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Abbreviation : CVLM
Long Form : caudal ventrolateral medulla
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Different reactive species modulate the hypotensive effect triggered by angiotensins at CVLM of 2K1C hypertensive rats. Ang, MAP, NO, RAS, Vit C
2020 Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Stimulation Treatment Decreases Blood Pressure in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats. Ang II, BP, EPI, HR, LIFU, NE, RAS, SBP, SHRs, SNS, vlPAG
2019 Baroreflex functionality in the eye of diffusion tensor imaging. anti-VEGF, DTI, NA, NTS, RVLM
2019 Differential responses of neurons in the rat caudal ventrolateral medulla to visceral and somatic noxious stimuli and their alterations in colitis. ---
2019 Identifying Increases in Activity of the Human RVLM Through MSNA-Coupled fMRI. ACC, BOLD, DLPFC, DMH, fMRI, mPFC, MSNA, NTS, OSA, PAG, PCC, RVLM, VMH
2018 Catestatin: A Master Regulator of Cardiovascular Functions. BRS, CaMKIIdelta, CgA, CST, CVD, HF, HRV, mPTP, RISK, RVLM, SAFE
2018 Colitis-induced alterations in response properties of visceral nociceptive neurons in the rat caudal medulla oblongata and their modulation by 5-HT3 receptor blockade. CRD, NTS
2017 Distribution of Fos-immunoreactive cells in the ventral part of rat medulla following voluntary treadmill exercise. RVLM, RVMM
2017 The 5-HT4 receptor-mediated inhibition of visceral nociceptive neurons in the rat caudal ventrolateral medulla. ---
10  2017 The brainstem network controlling blood pressure: an important role for pressor sites in the caudal medulla and cervical spinal cord. BP, CPA, RVLM
11  2016 Central cardiovascular actions of L-homocysteine microinjected into ventrolateral medullary autonomic areas of the rat. ABP, HR, iEAA, NMDA, RVLM
12  2015 CGRP infusion in unanesthetized rats increases expression of c-Fos in the nucleus tractus solitarius and caudal ventrolateral medulla, but not in the trigeminal nucleus caudalis. CGRP, GTN, i.v, NTS, TG, TNC
13  2015 Modulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) expression and cardiovascular responses during static exercise following iNOS antagonism within the ventrolateral medulla. AGN, iNOS, RVLM
14  2014 Antihypertensive and neuroprotective effects of catestatin in spontaneously hypertensive rats: interaction with GABAergic transmission in amygdala and brainstem. BP, CeA, CST, GABAARs, RVLM, SHRs, sIPSC
15  2014 L-Cysteine and L-AP4 microinjections in the rat caudal ventrolateral medulla decrease arterial blood pressure. ABP, L-AP4, NMDA
16  2014 Origin and neurochemical properties of bulbospinal neurons projecting to the rat lumbar spinal cord via the medial longitudinal fasciculus and caudal ventrolateral medulla. BS, FG, MLF
17  2014 Projection target-specific action of nicotine in the caudal nucleus of the solitary tract. nAChRs, NTS, PVN
18  2013 A1 noradrenergic neurons lesions reduce natriuresis and hypertensive responses to hypernatremia in rats. HS
19  2013 Acute systemic hypoxia activates hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus-projecting catecholaminergic neurons in the caudal ventrolateral medulla. AH, PVN, TH
20  2013 Caudal ventrolateral medulla mediates baroreceptor afferent inputs to subfornical organ angiotensin II responsive neurons. Ang II, SFO
21  2013 Medullary GABAergic mechanisms contribute to electroacupuncture modulation of cardiovascular depressor responses during gastric distention in rats. BP, EA, HR, nAmb, RVLM
22  2013 Neuronal Fos-like immunoreactivity associated with dexamethasone-induced hypertension in rats and effects of glucagon-like peptide-2. DMH, Fos, Fos-ir, GLP-2
23  2013 Plasma leptin inhibits the response of nucleus of the solitary tract neurons to aortic baroreceptor stimulation. ADN, NTS
24  2012 Angiotensin 1A receptors transfected into caudal ventrolateral medulla inhibit baroreflex gain and stress responses. HR, MAP
