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Abbreviation : CR
Long Form : carcinogenic risk
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A new perspective on volatile halogenated hydrocarbons in Chinese agricultural soils. 1,2-DCA, 1,4-DCB, CB, CF, DCM, HIs, U.S. EPA, VHCs
2020 Accumulation of trace elements in selected fish and shellfish species from the largest natural carp fish breeding basin in Asia: a probabilistic human health risk implication. BAF, EWI, FC, ICP-MS, PTWI, THQ
2020 Arsenic in rice and rice products in Northwestern Mexico and health risk assessment. HQ
2020 Arsenite removal from groundwater by aerated electrocoagulation reactor with Al ball electrodes: Human health risk assessment. EC, WHO
2020 Bioaccessibility of arsenic from gastropod along the Xiangjiang River: Assessing human health risks using an in vitro digestion model. AsB, AsC, DMA, iAs, oAs, TAs, THQ
2020 Comparison of arsenic fractions and health risks in PM2.5 before and after coal-gas replacement. BF, BG, HQ, IA, RA, SB
2020 Concentrations, Possible Sources and Health Risk of Heavy Metals in Multi-Media Environment of the Songhua River, China. HI, HPI, PCA, PN
2020 Environmental Health and Ecological Risk Assessment of Soil Heavy Metal Pollution in the Coastal Cities of Estuarine Bay-A Case Study of Hangzhou Bay, China. Cd, Co, HQ, Mn, Ni, NPI, PERI, PLI, Zn
2020 Environmental, ecological and health risks of trace metals in sediments of a large reservoir on the Euphrates River (Turkey). ---
10  2020 Heavy metal speciation with prediction model for heavy metal mobility and risk assessment in mine-affected soils. DS, HI, YD, Zn
11  2020 Heavy metals analysis in chalk sticks based on ICP-AES and their associated health risk. HI, ICP-AES
12  2020 Poor groundwater quality and high potential health risks in the Datong Basin, northern China: research from published data. ---
13  2020 Soil from an Abandoned Manganese Mining Area (Hunan, China): Significance of Health Risk from Potentially Toxic Element Pollution and Its Spatial Context. HI, HQ, PCA, PLI, PTE, RI
14  2020 Spatial distribution of pollution characteristics and human health risk assessment of exposure to heavy elements in road dust from different functional areas of Zhengzhou, China. CA, EA, HI, IA, PA, PI, RA
15  2020 Trace element concentrations in six fish species from freshwater lentic environments and evaluation of possible health risks according to international standards of consumption. AHA, EDI, RTR, THQ
16  2019 A comparative study on arsenic fractions in indoor/outdoor particulate matters: a case in Baoding, China. PM, TSP
17  2019 Annual changes in concentrations and health risks of PCDD/Fs, DL-PCBs and organochlorine pesticides in ambient air based on the Global Monitoring Plan in Sao Paulo. dl-PCBs, non-CR, OCPs, POPs
18  2019 Arsenic accumulation in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) and broad bean (Vicia faba L.) crops and its potential risk for human consumption. TDB, THQ
19  2019 Arsenic and trace metals in a large reservoir: Seasonal and spatial variations, source identification and risk assessment for both residential and recreational users. EC, HI, TMs
20  2019 Assessment of heavy metals pollution of soybean grains in North Anhui of China. ---
21  2019 Assessment of phytotoxicity, environmental and health risks of historical urban park soils. EF, HI, HM, IPIN
22  2019 Bioaccumulation and heavy metal concentration in tissues of some commercial fishes from the Meghna River Estuary in Bangladesh and human health implications. EDI, THQ
23  2019 Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in some commercially important fishes from a tropical river estuary suggests higher potential health risk in children than adults. BAFs, EDI, HI, THQ
24  2019 Characterization and risk assessment of heavy metals in road dust from a developing city with good air quality and from Shanghai, China. BH, SH
25  2019 Dietary Intake of Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Nickel, and Lead through the Consumption of Meat, Liver, and Kidney and Assessment of Human Health Risk in Birjand, Southeast of Iran. Cd, EDI, HI, ICP-OES, Ni, PCA, THQs
26  2019 Distribution, Contents, and Health Risk Assessment of Cadmium, Lead, and Nickel in Bananas Produced in Ecuador. Cd, EDI, Ni, THQ
27  2019 Distribution, source identification, and ecological-health risks of potentially toxic elements (PTEs) in soil of thallium mine area (southwestern Guizhou, China). EF, HI, PTEs, RI, Tl
28  2019 Health Risk Assessment and Urinary Excretion of Children Exposed to Arsenic through Drinking Water and Soils in Sonora, Mexico. HI, InAs
29  2019 Health risk assessment of drinking arsenic-containing groundwater in Hasilpur, Pakistan: effect of sampling area, depth, and source. ADD, HQ
30  2019 Organophosphate flame retardants in college dormitory dust of northern Chinese cities: Occurrence, human exposure and risk assessment. EDI, OPFRs, PMEs, TnBP, TPHP
31  2019 Projections of long-term human multimedia exposure to metal(loid)s and the health risks derived from atmospheric deposition: A case study in the Pearl River Delta region, South China. loid, loid, NC, PM
32  2019 Simultaneous evaluations of occurrence and probabilistic human health risk associated with trace elements in typical drinking water sources from major river basins in China. HI, WQI
33  2019 Spatial distribution, source analysis, and health risk assessment of heavy metals contamination in house dust and surface soil from four major cities of Nepal. BC, HMs, TOC
