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Abbreviation : CER
Long Form : cerebellum
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation and Related Diseases : Acute and Chronic Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Differentially Changes Levels of Bioactive Lipids in the CNS Associated with Headache. AEA, mTBI, TG, TNC
2019 Evaluation of the Nose-to-Brain Transport of Different Physicochemical Forms of Uranium after Exposure via Inhalation of a UO4 Aerosol in the Rat. BS, FC, HIP, ICP-MS, OB, OE, PM, SIMS, TEM-EDX
2018 ABI3 and PLCG2 missense variants as risk factors for neurodegenerative diseases in Caucasians and African Americans. AD, DLB, MSA, PD, PSP, TCX
2018 Arterial Spin Labeling Reveals Disrupted Brain Networks and Functional Connectivity in Drug-Resistant Temporal Epilepsy. ASL, BOLD, FC, ICA, ROI, RSNs
2018 Interaction of Diet and Ozone Exposure on Oxidative Stress Parameters within Specific Brain Regions of Male Brown Norway Rats. FC, OS, PC, ROS, STR, TAS
2018 TMEM106B haplotypes have distinct gene expression patterns in aged brain. ANOVA, SNPs, TCX, TMEM106B, WGCNA
2017 A comprehensive regional analysis of genome-wide expression profiles for major depressive disorder. ACC, AMY, Blo, DE, GWES, MDD, PFC
2017 Cerebello-Cortical Differences in Effective Connectivity of the Dominant and Non-dominant Hand during a Visuomotor Paradigm of Grip Force Control. PPC, SMA
2017 Lutein accumulates in subcellular membranes of brain regions in adult rhesus macaques: Relationship to DHA oxidation products. DHA, HC, PFC, PUFA, ST
10  2017 Manganese neurotoxicity and protective effects of resveratrol and quercetin in preclinical research. CAT, FCX, HIP, MDA, NAc, QCT, SOD, STR
11  2017 The Subcellular Distribution of Alpha-Tocopherol in the Adult Primate Brain and Its Relationship with Membrane Arachidonic Acid and Its Oxidation Products. GC, HC, HPLC, PFC, PUFA, ST
12  2016 Cerebellar, but not Motor or Parietal, High-Density Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Facilitates Motor Adaptation. HD-tDCS, Par, tDCS
13  2015 Late-onset Alzheimer disease risk variants mark brain regulatory loci. AD, GWAS, LOAD, RNA-Seq, SNPs, TCX, WG-DASL
14  2014 Effects of repeated low-dose exposure of the nerve agent VX on monoamine levels in different brain structures in mice. ChE, DA, HPC
15  2014 Modulation of resting state functional connectivity of the motor network by transcranial pulsed current stimulation. MRI, rs-fMRI, RSFC, SMA, STIM, tDCS, tPCS
16  2014 Nucleic acid oxidation: an early feature of Alzheimer's disease. AD, DC, DLB, FTD, IPL, LAD, MCI, NC, PCAD, SMTG
17  2012 Directionality analysis on functional magnetic resonance imaging during motor task using Granger causality. CMC, fMRI, SMA
18  2012 Elevated 4-hydroxyhexenal in Alzheimer's disease (AD) progression. AD, HHE, HNE, HPG, LAD, MCI, NC, PCAD, PUFAs, SMTG
19  2012 The CpG island shore of the GLT-1 gene acts as a methylation-sensitive enhancer. CTX, DEX, GLT-1
20  2011 Inter-rater reliability of manual and automated region-of-interest delineation for PiB PET. ACG, AD, CSF, ICC, MR, PET, PrC, ROI
21  2010 Alterations of zinc transporter proteins ZnT-1, ZnT-4 and ZnT-6 in preclinical Alzheimer's disease brain. AD, HPG, MCI, NC, PCAD, Zn
22  2010 Changes in mouse brain metabolism following a convulsive dose of soman: a proton HRMAS NMR study. Pir
