 1 by ceramide-1-phosphate. CERK, PM, S1P, SphKs
22  2018 Ceramide-1-phosphate has protective properties against cyclophosphamide-induced ovarian damage in a mice model of premature ovarian failure. ASMase, CY, POF
23  2018 CPTP: A sphingolipid transfer protein that regulates autophagy and inflammasome activation. GLTP
24  2018 Decreased Serum Levels of Sphingomyelins and Ceramides in Sickle Cell Disease Patients. Cer, Hb, MRM, MS/MS, nSMase, S1P, SCD, UFLC
25  2018 Dopamine transporter trafficking is regulated by neutral sphingomyelinase 2/ceramide kinase. DA, DAT, nSMase2
26  2018 Early postoperative changes of sphingomyelins and ceramides after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. BMI, Cer, ELISA, LSG, MRM, MS/MS, nSMase, S1P, SM, UFLC
27  2018 Enhanced phosphorylation of sphingosine and ceramide sustains the exuberant proliferation of endothelial progenitors in Kaposi sarcoma. Ct-ECFCs, ECFCs, KS, KS-ECFCs, S1P
28  2018 Impact of Sphingolipid Mediators on the Determination of Cochlear Survival in Ototoxicity. S1P, S1PR2
29  2018 Knockout of Ceramide Kinase Aggravates Pathological and Lethal Responses in Mice with Experimental Colitis. CERK, DSS, WT
30  2018 Lysophosphatidic Acid Signaling Axis Mediates Ceramide 1-Phosphate-Induced Proliferation of C2C12 Myoblasts. LPA
31  2018 Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell secreted extracellular vesicles containing ceramide-1-phosphate promote pancreatic cancer stem cell motility. CERK, PCSC, PDAC
32  2018 Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Signaling and Metabolism Gene Signature in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Matched-case Control Pilot Study. IBD, S1P
33  2018 The Role of Ceramide 1-Phosphate in Tumor Cell Survival and Dissemination. CERK
34  2017 Bioactive Lipids and Circulating Progenitor Cells in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease. CPCs, S1P
35  2017 Ceramide 1-Phosphate Increases P-Glycoprotein Transport Activity at the Blood-Brain Barrier via Prostaglandin E2 Signaling. BBB, COX-2
36  2017 Novel pleiotropic effects of bioactive phospholipids in human lung cancer metastasis. BphsLs, HGF/SF, LC, LPA, LPC, S1P
37  2017 Phosphatidylserine Stimulates Ceramide 1-Phosphate (C1P) Intermembrane Transfer by C1P Transfer Proteins. acd11, CPTP, GLTP
38  2017 Phospholipase D from Loxosceles laeta Spider Venom Induces IL-6, IL-8, CXCL1/GRO-alpha, and CCL2/MCP-1 Production in Human Skin Fibroblasts and Stimulates Monocytes Migration. IL, LPA, MCP-1, PLD, rLlPLD
39  2017 Synthesis and evaluation of a tag-free photoactive phospho-ceramide analogue-1 (PCERA-1) probe to study immunomodulation in macrophages. PCERA-1
40  2017 The Role of Sphingosine-1-Phosphate and Ceramide-1-Phosphate in Inflammation and Cancer. CERK, S1P, SphKs
41  2017 Vascular endothelial growth factor mediates ceramide 1-phosphate-stimulated macrophage proliferation. ERK-2, MEK, PI3K, VEGF, VEGFR2
42  2016 Analysis of Molecular Species Profiles of Ceramide-1-phosphate and Sphingomyelin Using MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry. ---
43  2016 C1P Attenuates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury by Preventing NF-kappaB Activation in Neutrophils. ---
44  2016 Caged ceramide 1-phosphate (C1P) analogs: Novel tools for studying C1P biology. CERK
45  2016 Ceramide 1-phosphate regulates cell migration and invasion of human pancreatic cancer cells. CERK, ERK1-2, mTOR1, PI3K
46  2016 Ceramide-1-phosphate protection of cochlear hair cells against cisplatin ototoxicity. ---