25  2012 Baro-excited neurons in the caudal ventrolateral medulla (CVLM) recorded using the whole-cell patch-clamp technique. Ang II, AP
26  2012 Catestatin, a chromogranin A-derived peptide, is sympathoinhibitory and attenuates sympathetic barosensitivity and the chemoreflex in rat CVLM. RVLM
27  2012 Immunohistochemical determination of the site of hypotensive effects of glucagon-like peptide-2 in the rat brain. Fos, Fos-ir, GLP-2, MAP, NTS
28  2012 Nitric oxide at the CVLM is involved in the attenuation of the reflex bradycardia in renovascular hypertensive rats. HR, MAP, NO
29  2012 Protein malnutrition modifies medullary neuronal recruitment in response to intermittent stimulation of the baroreflex. CT, MN, NTS, PVH, RVMM
30  2011 Central and peripheral mechanisms underlying gastric distention inhibitory reflex responses in hypercapnic-acidotic rats. BP, GD, HR, NA
31  2011 Response properties of nociceptive neurons in the caudal ventrolateral medulla (CVLM) in monoarthritic and healthy control rats: modulation of responses by the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus (PVN). PVN
32  2011 Targeting neurons of rat nucleus tractus solitarii with the gene transfer vector adeno-associated virus type 2 to up-regulate neuronal nitric oxide synthase. AAV, AAV2, EGFP, NA, NG, nNOS, NTS, RVLM
33  2011 Transient middle cerebral artery occlusion and reperfusion alters inducible NOS expression within the ventrolateral medulla and modulates cardiovascular function during static exercise. iNOS, MCA, MCAO, RVLM
34  2010 Anteroposterior distribution of AT(1) angiotensin receptors in caudal brainstem cardiovascular regulatory centers of the rat. DMM, RVLM
35  2010 AT₁ angiotensin II receptor and novel non-AT₁, non-AT₂ angiotensin II/III binding site in brainstem cardiovascular regulatory centers of the spontaneously hypertensive rat. DMM, RVLM, SHR
36  2010 Central CO2 chemoreception and integrated neural mechanisms of cardiovascular and respiratory control. BP, CNS, SNA
37  2010 Real-time imaging of the medullary circuitry involved in the generation of spontaneous muscle sympathetic nerve activity in awake subjects. BOLD, CPA, fMRI, MR, MSNA, NTS, RVLM
38  2010 The hyperalgesic effects induced by the injection of angiotensin II into the caudal ventrolateral medulla are mediated by the pontine A5 noradrenergic cell group. Ang II, anti-DBH-SAP
39  2009 Angiotensin-(1-7) antagonist, A-779, microinjection into the caudal ventrolateral medulla of renovascular hypertensive rats restores baroreflex bradycardia. Ang, AP
40  2009 Columnar organization of estrogen receptor-alpha immunoreactive neurons in the periaqueductal gray projecting to the nucleus para-retroambiguus in the caudal brainstem of the female golden hamster. ER-alpha-IR, NPRA, NRA, PAG
41  2009 Expression of Group I metabotropic glutamate receptors on phenotypically different cells within the nucleus of the solitary tract in the rat. GAD67, mGluRs, nNOS, NTS, TH
42  2009 Maps of cardiovascular and respiratory regions of rat ventral medulla: focus on the caudal medulla. CPA, IPA, MCPA, RVLM
43  2009 Microinjection of angiotensin II in the caudal ventrolateral medulla induces hyperalgesia. Ang II
44  2009 Modulation of the sympathetic response to acute hypoxia by the caudal ventrolateral medulla in rats. SNA
45  2008 Glutamatergic inputs to the CVLM independent of the NTS promote tonic inhibition of sympathetic vasomotor tone in rats. AP, NTS, SNA
46  2008 Hemodynamic effect produced by microinjection of angiotensins at the caudal ventrolateral medulla of spontaneously hypertensive rats. Ang II, HR, MAP, SHR, VBF, VR
47  2008 Lesions of medullary catecholaminergic neurons increase salt intake in rats. FURO, WD/PR
48  2008 Renal sympathoinhibition induced by hypernatremia: involvement of A1 noradrenergic neurons. HS, RSNA
