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Abbreviation : CR
Long Form : caloric restriction
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Caloric restriction alters the hormonal profile and testicular metabolome, resulting in alterations of sperm head morphology. GLP-1
2020 Caloric restriction maintains stem cells through niche and regulates stem cell aging. ---
2020 Deletion of Nrf2 shortens lifespan in C57BL6/J male mice but does not alter the health and survival benefits of caloric restriction. KO, Nrf2
2020 Effects of Acute Exercise Combined With Calorie Restriction Initiated Late-in-Life on Insulin Signaling, Lipids, and Glucose Uptake in Skeletal Muscle From Old Rats. 3hPEX, AL, AS160, ISGU
2020 Energy Restriction and Colorectal Cancer: A Call for Additional Research. ---
2020 Exercise Degrades Bone in Caloric Restriction, Despite Suppression of Marrow Adipose Tissue (MAT). BV, MAT, RD
2020 Haptoglobin phenotype influences the effectiveness of diet-induced weight loss in middle-age abdominally obese women with metabolic abnormalities. CRF, CRMR, CRMRF, HOMA-IR, Hp, MetS, WC
2020 Impact of caloric restriction on peripheral nerve injury-induced neuropathic pain during ageing in mice. NeP
2020 MicroRNA 16-5p is upregulated in calorie-restricted mice and modulates inflammatory cytokines of macrophages. miRNA
10  2020 Role of diets and exercise in ameliorating obesity-related hepatic steatosis: Insights at the microRNA-dependent thyroid hormone synthesis and action. EX, HF, LF, LF, miR, OP, Que, TH
11  2020 The Effects of Graded Levels of Calorie Restriction: XIV. Global Metabolomics Screen Reveals Brown Adipose Tissue Changes in Amino Acids, Catecholamines, and Antioxidants After Short-Term Restriction in C57BL/6 Mice. AL, BAT
12  2020 The effects of short-term calorie restriction on mutations in the spleen cells of infant-irradiated mice. ---
13  2020 Therapeutic strategies for ketosis induction and their potential efficacy for the treatment of acute brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases. IF, KB, KD, MCTs
14  2020 Upregulation of flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 mimics calorie restriction to retard liver aging by inducing autophagy. FMO3
15  2019 A Comparison of Dietary and Caloric Restriction Models on Body Composition, Physical Performance, and Metabolic Health in Young Mice. ADF, AUC, DF, HF, HOMA-IR, TRF
16  2019 A More Robust Gut Microbiota in Calorie-Restricted Mice Is Associated with Attenuated Intestinal Injury Caused by the Chemotherapy Drug Cyclophosphamide. ---
17  2019 A review of the molecular pathways mediating the improvement in diabetes mellitus following caloric restriction. ---
18  2019 ACC1 (Acetyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase 1) Is a Potential Immune Modulatory Target of Cerebral Ischemic Stroke. ACC1, Th17
19  2019 Activation of Kappa Opioid Receptor Regulates the Hypothermic Response to Calorie Restriction and Limits Body Weight Loss. AL, KOR, Tb
20  2019 Activators of SIRT1 in wound repair: an animal model study. ---
21  2019 Acute and chronic effect of bariatric surgery on circulating autotaxin levels. ATX, BPD-DS
22  2019 Adaptive effects of gestational caloric restriction in the mitochondria of Wistar rats' brain: A DOHaD approach. DOHaD, METS, PND
23  2019 Adipocyte abundances of CES1, CRYAB, ENO1 and GANAB are modified in-vitro by glucose restriction and are associated with cellular remodelling during weight regain. CRYAB, GANAB, GR, Mn, RF, WL, WR
24  2019 Age- and Experience-Related Plasticity of ATP-Mediated Signaling in the Neocortex. EE
