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Abbreviation : CR
Long Form : charge recombination
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Anthracene-Naphthalenediimide Compact Electron Donor/Acceptor Dyads: Electronic Coupling, Electron Transfer, and Intersystem Crossing. CS, ISC, NDI
2019 Bodipy Derivatives as Triplet Photosensitizers and the Related Intersystem Crossing Mechanisms. ISC, PDT
2019 Donor Halogenation Effects on Electronic Structures and Electron Process Rates of Donor/C60 Heterojunction Interface: A Theoretical Study on F nZnPc ( n = 0, 4, 8, 16) and Cl nSubPc ( n = 0, 6). CT, ED, OPVs
2019 Electronic couplings and rates of excited state charge transfer processes at poly(thiophene-co-quinoxaline)-PC71BM interfaces: two- versus multi-state treatments. BHJ, CT, ED, FCD, GMH, LRC, PSCs
2019 Orientational Dependence of Cofacial Porphyrin-Quinone Electronic Interactions within the Strong Coupling Regime. CS, D-A, LE, TDDFT
2019 Photoinduced electron transfer within supramolecular hemoprotein co-assemblies and heterodimers containing Fe and Zn porphyrins. CS, Cyt b562, ET
2019 Size dependent charge separation and recombination in CsPbI3 perovskite quantum dots. CS, QDs, RhB
2018 Electron Transfer into Electron-Accumulated Nanocrystals: Mimicking Intermediate Events in Multielectron Photocatalysis II. CT, ET, QDs
2018 Excitation-dependent electron exchange energy and electron transfer dynamics in a series of covalently tethered N,N-bis(4'-tert-butylbiphenyl-4-yl)aniline - [C60] fullerene dyads via varying pi-conjugated spacers. BBA, CS, CShot, EET
10  2018 Formation and Photodynamic Behavior of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Nanosheet-Fullerene Inorganic/Organic Nanohybrids on Semiconducting Electrodes. CS, IPCEs, TMDs
11  2017 Effect of Conjugation Length on Photoinduced Charge Transfer in pi-Conjugated Oligomer-Acceptor Dyads. CS, NDI, OPE
12  2017 Electron and excitation energy transfers in covalently linked donor-acceptor dyads: mechanisms and dynamics revealed using quantum chemistry. EET, ET, HT
13  2017 Free-Energy-Gap Law for Ultrafast Charge Recombination of Ion Pairs Formed by Intramolecular Photoinduced Electron Transfer. ---
14  2017 Probing single-molecule electron-hole transfer dynamics at a molecule-NiO semiconductor nanocrystalline interface. ---
15  2017 Triplet Excited State of BODIPY Accessed by Charge Recombination and Its Application in Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Upconversion. CS, PET, SO-CT, TTA
16  2016 An artificial photosynthetic model based on a molecular triad of boron dipyrromethene and phthalocyanine. BDP, CS, CT, EET, SiPc
17  2016 Charge-Disproportionation Symmetry Breaking Creates a Heterodimeric Myoglobin Complex with Enhanced Affinity and Rapid Intracomplex Electron Transfer. BD, CS, ET, Mb
18  2016 Dynamic Solvent Effect on Ultrafast Charge Recombination Kinetics in Excited Donor-Acceptor Complexes. DSE
19  2016 Gating That Suppresses Charge Recombination-The Role of Mono-N-Arylated Diketopyrrolopyrrole. CS, CT
20  2016 Intramolecular electron transfer reactions in meso-(4-nitrophenyl)-substituted subporphyrins. CS
21  2016 Photoinduced Charge and Energy Transfer within meta- and para-Linked Chlorophyll a-Perylene-3,4:9,10-bis(dicarboximide) Donor-Acceptor Dyads. CS, D-B-A, PDI, TEnT
22  2016 Ultrafast Charge Recombination Dynamics in Ternary Electron Donor-Acceptor Complexes: (Benzene)2-Tetracyanoethylene Complexes. BZ/TCNE, CT, DFT, TRFL
23  2015 A Hybrid Quantum Mechanical Approach: Intimate Details of Electron Transfer between Type-I CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots and an Anthraquinone Molecule. AQ, CS, QD
24  2015 Cascading electron and hole transfer dynamics in a CdS/CdTe core-shell sensitized with bromo-pyrogallol red (Br-PGR): slow charge recombination in type II regime. Br-PGR, CT
25  2015 Corrole-ferrocene and corrole-anthraquinone dyads: synthesis, spectroscopy and photochemistry. CS, fs-TA, PET
26  2015 Hot-hole extraction from quantum dot to molecular adsorbate. QD
27  2015 Unambiguous Diagnosis of Photoinduced Charge Carrier Signatures in a Stoichiometrically Controlled Semiconducting Polymer-Wrapped Carbon Nanotube Assembly. CS, SWNT
28  2014 An expression for the bridge-mediated electron transfer rate in dye-sensitized solar cells. ---
29  2014 Regulation of photodynamic interactions in 1,8-naphthalimide-linker-phenothiazine dyads by cyclodextrins. CD, NI, NI-L-PTZ
30  2014 Supramolecular tetrad featuring covalently linked bis(porphyrin)-phthalocyanine coordinated to fullerene: construction and photochemical studies. CS, Pc
31  2014 Theoretical-computational modeling of photo-induced charge separation spectra and charge recombination kinetics in solution. CS, IP, TCNE
32  2014 Ultrafast Photoinduced Electron Transfer in a pi-Conjugated Oligomer/Porphyrin Complex. acac, CS, CT, fs, TA
33  2013 Ultrafast time-resolved broadband fluorescence studies of the benzene-tetracyanoethylene complex: solvation, vibrational relaxation, and charge recombination dynamics. BZ-TCNE, CT, TDFSS