23  2010 Impact of scatter correction on D2 receptor occupancy measurements using 123I-IBZM SPECT: comparison to 11C-Raclopride PET. OCC, RO, SRTM
24  2010 Increased levels of 4-hydroxynonenal and acrolein in the brain in preclinical Alzheimer disease. HNE, HPG, LAD, NC, PCAD, SMTG
25  2006 Increased levels of 4-hydroxynonenal and acrolein, neurotoxic markers of lipid peroxidation, in the brain in Mild Cognitive Impairment and early Alzheimer's disease. AD, EAD, HNE, HPG, MCI, SMTG
26  2006 Synthesis and biologic evaluation of a novel serotonin 5-HT1A receptor radioligand, 18F-labeled mefway, in rodents and imaging by PET in a nonhuman primate. 18F-MPPF, Co, CTX, FC, HP, IC50, Rp, TC
27  2005 Alterations in zinc transporter protein-1 (ZnT-1) in the brain of subjects with mild cognitive impairment, early, and late-stage Alzheimer's disease. AD, AMY, EAD, HPG, IPL, MCI, NFT, SMTG, SP, Zn, ZnT, ZnT-1
28  2005 Cerebral PET imaging and histological evidence of transglutaminase inhibitor cystamine induced neuroprotection in transgenic R6/2 mouse model of Huntington's disease. cort, HD, STR
29  2004 Analysis of oligonucleotide array experiments with repeated measures using mixed models. BH, FDR, FWER, LSD, OB
30  2004 Effects of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid exposure on dopamine D2-like receptors in rat brain. DA, GD, PD, PFC
31  2004 Gross mapping of alpha1-adrenoceptors that regulate behavioral activation in the mouse brain. 6FNE, ACC, DMT, DP/LC, DR/PAG, MPOA
32  2000 Neurochemical parameters of the main neurotransmission systems in aging mice. 5-HIAA, AMPA, ChAT, DA, DC, DOPAC, EAA, FC, HIP, KA, NE, NMDA, STR
33  1997 [Striatal uptake of I-123-beta-CIT and I-123-IBZM in patients with extrapyramidal symptoms]. BG, IPS, MFC, SPS
34  1995 Steroid modulation of central nervous GABAA receptor binding in three female rat brain areas during postnatal development. FC, GABAA, MED
35  1994 Kavapyrone enriched extract from Piper methysticum as modulator of the GABA binding site in different regions of rat brain. AMY, FC, HIP, MED
36  1993 A new highly sensitive procedure--a prerequisite to evaluate the density of GABAA receptors and to study their allosteric properties in distinct areas of rat brain. FC, HPO
37  1993 Brain region-specific effects of neuroactive steroids on the affinity and density of the GABA-binding site. FC, HIP, HPO, HYP, MED
38  1993 Endothelin concentrations in respiration-related structures of the medulla during the perinatal period of the rat. DMR, ET-LI, VMR
39  1992 Dissociation of serotoninergic and dopaminergic components in acute effects of 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine in mice. 5-HIAA, 5-HT, DA, HVA, LS, MO, MPTP, NCP, SN
40  1992 [Rat brain concentrations of monoamines and their metabolites after chronic administration of diazepam and tandospirone]. 3-OM-dopa, COR
41  1991 Biochemical characterization and seasonal changes in the concentration of testosterone-metabolizing enzymes in the European great tit (Parus major) brain. 5 alpha-DHT, 5 beta-DHT, 5 beta-diol
42  1985 Regulation of rat brain angiotensin II (AII) receptors by intravenous AII and low dietary Na+. AII, H-T-S, MED, MID, OLF
43  1984 Angiotensin biosynthesis and concentrations in brain of normotensive and hypertensive rats. Ang I, Ang II, CO, CSF, HPLC, HT, i.c.v, MO, RIA, SHRSP, WKY
44  1980 Permeability and vascularity of the developing brain: cerebellum vs cerebral cortex. CC