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Abbreviation : CFM
Long Form : confocal fluorescence microscopy
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Platform Suitable for Rapid Evaluation of Small Fragments of Tissue in Surgical Pathology Practice. ---
2019 Superparamagnetic graphene quantum dot as a dual-modality contrast agent for confocal fluorescence microscopy and magnetomotive optical coherence tomography. MGQD, MM-OCT
2018 Autofluorescence-aided assessment of integration and mu-structuring in chitosan/gelatin bilayer membranes with rapidly mineralized interface in relevance to guided tissue regeneration. CHT, Gel, GEN, GTR
2018 Ex Vivo Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy for Rapid Evaluation of Tissues in Surgical Pathology Practice. ---
2017 Correlating Fluorescence and High-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy (HRSEM) for the study of GABAA receptor clustering induced by inhibitory synaptic plasticity. ET, GABAARs, HRSEM, iLTP
2017 Structural Characterization of a Capillary Microfluidic Chip Using Microreflectance. OCT
2017 Water-induced phase separation of miconazole-poly (vinylpyrrolidone-co-vinyl acetate) amorphous solid dispersions: Insights with confocal fluorescence microscopy. AFM, ASDs, LCR, RH
2016 Programming Mechanical and Physicochemical Properties of 3D Hydrogel Cellular Microcultures via Direct Ink Writing. AFM, Mr, PHEMA, PLL, SLIM
2015 Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of theranostic vitamin-linker-taxoid conjugates. GSH-OEt, RME
10  2014 A fractal nature for polymerized laminin. AFM, LM, polyLM, SEM
11  2014 Cellular uptake and cytotoxicity of a near-IR fluorescent corrole-TiO2 nanoconjugate. PMH, TEM
12  2014 Clinical utility of a novel molecular assay in various combination strategies with existing methods for diagnosis of HIV-related tuberculosis in Uganda. DFM, DZN, LJ, MGIT
13  2014 Collagen I self-assembly: revealing the developing structures that generate turbidity. CRM
14  2014 Development of biocompatible and proton-resistant quantum dots assembled on gelatin nanospheres. GNs, PE, QDs, QDs-GNs, SEM, TEM
15  2014 Imaging of native high-density lipoprotein in human coronary plaques by color fluorescent angioscopy. CFA, FG, HDL
16  2014 New bone formation and microstructure assessed by combination of confocal laser scanning microscopy and differential interference contrast microscopy. CLSM
17  2013 A fiber-optic system for dual-modality photoacoustic microscopy and confocal fluorescence microscopy using miniature components. MEMS, PAM
18  2013 Comparison of LED and conventional fluorescence microscopy for detection of acid-fast bacilli in an area with high tuberculosis incidence. AFB, FM, LED
19  2013 Construction of DNA-templated nanoparticle assemblies using click DNA ligation. NP, QD
20  2013 Feasibility of confocal fluorescence microscopy for real-time evaluation of neoplasia in fresh human breast tissue. ROIs
21  2013 Localization of native high-density lipoprotein and its relation to plaque morphology in human coronary artery. FG, HDL, NC, NS
22  2013 Localization of oxidized low-density lipoprotein and its relation to plaque morphology in human coronary artery. EB, oxLDL
23  2013 Microlocalization of lipophilic porphyrins: non-toxic enhancers of boron neutron-capture therapy. BNCT, i.p
24  2013 Simultaneous viewing of individual cells and ambient microvasculature using optical absorption and fluorescence contrasts. PAM
25  2012 Locally enhanced concentration and detection of oligonucleotides in a plug-based microfluidic device. FRET, LOC, micro-PIV
26  2012 Molecular imaging of low-density lipoprotein in human coronary plaques by color fluorescent angioscopy and microscopy. CFA, LDL, NB, NC
27  2012 Quantitative assessment of microbicide-induced injury in the ovine vaginal epithelium using confocal microendoscopy. BZK, HEC, PI
