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Abbreviation : CSO
Long Form : combined sewer overflow
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Long-term biosolids planning with an operational mega reservoir for combined sewer overflow-impacted stormwater capture. TARP, TCR
2020 Modeling chlorine-produced oxidant demand and dilution in chlorinated combined sewer overflow discharges. CPO
2020 New insights to study the accumulation and erosion processes of fine-grained organic sediments in combined sewer systems from a laboratory scale model. SfM, WWTP
2019 Acute toxicity and risk evaluation of the CSO disinfectants performic acid, peracetic acid, chlorine dioxide and their by-products hydrogen peroxide and chlorite. PAA, PFA
2019 Assessing stormwater control measures using modelling and a multi-criteria approach. MCA, SCM
2019 Assessment of input of organic micropollutants and microplastics into the Baltic Sea by urban waters. ---
2019 Development of a scenario-based stormwater management planning support system for reducing combined sewer overflows (CSOs). CSOs, GI, GrayI, SMPSS-CSO
2019 Effectiveness Analysis of Systematic Combined Sewer Overflow Control Schemes in the Sponge City Pilot Area of Beijing. LID, SWMM, USEPA
2019 The presence of antibiotic resistance genes in coastal soil and sediment samples from the eastern seaboard of the USA. ---
10  2018 Approach and case-study of green infrastructure screening analysis for urban stormwater control. GI
11  2018 Assessment of the effects of discontinuous sources of contamination through biomarker analyses on caged mussels. AOX, LMS, PAHs
12  2018 DSM-flux: A new technology for reliable Combined Sewer Overflow discharge monitoring with low uncertainties. GUM
13  2018 High levels of sewage contamination released from urban areas after storm events: A quantitative survey with sewage specific bacterial indicators. qPCR
14  2018 Hot spots of antibiotic tolerant and resistant bacterial subpopulations in natural freshwater biofilm communities due to inevitable urban drainage system overflows. CIP, CLA, Dox, NFB, OUR
15  2018 Online monitoring and conditional regression tree test: Useful tools for a better understanding of combined sewer network behavior. COD
16  2018 Performance and uncertainties of TSS stormwater sampling strategies from online time series. EMCs, TSS
17  2017 Combined sewer overflow events and childhood emergency department visits: A case-crossover study. ED, GI, MSD, OR, SSTIs
18  2017 Comparing peracetic acid and hypochlorite for disinfection of combined sewer overflows: Effects of suspended-solids and pH. FTIR, PAA
19  2017 Concentration and quantification of somatic and F+ coliphages from recreational waters. D- HFUF, SAL
20  2017 Contributions of combined sewer overflows and treated effluents to the bacterial load released into a coastal area. ---
21  2017 Environmental Transport of Emerging Human-Pathogenic Cryptosporidium Species and Subtypes through Combined Sewer Overflow and Wastewater. ---
22  2017 Human-Driven Microbiological Contamination of Benthic and Hyporheic Sediments of an Intermittent Peri-Urban River Assessed from MST and 16S rRNA Genetic Structure Analyses. MST, NGS, OTU
23  2017 Identification and assessment of ecotoxicological hazards attributable to pollutants in urban wet weather discharges. HQ, PNEC, UWWD
24  2016 Caffeine in Boston Harbor past and present, assessing its utility as a tracer of wastewater contamination in an urban estuary. ---
25  2016 Dynamics of toxicity within different compartments of a peri-urban river subject to combined sewer overflow discharges. ---
26  2016 Estimation of combined sewer overflow discharge: a software sensor approach based on local water level measurements. ---
27  2016 Impacts of combined sewer overflows on a large urban river - Understanding the effect of different management strategies. DO
28  2016 Monitoring micropollutants in the Swist river basin. WWTPs
29  2016 Potential for CSO treatment with horizontal flow constructed wetlands: influence of hydraulic load, plant presence and loading frequency. COD, CWs, TSS
30  2016 Using Multiple Antibiotic Resistance Profiles of Coliforms as a Tool to Investigate Combined Sewer Overflow Contamination. MAR, NPS