25  2019 Age-dependent effects of caloric restriction on mTOR and ubiquitin-proteasome pathways in skeletal muscles. UPP
26  2019 Anti-inflammatory action of beta-hydroxybutyrate via modulation of PGC-1alpha and FoxO1, mimicking calorie restriction. HB
27  2019 Antiaging effects of bioactive molecules isolated from plants and fungi. ---
28  2019 Autophagy and aging: Maintaining the proteome through exercise and caloric restriction. TORC1
29  2019 Benefits of Caloric Restriction in Longevity and Chemical-Induced Tumorigenesis Are Transmitted Independent of NQO1. KO, NQO1
30  2019 Beverage intake during alternate-day fasting: Relationship to energy intake and body weight. ADF
31  2019 Brain region-specific effects of long-term caloric restriction on redox balance of the aging rat. AL, SD
32  2019 Caloric Restriction Alters Postprandial Responses of Essential Brain Metabolites in Young Adult Mice. AL, PPP
33  2019 Caloric restriction and redox homeostasis in various regions of aging male rat brain: Is caloric restriction still worth trying even after early-adulthood?: Redox homeostasis and caloric restriction in brain. ---
34  2019 Caloric restriction attenuates aging-induced cardiac insulin resistance in male Wistar rats through activation of PI3K/Akt pathway. ---
35  2019 Caloric Restriction Exacerbates Angiotensin II-Induced Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm in the Absence of p53. AAA
36  2019 Caloric restriction improves the redox homeostasis in the aging male rat heart even when started in middle-adulthood and when the body weight is stable. ---
37  2019 Caloric restriction induces H2O2 formation as a trigger of AMPK-eNOS-NO pathway in obese rats: Role for CAMKII. AMPK, CaMK II, eNOS, MnSOD
38  2019 Caloric Restriction Induces MicroRNAs to Improve Mitochondrial Proteostasis. miRNAs
39  2019 Caloric restriction modulates the monoaminergic and glutamatergic systems in the hippocampus, and attenuates age-dependent spatial memory decline. HPC, MWM
40  2019 Caloric restriction reduces basal cell proliferation and results in the deterioration of neuroepithelial regeneration following olfactotoxic mucosal damage in mouse olfactory mucosa. OMP
41  2019 Caloric restriction, longevity and aging: Recent contributions from human and non-human primate studies. ---
42  2019 Calorie restriction activates new adult born olfactory-bulb neurones in a ghrelin-dependent manner but acyl-ghrelin does not enhance subventricular zone neurogenesis. GHS-R, NSPC, OB, SVZ
43  2019 Calorie restriction and rapamycin administration induce stem cell self-renewal and consequent development and production in the mammary gland. ---
44  2019 Calorie restriction enhances adult mouse lung stem cells function and reverses several ageing-induced changes. CFE
45  2019 Calorie Restriction in Adulthood Reduces Hepatic Disorders Induced by Transient Postnatal Overfeeding in Mice. NF, OF, OS, SIPS
46  2019 Calorie restriction prevents diet-induced insulin resistance independently of PGC-1-driven mitochondrial biogenesis in white adipose tissue. PGC-1, WAT
47  2019 Calorie restriction reprograms diurnal rhythms in protein translation to regulate metabolism. ACOT, Acyl-CoA, AL
48  2019 Calorie restriction slows age-related microbiota changes in an Alzheimer's disease model in female mice. AD, WT
49  2019 Calorie restriction with regular chow, but not a high-fat diet, delays onset of spontaneous osteoarthritis in the Hartley guinea pig model. HFD, IFP, MCP-1, micro-CT, OA
50  2019 Calorie-Restriction-Induced Insulin Sensitivity Is Mediated by Adipose mTORC2 and Not Required for Lifespan Extension. ---