49  2008 Role of the caudal pressor area in the regulation of sympathetic vasomotor tone. CPA, RVLM
50  2008 The nucleus para-retroambiguus: a new group of estrogen receptive cells in the caudal ventrolateral medulla of the female golden hamster. ER-alpha-IR, NPRA, NRA
51  2007 A-type potassium channels differentially tune afferent pathways from rat solitary tract nucleus to caudal ventrolateral medulla or paraventricular hypothalamus. PVN, ST
52  2007 Evidence for a role of AT(2) receptors at the CVLM in the cardiovascular changes induced by low-intensity physical activity in renovascular hypertensive rats. BP, HR, MAP, RAS
53  2007 Membrane and synaptic properties of nucleus tractus solitarius neurons projecting to the caudal ventrolateral medulla. EPSCs, IPSCs, NTS
54  2007 Sympathoexcitation of moxonidine in the caudal ventrolateral medulla is dependent on I1-imidazoline receptors in anesthetized rats. BP, RSNA
55  2006 Cardiovascular responses and neurotransmitter changes during static muscle contraction following blockade of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) within the ventrolateral medulla. AGN, eNOS, HR, iNOS, iNOS, MAP, nNOS, NOS
56  2006 Central respiratory modulation of barosensitive neurones in rat caudal ventrolateral medulla. CRD, RVLM, SNA
57  2006 Cranial visceral afferent pathways through the nucleus of the solitary tract to caudal ventrolateral medulla or paraventricular hypothalamus: target-specific synaptic reliability and convergence patterns. NTS, PVN
58  2006 Role of catecholaminergic neurones of the caudal ventrolateral medulla in cardiovascular responses induced by acute changes in circulating volume in rats. HS, MAP, RBF, RVC
59  2006 RVLM glycine receptors mediate GABAA and GABAB)independent sympathoinhibition from CVLM in rats. GABA, NTS, RSNA, RVLM
60  2006 Systemic cholecystokinin differentially affects baro-activated GABAergic neurons in rat caudal ventrolateral medulla. AP, CCK, HR, RVLM, sSNA
61  2006 The sympathoinhibitory effects of systemic cholecystokinin are dependent on neurons in the caudal ventrolateral medulla in the rat. LSND, RVLM, SSND
62  2005 Amino acids modulate the hypotensive effect of angiotensin-(1-7) at the caudal ventrolateral medulla in rats. Ang
63  2005 Brain stem control of arterial pressure in chronic arterial baroreceptor-denervated rats. AP, NTS, RVLM, SNA
64  2005 Depressor responses to L-proline microinjected into the rat ventrolateral medulla are mediated by ionotropic excitatory amino acid receptors. AMPA, CNQX, EAA, NMDA
65  2005 High salt diet enhances cardiovascular responses from the nucleus tractus solitarius and ventrolateral medulla of Sprague-Dawley rats. HR, NTS, RVLM
66  2005 Increased dietary sodium enhances activation of neurons in the medullary cardiovascular pathway during acute sodium loading in the rat. Fos-Li, Iso, NTS, PVN, RVLM, SON, TAP
67  2005 Molecular changes in nNOS protein expression within the ventrolateral medulla following transient focal ischemia affect cardiovascular functions. MCAO, nNOS
68  2005 Neurochemistry within ventrolateral medulla and cardiovascular effects during static exercise following eNOS antagonism. eNOS, iNOS, nNOS, NOS
69  2005 nNOS-containing neurons in the hypothalamus and medulla project to the RVLM. nNOS, NO, NTS, PVN, RVLM, SNA
70  2005 Right atrial stretch activates neurons in autonomic brain regions that project to the rostral ventrolateral medulla in the rat. NTS, PVN, RVLM
71  2005 Role of pressor mechanisms from the NTS and CVLM in control of arterial pressure. bpm, HR, KYN, MAP, NTS
72  2005 Serotonin modulates glutamate action in the medulla to regulate cardiovascular functions in cats. DM, Glu, RCCA, RFA, RVLM, SAP, SMA
73  2004 Contribution to sympathetic vasomotor tone of tonic glutamatergic inputs to neurons in the RVLM. EAA, HR, MAP, RSNA, RVLM
