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Abbreviation : CTLs
Long Form : cytotoxic T lymphocytes
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A next-generation tumor-targeting IL-2 preferentially promotes tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T-cell response and effective tumor control. Ab, sumIL-2
2019 A unique variant of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus that induces pheromone binding protein MUP: Critical role for CTL. alpha-DG, LCMV
2019 Acetaldehyde suppresses the display of HBV-MHC class I complexes on HBV-expressing hepatocytes. AGS, CTL epitope, HBV, IPR, MHC, PLC
2019 Anti-oxidative Amino Acid L-ergothioneine Modulates the Tumor Microenvironment to Facilitate Adjuvant Vaccine Immunotherapy. EGT, NAC, TAA, TAMs, TLR2
2019 Antibodies conjugated with viral antigens elicit a cytotoxic T cell response against primary CLL ex vivo. CLL, EBV, GrB
2019 Antigen-loaded dendritic cells triggers a specific cytotoxic Tlymphocytes immune response against hepatocellular carcinoma: in vitro study. DCs, HCC
2019 Antitumor Effects and Related Mechanisms of Ethyl Acetate Extracts of Polygonum perfoliatum L. IL-2, MVD, NK, VEGF
2019 Astragalus polysaccharides (PG2) Enhances the M1 Polarization of Macrophages, Functional Maturation of Dendritic Cells, and T Cell-Mediated Anticancer Immune Responses in Patients with Lung Cancer. DCs, NSCLC, QOL
2019 Blocking CXCR4 alleviates desmoplasia, increases T-lymphocyte infiltration, and improves immunotherapy in metastatic breast cancer. mBCs
10  2019 Breakdown of adaptive immunotolerance induces hepatocellular carcinoma in HBsAg-tg mice. HBs-tg, HBV, HCC
11  2019 Broad Recognition of Circulating HIV-1 by HIV-1-Specific Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes with Strong Ability to Suppress HIV-1 Replication. ---
12  2019 CD8+ cytotoxic and FoxP3+ regulatory T lymphocytes serve as prognostic factors in breast cancer. DFS, OS
13  2019 CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes in cancer immunotherapy: A review. CAFs, CTLA-4, DCs, I-I, ICB, NK, PD-1, TME
14  2019 Combined Photosensitization and Vaccination Enable CD8 T-Cell Immunity and Tumor Suppression Independent of CD4 T-Cell Help. APCs, PCI
15  2019 Cx43-Gap Junctions Accumulate at the Cytotoxic Immunological Synapse Enabling Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Melanoma Cell Killing. Cx43, GJs, NK
16  2019 Cytotoxic Activity and Memory T Cell Subset Distribution of in vitro-Stimulated CD8+ T Cells Specific for HER2/neu Epitopes. PBMCs, TEMRA, TN
17  2019 Dendrobium officinale polysaccharides alleviate colon tumorigenesis via restoring intestinal barrier function and enhancing anti-tumor immune response. 5-ASA, CRC, DOPS, TME, ZO-1
18  2019 Differentiating CD8alphabeta T Cells from TCR-Transduced iPSCs for Cancer Immunotherapy. iPSCs, TCR-iPSCs
19  2019 Dynamic visualization of the whole process of cytotoxic T lymphocytes killing B16 tumor cells in vitro. ACT
20  2019 Effective Suppression of HIV-1 Replication by Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes Specific for Pol Epitopes in Conserved Mosaic Vaccine Immunogens. ---
21  2019 Efficacy of dendritic cell-based immunotherapy produced from cord blood in vitro and in a humanized NSG mouse cancer model. DCs
22  2019 Efficacy of the NCCV Cocktail-1 vaccine for refractory pediatric solid tumors: a phase I clinical trial. PFS
23  2019 Emerging Cellular Therapies: T Cells and Beyond. CARs, DCs
24  2019 Engineering nanoparticles to locally activate T cells in the tumor microenvironment. ICB, NIR
25  2019 Enhanced antitumor effect of cytotoxic T lymphocytes induced by dendritic cells pulsed with colorectal cancer cell lysate expressing alpha-Gal epitopes. CRC, DCs, TAAs
