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Abbreviation : CO
Long Form : concentrations of carbon monoxide
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 The Cannabinoid WIN 55,212-2 Reduces Delayed Neurologic Sequelae After Carbon Monoxide Poisoning by Promoting Microglial M2 Polarization Through ST2 Signaling. CB1R, CB2R, DNS
2019 Building and indoor environmental quality assessment of Nigerian primary schools: A pilot study. ATP
2019 Carbon monoxide and its donors - their implications for medicine. CORMs
2019 Effect of household air pollution due to solid fuel combustion on childhood respiratory diseases in a semi urban population in Sri Lanka. IIA, LPG, PM2.5
2019 Environmental burden by an open dumpsite in urban India. MSW
2019 Health care quality indicators and improvements to make in the prehospital care of adults exposed to carbon monoxide. OR
2019 How parked cars affect pollutant dispersion at street level in an urban street canyon? A CFD modelling exercise assessing geometrical detailing and pollutant decay rates. CFD
2019 Involvement of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in altered expressions of AQP1 and AQP4 after carbon monoxide poisoning in rat astrocytes. AQP, DW/WW, GFAP, p-p38 MAPK
2019 The role of fuel type and combustion phase on the toxicity of biomass smoke following inhalation exposure in mice. PM
10  2018 A Pilot Study of Inhaled CO Therapy in Neonatal Hypoxia-Ischemia: Carboxyhemoglobin Concentrations and Brain Volumes. ---
11  2018 Air pollution associated with non-suicidal self-injury in Chinese adolescent students: A cross-sectional study. NSSI, OR, PM2.5
12  2018 Co-culture-based biological carbon monoxide conversion by Citrobacter amalonaticus Y19 and Sporomusa ovata via a reducing-equivalent transfer mediator. ---
13  2018 Impacts of transportation sector emissions on future U.S. air quality in a changing climate. Part II: Air quality projections and the interplay between emissions and climate change. GHG, IPCC, NRE, ORV, PM2.5, TDM, TN, VOCs, WRF/CMAQ
14  2018 Intracoronary Thrombus Formation Following Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. ---
15  2018 Predictive Role of QTc Prolongation in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning-Related Delayed Neuropsychiatric Sequelae. AUC, CI, DNS, ED, OR, ROC
16  2018 Probabilistic assessment of the potential indoor air impacts of vent-free gas heating appliances in energy-efficient homes in the United States. CPSC, DOE, EPA, RH, WHO
17  2018 [Influence of air pollution on the development of intensive care unit pneumonia patients: a summary of 2 454 cases from 2014 to 2016 in Nanchang City]. APACHE II, DLNM, ICU, OR
18  2017 Air pollution and outpatient visits for conjunctivitis: A case-crossover study in Hangzhou, China. ---
19  2017 Cooperative Trimerization of Carbon Monoxide by Lithium and Samarium Boryls. ---
20  2017 Effects of air/fuel ratio on gas emissions in a small spark-ignited non-road engine operating with different gasoline/ethanol blends. HCs, NOx, SSINRE
21  2017 Evolution of microbial communities growing with carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. PCO
22  2017 Exposure assessment of non-electric ice resurfacer operators in indoor ice rinks: a pilot study. NO, OEL, VOCs
23  2017 Identification and characterization of the genes encoding carbon monoxide dehydrogenase in Terrabacter carboxydivorans. CO-DH
24  2017 Monitoring of carbon monoxide in residences with bulk wood pellet storage in the Northeast United States. ---
25  2017 Pt-Au/MOx-CeO₂ (M = Mn, Fe, Ti) Catalysts for the Co-Oxidation of CO and H₂ at Room Temperature. XPS
26  2017 Supramolecular Porphyrin Cages Assembled at Molecular-Materials Interfaces for Electrocatalytic CO Reduction. ---
27  2016 A Novel Gas Sensor Based on MgSb2O6 Nanorods to Indicate Variations in Carbon Monoxide and Propane Concentrations. SEM, TEM
28  2016 Adverse Reproductive Health Outcomes and Exposure to Gaseous and Particulate-Matter Air Pollution in Pregnant Women. GDM, LBW, NOx, PTB, SES
29  2016 Air Pollution and Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Nested Case-Control Study among Members of a Northern California Health Plan. PM2.5, TB
30  2016 Evaluation of a new type of nano-sized carbon monoxide donor on treating mice with experimentally induced colitis. CO-HbV, DSS, HbV
