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Abbreviation : CE
Long Form : convergent extension
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 PCP-dependent transcellular regulation of actomyosin oscillation facilitates convergent extension of vertebrate tissue. PCP, Pk2
2018 Embryonic expression of a Long Toll (Loto) gene in the onychophorans Euperipatoides kanangrensis and Cephalofovea clandestina. Loto, Loto genes, LRRs
2018 Large, long range tensile forces drive convergence during Xenopus blastopore closure and body axis elongation. CT, MZ
2018 Models of convergent extension during morphogenesis. ---
2018 Novel Mutation of LRP6 Identified in Chinese Han Population Links Canonical WNT Signaling to Neural Tube Defects. NTC, NTDs, PCP
2018 Pitx2c orchestrates embryonic axis extension via mesendodermal cell migration. MZ
2018 The E3 ubiquitin ligase SMURF1 regulates cell-fate specification and outflow tract septation during mammalian heart development. BMP, PCP, SMURF1
2017 A novel role of the organizer gene Goosecoid as an inhibitor of Wnt/PCP-mediated convergent extension in Xenopus and mouse. Gsc, NTDs, PCP
2017 Bimodal regulation of Dishevelled function by Vangl2 during morphogenesis. Dvl, PCP, Vang
10  2017 Disruption of Core Planar Cell Polarity Signaling Regulates Renal Tubule Morphogenesis but Is Not Cystogenic. OCD, PCP, PKD
11  2017 greb1 regulates convergent extension movement and pituitary development in zebrafish. ---
12  2017 hmmr mediates anterior neural tube closure and morphogenesis in the frog Xenopus. MT, NTC, PCP, RI
13  2017 Mis-expression of grainyhead-like transcription factors in zebrafish leads to defects in enveloping layer (EVL) integrity, cellular morphogenesis and axial extension. EVL, grhl, MHB, MO
14  2017 PCP and SAX-3/Robo Pathways Cooperate to Regulate Convergent Extension-Based Nerve Cord Assembly in C.elegans. PCP, VNC
15  2017 Sequential Rosettes Drive C.elegans Ventral Nerve Cord Assembly. PCP
16  2017 The Sec14-like phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins Sec14l3/SEC14L2 act as GTPase proteins to mediate Wnt/Ca2+ signaling. PLC, Plcdelta4a
17  2016 Filopodial-Tension Model of Convergent-Extension of Tissues. ---
18  2016 PLD1 regulates Xenopus convergent extension movements by mediating Frizzled7 endocytosis for Wnt/PCP signal activation. PLD
19  2016 Protein tyrosine kinase 7 is essential for tubular morphogenesis of the Wolffian duct. PCP, PTK7
20  2015 Conformational change of Dishevelled plays a key regulatory role in the Wnt signaling pathways. Dvl, JNK
21  2015 Force production and mechanical accommodation during convergent extension. Pa
22  2015 Nucleoporin 62-like protein activates canonical Wnt signaling through facilitating the nuclear import of beta-catenin in zebrafish. NPCs, Nup62, Nup62l
23  2015 Role of the planar cell polarity pathway in regulating ectopic hair cell-like cells induced by Math1 and testosterone treatment. CNS, HCLC, LER, PCP, testosterone-BSA
24  2015 Role of the Polycystins in Cell Migration, Polarity, and Tissue Morphogenesis. ADPKD, CKD, OCD, PC1, PC2, PCP, PCs
25  2015 Shroom3 functions downstream of planar cell polarity to regulate myosin II distribution and cellular organization during neural tube closure. PCP
26  2015 Wnt5a and Wnt11 regulate mammalian anterior-posterior axis elongation. A-P, EMT, PCP, PS
27  2014 Distinct apical and basolateral mechanisms drive planar cell polarity-dependent convergent extension of the mouse neural plate. ---
28  2014 Genetic evidence in planar cell polarity signaling pathway in human neural tube defects. NTDs, PCP
29  2014 Mechanical control of notochord morphogenesis by extra-embryonic tissues in mouse embryos. AC, AP, PCP
