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Abbreviation : CFL1
Long Form : cofilin-1
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Identification of cofilin-1 as a novel mediator for the metastatic potentials and chemoresistance of the prostate cancer cells. MDR1, PCa
2020 MicroRNA-342 targets Cofilin 1 to suppress the growth, migration and invasion of human breast cancer cells. miR-342
2019 Comparison of cofilin‑1 and Twist‑1 protein expression in human non‑small cell lung cancer tissues. EMT, IHC, NSCLC, TWIST1
2019 Microglial motility in Alzheimer's disease and after Abeta42 immunotherapy: a human post-mortem study. AD, CORO1A, p-tau
2018 Actin depolymerization enhances adipogenic differentiation in human stromal stem cells. ADFs, DSTN, hMSCs, LIMK1
2018 Detection of sputum cofilin-1 as indicator of malignancy. ---
2018 Expression of UGP2 and CFL1 expression levels in benign and malignant pancreatic lesions and their clinicopathological significance. BL, NT, PDC, PT, TNM
2018 Identify Cross Talk Between Circadian Rhythm and Coronary Heart Disease by Multiple Correlation Analysis. CELF, GNAO1, GNB1, MAP4, MELK, MYH7, PRKCG, QKI, TUBA1C
2018 MiR-519d-3p suppresses breast cancer cell growth and motility via targeting LIM domain kinase 1. ER, LIMK1
10  2018 Regulation of cofilin phosphorylation in glomerular podocytes by testis specific kinase 1 (TESK1). FP, KO, LIMKs, pCFL1, ROK, TESK1
11  2017 Identification of functional pathways associated with the conditional ablation of serum response factor in Dstncorn1 mice. DEGs, ITGB6, MAPK, res, SRF, WT
12  2017 The microRNAs miR-200b-3p and miR-429-5p target the LIMK1/CFL1 pathway to inhibit growth and motility of breast cancer cells. BC, LIMK1, miRNAs, TNBC
13  2017 Wnt5A/Ryk signaling critically affects barrier function in human vascular endothelial cells. HCAEC, LIMK2, ROCK, WIF1
14  2016 Cofilin-1 and Other ADF/Cofilin Superfamily Members in Human Malignant Cells. ADF-H, HMCs
15  2016 Downregulation of importin-9 protects MCF-7 cells against apoptosis induced by the combination of garlic-derived alliin and paclitaxel. IPO9, PTX
16  2016 Evidence for elevated (LIMK2 and CFL1) and suppressed (ICAM1, EZR, MAP2K2, and NOS3) gene expressions in metabolic syndrome. EZR, ICAM-1, LIMK2, MAP2K2, MetS, NOS3
17  2016 Identification of Cofilin-1 Induces G0/G1 Arrest and Autophagy in Angiotensin-(1-7)-treated Human Aortic Endothelial Cells from iTRAQ Quantitative Proteomics. 3-MA, HAECs
18  2016 In the search of novel urine biomarkers for the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Intracellular or secreted proteins as the target group? Where and how to search for possible biomarkers useful in the everyday clinical practice. DRE, GPx3, HSP 90beta, PCa, SPARC, ZAG
19  2016 Proteomic analysis of selective cytotoxic anticancer properties of flavonoids isolated from Citrusplatymamma on A549 human lung cancer cells. ANXA1
20  2016 Specific cytotoxic T-cell immune responses against autoantigens recognized by chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells. CLL, MYHIIA, VIM
21  2015 Increasing radiosensitivity with the downregulation of cofilin-1 in U251 human glioma cells. ---
22  2015 Inhibiting actin depolymerization enhances osteoblast differentiation and bone formation in human stromal stem cells. ADFs, DSTN, LIMK1, OB
23  2015 Morphogenesis of the mouse neural plate depends on distinct roles of cofilin 1 in apical and basal epithelial domains. ---
24  2015 Overexpression of cofilin 1 in prostate cancer and the corresponding clinical implications. BPH, GS, PCa
25  2015 S-nitrosylation of cofilin-1 mediates estradiol-17beta-stimulated endothelial cytoskeleton remodeling. eNOS, NO, SNO, WT
26  2015 S-nitrosylation of Cofilin-1 Serves as a Novel Pathway for VEGF-Stimulated Endothelial Cell Migration. eNOS, NO, SNO, VEGF, wt-CFL1
27  2015 The interactions between SATB1 and F-actin are important for mechanisms of active cell death. GA, SATB1
28  2014 Differential protein expression between chondrogenic differentiated MSCs, undifferentiated MSCs and adult chondrocytes derived from Oryctolagus cuniculus in vitro. ACs, GAPD, LC-MS, MSCs, TGF-beta3
29  2014 EWS represses cofilin 1 expression by inducing nuclear retention of cofilin 1 mRNA. ESFTs, ETS, FLI1
30  2013 CFL1 and Arp3 are biomarkers for metastasis and poor prognosis of squamous cell/adenosquamous carcinomas and adenocarcinomas of gallbladder. ACs
31  2013 Investigation of adipocyte proteome during the differentiation of brown preadipocytes. ---
32  2013 Quantitative study of the interactome of PKCzeta involved in the EGF-induced tumor cell chemotaxis. EGF, PKCzeta
33  2013 Silencing Cofilin-1 blocks PDGF-induced proliferation in eutopic endometrium of endometriosis patients. ESC, PDGF
34  2012 A 1 Mb de novo deletion within 11q13.1q13.2 in a boy with mild intellectual disability and minor dysmorphic features. CNIH2, NPAS4
35  2012 Proteomic analysis of adrenocorticotropic hormone treatment of an infantile spasm model induced by N-methyl-D-aspartic acid and prenatal stress. ACTH, ANXA3, NMDA
36  2012 [Manual annotation of the pig whole genomic sequence using Otterlace software]. ---
37  2011 LIM kinase 1 - dependent cofilin 1 pathway and actin dynamics mediate nuclear retinoid receptor function in T lymphocytes. ---
38  2010 Gestational and neonatal iron deficiency alters apical dendrite structure of CA1 pyramidal neurons in adult rat hippocampus. ID, IDA, IS, Pfn-2, PFN1
39  2010 Silencing of cofilin-1 gene attenuates biological behaviours of stromal cells derived from eutopic endometria of women with endometriosis. EMs, shRNA
40  2009 Evaluation of differentially expressed genes identified in keratoconus. ACTA2, BMP4, DEGs, GRCC10, SSTR1, TIMP1, TIMP3