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Abbreviation : CNF
Long Form : cellulose nanofibrils
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A promising process to modify cellulose nanofibers for carbon dioxide (CO2) adsorption. ---
2020 Alginate-Edible Coatings for Application on Wild Andean Blueberries (Vaccinium meridionale Swartz): Effect of the Addition of Nanofibrils Isolated from Cocoa By-Products. ---
2020 Antioxidant and UV-Blocking Leather-Inspired Nanocellulose-Based Films with High Wet Strength. ---
2020 Biomimetic composite scaffolds based on surface modification of polydopamine on ultrasonication induced cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) adsorbing onto electrospun thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) nanofibers. PDA, TPU
2020 BNNS/PVA bilayer composite film with multiple-improved properties by the synergistic actions of cellulose nanofibrils and lignin nanoparticles. BNNS, LNP, PVA
2020 Cationic cellulose nano-fibers (CCNF) as versatile flocculants of wood pulp for high wet web performance. CCNF
2020 Cellulose nanofiber dispersion as a new submucosal injection material for endoscopic treatment: preliminary experimental study. SH
2020 Cellulose nanofibers coated with silver nanoparticles as a flexible nanocomposite for measurement of flusilazole residues in Oolong tea by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. PLS, SERS
2020 Cellulose nanofibers from recycled and virgin wood pulp: A comparative study of fiber development. BEK, DIP
10  2020 Cellulose Nanofibers Isolated from the Cuscuta Reflexa Plant as a Green Reinforcement of Natural Rubber. FTIR, NR, SEM, TEM, TGA, XRD
11  2020 Cellulose Nanofibril Hydrogel Promotes Hepatic Differentiation of Human Liver Organoids. MG
12  2020 Cellulose phosphorylation comparison and analysis of phosphorate position on cellulose fibers. NH4
13  2020 Clove essential oil emulsion-filled cellulose nanofiber hydrogel produced by high-intensity ultrasound technology for tissue engineering applications. HIUS
14  2020 Comparison of Deep Eutectic Solvents on Pretreatment of Raw Ramie Fibers for Cellulose Nanofibril Production. CG, CO, CU, DESs, RFs
15  2020 Development of conductive protein-based film reinforced by cellulose nanofibril template-directed hyperbranched copolymer. HPPy, SP
16  2020 Dextrin Nanocomposites as Matrices for Solid Dosage Forms. DMA, LDH, XRD
17  2020 Different effects of carbohydrate binding modules on the viscoelasticity of nanocellulose gels. CBMs
18  2020 Dual-porous cellulose nanofibril aerogels via modular drying and cross-linking. MB
19  2020 Effects of ingested nanocellulose on intestinal microbiota and homeostasis in Wistar Han rats. FDA, GRAS
20  2020 Evaluation of the fibrillation method on lignocellulosic nanofibers production from eucalyptus sawdust: A comparative study between high-pressure homogenization and grinding. LCNF
21  2020 Fabrication of single-crystalline gold nanowires on cellulose nanofibers. ---
22  2020 Flexible, Robust, and Multifunctional Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Film with Alternating Cellulose Nanofiber and MXene Layers. EMI
23  2020 High-intensity ultrasound-assisted formation of cellulose nanofiber scaffold with low and high lignin content and their cytocompatibility with gingival fibroblast cells. HIUS
24  2020 Human Dermal Fibroblast Viability and Adhesion on Cellulose Nanomaterial Coatings: Influence of Surface Characteristics. CNC, HDF, MFC
25  2020 Immunological aspects of nanocellulose. BC, CNC, DC, Tr1
26  2020 Ion conductivity through TEMPO-mediated oxidated and periodate oxidated cellulose membranes. TEMPO
27  2020 Isolation of hierarchical cellulose building blocks from natural flax fibers as a separation membrane barrier. FF
28  2020 Local Concentration Effect-Derived Heterogeneous Li2S2/Li2S Deposition on Dual-Phase MWCNT/Cellulose Nanofiber/NiCo2S4 Self-Standing Paper for High Performance of Lithium Polysulfide Batteries. Li-S, LiPS, MWCNT
29  2020 Melamine foam and cellulose nanofiber co-mediated assembly of graphene nanoplatelets to construct three-dimensional networks towards advanced phase change materials. GNP, MF, OPCMs, PW, TC
30  2020 Modified tunicate nanocellulose liquid crystalline fiber as closed loop for recycling platinum-group metals. LC, PEI, PGMs
31  2020 Multi-Scale Analysis and Testing of Tensile Behavior in Polymers with Randomly Oriented and Agglomerated Cellulose Nanofibers. FEA