47  2016 Effects of Glycerophospholipids on Ceramide Kinase Activity: Cardiolipin-Affected Cellular Formation of Ceramide-1-phosphate. CERK, PH, PI
48  2016 Emerging Strategies to Enhance Homing and Engraftment of Hematopoietic Stem Cells. BM, HSCs, PB, S1P, SDF-1
49  2016 Exogenous ceramide-1-phosphate (C1P) and phospho-ceramide analogue-1 (PCERA-1) regulate key macrophage activities via distinct receptors. PCERA-1, TACE
50  2016 Implication of matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 in ceramide 1-phosphate-stimulated macrophage migration. ERK1-2, PI3K, PTX
51  2016 Influence of calcium on ceramide-1-phosphate monolayers. BAM, GIXD, IRRAS
52  2016 Investigation of the biophysical properties of a fluorescently modified ceramide-1-phosphate. ---
53  2016 Priming with ceramide-1 phosphate promotes the therapeutic effect of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells on pulmonary artery hypertension. BM, MSCs, PAH
54  2016 Regulation of cell migration and inflammation by ceramide 1-phosphate. cPLA2
55  2015 Ceramide-1-phosphate inhibits cigarette smoke-induced airway inflammation. AECs, CS, NF, nSMase
56  2015 Sphingomyelinase D/ceramide 1-phosphate in cell survival and inflammation. SM
57  2015 The effect of the bioactive sphingolipids S1P and C1P on multipotent stromal cells--new opportunities in regenerative medicine. MSCs, S1P
58  2014 An endoplasmic reticulum stress-initiated sphingolipid metabolite, ceramide-1-phosphate, regulates epithelial innate immunity by stimulating beta-defensin production. AMP, CAMP, ER, hBD-2, S1P, TG
59  2014 Arabidopsis accelerated cell death 11, ACD11, is a ceramide-1-phosphate transfer protein and intermediary regulator of phytoceramide levels. acd11
60  2014 Ceramide kinase contributes to proliferation but not to prostaglandin E2 formation in renal mesangial cells and fibroblasts. CERK, PGE2
61  2014 Ceramide kinase is required for a normal eicosanoid response and the subsequent orderly migration of fibroblasts. CERK
62  2014 Phosphatidic acid inhibits ceramide 1-phosphate-stimulated macrophage migration. ERK, PA, PLD
63  2014 The role of sphingosine-1 phosphate and ceramide-1 phosphate in trafficking of normal stem cells and cancer cells. S1P
64  2013 Bioactive lipids and cationic antimicrobial peptides as new potential regulators for trafficking of bone marrow-derived stem cells in patients with acute myocardial infarction. AMI, BM, HSCs, non-HSCs, PB, S1P, S1P1, VSELs
65  2013 Bioactive lipids S1P and C1P are prometastatic factors in human rhabdomyosarcoma, and their tissue levels increase in response to radio/chemotherapy. HGF/SF, RMS, S1P
66  2013 Ceramide 1-phosphate induces macrophage chemoattractant protein-1 release: involvement in ceramide 1-phosphate-stimulated cell migration. ERK, MCP-1, MEK, PI3K, PTX
67  2013 Ceramide 1-phosphate stimulates glucose uptake in macrophages. PI3K, PKB, PTX
68  2013 Ceramide-1-phosphate regulates migration of multipotent stromal cells and endothelial progenitor cells--implications for tissue regeneration. BM
69  2013 Characterization of eicosanoid synthesis in a genetic ablation model of ceramide kinase. CERK, MEFs
70  2013 Innate immunity as orchestrator of bone marrow homing for hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells. BM, CC, HSPCs, MAC, S1P, SDF-1
71  2013 Non-vesicular trafficking by a ceramide-1-phosphate transfer protein regulates eicosanoids. cPLA2alpha, S1P
72  2013 Novel agents targeting bioactive sphingolipids for the treatment of cancer. dhCer, GluCer, S1P
73  2013 The molecular basis of ceramide-1-phosphate recognition by C2 domains. ---
