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Abbreviation : CWs
Long Form : constructed wetlands
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Adsorptive removal of tetracycline by sustainable ceramsite substrate from bentonite/red mud/pine sawdust. Ben, PS, RM, TC
2020 Application of an innovative front aeration and internal recirculation strategy to improve the removal of pollutants in subsurface flow constructed wetlands. BOD, DO, FAIR, HSSF, TKN, TN
2020 Benzotriazole removal mechanisms in pilot-scale constructed wetlands treating cooling tower water. BTA, CTW
2020 Biomonitoring of urban wastewaters treated by an integrated system combining microalgae and constructed wetlands. AR, BNC, CA, MA, MI, MN, RW, UNISC, UWTTP
2020 CH4 control and associated microbial process from constructed wetland (CW) by microbial fuel cells (MFC). CW, mcrA, MFC, MFCs, pmoA, qPCR
2020 Comprehensive evaluation of substrate materials for contaminants removal in constructed wetlands. FIB
2020 Constructed Wetland Revealed Efficient Sulfamethoxazole Removal but Enhanced the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance Genes. ARGs, SMX
2020 Effects of fillers combined with biosorbents on nutrient and heavy metal removal from biogas slurry in constructed wetlands. ---
2020 Effects of nZVI dosing on the improvement in the contaminant removal performance of constructed wetlands under the dye stress. C/N, nZVI, TN
10  2020 Electrode dependent anaerobic ammonium oxidation in microbial fuel cell integrated hybrid constructed wetlands: A new process. CL, HF, MFC, OP, TN, VUF
11  2020 Greenhouse gas emissions and wastewater treatment performance by three plant species in subsurface flow constructed wetland mesocosms. C. alternifolius, C. indica, GHG, GWP, P. australis, SSFCW
12  2020 Identification of benzene-degrading Proteobacteria in a constructed wetland by employing in situ microcosms and RNA-stable isotope probing. ---
13  2020 Impact of biochar on greenhouse gas emissions from constructed wetlands under various influent chemical oxygen demand to nitrogen ratios. GHG, GWP
14  2020 Interactions of high-rate nitrate reduction and heavy metal mitigation in iron-carbon-based constructed wetlands for purifying contaminated groundwater. Cr
15  2020 Long-term effects of silver nanoparticles on performance of phosphorus removal in a laboratory-scale vertical flow constructed wetland. PAOs
16  2020 New insights for enhancing the performance of constructed wetlands at low temperatures. ---
17  2020 Nitrogen removal performance and needed area estimation of surface-flow constructed wetlands using a probabilistic approach. CI, SFCWs
18  2020 Non-target screening reveals the mechanisms responsible for the antagonistic inhibiting effect of the biocides DBNPA and glutaraldehyde on benzoic acid biodegradation. CTW
19  2020 Performance of different macrophytes in the decontamination of and electricity generation from swine wastewater via an integrated constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell process. COD, IVCW, MFC
20  2020 Performance of woody and herbaceous plant polyculture in constructed wetland for treating domestic wastewater. ---
21  2020 Pharmaceutical and personal care product residues in a macrophyte pond-constructed wetland treating wastewater from a university campus: Presence, removal and ecological risk assessment. BUVSs, PPCPs
22  2020 Responses of rhizosphere and bulk substrate microbiome to wastewater-borne sulfonamides in constructed wetlands with different plant species. SAs
23  2020 Roles of biochar media and oxygen supply strategies in treatment performance, greenhouse gas emissions, and bacterial community features of subsurface-flow constructed wetlands. GHG, IA, TF
24  2020 Simultaneous removal of organic matters and nutrients from high-strength wastewater in constructed wetlands followed by entrapped algal systems. COD, CW-EA, EA
25  2019 A review on removal of organophosphorus pesticides in constructed wetland: Performance, mechanism and influencing factors. OPPs
26  2019 A review on removing antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes from wastewater by constructed wetlands: Performance and microbial response. ARGs, COD, TN, TP, TSS, VFCWs
27  2019 Addition of iron materials for improving the removal efficiencies of multiple contaminants from wastewater with a low C/N ratio in constructed wetlands at low temperatures. ---
28  2019 Attribute value extraction mechanism of Constructed Wetlands information. ---
29  2019 Changes in bacterial diversity and catabolic gene abundance during the removal of dimethylphenol isomers in laboratory-scale constructed wetlands. DMPs
30  2019 Characterization of Hydrocarbon-Degrading Bacteria in Constructed Wetland Microcosms Used to Treat Crude Oil Polluted Water. PGP
31  2019 Characterization of Microbial Communities, Identification of Cr(VI) Reducing Bacteria in Constructed Wetland and Cr(VI) Removal Ability of Bacillus cereus. ---
32  2019 Clogging in constructed wetlands: Indirect estimation of medium porosity by analysis of ground-penetrating radar images. HSSF-CWs, RGB