32  2020 Nanocellulose and Polycaprolactone Nanospun Composite Membranes and Their Potential for the Removal of Pollutants from Water. PCL
33  2020 Paper-Based Oil Barrier Packaging using Lignin-Containing Cellulose Nanofibrils. LCNF, OTR, WVP
34  2020 Research on the Strengthening Advantages on Using Cellulose Nanofibers as Polyvinyl Alcohol Reinforcement. PVA
35  2020 Steered Pull Simulation to Determine Nanomechanical Properties of Cellulose Nanofiber. ---
36  2020 Subchronic exposure to cellulose nanofibrils induces nutritional risk by non-specifically reducing the intestinal absorption. WD
37  2020 Surface modified electrospun poly(lactic acid) fibrous scaffold with cellulose nanofibrils and Ag nanoparticles for ocular cell proliferation and antimicrobial application. E. coli, EFMs, PLA, S. aureus
38  2020 Surface-Initiated Controlled Radical Polymerization Approach to In Situ Cross-Link Cellulose Nanofibrils with Inorganic Nanoparticles. SA
39  2020 Sustainable production of cellulose nanofiber gels and paper from sugar beet waste using enzymatic pre-treatment. ---
40  2020 The influence of versatile thiol-norbornene modifications to cellulose nanofibers on rheology and film properties. cCNFs
41  2020 Three-Dimensional Printed Cell Culture Model Based on Spherical Colloidal Lignin Particles and Cellulose Nanofibril-Alginate Hydrogel. AFM
42  2020 Tuning rheology and aggregation behaviour of TEMPO-oxidised cellulose nanofibrils aqueous suspensions by addition of different acids. ---
43  2020 Use of cellulose nanofibers as a denture immersing solution. BB, DBR
44  2020 Using cellulose nanofibers to reinforce polysaccharide films: Blending vs layer-by-layer casting. ALG, CH, LbL
45  2020 Well-Dispersed Cellulose Nanofiber in Low Density Polyethylene Nanocomposite by Liquid-Assisted Extrusion. IMB, PE, PE, TWS
46  2020 Xyloglucan coating for enhanced strength and toughness in wood fibre networks. XG
47  2019 3D Printed High-Performance Lithium Metal Microbatteries Enabled by Nanocellulose. Li, LMBs
48  2019 3D Printing of UV-Curable Polyurethane Incorporated with Surface-Grafted Nanocellulose. EFB, PEG, PU, rGO
49  2019 A new PEGDA/CNF aerogel-wet hydrogel scaffold fabricated by a two-step method. PEGDA
50  2019 Admicellar Polymerization Coating of CNF Enhances Integration in Degradable Nanocomposites. ---
51  2019 Aerogel Perfusion-Prepared h-BN/CNF Composite Film with Multiple Thermally Conductive Pathways and High Thermal Conductivity. h-BN
52  2019 All-Aqueous SI-ARGET ATRP from Cellulose Nanofibrils Using Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Monomers. PMMA, POEGMA, QCM-D, SI-ARGET ATRP
53  2019 An insight into nanocellulose as soft condensed matter: Challenge and future prospective toward environmental sustainability. CNC
54  2019 Anisotropic Cellulose Nanofibers/Polyvinyl Alcohol/Graphene Aerogels Fabricated by Directional Freeze-drying as Effective Oil Adsorbents. GO, PVA
55  2019 Cellulose nanofiber (CNF)-sakacin-A active material: production, characterization and application in storage trials of smoked salmon. CNFs
56  2019 Cellulose Nanofiber Nanosheet Multilayers by the Langmuir-Blodgett Technique. LB, pDDA
57  2019 Cellulose nanofibers from lignocellulosic biomass of lemongrass using enzymatic hydrolysis: characterization and cytotoxicity assessment. DLS, FT-IR, LG, SEM, TEM, XRD
58  2019 Cellulose-Nanofiber-Mediated Sorption-Benefitting Holed Silicalite-1 Crystals. MTBE, NDMA, SDAs
59  2019 Characterization and Cellular Internalization of Spherical Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) into Normal and Cancerous Fibroblasts. ATR-FTIR, CLSM, CNC, FESEM, FITC
60  2019 Characterization of lipid emulsions during in vitro digestion in the presence of three types of nanocellulose. CNC, NC, TEMPO-CNF
61  2019 Commercial application of cellulose nano-composites - A review. ---
62  2019 Comparative study of aramid nanofiber (ANF) and cellulose nanofiber (CNF). ANF, RWS
63  2019 Composites of nanofibrillated cellulose with clay minerals: A review. ---
64  2019 Comprehensive NMR Analysis of Pore Structures in Superabsorbing Cellulose Nanofiber Aerogels. MRI, NMR
65  2019 Compressible cellulose nanofibril (CNF) based aerogels produced via a bio-inspired strategy for heavy metal ion and dye removal. MO, PEI
66  2019 Cross-Linked and Shapeable Porous 3D Substrates from Freeze-Linked Cellulose Nanofibrils. ---