26  2019 Enhanced cytotoxic T lymphocytes recruitment targeting tumor vasculatures by endoglin aptamer and IP-10 plasmid presenting liposome-based nanocarriers. ENG-Apt, LP, mIP-10, mTECs
27  2019 Epstein-Barr virus-related post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease (EBV-PTLD) in the setting of allogeneic stem cell transplantation: a comprehensive review from pathogenesis to forthcoming treatment modalities. CMV, EBV, EBV-PTLD, HSCT, PTLD
28  2019 Exosomes Derived From T Regulatory Cells Suppress CD8+ Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Proliferation and Prolong Liver Allograft Survival. EXOs, Treg
29  2019 Exposure to Low-Dose Radiation Enhanced the Antitumor Effect of a Dendritic Cell Vaccine. DC, LDR
30  2019 Fucosylation Enhances the Efficacy of Adoptively Transferred Antigen-Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes. ACT, FT, NSG
31  2019 Generation of donor-derived Wilms tumor antigen 1-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes with potent anti-leukemia activity for somatic cell therapy in children given haploidentical stem cell transplantation: a feasibility pre-clinical study. haplo-HSCT, HSCs, IL, PBMCs, WT1
32  2019 Generation of IgE-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes as a novel immunotherapeutic approach for the treatment of allergic asthma. IgE, MHC
33  2019 Granzyme B cleaves multiple HSV-1 and VZV gene products and VZV ORF4 inhibits Natural Killer cell dependent cytotoxicity. HSV-1, ICP, NK, VZV
34  2019 GSDMD is required for effector CD8+ T cell responses to lung cancer cells. ---
35  2019 High expression of soluble CD155 in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer. ER, NK, sCD155
36  2019 Immune Correlates of Herpes Zoster in People Living with HIV on Effective Antiretroviral Therapy. ART, HZ, PLHIV, Treg, VZV
37  2019 Immunity and vaccine development efforts against Trypanosoma cruzi. CD, T. cruzi
38  2019 Immunization of mice by the co-administration of codon-optimized HPV16 E7 and lL12 genes against HPV16-associated cervical cancer. HPV-16, IL-12, LDH, mIL-12
39  2019 Immunomodulatory effects of Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides serpin RHS2 on host immune responses. BMDC
40  2019 Impact of epitope density on CD8+ T cell development and function. pMHC
41  2019 Impact of HLA Allele-KIR Pairs on HIV Clinical Outcome in South Africa. KIR, NK
42  2019 Impact of host immunity on HTLV-1 pathogenesis: potential of Tax-targeted immunotherapy against ATL. ATL, HTLV-1, IFN
43  2019 Impaired T cell proliferation by ex vivo BET-inhibition impedes adoptive immunotherapy in a murine melanoma model. ACT, BET, CTL
44  2019 Improved Antitumor Efficacy of Combined Vaccine Based on the Induced HUVECs and DC-CT26 Against Colorectal Carcinoma. DC-CT26, HUVECs
45  2019 In silico design of a triple-negative breast cancer vaccine by targeting cancer testis antigens. Ags, CTA, GM-CSF, TNBC
46  2019 In Vitro Differentiation of T Cells from Murine Pluripotent Stem Cells. ---
47  2019 In Vitro Generation of Anti-Osteosarcoma Cytotoxic Activity Using Dendritic Cells Loaded with Heat Shock Protein 70-Peptide Complexes. DCs, HSP70.PCs
48  2019 Induction of tumor-specific CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes from naive human T cells by using Mycobacterium-derived mycolic acid and lipoarabinomannan-stimulated dendritic cells. DCs, IL, LAM, MA
49  2019 Interactions between cancer stem cells, immune system and some environmental components: Friends or foes? CSCs, MDSCs, NK, TAMs, Th
50  2019 Interfacial actin protrusions mechanically enhance killing by cytotoxic T cells. ---
51  2019 Low Molecular Weight Heparin-Coated and Dendrimer-Based Core-Shell Nanoplatform with Enhanced Immune Activation and Multiple Anti-Metastatic Effects for Melanoma Treatment. CpG ODNs, DCs, DOX, LMWH