31  2016 Water quantity and quality response of a green roof to storm events: Experimental and monitoring observations. ---
32  2015 Assessment of microbial populations within Chicago area nearshore waters and interfaces with river systems. ---
33  2015 Impacts of global change on the concentrations and dilution of combined sewer overflows in a drinking water source. ---
34  2015 Influence of local calibration on the quality of online wet weather discharge monitoring: feedback from five international case studies. COD, UV-vis
35  2015 Modelling the fate and transport of faecal bacteria in estuarine and coastal waters. WwTWs
36  2015 Removal of acetaminophen and naproxen by combined coagulation and adsorption using biochar: influence of combined sewer overflow components. ---
37  2015 Removal of micropollutants, facultative pathogenic and antibiotic resistant bacteria in a full-scale retention soil filter receiving combined sewer overflow. RSF, WWTP
38  2015 Temporal analysis of E. coli, TSS and wastewater micropollutant loads from combined sewer overflows: implications for management. SD, SW, TSS, WW, WWMPs
39  2015 Using data from monitoring combined sewer overflows to assess, improve, and maintain combined sewer systems. CSS
40  2014 Chemical disinfection of combined sewer overflow waters using performic acid or peracetic acids. E. coli, PAA, PFA
41  2014 Determination of micropollutants in combined sewer overflows and their removal in a wastewater treatment plant (Seoul, South Korea). EDCs, PPCPs, WWTP
42  2014 Estimating inflow to a combined sewer overflow structure with storage tank in real time: evaluation of different approaches. ---
43  2014 Impact of rainfall on the hygienic quality of blue mussels and water in urban areas in the Inner Oslofjord, Norway. ---
44  2014 Influence of resuspension on the fate of fecal indicator bacteria in large-scale flumes mimicking an oligotrophic river. FIB, TSS
45  2014 Remanence of lead pollution in an urban river system: a multi-scale temporal and spatial study in the Seine River basin, France. SPM
46  2014 The semi-sewer river: hydraulic backwater effects and combined sewer overflow reverse flows in Central Brussels reduce deoxygenation impact further downstream. ---
47  2013 Cluster analysis for characterization of rainfalls and CSO behaviours in an urban drainage area of Tokyo. CSS
48  2013 Constructed wetlands for combined sewer overflow treatment in a Mediterranean country, Portugal. COD, TSS
49  2013 Effects of a 20 year rain event: a quantitative microbial risk assessment of a case of contaminated bathing water in Copenhagen, Denmark. QMRAs
50  2013 Electrochemical disinfection of Escherichia coli in the presence and absence of primary sludge particulates. Cc, CCI, E. coli, EC, PSPs
51  2013 Experimental study of the performance of a siphon sediment cleansing set in a CSO chamber. SSCS
52  2013 Field performance of self-siphon sediment cleansing set for sediment removal in deep CSO chamber. SSCS
53  2013 Field validation of a new low-cost method for determining occurrence and duration of combined sewer overflows. CSS
54  2013 Heavy metal distribution in an urban wetland impacted by combined sewer overflow. mu-XRF
55  2013 Impact of urban WWTP and CSO fluxes on river peak flow extremes under current and future climate conditions. WWTP
56  2013 Nitrogen patterns in subsurface waters of the Yzeron stream: effect of combined sewer overflows and subsurface-surface water mixing. ---
57  2013 Norovirus and FRNA bacteriophage determined by RT-qPCR and infectious FRNA bacteriophage in wastewater and oysters. NoV, WWTPs
58  2013 Substance flow analysis as a tool for mitigating the impact of pharmaceuticals on the aquatic system. SFA
59  2012 A GIS-based methodology for selecting stormwater disconnection opportunities. GIS, SuDS
60  2012 A software-based sensor for combined sewer overflows. ---
61  2012 Frequency analysis of river water quality using integrated urban wastewater models. DO
62  2012 IWRM decision support with material flow analysis: consideration of urban system input. MFA
63  2012 The impact of combined sewage overflows on the viral contamination of receiving waters. CPE, MPN, PCR, RT-PCR