74  2004 Interaction between clonidine and N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors in the caudal ventrolateral medulla of rats. HR, MAP, NMDA
75  2004 Mechanisms underlying the cardioinhibitory and pressor responses elicited from the medullary neurons in the gigantocellular tegmental field of cats. DMV, FTG, HR, NA, SAP, VNA
76  2004 Participation of caudal ventrolateral medulla in the regulation of gallbladder motility in rabbits. CNQX, GABA, GP, NMDA
77  2003 A quantitative and morphological study of projection neurons in lamina I of the rat lumbar spinal cord. LPb, NK-1, PAG
78  2003 Anatomic relationships of the human nucleus of the solitary tract in the medulla oblongata: a DiI labeling study. DiI, NTS, RVLM, SIDS
79  2003 Baro-activated neurons with pulse-modulated activity in the rat caudal ventrolateral medulla express GAD67 mRNA. AP, ChAT, RVLM
80  2003 Cardiovascular responses and neurotransmitter changes following blockade of nNOS within the ventrolateral medulla during static muscle contraction. eNOS, iNOS, nNOS, NO
81  2003 Highly H+-sensitive neurons in the caudal ventrolateral medulla of the rat. ---
82  2003 Involvement of I(1)-imidazoline receptors in baroreceptor reflex in the caudal ventrolateral medulla of rats. BP, HR, RVLM
83  2003 Non-NMDA receptors within caudal ventrolateral medulla are involved in transmission of baroreflex of rats. BP, non-NMDA, RVLM
84  2003 Propofol inhibits neuronal firing activities in the caudal ventrolateral medulla. NF
85  2003 Sustained activation of the central baroreceptor pathway in obesity hypertension. Fos-Li, NTS, RVLM
86  2003 Sympathoinhibitory pathway from caudal midline medulla to RVLM is independent of baroreceptor reflex pathway. CMM, RVLM
87  2003 The nNos/cGMP mediation of the depressor response to NMDA receptor stimulation in the caudal ventrolateral medulla. cGMP, NMDA, nNOS, NO
88  2002 Anatomy of primary afferents and projection neurones in the rat spinal dorsal horn with particular emphasis on substance P and the neurokinin 1 receptor. NK-1
89  2002 Cardiovascular responses and neurotransmission in the ventrolateral medulla during skeletal muscle contraction following transient middle cerebral artery occlusion and reperfusion. MCAO
90  2002 Caudal ventrolateral medulla mediates the depressor response elicited by the greater splanchnic nerve afferent stimulation in rats. GSPL
91  2002 Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript peptide-immunoreactivity in adrenergic C1 neurons projecting to the intermediolateral cell column of the rat. CART, IML, PNMT, RVLM, SPNs
92  2002 Coexistence of neurons integrating urinary bladder activity and pelvic nerve activity in the same cardiovascular areas of the pontomedulla in cats. AN, BDA, DM, DMV, FTG, Glu, IML, LC, NTS, PGNs, PNA, RNA, RVLM, UB
93  2002 Differences between SHR and WKY following the airpuff startle stimulus in the number of Fos expressing, RVLM projecting neurons. KF, LH, NTS, PVN, RVLM, SHR, WKY
94  2002 Evidence for tonic disinhibition of RVLM sympathoexcitatory neurons from the caudal pressor area. CPA, RSNA, RVLM
95  2002 Food intake and neuronal activation after acute 2DG treatment are attenuated during lactation. 2-DG, FLI, PVN, SON
96  2002 Hypotensive effect of ANG II and ANG-(1-7) at the caudal ventrolateral medulla involves different mechanisms. 7-NI, HR, L-NAME, MAP, NOS
97  2002 Increased GABA(A) inhibition of the RVLM after hindlimb unloading in rats. BIC, HR, HU, MAP, RSNA, RVLM
98  2002 Sustained activation of the central baroreceptor pathway in angiotensin hypertension. Ang II, Fos-Li, NTS, RVLM
99  2002 The baroreflex and beyond: control of sympathetic vasomotor tone by GABAergic neurons in the ventrolateral medulla. AP, NTS, RVLM, SNA
100  2002 Vagotomy prevents morphine-induced reduction in Fos-like immunoreactivity in trigeminal spinal nucleus produced after TMJ injury in a sex-dependent manner. Fos-LI, TMJ