52  2019 Mechanisms of Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions: Recent Advances. AGEP, DIHS, DRESS, HSS, SCARs, SJS, TEN
53  2019 Memory and CAR-NK cell-based novel approaches for HIV vaccination and eradication. ADCC, CAR-NK, CAR-T, DCs, HIV, iPSC, MHC, NK, Tfh
54  2019 Memory CD8+ T Cell Protection From Viral Reinfection Depends on Interleukin-33 Alarmin Signals. IL-33, LCMV
55  2019 Mouse CD8+NKT-like cells exert dual cytotoxicity against mouse tumor cells and myeloid-derived suppressor cells. FasL, MDSCs, NKT, TRAIL
56  2019 Nanoparticles from Cuttlefish Ink Inhibit Tumor Growth by Synergizing Immunotherapy and Photothermal Therapy. MAPK, NIR, PTT, TAMs
57  2019 Natural and modified IL-2 for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. cGVHD, IL-2, SLE, T1D, Treg
58  2019 Non-platelet-derived CXCL4 differentially regulates cytotoxic and regulatory T cells through CXCR3 to suppress the immune response to colon cancer. PD-1
59  2019 Non-replicating Newcastle Disease Virus as an adjuvant for DNA vaccine enhances antitumor efficacy through the induction of TRAIL and granzyme B expression. HPV, HPV-16, NDV, NDV, TRAIL
60  2019 OCT4&SOX2-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes plus programmed cell death protein 1 inhibitor presented with synergistic effect on killing lung cancer stem-like cells in vitro and treating drug-resistant lung cancer mice in vivo. CCK-8, CMV, DRLC, FCM, LCSCs, PI
61  2019 Perforin and Granzyme B Expressed by Murine Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells: A Study on Their Role in Outgrowth of Cancer Cells. GzmB, IFN-gamma, KO, MDSC, PD-L1, WT
62  2019 PGC-1alpha activator-induced fatty acid oxidation in tumor-infiltrating CTLs enhances effects of PD-1 blockade therapy in lung cancer. FAO, LLC, PD-1, PD-L1
63  2019 Phase I Clinical Trial Using Autologous Ex Vivo Expanded NK Cells and Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes for Cancer Treatment in Vietnam. ECOG, NKs
64  2019 Positive correlation between the density of macrophages and T-cells in undifferentiated sarcoma. TAMs, TME, US
65  2019 Recalling the Future: Immunological Memory Toward Unpredictable Influenza Viruses. ASCs
66  2019 Selective elimination of undifferentiated human pluripotent stem cells using pluripotent state-specific immunogenic antigen Glypican-3. GPC3, hiPSC, HLA, PSCs
67  2019 Self-Amplified Drug Delivery with Light-Inducible Nanocargoes to Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy. IDO1, LINC, NIR, OXA, PEG, PPa, ROS
68  2019 Stability and flexibility in chromatin structure and transcription underlies memory CD8 T-cell differentiation. ---
69  2019 Targets for improving tumor response to radiotherapy. COX-2, CTLA-4, DDRs, EGFR, ICIs, MAPKs, mTOR, PD-L1, PI3K, RTK, TME, VEGF
70  2019 The effect of L-theanine supplementation on the immune system of athletes exposed to strenuous physical exercise. IL-10, IL-2, IL-4, NK, TAC
71  2019 The inhibitory receptors on NK cells and CTLs are upregulated in adult and adolescent patients with secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. HLH, NK, pHLH, sHLH
72  2019 The role of GNLY gene polymorphisms in psoriasis pathogenesis. AMP, GNLY, NK
73  2019 TLR1/2 Specific Small-Molecule Agonist Suppresses Leukemia Cancer Cell Growth by Stimulating Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes. TLR2
74  2019 Trimming of MHC Class I Ligands by ERAP Aminopeptidases. ERAP1, MHC
75  2019 Type I interferon suppresses tumor growth through activating the STAT3-granzyme B pathway in tumor-infiltrating cytotoxic T lymphocytes. WT