67  2019 Design of double-component metal-organic framework air filters with PM2.5 capture, gas adsorption and antibacterial capacities. MOFs, PM
68  2019 Dewatering Behavior of a Wood-Cellulose Nanofibril Particulate System. HR, TGA
69  2019 Directional preparation of superhydrophobic magnetic CNF/PVA/MWCNT carbon aerogel. MWCNT, PVA
70  2019 Dispersion preparation, characterization, and dosimetric analysis of cellulose nano-fibrils and nano-crystals: Implications for cellular toxicological studies. CNM, SAR
71  2019 Effect of Cellulose Nanofiber (CNF) Surface Treatment on Cellular Structures and Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene/CNF Nanocomposite Foams via Core-Back Foam Injection Molding. DS, FIM, iPP, PP
72  2019 Effect of cellulose nanofiber content on flexural properties of a model, thermoplastic, injection-molded, polymethyl methacrylate denture base material. PMMA
73  2019 Effect of depletion forces on the morphological structure of carboxymethyl cellulose and micro/nano cellulose fiber suspensions. CMC, cryo-TEM, TEMPO, UV-vis
74  2019 Effect of nanocellulose fiber hornification on water fraction characteristics and hydroxyl accessibility during dehydration. CNCs, DSC
75  2019 Epoxy Composites with Reduced Graphene Oxide-Cellulose Nanofiber Hybrid Filler and Their Application in Concrete Strain and Crack Monitoring. rGO, WEP
76  2019 Evaluation of different methods for extraction of nanocellulose from yerba mate residues. AFM, DLS, FTIR, TEM, XRD, YMS
77  2019 Fabrication of Highly Conductive Porous Cellulose/PEDOT:PSS Nanocomposite Paper via Post-Treatment. CV, DMSO, EG, PEDOT
78  2019 Fabrication of optically transparent and strong nanopaper from cellulose nanofibril based on corncob residues. CNP
79  2019 Fabrication of ultrathin nanocellulose shells on tough microparticles via an emulsion-templated colloidal assembly: towards versatile carrier materials. ---
80  2019 Facile and quick formation of cellulose nanopaper with nanoparticles and its characterization. NPs
81  2019 Facile strategy for improvement properties of whey protein isolate/walnut oil bio-packaging films: Using modified cellulose nanofibers. SEM, UTS, WNO, WVP
82  2019 Flexible all-in-one zinc-ion batteries. EG, ZIBs
83  2019 Fluorescent Aerogels Based on Chemical Crosslinking between Nanocellulose and Carbon Dots for Optical Sensor. CD
84  2019 Fully Bio-Based Hybrid Composites Made of Wood, Fungal Mycelium and Cellulose Nanofibrils. SEM
85  2019 Genomic and metabolic analysis of Komagataeibacter xylinus DSM 2325 producing bacterial cellulose nanofiber. ---
86  2019 Green synthesis of cellulose nanofibers using immobilized cellulase. ---
87  2019 Hierarchically Structured All-biomass Air Filters with High Filtration Efficiency and Low Air Pressure Drop Based on Pickering Emulsion. PM, WP
88  2019 Highly conductive carbon nanotubes and flexible cellulose nanofibers composite membranes with semi-interpenetrating networks structure. FTIR, MWCNTs, SEM, TGA
89  2019 How Cellulose Nanofibrils Affect Bulk, Surface, and Foam Properties of Anionic Surfactant Solutions. SDS
90  2019 Hybrid films of cellulose nanofibrils, chitosan and nanosilica-Structural, thermal, optical, and mechanical properties. CHI, STXM
91  2019 Improving salt tolerance and thermal stability of cellulose nanofibrils by grafting modification. BA, DMA
92  2019 In Situ Production and Application of Cellulose Nanofibers to Improve Recycled Paper Production. OCC, ONP, TEMPO
93  2019 In vitro investigation of the influence of nano-cellulose on starch and milk digestion and mineral adsorption. CNC
94  2019 Inflammatory responses and tissue reactions to wood-Based nanocellulose scaffolds. TCP
95  2019 Influence of mechanical pretreatment to isolate cellulose nanocrystals by sulfuric acid hydrolysis. CNC, CNCst, SD, WD, zeta
96  2019 Influence of nanocellulose on in vitro digestion of whey protein isolate. CNC, FAN, NC
97  2019 Influence of Nontoxic Magnetic Cellulose Nanofibers on Chitosan Based Edible Nanocoating: A Candidate for Improved Mechanical, Thermal, Optical, and Texture Properties. CS, mgCNF
98  2019 Ionic cross-linking of cellulose nanofibers: an approach to enhance mechanical stability for dynamic adsorption. a-CNF
99  2019 Kinetic changes in cellulose properties during defibrillation into microfibrillated cellulose and cellulose nanofibrils by ultra-refining. BEKP, MFC
100  2019 Lignin Particles for Multifunctional Membranes, Antioxidative Microfiltration, Patterning, and 3D Structuring. LPs, WSAs