74  2013 The role of ceramide-1-phosphate in biological functions. CERK
75  2012 C2-di-ethyl-ceramide-1-phosphate as an inhibitor of group IVA cytosolic phospholipase A2. DE, PAF
76  2012 Ceramide 1-phosphate stimulates proliferation of C2C12 myoblasts. ---
77  2012 Conditioning for hematopoietic transplantation activates the complement cascade and induces a proteolytic environment in bone marrow: a novel role for bioactive lipids and soluble C5b-C9 as homing factors. BM, CC, HSPCs, S1P, SDF-1
78  2012 Generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is a key factor for stimulation of macrophage proliferation by ceramide 1-phosphate. ROS
79  2012 New signalling pathway involved in the anti-proliferative action of vitamin D₃ and its analogues in human neuroblastoma cells. A role for ceramide kinase. Cer, CERK, S1P
80  2012 The expanding family of bone marrow homing factors for hematopoietic stem cells: stromal derived factor 1 is not the only player in the game. ATP, BM, HSPCs, PGE2, S1P, SDF-1, UTP
81  2012 The role of innate immunity in trafficking of hematopoietic stem cells-an emerging link between activation of complement cascade and chemotactic gradients of bioactive sphingolipids. CC, HSPCs, MAC, PB, S1P, SDF-1
82  2011 A ceramide analog inhibits cPLA(2) activity and consequent PGE(2) formation in LPS-stimulated macrophages. AA, CERA-1, PCERA-1
83  2011 A differential role for ceramide kinase in antigen/FcɛRI-mediated mast cell activation and function. CERK, IL, JNK
84  2011 A suppressor/enhancer screen in Drosophila reveals a role for wnt-mediated lipid metabolism in primordial germ cell migration. PGC
85  2011 Activation of mTOR and RhoA is a major mechanism by which Ceramide 1-phosphate stimulates macrophage proliferation. mTOR, mTORC1, PI3K, Rheb, ROCK
86  2011 Bioactive Sphingolipids and Complement Cascade as New Emerging Regulators of Stem Cell Mobilization and Homing. BM, CC, HSPCs, PB, S1P, SDF-1
87  2011 Bioactive sphingolipids in response to chemotherapy: a scope on leukemias. GluCer, S1P
88  2011 Ceramide 1-phosphate induces neointimal formation via cell proliferation and cell cycle progression upstream of ERK1/2 in vascular smooth muscle cells. CERK, PDGF, VSMCs
89  2011 Ceramide kinase regulates the production of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha) via inhibition of TNFalpha-converting enzyme. CERK, TNF-alpha
90  2011 Ceramide kinase: the first decade. CERK
91  2011 Ceramide-1-phosphate, a new mediator of development and survival in retina photoreceptors. BrdU
92  2011 Role of cytosolic phospholipase A(2)alpha in cell rounding and cytotoxicity induced by ceramide-1-phosphate via ceramide kinase. CERK, hCERK, LDH
93  2011 [Alcohol-induced proliferation of neurons in mouse hippocampal dentate gyrus: a possible role of ceramide]. Cer, PKCalpha, SM, WT
94  2010 Activation of ceramidase and ceramide kinase by vanadate via a tyrosine kinase-mediated pathway. NBD-ceramide
95  2010 Activation of protein kinase C-alpha is essential for stimulation of cell proliferation by ceramide 1-phosphate. PKCalpha
96  2010 Ceramide and ceramide 1-phosphate in health and disease. ---
97  2010 Ceramide kinase is not essential but might act as an Ca2+-sensor for mast cell activation. BMMC, CERK, PCA, WT
98  2010 Ceramide kinase profiling by mass spectrometry reveals a conserved phosphorylation pattern downstream of the catalytic site. CERK
99  2010 Ceramide-1-phosphate in cell survival and inflammatory signaling. CERK
100  2010 Ceramide-1-phosphate in phagocytosis and calcium homeostasis. Cer, CERK