76  2019 Virotherapy-recruited PMN-MDSC infiltration of mesothelioma blocks antitumor CTL by IL-10-mediated dendritic cell suppression. DCs, MVTT, PMN-MDSCs
77  2019 [Cancer Vaccine Focused on Neoantigens]. ICIs, TAAs
78  2019 [Induction of specific CD8(+) T cells against hepatocellular carcinoma-associated neoantigens]. HCC, LAMA3, TP53
79  2018 A calcium optimum for cytotoxic T lymphocyte and natural killer cell cytotoxicity. NK
80  2018 A carboxymethyl dextran-based polymeric conjugate as the antigen carrier for cancer immunotherapy. CMD, MHC, OVA
81  2018 A CD8alpha- Subset of CD4+SLAMF7+ Cytotoxic T Cells Is Expanded in Patients With IgG4-Related Disease and Decreases Following Glucocorticoid Treatment. IgG4-RD, TEM
82  2018 A dual-function epidermal growth factor receptor pathway substrate 8 (Eps8)-derived peptide exhibits a potent cytotoxic T lymphocyte-activating effect and a specific inhibitory activity. EGFR, Eps8, HLA, IFN-gamma, IL-2, PBMCs, TAAs, TNF-alpha
83  2018 A modified HLA-A*0201-restricted CTL epitope from human oncoprotein (hPEBP4) induces more efficient antitumor responses. hPEBP4
84  2018 A novel absorption spectrometric method, based on graphene nanomaterials, for detection of hepatocellular carcinoma-specific T lymphocyte cells. MHC, rGO
85  2018 A novel potential effective strategy for enhancing the antitumor immune response in breast cancer patients using a viable cancer cell-dendritic cell-based vaccine. DCs, ELISA, FoxP3, IFN-gamma, IL-12, LDH, MHC
86  2018 A Synthetic Cross-Species CD200R1 Agonist Suppresses Inflammatory Immune Responses InVivo. allo-MLCs, NGS, PEG
87  2018 Adjuvant activity of ethanol extract of Hippophae rhamnoides leaves with inactivated rabies virus antigen. Rb, RVNA, SBT, SBTE
88  2018 Adjuvant effect of the novel TLR1/TLR2 agonist Diprovocim synergizes with anti-PD-L1 to eliminate melanoma in mice. DC, TLR
89  2018 Adjuvant immunotherapy for cancer: both dendritic cell-priming and check-point inhibitor blockade are required for immunotherapy. DCs, TLR
90  2018 Adoptive cancer immunotherapy using DNA-demethylated T helper cells as antigen-presenting cells. CT
91  2018 Amantadine Surface-Modified Silver Nanorods Improves Immunotherapy of HIV Vaccine Against HIV-Infected Cells. ADA, TNF-alpha
92  2018 An attempt to induce an immunomodulatory effect in rowers with spirulina extract. NK
93  2018 An in silico model of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte activation in the lymph node following short peptide vaccination. DCs, MHC-I
94  2018 An Observational Study from Long-Term AAV Re-administration in Two Hemophilia Dogs. AAV, hFVIII, NAbs
95  2018 Analysis of the affinity of influenza A virus protein epitopes for swine MHC I by a modified in vitro refolding method indicated cross-reactivity between swine and human MHC I specificities. IAV, MHC
96  2018 Antigen presentation of the Oct4 and Sox2 peptides by CD154-activated B lymphocytes enhances the killing effect of cytotoxic T lymphocytes on tumor stem-like cells derived from cisplatin-resistant lung cancer cells. DC, PBMCs, SLCCs
97  2018 Astragalus Saponins and Liposome Constitute an Efficacious Adjuvant Formulation for Cancer Vaccines. bFGF
98  2018 Baculovirus capsid display in vaccination schemes: effect of a previous immunity against the vector on the cytotoxic response to delivered antigens. AcMNPV, OVA
99  2018 BCR-ABL-specific CD4+ T-helper cells promote the priming of antigen-specific cytotoxic T cells via dendritic cells. b3a2-specific Th clone, CML, DC, Th, TKI, WT1
100  2018 Bladder cancer-associated cancer-testis antigen-derived long peptides encompassing both CTL and promiscuous HLA class II-restricted Th cell epitopes induced CD4+ T cells expressing converged T-cell receptor genes in vitro. DEPDC1, HLA, LPs, MPHOSPH1, PBMCs, TCR, Th