31  2016 The in vivo hydrocarbon formation by vanadium nitrogenase follows a secondary metabolic pathway. ---
32  2015 A method to estimate spatiotemporal air quality in an urban traffic corridor. ---
33  2015 Ambulatory measurement of ambient carbon monoxide levels. ---
34  2015 Carbon Monoxide Inhibits Receptor Activator of NF-kappaB (RANKL)-Induced Osteoclastogenesis. PPARgamma, RANKL, TRAP
35  2015 Efficient biological conversion of carbon monoxide (CO) to carbon dioxide (CO2) and for utilization in bioplastic production by Ralstonia eutropha through the display of an enzyme complex on the cell surface. ---
36  2015 Household Air Pollution Exposures of Pregnant Women Receiving Advanced Combustion Cookstoves in India: Implications for Intervention. DDESS, HAP, PM2.5
37  2015 Impact of wildfire smoke in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on ocular surface. MABA, PM, TBUT
38  2015 Multifactorial airborne exposures and respiratory hospital admissions--the example of Santiago de Chile. ---
39  2015 Physiological and perceived health effects from daily changes in air pollution and weather among persons with heart failure: a panel study. ---
40  2014 A fire department community health intervention to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning following a hurricane. ---
41  2014 Concentrations of mobile source air pollutants in urban microenvironments. BC, BTEX, ECP, HAPs, MEs, MSAT, NO, UFP, VOCs
42  2014 Electrical energy production from biosolids: a comparative study between anaerobic digestion and ultra-high-temperature gasification. AD, UHTG
43  2014 Elevated carboxyhemoglobin in a marine mammal, the northern elephant seal. COHb
44  2014 Exposure of motorcycle, car and bus commuters to carbon monoxide on a main road in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, Israel. MEP
45  2014 Interactomics profiling of the negative regulatory function of carbon monoxide on RANKL-treated RAW 264.7 cells during osteoclastogenesis. OC, RANKL, TRAP
46  2014 Multiple exposures to airborne pollutants and hospital admissions due to diseases of the circulatory system in Santiago de Chile. ---
47  2014 Neuropsychological outcome after carbon monoxide exposure following a storm: a case-control study. ---
48  2014 Postmortem pulmonary CT in hypothermia. PMCT
49  2014 Short-term effects of air pollution on a range of cardiovascular events in England and Wales: case-crossover analysis of the MINAP database, hospital admissions and mortality. CVD, MI, MINAP, PM10, PM2.5
50  2014 The Air Quality Health Index as a predictor of emergency department visits for ischemic stroke in Edmonton, Canada. AQHI, ED
51  2013 A framework for emissions source apportionment in industrial areas: MM5/CALPUFF in a near-field application. ---
52  2013 Control of carbon monoxide (CO) from automobile exhaust by a dealuminated zeolite supported regenerative MnCo2O4 catalyst. DAZMS
53  2013 Monitoring street-level spatial-temporal variations of carbon monoxide in urban settings using a wireless sensor network (WSN) framework. WSN
54  2013 Mortality associated with exposure to carbon monoxide in WHO European Member States. ---
55  2013 [Exploratory study of air quality in elementary schools, Coimbra, Portugal]. HR, VOC
56  2012 Effects of exogenous carbon monoxide on radiation-induced bystander effect in zebrafish embryos in vivo. hpf, RIBE
57  2012 Hazardous gases and oxygen depletion in a wet paddy pile: an experimental study in a simulating underground rice mill pit, Thailand. wb
58  2012 Increased carbon monoxide clearance during exercise in humans. ---
59  2012 Optimization of artificial neural network models through genetic algorithms for surface ozone concentration forecasting. GAs
60  2012 Prevalence of hydrogen cyanide and carboxyhaemoglobin in victims of smoke inhalation during enclosed-space fires: a combined toxicological risk. COHb, HCN
61  2012 The gaseous messenger carbon monoxide is released from the eye into the ophthalmic venous blood depending on the intensity of sunlight. HO
62  2012 [Exposure to air pollutants in the polyclinic of Bari]. VOCs
63  2011 Carbon monoxide prevents hepatic mitochondrial membrane permeabilization. MMP, ROS
64  2011 Extending the carbon chain: hydrocarbon formation catalyzed by vanadium/molybdenum nitrogenases. ---