34  2012 Hydrophilicity control of visible-light hydrogen evolution and dynamics of the charge-separated state in dye/TiO2/Pt hybrid systems. ---
35  2012 Photoinduced electron transfer in zinc naphthalocyanine-naphthalenediimide supramolecular dyads. CS, NDI, NIR, ZnNc
36  2012 Subnanosecond charge recombination dynamics in P3HT/PC61BM films. SVA
37  2012 The rates of charge separation and energy destructive charge recombination processes within an organic dyad in presence of metal-semiconductor core shell nanocomposites. 1 MNT, CS, MNCA, PCA
38  2011 Effects of various halogen anions and cations of alkali metals on energetics of excess charge recombination in stilbene donor-acceptor capped DNA hairpins. Sa, Sd
39  2011 Simulation of solution phase electron transfer in a compact donor-acceptor dyad. CS, ET, FAAQ
40  2011 Temperature dependence of spin-selective charge transfer pathways in donor-bridge-acceptor molecules with oligomeric fluorenone and p-phenylethynylene bridges. CRS, DMJ-An, NI, RP-ISC
41  2010 Comparing spin-selective charge transport through donor-bridge-acceptor molecules with different oligomeric aromatic bridges. D-B-A
42  2010 Ultrafast photodriven intramolecular electron transfer from a zinc porphyrin to a readily reduced diiron hydrogenase model complex. CO, CS
43  2009 Time-resolved EPR characterization of a folded conformation of photoinduced charge-separated state in porphyrin-fullerene dyad bridged by diphenyldisilane. CS, CT, D-B-A, TREPR
44  2008 Does bimolecular charge recombination in highly exergonic electron transfer afford the triplet excited state or the ground state of a photosensitizer? CS, ET
45  2008 Enhanced intersystem crossing via a high energy charge transfer state in a perylenediimide-perylenemonoimide dyad. BET, CB, CHX, CT, ET, PDI-PMI, PIA, TOL
46  2007 Charge recombination versus charge separation in donor-bridge-acceptor systems. CS, ET
47  2007 Competing electron-transfer pathways in hydrocarbon frameworks: short-circuiting through-bond coupling by nonbonded contacts in rigid U-shaped norbornylogous systems containing a cavity-bound aromatic pendant group. CS, CT, DCV, DPMN
48  2006 Direct calculation of electron transfer parameters through constrained density functional theory. DFT, FA-AQ, Fc-FA-AQ
49  2006 Effect of high-frequency modes and hot transitions on free energy gap dependence of charge recombination rate. ---
50  2006 Energy and electron transfer in beta-alkynyl-linked porphyrin-[60]fullerene dyads. CS, CSRP, EnT, ET, THF
51  2006 Photoinduced electron transfer and excitation energy transfer in directly linked zinc porphyrin/zinc phthalocyanine composite. CS, EnT, ET, Pc, Por
52  2005 Conformationally gated switching between superexchange and hopping within oligo-p-phenylene-based molecular wires. D-B-A, DA, PDI, PTZ
53  2005 Effect of the excitation wavelength on the ultrafast charge recombination dynamics of donor-acceptor complexes in polar solvents. DACs
54  2005 Self-assembled via axial coordination magnesium porphyrin-imidazole appended fullerene dyad: spectroscopic, electrochemical, computational, and photochemical studies. CS, HOMO, LUMO, MgTPP
55  2005 Solvent adiabaticity effects on ultrafast electron transfer in viologen charge transfer complexes. ---
56  2005 Spectral, electrochemical, and photophysical studies of a magnesium porphyrin-fullerene dyad. CS
57  2004 Effects of metal ions on photoinduced electron transfer in zinc porphyrin-naphthalenediimide linked systems. CS, ZnP-Im-NIm, ZnP-NIm
58  2004 Modulation of radical ion pair lifetimes by the presence of a third spin in rodlike donor-acceptor triads. CS, EISC, PRPs
59  2004 Solvent control of spin-dependent charge recombination mechanisms within donor-conjugated bridge-acceptor molecules. MTHF, RP
60  2003 Dyads for photoinduced charge separation based on platinum diimine bis(acetylide) chromophores: synthesis, luminescence and transient absorption studies. CS, CS, PTZ, TA, TPZ
61  2003 Synthesis, electronic structure, and electron transfer dynamics of (Aryl)ethynyl-bridged donor-acceptor systems. D-Sp-A
62  2003 Ultrafast charge separation and radiationless relaxation processes from higher excited electronic states of directly linked porphyrin-acceptor dyads. CS, EGL, ET, ZP-I
63  2002 Distance dependence of electron transfer in rigid, cofacially compressed, pi-stacked porphyrin-bridge-quinone systems. CS, ET, P-Q
64  2002 Stepwise charge separation and charge recombination in ferrocene-meso,meso-linked porphyrin dimer-fullerene triad. CS, Fc
65  2002 Synthesis, excited-state dynamics, and reactivity of a directly-linked pyromellitimide-(porphinato)zinc(II) complex. CS, ET, PZn-PI
66  2001 Conformational gating of long distance electron transfer through wire-like bridges in donor-bridge-acceptor molecules. CS, D-B-A, ET, OPV
67  2001 Modulating charge separation and charge recombination dynamics in porphyrin-fullerene linked dyads and triads: Marcus-normal versus inverted region. CS, Fc-ZnP-C60, ZnP-C60