64  2011 Allocation of supplementary aeration stations in the Chicago waterway system for dissolved oxygen improvement. CWS, DO
65  2011 An application of Austrian legal requirements for CSO emissions. ---
66  2011 CSO management from an operator's perspective: a step-wise action plan. RTC, WWTP
67  2011 Evaluation of effectiveness of combined sewer overflow control measures by operational data. ---
68  2011 Impact of an intense combined sewer overflow event on the microbiological water quality of the Seine River. FIB, SM
69  2011 Measurement of flow velocity profiles in tank structures using the prototype device OCM Pro LR. CFD, FVP
70  2011 Research of trace metals as markers of entry pathways in combined sewers. EPCS, SD
71  2010 Contribution of combined sewer overflows to trace contaminant loads in urban streams. EDTA, NTA, WWTP
72  2010 Micropollutant loads in the urban water cycle. ---
73  2010 Modelling sewer sediment deposition, erosion, and transport processes to predict acute influent and reduce combined sewer overflows and CO(2) emissions. TSS, WWTP
74  2010 Significance of urban and agricultural land use for biocide and pesticide dynamics in surface waters. SS, WWTP
75  2010 The risk of West Nile Virus infection is associated with combined sewer overflow streams in urban Atlanta, Georgia, USA. WNV
76  2009 A new, cost-effective, battery-powered aspirator for adult mosquito collections. CDC-BP
77  2009 Biodegradability of organic matter associated with sewer sediments during first flush. OUR
78  2009 Determining the spill flow discharge of combined sewer overflows using rating curves based on computational fluid dynamics instead of the standard weir equation. CFD
79  2009 Diurnal fluctuation of indicator microorganisms and intestinal viruses in combined sewer system. CSS, DWF
80  2009 Effects of combined sewer overflow and stormwater on indicator bacteria concentrations in the Tama River due to the high population density of Tokyo Metropolitan area. ---
81  2009 Identifying weak points of urban drainage systems by means of VulNetUD. UDS
82  2009 Model-based comparison of two ways to enhance WWTP capacity under stormwater conditions. WWTP
83  2009 Modelling of biofilters for ammonium reduction in combined sewer overflow. ---
84  2009 Optimisation potential for a SBR plant based upon integrated modelling for dry and wet weather conditions. CSS, SBR, WWTP
85  2009 Optimization of measurement campaigns for calibration of a conceptual sewer model. ---
86  2009 Separate and combined sewer systems: a long-term modelling approach. WWTP
87  2009 Stochastic long term modelling of a drainage system with estimation of return period uncertainty. ---
88  2009 The impact of new developments on river water quality from an integrated system modelling perspective. RSA
89  2009 To what extent does variability of historical rainfall series influence extreme event statistics of sewer system surcharge and overflows? ---
90  2009 [Environmental effects of combined sewage detention tank in central Shanghai]. CSDT, CSS
91  2008 Chemical coagulation of combined sewer overflow: heavy metal removal and treatment optimization. CLARFER
92  2008 Results of field investigations into the impact of intermittent sewage discharges on the microbiological quality of wild mussels (Mytilus edulis) in a tidal estuary. Mytilus edulis
93  2008 Risk of gastrointestinal disease associated with exposure to pathogens in the water of the Lower Passaic River. ---
94  2008 Sixty-five-year old final clarifier performance rivals that of modern designs. MWRDGC, TARP
95  2008 Treatment of combined sewer overflow using retention treatment basin assisted with polymer chemical coagulation. RTB, SORs
96  2007 Combined sewage overflows (CSO) are major urban breeding sites for Culex quinquefasciatus in Atlanta, Georgia. ---
97  2007 CSO treatment strategy based on constituent index relationships in a highly urbanised catchment. COD, TSS
98  2007 Diffuse pollution loading from urban stormwater runoff in Daejeon city, Korea. EMCs
99  2007 Distributions of pharmaceuticals in an urban estuary during both dry- and wet-weather conditions. ---
100  2007 Effectiveness of combined sewer overflow treatment for dissolved oxygen improvement in the Chicago waterways. CWS, DO, UAA