28  2011 Bufalin Induces Reactive Oxygen Species Dependent Bax Translocation and Apoptosis in ASTC-a-1 Cells. NAC, ROS
29  2011 Characterization of microfluidic mixing and reaction in microchannels via analysis of cross-sectional patterns. FRET, PCR
30  2011 Interaction of sodium N-lauroylsarcosinate with N-alkylpyridinium chloride surfactants: spontaneous formation of pH-responsive, stable vesicles in aqueous mixtures. CMC, CPC, DLS, DPC, SLS, TEM
31  2011 The porosity, acidity, and reactivity of dealuminated zeolite ZSM-5 at the single particle level: the influence of the zeolite architecture. AFM, FIB-SEM, HR-SEM, XPS
32  2010 A blind spot in confocal reflection microscopy: the dependence of fiber brightness on fiber orientation in imaging biopolymer networks. CRM
33  2010 Imaging of lysophosphatidylcholine in human coronary plaques by color fluorescence angioscopy. CFA, LPC, TB
34  2010 Mechanism-based tumor-targeting drug delivery system. Validation of efficient vitamin receptor-mediated endocytosis and drug release. ---
35  2010 Post-plasma grafting of AEMA as a versatile tool to biofunctionalise polyesters for tissue engineering. AAc, AEMA, AFM, PCL, SCA, SEM, XPS
36  2009 Comparison of Lumin LED fluorescent attachment, fluorescent microscopy and Ziehl-Neelsen for AFB diagnosis. LED, ZN
37  2009 Elastic moduli of collagen gels can be predicted from two-dimensional confocal microscopy. CRM
38  2009 Imaging of the liquid-liquid interface under electrochemical instability using confocal fluorescence microscopy. DCE
39  2009 Magnetic targeting of iron-oxide-labeled fluorescent hepatoma cells to the liver. AMNP
40  2008 Bone morphogenetic protein-2: a potential regulator in scleral remodeling. BMP-2, ELISA, HSF, MMP-2, rhBMP-2, RT-PCR, TIMP-2
41  2007 Early chloroplastic alterations analysed by optical coherence tomography during a harpin-induced hypersensitive response. OCT
42  2007 In vivo histopathology for detection of gastrointestinal neoplasia with a portable, confocal miniprobe: an examiner blinded analysis. ---
43  2007 Multimodal optical microscope for detecting viability of mouse embryos in vitro. CRM, DIC, OQM
44  2007 Solid-supported monolayers and bilayers of amphiphilic beta-cyclodextrins. CD
45  2006 Spectroscopy and fluorescence in esophageal diseases. LSS, RS
46  2005 Micromechanical architecture of the endothelial cell cortex. AFM, BPAECs
47  2004 Analysis of passive mixing behavior in a poly(dimethylsiloxane) microfluidic channel using confocal fluorescence and Raman microscopy. CRM, PDMS
48  2004 Characterizing specimen induced aberrations for high NA adaptive optical microscopy. NA, TPM
49  2004 Immunofluorescence and confocal laser scanning microscopy of chronic myeloproliferative disorders on archival formaldehyde-fixed bone marrow. CLSM, CMPDs, SMA
50  2004 Improvement in volume estimation from confocal sections after image deconvolution. ICTM, PSF
51  2004 The potential of autofluorescence for the detection of single living cells for label-free cell sorting in microfluidic systems. AF, EOF, RBCs
52  2003 Collinear optical coherence and confocal fluorescence microscopies for tissue engineering. OCM, TEMPs
53  2003 Confocal laser scanning microscopy of urinary bladder after intravesical instillation of a fluorescent dye. ---
54  2003 Poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyhexanoate) promoted production of extracellular matrix of articular cartilage chondrocytes in vitro. GAG, PHB, PHBHHx, SHG
55  2001 Confocal fluorescence microscope studies of the adsorptive behavior of dioctadecyl-rhodamine B molecules at a cyclohexane-water interface. ---
56  2001 Visualization of bioavailable liposomal doxorubicin using a non-perturbing confocal imaging technique. DOX
57  1999 Sarcomeric binding pattern of exogenously added intact caldesmon and its C-terminal 20-kDa fragment in skinned fibers of skeletal muscle. ---