33  2019 Combined system for the treatment and reuse of urban wastewater: the efficiency of anaerobic reactors + hybrid constructed wetlands + ozonation. CW
34  2019 Constructed wetlands combined with disinfection systems for removal of urban wastewater contaminants. HSSF, WWTP
35  2019 Conversion of coastal wetlands, riparian wetlands, and peatlands increases greenhouse gas emissions: A global meta-analysis. APs, CLs, DWs, GHGs, LULCC, PASs
36  2019 Design parameters for nitrogen removal by constructed wetlands treating mine waters and municipal wastewater under Nordic conditions. ---
37  2019 Does rice straw application reduce N2O emissions from surface flow constructed wetlands for swine wastewater treatment? RS
38  2019 Effect of corn cobs as external carbon sources on nitrogen removal in constructed wetlands treating micro-polluted river water. TN
39  2019 Effect of Fe2+ addition on chemical oxygen demand and nitrogen removal in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands. COD, HRT, TN
40  2019 Effect of oxygen supply strategy on nitrogen removal of biochar-based vertical subsurface flow constructed wetland: Intermittent aeration and tidal flow. DO, SND, VSFCWs
41  2019 Effects of glucose and starch on the toxicity of nitrobenzene to plants and microbes in constructed wetlands. AN, NB
42  2019 Effects of ofloxacin on nitrogen removal and microbial community structure in constructed wetland. OFL
43  2019 Effects of plant diversity on carbon dioxide emissions and carbon removal in laboratory-scale constructed wetland. ---
44  2019 Electroactive biofilm-based constructed wetland (EABB-CW): A mesocosm-scale test of an innovative setup for wastewater treatment. EAB, EABB-CW, EABB-CW, MET
45  2019 Enhanced nitrogen removal of low C/N wastewater in constructed wetlands with co-immobilizing solid carbon source and denitrifying bacteria. C/N
46  2019 Enhancement of COD removal in constructed wetlands treating saline wastewater: Intertidal wetland sediment as a novel inoculation. COD, IWS
47  2019 Enhancement of facultative anaerobic denitrifying communities by oxygen release from roots of the macrophyte in constructed wetlands. qPCR, ROL
48  2019 Evaluation of a constructed wetland for wastewater treatment: Addressing emerging organic contaminants and antibiotic resistant bacteria. BPA, CIP, EOCs, SMX
49  2019 Evaluation of phytotoxicity of effluents from activated sludge and constructed wetland system for wastewater reuse. AS, GI, HSSF, PEE, PGI, R. sativus, T. aestivum, UV
50  2019 Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment by Microcosms of Vertical Subsurface Wetlands in Partially Saturated Conditions Planted with Ornamental Plants and Filled with Mineral and Plastic Substrates. PET, PRS
51  2019 Exploring Utilization of Recycled Agricultural Biomass in Constructed Wetlands: Characterization of the Driving Force for High-Rate Nitrogen Removal. ---
52  2019 Fate and removal of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in hybrid constructed wetlands. ARGs
53  2019 Feasibility study of vertical flow constructed wetland for tertiary treatment of nanosilver wastewater and temporal-spatial distribution of pollutants and microbial community. VFCW
54  2019 Hydraulic performance evaluation of a quasi-two dimensional constructed wetland microcosm using tracer tests and Visual MODFLOW simulation. HSSFCW, VM
55  2019 Impacts and fate of triclosan and sulfamethoxazole in intensified re-circulating vertical flow constructed wetlands. CLPP, COD, PPCP, SMX, TCL, VSSF
56  2019 Influence of application of manganese ore in constructed wetlands on the mechanisms and improvement of nitrogen and phosphorus removal. Mn ore
57  2019 Influence of Two-Stage Combinations of Constructed Wetlands on the Removal of Antibiotics, Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Nutrients from Goose Wastewater. ARGs
58  2019 Influences of Iron Compounds on Microbial Diversity and Improvements in Organic C, N, and P Removal Performances in Constructed Wetlands. HRT
59  2019 Investigation of flow dynamics of wastewater in a pilot-scale constructed wetland using radiotracer technique. 99mTc, RTD
60  2019 Long-term effects of environmentally relevant concentration of Ag nanoparticles on the pollutant removal and spatial distribution of silver in constructed wetlands with Cyperus alternifolius and Arundo donax. ---
61  2019 Micro-aeration with hollow fiber membrane enhanced the nitrogen removal in constructed wetlands. DO, HFMEs, HRT
62  2019 Microbial action and mechanisms for Cr(VI) removal performance by layered double hydroxide modified zeolite and quartz sand in constructed wetlands. EPS, QS, Zn-LDHs
63  2019 Modified solid carbon sources with nitrate adsorption capability combined with nZVI improve the denitrification performance of constructed wetlands. AD, ADB, HD, MCL, MPS, MRS, SCSN, SCSs
64  2019 Natural pyrite to enhance simultaneous long-term nitrogen and phosphorus removal in constructed wetland: Three years of pilot study. COD, PCW, TN, TP
65  2019 Nitrogen Removal from Domestic Wastewater and the Development of Tropical Ornamental Plants in Partially Saturated Mesocosm-Scale Constructed Wetlands. VPS