34  2018 Absorption of arsenic from soil and water by two chard (Beta vulgaris L.) varieties: A potential risk to human health. TDB, THQ
35  2018 Arsenic, cadmium and lead in fresh and processed tuna marketed in Galicia (NW Spain): Risk assessment of dietary exposure. EDIs
36  2018 Assessment of contamination and health risk of heavy metals in selected water bodies around gold mining areas in Ghana. HQ
37  2018 Comparison of Toxic Metal Distribution Characteristics and Health Risk between Cultured and Wild Fish Captured from Honghu City, China. EWI, MPI, THQ
38  2018 Concentrations and Exposure Evaluation of Metals in Diverse Food Items from Chengdu, China. ---
39  2018 Concentrations and Human Health Risk of Heavy Metals in Rivers in Southwest Nigeria. Cd, CDI, Mn
40  2018 Distribution and Health Risk Assessment of Trace Metals in Soils in the Golden Triangle of Southern Fujian Province, China. HI, HQ, IDW, PCA, RI, TCR, USEPA
41  2018 Edible Mushrooms from Niger Delta, Nigeria with Heavy Metal Levels of Public Health Concern: A Human Health Risk Assessment. AAS, BCF, EDI, HI, PLI, PTDI, TCR, THQ
42  2018 Emission characteristics and health risk assessment of volatile organic compounds produced during municipal solid waste composting. VOCs
43  2018 Establishing a health risk assessment for metal speciation in soil-A case study in an industrial area in China. MS, Ni
44  2018 Heavy metal contamination in the muscle of Aegean chub (Squalius fellowesii) and potential risk assessment. EDI, THQ
45  2018 Human health risks of Hg, As, Mn, and Cr through consumption of fish, Ticto barb (Puntius ticto) from a tropical river, Bangladesh. EDI, ICP-MS, PTWI, RDA, TTHQs
46  2018 Pollution characteristics and health risk assessment of heavy metals in the vegetable bases of northwest China. Eir, NIPI, PI, RI
47  2018 Potential Human Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals via Consumption of Root Tubers from Ogoniland, Rivers State, Nigeria. BAF, THQ
48  2018 Risk analysis of heavy metal concentration in surface waters across the rural-urban interface of the Wen-Rui Tang River, China. HI, HPI
49  2018 The health risk levels of different age groups of residents living in the vicinity of municipal solid waste incinerator posed by PCDD/Fs in atmosphere and soil. MSWI, non-CR, TEQ
50  2018 Toxicological Risk by Inhalation Exposure of Air Pollution Emitted from China's Municipal Solid Waste Incineration. HI, MSW
51  2017 Analysis of trace metal concentrations in raw cow's milk from three dairy farms in North Gondar, Ethiopia: chemometric approach. HQ, PCA, PLS-DA
52  2017 Assessment of multiple exposure to chemical elements and health risks among residents near Huodehong lead-zinc mining area in Yunnan, Southwest China. HI, ICP-MS, TCR, THQ
53  2017 Did municipal solid waste landfill have obvious influence on polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs) in ambient air: A case study in East China. MSW, non-CR, TEQ
54  2017 Evaluating the health risks of potentially toxic elements through wheat consumption in multi-industrial metropolis of Faisalabad, Pakistan. PTEs
55  2017 Heavy metals and metalloid distribution in different organs and health risk assessment for edible tissues of fish captured from Honghu Lake. EWI, THQ
56  2017 Physiochemical characteristics of aerosol particles in the typical microenvironment of hospital in Shanghai, China. ADI, HQ, TEM
57  2016 Composition profiles and health risk of PCDD/F in outdoor air and fly ash from municipal solid waste incineration and adjacent villages in East China. DWTC, non-CR
58  2016 Heavy metals in road dust from Xiandao District, Changsha City, China: characteristics, health risk assessment, and integrated source identification. EF, HI, XDD
59  2016 Phthalates in dormitory and house dust of northern Chinese cities: Occurrence, human exposure, and risk assessment. DBP, DEHP, DiBP, HI, MADL, NSRL, RfD, RfD AA, RQ, U.S. EPA
60  2016 Potential human health risks from metals and As via Odontesthes bonariensis consumption and ecological risk assessments in a eutrophic lake. THQs
61  2016 Presence of heavy metals in fruits and vegetables: Health risk implications in Bangladesh. EDI, HI, ICP-MS, MAC, MTDI, THQ
62  2016 Quantitatively assessing the health risk of exposure to PAHs from intake of smoked meats. HI, PAHs
63  2015 Assessment of trace metals in fish species of urban rivers in Bangladesh and health implications. Cd, Ni, THQs
64  2015 Heavy metal pollution and health risk assessment in the Wei River in China. CEQSSW, HHRA, HPI, HQ, RAGS, USEPA
65  2015 Metal speciation in soil and health risk due to vegetables consumption in Bangladesh. ICP-MS, TFs, THQ
66  2014 Bioaccessibility of antimony and arsenic in highly polluted soils of the mine area and health risk assessment associated with oral ingestion exposure. HQ, OM, PBET, SBET, XKS
67  2014 Heavy metals in cereals and pulses: health implications in Bangladesh. HI, THQ
68  2014 Human health risk assessment of dissolved metals in groundwater and surface waters in the Melen watershed, Turkey. HQ
69  2014 Human health risk assessment with spatial analysis: study of a population chronically exposed to arsenic through drinking water from Argentina. ADD, Asw, GIS, HI, HQ, ND
70  2014 Potential health risks of heavy metals in cultivated topsoil and grain, including correlations with human primary liver, lung and gastric cancer, in Anhui province, Eastern China. BCF, HI, ICP-MS, TCR, THQ