65  2011 Indoor air pollution and health of children in biomass fuel-using households of Bangladesh: comparison between urban and rural areas. CI, IAQ, IRR, VOCs
66  2011 Kinetics of CO conversion into H2 by Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans. VSS
67  2011 Nationwide shift in CO concentration levels in urban areas of Korea after 2000. ---
68  2011 Selective steering of molecular multiple dissociative channels with strong few-cycle laser pulses. ---
69  2010 A dramatic shift in CO and CH4 levels at urban locations in Korea after the implementation of the Natural Gas Vehicle Supply (NGVS) program. NGVS, U-BG, U-RS
70  2010 Ambient air pollution alters heart rate regulation in aged mice. BW, ECG, HR, HRV, PM, RH
71  2010 Carbon monoxide derived from heme oxygenase-2 mediates reduction of methylmercury toxicity in SH-SY5Y cells. HO
72  2010 Effects of sidestream cigarette smoke exposure on baroreflex components in spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR, SSCS, WKY
73  2010 Growth-dependent changes in the contribution of carbon monoxide to arteriolar function. ---
74  2010 Prenatal exposure to carbon monoxide delays postnatal cardiac maturation. ---
75  2010 [The causes and consequences of the cellular death (apoptosis and necrosis) in the course of acute poisoning with carbon monoxide]. ---
76  2009 Air pollution and daily emergency department visits for depression. ED
77  2009 Associations between personal, indoor, and residential outdoor pollutant concentrations: implications for exposure assessment to size-fractionated particulate matter. PM, UF
78  2009 Determination of carboxyhaemoglobin in humans following low-level exposures to carbon monoxide. COHb, EPA, WHO
79  2009 Trends in the profile of smokers registered in a national database from 2001 to 2006: changes in smoking habits. ppm
80  2009 Two death cases originating from supplementary heater in the cabins of parked trucks. ---
81  2008 Air pollution and sports performance in Beijing. EPA
82  2008 Carbon copy deaths: carbon monoxide gas chamber. ---
83  2008 Diesel fumes do kill: a case of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning directly attributed to diesel fuel exhaust with a 10-year retrospective case and literature review*. IHD, KYOFT
84  2008 Measurements of ultrafine particles and other vehicular pollutants inside a mobile exposure system on Los Angeles freeways. BC, HEPA, PAHs
85  2008 Modulation of hTREK-1 by carbon monoxide. NO
86  2008 Unexplained neurological events during bathing in young people: Possible association with the use of gas geysers. HC, LPG, NOx
87  2007 Comparative study of the hydrogen-bonded complexes of phenol and o-cyanophenol with CO Ab initio and DFT approachs. ---
88  2007 Xanthine oxidoreductase and neurological sequelae of carbon monoxide poisoning. NS, XOR
89  2007 [Occupational exposure to low concentrations of carbon monoxide and sleep disordered breathing. A negative result]. ---
90  2006 An analysis of secondary pollutants in Buenos Aires City. NO, PSS
91  2006 Comparison of carbon monoxide (CO) single breath pulmonary diffusing capacity with non-rebreathing, open-circuit CO pulmonary diffusing capacity in healthy children. DL, OC, SB, VA
92  2006 Concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) in postmortem human tissues: effect of environmental CO exposure. ww
93  2006 Myocardial dysfunction and potential cardiac hypoxia in rats induced by carbon monoxide inhalation. ---
94  2006 Occurrence of carbon monoxide during organic waste degradation. ---
95  2006 Treatment with CO-RMs during cold storage improves renal function at reperfusion. CORM-A1, CORMs, IR, PFR
96  2006 Urban air pollution and emergency admissions for cerebrovascular diseases in Taipei, Taiwan. ---
97  2006 [Case of carbon monoxide poisoning with the lesions demonstrated as abnormal intensity in the basal part of the left temporal lobe by MR image in acute phase]. ---
98  2005 Air quality modelling of vehicular emissions under GIS environment, for Coimbatore Corporation (west zone). ---
99  2005 Carbon monoxide pretreatment prevents respiratory derangement and ameliorates hyperacute endotoxic shock in pigs. ---
100  2005 Carbon monoxide production from desflurane and six types of carbon dioxide absorbents in a patient model. ---