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Abbreviation : CM
Long Form : corticomotoneuronal
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Dexterous Hand Movements and Their Recovery After Central Nervous System Injury. PrS
2019 Recent advances in our understanding of the primate corticospinal system. CST
2018 Corticospinal gating during action preparation and movement in the primate motor cortex. ---
2018 Neural and genetic basis of dexterous hand movements. ---
2017 Control of species-dependent cortico-motoneuronal connections underlying manual dexterity. CS
2016 Timing of Cortico-Muscle Transmission During Active Movement. EMG
2015 Corticomotoneuronal cells are "functionally tuned". ---
2015 Repetitive activation of the corticospinal pathway by means of rTMS may reduce the efficiency of corticomotoneuronal synapses. MEPs
2013 Role of Direct vs. Indirect Pathways from the Motor Cortex to Spinal Motoneurons in the Control of Hand Dexterity. DLF, LCST, PNs, RSNs, RuSNs, sINs
10  2012 Circuits for skilled reaching and grasping. ---
11  2012 Cortical and subcortical compensatory mechanisms after spinal cord injury in monkeys. LCST, MMC, SCI
12  2012 The activity of primary motor cortex corticospinal neurons during tool use by macaque monkeys. PTNs
13  2012 Using neuronal states for transcribing cortical activity into muscular effort. ---
14  2011 Asynchronous decoding of finger position and of EMG during precision grip using CM cell activity: application to robot control. ANN, BMI, DOF
15  2009 Subdivisions of primary motor cortex based on cortico-motoneuronal cells. ---
16  2009 Synaptic linkages between corticomotoneuronal cells affecting forelimb muscles in behaving primates. EMGs, SpTAs
17  2009 [Reconsidering somatotopy with respect to functional recovery from spinal cord injury]. ---
18  2008 Descending pathways in motor control. ---
19  2008 Differential contributions of spinal and cortical motoneurons to input-output properties of human small hand muscle. ALS, FDI, MEPs, SM, TMS, TSIs
20  2008 Do corticomotoneuronal cells predict target muscle EMG activity? EMG, PSpF, SpTAs
21  2007 Direct and indirect cortico-motoneuronal pathways and control of hand/arm movements. ---
22  2007 Skilled digit movements in feline and primate--recovery after selective spinal cord lesions. DLF
23  2007 [Neuronal mechanism of functional recovery of dexterous finger movements after lesion of the corticospinal tract--studies in a non-human primate model]. ---
24  2006 Muscle representation in the macaque motor cortex: an anatomical perspective. ---
25  2004 Dexterous finger movements in primate without monosynaptic corticomotoneuronal excitation. IFMs, LCST
26  2004 Estimated magnitude and interactions of cortico-motoneuronal and Ia afferent input to spinal motoneurones of the human hand. cEPSPs, MNs, SMU
27  2004 Lack of monosynaptic corticomotoneuronal EPSPs in rats: disynaptic EPSPs mediated via reticulospinal neurons and polysynaptic EPSPs via segmental interneurons. EPSPs
28  2004 Temporal processing in primate motor control: relation between cortical and EMG activity. EMG, MLP
29  2003 Is the long-latency stretch reflex in human masseter transcortical? C-T, EMG, LLSR, TMS
30  2002 Differences in the corticospinal projection from primary motor cortex and supplementary motor area to macaque upper limb motoneurons: an anatomical and electrophysiological study. SMA
31  2002 Premotoneuronal and direct corticomotoneuronal control in the cat and macaque monkey. ---
32  2002 Roles of primate spinal interneurons in preparation and execution of voluntary hand movement. INs, PreM-INs, SDM
33  2001 Further insight into the task-dependent excitability of motor evoked potentials in first dorsal interosseous muscle in humans. ECR, FCR, FDI, MEPs, TMS
34  2001 Investigation into non-monosynaptic corticospinal excitation of macaque upper limb single motor units. PT, SMUs
35  2000 Correlations between corticomotoneuronal (CM) cell postspike effects and cell-target muscle covariation. EMG, PSpF, PSpS
36  2000 Facilitatory I wave interaction in proximal arm and lower limb muscle representations of the human motor cortex. CS, ICF, ICI, ISIs, MT, TES, TMS
37  2000 Striking differences in transmission of corticospinal excitation to upper limb motoneurons in two primate species. DLF, DR, PN
38  1998 Computer simulation of post-spike facilitation in spike-triggered averages of rectified EMG. EMG, PSF, PWHM, STA
39  1998 Corticomotoneuronal postspike effects in shoulder, elbow, wrist, digit, and intrinsic hand muscles during a reach and prehension task. ---
40  1998 Response patterns and force relations of monkey spinal interneurons during active wrist movement. DRG, EMG, MNs, PreM-INs, RM, STAs, Sy-INs, U-INs
41  1998 The importance of the cortico-motoneuronal system for control of grasp. SMA
42  1997 Direct and indirect corticospinal control of arm and hand motoneurons in the squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus). EPSP, PT, TMS
43  1997 Effects on muscle activity from microstimuli applied to somatosensory and motor cortex during voluntary movement in the monkey. EMG, PSpF, SI
44  1996 Corticomotoneuronal contribution to the fractionation of muscle activity during precision grip in the monkey. EMG, PSF
45  1994 Primate rubromotoneuronal cells: parametric relations and contribution to wrist movement. EMG, PSpF, RM
46  1994 The influence of single monkey cortico-motoneuronal cells at different levels of activity in target muscles. PSF, STAs
47  1993 Contribution of the monkey corticomotoneuronal system to the control of force in precision grip. EMG, PSF
48  1992 Response patterns and postspike effects of peripheral afferents in dorsal root ganglia of behaving monkeys. DRG, EMG, MPI, PSF, RM, STAs
49  1991 Corticomotoneuronal connections in the rat: evidence from double-labeling of motoneurons and corticospinal axon arborizations. CB-HRP, CST, PHA-L
50  1991 Effects on wrist and digit muscle activity from microstimuli applied at the sites of rubromotoneuronal cells in primates. EMG, PSpF, PSpS, PStF, PStS, RM
51  1989 Control of forelimb muscle activity by populations of corticomotoneuronal and rubromotoneuronal cells. EPSPs, i.p.s, RM
52  1989 Corticomotoneuronal postspike effects in averages of unrectified EMG activity. CMPs, EMGs, PSE, PSF, PSS, SpTA
53  1989 Effects of synchrony between primate corticomotoneuronal cells on post-spike facilitation of muscles and motor units. EMG, PSF
54  1988 Encoding of motor parameters by corticomotoneuronal (CM) and rubromotoneuronal (RM) cells producing postspike facilitation of forelimb muscles in the behaving monkey. PSF, PSS, RM
55  1987 Functional relations between primate motor cortex cells and muscles: fixed and flexible. EMG
56  1985 Characteristics of corticomotoneuronal postspike facilitation and reciprocal suppression of EMG activity in the monkey. EMG, PSF, PSS
57  1985 Comparable patterns of muscle facilitation evoked by individual corticomotoneuronal (CM) cells and by single intracortical microstimuli in primates: evidence for functional groups of CM cells. EMG, PSF, PStimF, S-ICMS, SpikeTAs, stimulus-TAs
58  1984 Corticomotoneuronal cells contribute to long-latency stretch reflexes in the rhesus monkey. e.m.g
59  1976 The development of motor control in the rhesus monkey: evidence concerning the role of corticomotoneuronal connections. RIFM