30  2014 NEDD4L regulates convergent extension movements in Xenopus embryos via Disheveled-mediated non-canonical Wnt signaling. Dvl
31  2014 PTK7 modulates Wnt signaling activity via LRP6. PCP, PTK7
32  2014 Structural and temporal requirements of Wnt/PCP protein Vangl2 function for convergence and extension movements and facial branchiomotor neuron migration in zebrafish. FBM, PCP, Vangl2
33  2014 The intracellular carboxyl terminal domain of Vangl proteins contains plasma membrane targeting signals. PCP, PM
34  2014 The PDZ domain protein Mcc is a novel effector of non-canonical Wnt signaling during convergence and extension in zebrafish. MCC, PCP
35  2013 beta-Arrestin 1 mediates non-canonical Wnt pathway to regulate convergent extension movements. GPCR, xbetaarr1
36  2013 Nodal promotes mir206 expression to control convergence and extension movements during zebrafish gastrulation. miRNAs, TGF-beta
37  2013 Sfrp5 modulates both Wnt and BMP signaling and regulates gastrointestinal organogenesis [corrected] in the zebrafish, Danio rerio. dpf, hpf, Sfrp, WNT
38  2013 The distribution of Dishevelled in convergently extending mesoderm. Dvl, PCP
39  2012 An essential and highly conserved role for Zic3 in left-right patterning, gastrulation and convergent extension morphogenesis. LR
40  2012 An expanding role of Vangl proteins in embryonic development. Lp, PCP
41  2012 Convergent extension: using collective cell migration and cell intercalation to shape embryos. ---
42  2012 Loss of Porcupine impairs convergent extension during gastrulation in zebrafish. ER, porcn-l
43  2012 MicroRNA-206 regulates cell movements during zebrafish gastrulation by targeting prickle1a and regulating c-Jun N-terminal kinase 2 phosphorylation. JNK2, MAPK, miRNAs, pk1a
44  2012 Mink1 regulates beta-catenin-independent Wnt signaling via Prickle phosphorylation. PCP
45  2012 Pou2, a class V POU-type transcription factor in zebrafish, regulates dorsoventral patterning and convergent extension movement at different blastula stages. DV, HEP, Tg
46  2012 Protein-protein interaction techniques: dissect PCP signaling in Xenopus. PCP, xPAPC
47  2012 Regulation of cochlear convergent extension by the vertebrate planar cell polarity pathway is dependent on p120-catenin. PCP
48  2012 Role of lbx2 in the noncanonical Wnt signaling pathway for convergence and extension movements and hypaxial myogenesis in zebrafish. Dvl, MOs
49  2012 Wnt/planar cell polarity signaling in the regulation of convergent extension movements during Xenopus gastrulation. PCP
50  2011 Def6 is required for convergent extension movements during zebrafish gastrulation downstream of Wnt5b signaling. GEFs
51  2011 Identification and characterization of novel rare mutations in the planar cell polarity gene PRICKLE1 in human neural tube defects. NTDs, PCP, zpk1a
52  2011 Lzts2 regulates embryonic cell movements and dorsoventral patterning through interaction with and export of nuclear beta-catenin in zebrafish. LZTS2
53  2010 Negative regulation of wnt11 expression by Jnk signaling during zebrafish gastrulation. ---
54  2010 VANGL1 rare variants associated with neural tube defects affect convergent extension in zebrafish. MO, NTDs
55  2010 Zebrafish Nkd1 promotes Dvl degradation and is required for left-right patterning. DFC, Dvl, KV, LR, Nkd
56  2009 An adhesion-independent, aPKC-dependent function for cadherins in morphogenetic movements. aPKC
57  2009 Convergent extension movements and ciliary function are mediated by ofd1, a zebrafish orthologue of the human oral-facial-digital type 1 syndrome gene. GFP, MOs, PCP
58  2009 Detection of activated Rho in fixed Xenopus tissue. TS