51  2019 Central nervous system SIRT1 expression is required for cued and contextual fear conditioning memory responses in aging mice. IF, SIRT1
52  2019 Change in self-efficacy, eating behaviors and food cravings during two years of calorie restriction in humans without obesity. AL
53  2019 Combination of exercise and calorie restriction exerts greater efficacy on cardioprotection than monotherapy in obese-insulin resistant rats through the improvement of cardiac calcium regulation. EX, HFD, HRV, LV
54  2019 Combined exercise and calorie restriction therapies restore contractile and mitochondrial functions in skeletal muscle of obese-insulin resistant rats. HFD, IR
55  2019 Comparison of glycemic improvement between intermittent calorie restriction and continuous calorie restriction in diabetic mice. ---
56  2019 Control of Inflammation by Calorie Restriction Mimetics: On the Crossroad of Autophagy and Mitochondria. ---
57  2019 Daily Fasting Improves Health and Survival in Male Mice Independent of Diet Composition and Calories. AL, MF
58  2019 Diet Consisting of Balanced Yogurt, Fruit, and Vegetables Modifies the Gut Microbiota and Protects Mice against Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. HFD, ICR
59  2019 Dietary Energy Restriction Ameliorates Cognitive Impairment in a Mouse Model of Traumatic Brain Injury. IF, SIRT1, TBI
60  2019 Dietary Restriction, Cardiovascular Aging and Age-Related Cardiovascular Diseases: A Review of the Evidence. ADF, CVDs, DR, mTOR
61  2019 Differential Effects of Alternate-Day Fasting Versus Daily Calorie Restriction on Insulin Resistance. ADF
62  2019 Dyslipidemia and the role of adipose tissue in early pregnancy in the BPH/5 mouse model for preeclampsia. PE, rWAT
63  2019 Effect of caloric restriction and rapamycin on ovarian aging in mice. ---
64  2019 Effect of calorie restriction or protein intake on circulating levels ofinsulin like growth factor I in humans: A systematic review and meta-analysis. PRISMA, SMD
65  2019 Effect of dietary fat and sucrose consumption on cardiac fibrosis in mice and rhesus monkeys. NHPs, NIA, UW
66  2019 Effects of Aging and Caloric Restriction on Fiber Type Composition, Mitochondrial Morphology and Dynamics in Rat Oxidative and Glycolytic Muscles. AL, IMF, O-CR, SOL, SS, WG
67  2019 Effects of Caloric Restriction on Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Fatigue, and Disability Responses to Aerobic Exercise in Older Adults With Obesity: A Randomized Controlled Trial. ---
68  2019 Effects of caloric restriction on the expression of lipocalin-2 and its receptor in the brown adipose tissue of high-fat diet-fed mice. BAT, HFD, LCN2
69  2019 Effects of Caloric Restriction with Protein Supplementation on Plasma Protein Profiles in Middle-Aged Women with Metabolic Syndrome-A Preliminary Open Study. A2M, BLs, C1RL, C4BPA, C8G, CRPS, FBG, MetS, PROS
70  2019 Effects of Calorie Restriction and Voluntary Exercise on Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity. DOX, ESP, LVDP, SAL
71  2019 Effects of food restriction and/or aerobic exercise on the GLUT4 in type 2 diabetic male rats. DC, EX, FRLCD, FRLCDE, FRSD, FRSDE, ND
72  2019 Effects of long-term intermittent versus chronic calorie restriction on oxidative stress in a mouse cancer model. AL, CAT, CCR, ICR, MDA, MMTV-TGF-alpha, OS, SOD
73  2019 Effects of rikkunshito supplementation on resistance to oxidative stress and lifespan in mice. AL, NPY, RKT
74  2019 Effects of timing of food intake and fat/carbohydrate ratio on insulin sensitivity and preconditioning against renal ischemia reperfusion injury by calorie restriction. AL, DR, EOD
