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Abbreviation : CaR
Long Form : calcium receptor
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Treatment of Autosomal Dominant Hypocalcemia Type 1 With the Calcilytic NPSP795 (SHP635). ADH1, FECa, PTH, WT
2019 Verapamil prevents the effect of calcium-sensing receptor activation on the blood glucose and insulin levels in rats. VDCC
2019 [Pharmacological and clinical profiles of a novel calcimimetic, evocalcet (ORKEDIA)]. PTH, SHPT
2018 Discovery and Development of Calcimimetic and Calcilytic Compounds. GPCR
2016 Calcimimetic and Calcilytic Drugs: Feats, Flops, and Futures. PTH
2015 [Vascular Calcification - Pathological Mechanism and Clinical Application - . The effect of cinacalcet on vascular calcification]. CaSR, CKD, PTH
2013 Allosteric modulators of the extracellular calcium receptor. PTH
2012 Allosteric agonists of the calcium receptor (CaR): fluorine and SF5 analogues of cinacalcet. ---
2011 A randomized clinical trial of the effects of supplemental calcium and vitamin D3 on markers of their metabolism in normal mucosa of colorectal adenoma patients. VDR
10  2011 [Bone disease in chronic renal failure and its modern therapy]. VDR
11  2010 Development of parathyroid gland hyperplasia without uremia: role of dietary calcium and phosphate. HPD, LCD, PTH, VDR
12  2009 Antagonists of the calcium receptor I. Amino alcohol-based parathyroid hormone secretagogues. ---
13  2009 Deletion of the vitamin D receptor specifically in the parathyroid demonstrates a limited role for the receptor in parathyroid physiology. PTH, VDR
14  2008 [Basic and clinical aspects of calcimimetics. Discovery and development of calcimimetics]. PTH, SHPT
15  2005 [Drugs inhibiting parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion by control of the calcium receptor (calcimimetics)--effect on the set point of calcium-regulated PTH secretion]. PTH
16  2005 [How to slow down parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion without the risk of inducing an adynamic bone disease]. HPTH-II, PTH
17  2005 [The calcium receptor and magnesium metabolism]. PTH
18  2004 Divalent cations modulate the activity of metabotropic glutamate receptors. GPCRs, mGluRs
19  2004 Renal COX-2, cytokines and 20-HETE: tubular and vascular mechanisms. 20-HETE, Ang II, COX, MTAL, PGMV, TNF
20  2003 Squamous cell carcinomas fail to respond to the prodifferentiating actions of 1,25(OH)2D: why? Cai, DG, PKC, PLC, RAR, RXR, SCC, VDR, VDRE
21  2003 [Calcimimmetic and calcilytics: new perspectives of correction of abnormal parathormone (PTH) secretion]. PTH, PTH
22  2002 Autosomal dominant hypocalcemia caused by a novel mutation in the loop 2 region of the human calcium receptor extracellular domain. ADH, ECD, mGluR1, PI, WT
23  2002 Loss of heterozygosity in parathyroid glands of familial hypercalcemia with hypercalciuria and point mutation in calcium receptor. LOH
24  2002 [Calcimimetics as a new chance for effective treatment of calcium metabolism disturbances]. ---
25  2001 Amino acids in the cytoplasmic C terminus of the parathyroid Ca2+-sensing receptor mediate efficient cell-surface expression and phospholipase C activation. InsP, PLC
26  2001 Heterogeneous expression of receptor mRNAs in parathyroid glands of secondary hyperparathyroidism. CAS, HPT, PTH, VDR
27  2000 Are parathyroidectomies still appropriate in chronic dialysis patients? PTH, VDR
28  2000 C2-Ceramide increases cytoplasmic calcium concentrations in human parathyroid cells. ---
29  2000 Changes in cytoplasmic calcium determine the secretory response to extracellular cations in human parathyroid cells: a confocal microscopy study using FM1-43 dye. ---
30  2000 [Calcium receptor (CaR): a new approach to regulation of calcium homeostasis]. PTH
31  1999 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3 enhances the calcium response of keratinocytes. Cai, KGM
32  1999 Control of neuronal excitability by an ion-sensing receptor (correction of anion-sensing) BAPTA, CNS, SFO
33  1999 Pathogenesis of secondary hyperparathyroidism. VDR
34  1999 Protein kinase C activation blocks calcium receptor signaling in Xenopus laevis oocytes. PKC, PMA, WT
35  1999 The effect of lithium on calcium-induced changes in adrenocorticotrophin levels. Ca, Li
36  1999 Thimerosal increases the responsiveness of the calcium receptor in human parathyroid and rMTC6-23 cells. ---
37  1998 Decreased expression of calcium-sensing receptor messenger ribonucleic acids in parathyroid adenomas. mRNA, PTH
38  1998 Point mutations of the human parathyroid calcium receptor gene are not responsible for non-suppressible renal hyperparathyroidism. PTH, rHPT, SSCP
39  1997 A distinct cation-sensing mechanism in MC3T3-E1 osteoblasts functionally related to the calcium receptor. SRE-Luc
40  1997 Localization of calcium receptor mRNA in the adult rat central nervous system by in situ hybridization. ---
41  1997 Quantitative analysis of the calcium-sensing receptor messenger RNA in parathyroid adenomas. CaR-M
42  1997 The calcimimetic compound NPS R-568 suppresses parathyroid cell proliferation in rats with renal insufficiency. Control of parathyroid cell growth via a calcium receptor. BrdU, CaR-negative, CRI, PT
43  1997 Tumor-specific decreased expression of calcium sensing receptor messenger ribonucleic acid in sporadic primary hyperparathyroidism. mRNA
44  1996 Changes in calcium responsiveness and handling during keratinocyte differentiation. Potential role of the calcium receptor. Cai, Cao
45  1996 Clustered inactivating mutations and benign polymorphisms of the calcium receptor gene in familial benign hypocalciuric hypercalcemia suggest receptor functional domains. FBHH
46  1996 Rat calcium-sensing receptor is regulated by vitamin D but not by calcium. PTG, PTH
47  1995 Calcium receptor messenger ribonucleic acid levels in the parathyroid glands and kidney of vitamin D-deficient rats are not regulated by plasma calcium or 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3. mRNA
48  1995 Genetic abnormalities in sporadic parathyroid adenomas: loss of heterozygosity for chromosome 3q markers flanking the calcium receptor locus. LOH, PAds
49  1995 Loss of calcium responsiveness in cultured bovine parathyroid cells is associated with decreased calcium receptor expression. ---