59  2009 Down syndrome critical region protein 5 regulates membrane localization of Wnt receptors, Dishevelled stability and convergent extension in vertebrate embryos. GPI, GPI-GnT
60  2009 FGF3 in the floor plate directs notochord convergent extension in the Ciona tadpole. Dsh, PCP
61  2009 PTK7 is essential for polarized cell motility and convergent extension during mouse gastrulation. ---
62  2008 Comparative phosphoproteomics of zebrafish Fyn/Yes morpholino knockdown embryos. ---
63  2008 Coordination of cell polarity during Xenopus gastrulation. EB3, MT
64  2008 Murine dishevelled 3 functions in redundant pathways with dishevelled 1 and 2 in normal cardiac outflow tract, cochlea, and neural tube development. Dvl, PCP
65  2008 Ryk cooperates with Frizzled 7 to promote Wnt11-mediated endocytosis and is essential for Xenopus laevis convergent extension movements. betaarr2, Fz
66  2008 Sfrp1, Sfrp2, and Sfrp5 regulate the Wnt/beta-catenin and the planar cell polarity pathways during early trunk formation in mouse. ---
67  2008 Wnt5a regulates ventral midbrain morphogenesis and the development of A9-A10 dopaminergic cells in vivo. DA, PCP, VM
68  2008 Xenopus Paraxial Protocadherin regulates morphogenesis by antagonizing Sprouty. PCP, Spry, xPAPC
69  2007 Daam1 regulates the endocytosis of EphB during the convergent extension of the zebrafish notochord. ---
70  2007 Essential role for beta-arrestin 2 in the regulation of Xenopus convergent extension movements. betaarr2, PCP, xbetaarr2
71  2007 Planar cell polarity signaling in vertebrates. PCP
72  2007 Wnt5a functions in planar cell polarity regulation in mice. Fz, PCP
73  2006 Do lamellipodia have the mechanical capacity to drive convergent extension? ---
74  2006 Lamellipodium-driven tissue reshaping: a parametric study. ---
75  2006 RhoA acts downstream of Wnt5 and Wnt11 to regulate convergence and extension movements by involving effectors Rho kinase and Diaphanous: use of zebrafish as an in vivo model for GTPase signaling. mDia
76  2006 Role of PKA as a negative regulator of PCP signaling pathway during Xenopus gastrulation movements. PCP
77  2006 XGAP, an ArfGAP, is required for polarized localization of PAR proteins and cell polarity in Xenopus gastrulation. PAR
78  2005 Dual roles of zygotic and maternal Scribble1 in neural migration and convergent extension movements in zebrafish embryos. GFP, llk, ord, scrb1, stbm, tri
79  2005 Fyn/Yes and non-canonical Wnt signalling converge on RhoA in vertebrate gastrulation cell movements. MO
80  2005 JNK and ROKalpha function in the noncanonical Wnt/RhoA signaling pathway to regulate Xenopus convergent extension movements. DN, JNK, PCP, ROK, XCdc42, XeJNK1, XRhoA, xROKalpha
81  2005 Noncanonical Wnt signaling regulates midline convergence of organ primordia during zebrafish development. ---
82  2005 The ERRalpha orphan nuclear receptor controls morphogenetic movements during zebrafish gastrulation. ERR, ERs
83  2004 Antero-posterior tissue polarity links mesoderm convergent extension to axial patterning. AP
84  2004 Independent mutations in mouse Vangl2 that cause neural tube defects in looptail mice impair interaction with members of the Dishevelled family. Dvl, Lp, PCP
85  2004 Paraxial protocadherin coordinates cell polarity during convergent extension via Rho A and JNK. JNK, PCP, XPAPC
86  2003 A genome-wide survey of the genes for planar polarity signaling or convergent extension-related genes in Ciona intestinalis and phylogenetic comparisons of evolutionary conserved signaling components. PCP
87  2002 Zebrafish Rho kinase 2 acts downstream of Wnt11 to mediate cell polarity and effective convergence and extension movements. dnRok2, Rok2