75  2019 Effects of Two Types of Calorie Restriction on Methylation Levels of Adiponectin Receptor 1 (AdipoR1) and Leptin Receptor Overlapping Transcript (Leprot) in a MMTV-TGF-alpha Breast Cancer Mouse Model. AdipoR1, AL, MFP, MMTV-TGF-alpha, MT
76  2019 Epigenetic Regulation of Metabolism and Inflammation by Calorie Restriction. ---
77  2019 Frailty index as a biomarker of lifespan and healthspan: Focus on pharmacological interventions. ---
78  2019 Genome-wide methylation is modified by caloric restriction in Daphnia magna. DMRs, GO
79  2019 Gestational caloric restriction improves redox homeostasis parameters in the brain of Wistar rats: a screening from birth to adulthood. PND
80  2019 Gestational caloric restriction with micronutrients supplementation does not delay development and promotes feeding behavior benefits. DOHaD
81  2019 Ghrelin receptor in agouti-related peptide neurones regulates metabolic adaptation to calorie restriction. AgRP, GHS-R
82  2019 Gonadal hormones influence core body temperature during calorie restriction. 5-alpha DHT, Tb
83  2019 High-Esterified Pectin Reverses Metabolic Malprogramming, Improving Sensitivity to Adipostatic/Adipokine Hormones. HEP
84  2019 HSF1/HSP pathway in the hippocampus is involved in SIRT1-mediated caloric restriction-induced neuroprotection after surgery in aged mice. AL, ER stress, HSF1, HSPs, SIRT1
85  2019 Hyperadrenocorticism of calorie restriction contributes to its anti-inflammatory action in mice. AL, CORT, CRHKO, WT
86  2019 Impact of aging and caloric restriction on fibroblast growth factor 21 signaling in rat white adipose tissue. FGF21, KLB, PPAR, WAT
87  2019 Impact of energy turnover on fat balance in healthy young men during energy balance, caloric restriction and overfeeding. EB, ET, OF
88  2019 Impact of energy turnover on the regulation of glucose homeostasis in healthy subjects. EB, Ereq, ET, OF, PAL
89  2019 Inhibition of GIP signaling extends lifespan without caloric restriction. GIP
90  2019 Involvement of PPARgamma/FSP27 in the pathogenic mechanism underlying insulin resistance: tipping the balance between lipogenesis and fat storage in adult catch-up growth rats. AL, CUGA, FSP27, IR, NEFA, PPARgamma, RN, VAT
91  2019 Lingguizhugan decoction attenuates diet-induced obesity and hepatosteatosis via gut microbiota. FMT, HFD, LZD, ND
92  2019 Long-term caloric restriction ameliorates deleterious effects of aging on white and brown adipose tissue plasticity. IR, scWAT
93  2019 Mechanisms of Calorie Restriction: A Review of Genes Required for the Life-Extending and Tumor-Inhibiting Effects of Calorie Restriction. FoxO, GH, IGF-1, NPY, SIRT
94  2019 Mediterranean and MIND Diets Containing Olive Biophenols Reduces the Prevalence of Alzheimer's Disease. AD, DASH, KD, MedDi, MIND
95  2019 Metformin induces the AP-1 transcription factor network in normal dermal fibroblasts. AP-1, FOXO3a, SRF
96  2019 Modulation of senoinflammation by calorie restriction based on biochemical and Omics big data analysis. SASP
97  2019 Myostatin dysfunction is associated with lower physical activity and reduced improvements in glucose tolerance in response to caloric restriction in Berlin high mice. BEH
98  2019 n-3 PUFA and caloric restriction diet alters lipidomic profiles in obese men with metabolic syndrome: a preliminary open study. MetS, TG
99  2019 Natural Isotope Abundances of Carbon and Nitrogen in Tissue Proteins and Amino Acids as Biomarkers of the Decreased Carbohydrate Oxidation and Increased Amino Acid Oxidation Induced by Caloric Restriction under a Maintained Protein Intake in Obese Rats. aa, CHO
100  2019 Neuronal SIRT1 Regulates Metabolic and Reproductive Function and the Response to Caloric Restriction. WT