66  2019 Nutrient removal in hybrid constructed wetlands: spatial-seasonal variation and the effect of vegetation. CFWs, CW, HSFCWs, TN, TP
67  2019 Performance of horizontal sub-surface flow constructed wetlands with different flow patterns using dual media for low-strength municipal wastewater: a case of pilot scale experiment in a tropical climate region. HSSF-CWs
68  2019 Performance of secondary wastewater treatment methods for the removal of contaminants of emerging concern implicated in crop uptake and antibiotic resistance spread: A review. ARB, ARGs, CAS, CEC, MBBRs, MBRs, WWTPs
69  2019 Preliminary study on the dynamics of heavy metals in saline wastewater treated in constructed wetland mesocosms or microcosms filled with porous slag. EC
70  2019 Purification of leachate from sludge treatment beds by subsurface flow constructed wetlands: effects of plants and hydraulic retention time. COD, HRT, SSF, STBs, TN, TP
71  2019 Purification of water contaminated with Hg using horizontal subsurface constructed wetlands. DHg, HRT, HSSF, PHg, THg
72  2019 Redox potential as a method to evaluate the performance of retention soil filters treating combined sewer overflows. CSOs, RSFs
73  2019 Remediation of textile bleaching effluent by bacterial augmented horizontal flow and vertical flow constructed wetlands: A comparison at pilot scale. HFCWs, VFCWs
74  2019 Removal of phosphorous and nitrogen from wastewater in Brachiaria-based constructed wetland. ---
75  2019 Removal of steroid hormones and biocides from rural wastewater by an integrated constructed wetland. ICW
76  2019 Research advances in using constructed wetlands to remove pesticides in agricultural runoff. ---
77  2019 Stimulation of optimized influent C:N ratios on nitrogen removal in surface flow constructed wetlands: Performance and microbial mechanisms. SFCWs, TN
78  2019 Storage mechanisms in constructed wetlands: Should we modify heterotrophic bacteria modelling? ---
79  2019 The influence of incorporating microbial fuel cells on greenhouse gas emissions from constructed wetlands. COD/TN, GHG, MFCs
80  2019 The release mechanism of heavy metals from lab-scale vertical flow constructed wetlands treating road runoff. VFCWs
81  2019 The response of nitrogen removal and related bacteria within constructed wetlands after long-term treating wastewater containing environmental concentrations of silver nanoparticles. AgNPs
82  2019 The soil bacterial and fungal diversity were determined by the stoichiometric ratios of litter inputs: evidence from a constructed wetland. ---
83  2019 Vertical flow wetlands and hybrid systems for the treatment of landfill leachate. FWSW, HSSW, LECA, VFWs
84  2019 Water quality and greenhouse gas fluxes for stormwater detained in a constructed wetland. DOC, GHG
85  2019 [Strengthening Effect of Different Cattail Pretreatment Methods on the Denitrification of Horizontal Subsurface Flow in a Constructed Wetland]. ---
86  2019 [Treatment of Highly Concentrated Swine Wastewater and Its Degradation Processes Using Three Matrix Materials]. ---
87  2018 A full-scale comparison of two hybrid constructed wetlands treating domestic wastewater in Pakistan. ABR, BOD, COD, FWS, HSSF, TKN, TP, TSS, VSSF
88  2018 A small proportion of litter-derived nitrogen is assimilated by plant biomass or immobilized in sediments regardless of harvest management as detected by 15N-labeled Phragmites litter in a constructed wetland. ---
89  2018 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in two vertical-flow wetlands constructed for heavy metal-contaminated wastewater bioremediation. AMF, HMs, OTUs, SAD
90  2018 Assessment of nitrogen reduction by constructed wetland based on InVEST: A case study of the Jiulong River Watershed, China. InVEST, JRW
91  2018 Biochar enhances plant growth and nutrient removal in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands. HSSF, LECA
92  2018 Bioprocessing for elimination antibiotics and hormones from swine wastewater. MBRs, SAs, TCs
93  2018 Changes in bacteria composition and efficiency of constructed wetlands under sustained overloads: A modeling experiment. ---
94  2018 Characterization of Microbial Communities in Pilot-Scale Constructed Wetlands with Salicornia for Treatment of Marine Aquaculture Effluents. RAS, TAN
95  2018 Constructed wetland microcosms for the removal of organic micropollutants from freshwater aquaculture effluents. EHMC, MPs, PFOS
96  2018 Domestic wastewater treatment by constructed wetlands enhanced with bioremediating rhizobacteria. rRNA
97  2018 Effect of activated carbon on removal of four phenolic endocrine-disrupting compounds, bisphenol A, bisphenol F, bisphenol S, and 4-tert-butylphenol in constructed wetlands. 4-tert-BP, AC, BPA, BPF, BPS, EDCs
98  2018 Effects of dissolved organic matter and nitrification on biodegradation of pharmaceuticals in aerobic enrichment cultures. CAF, DOM, IBP, MET, NAP, PhACs
99  2018 Effects of the inclusion of a mixed Psychrotrophic bacteria strain for sewage treatment in constructed wetland in winter seasons. COD, TP
100  2018 Endophytic bacteria enhance remediation of tannery effluent in constructed wetlands vegetated with Leptochloa fusca. Cr