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Abbreviation : ChIP
Long Form : chromatin immunoprecipitation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A chemical method for genome- and proteome-wide enrichment and O-GlcNAcylation profiling of chromatin-associated proteins. AFT, CAPs, MS, O-GlcNAc, OCAPs, PTM, TFCs
2022 A de novo regulation design shows an effectiveness in altering plant secondary metabolism. CREs, EMSA, MREs, NL, NtJAZs, TFs, TTG1
2022 A DNS epigenetikai változásai és vizsgálati módszerei. ---
2022 A feedback loop between GATA2-AS1 and GATA2 promotes colorectal cancer cell proliferation, invasion, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and stemness via recruiting DDX3X. CRC, DDX3X, EMT, GATA2, GATA2-AS1, lncRNAs, RIP
2022 A molecular link between autophagy and circadian rhythm in plants. ATGs, CCA1, LUC, TOC1
2022 A novel CREB5/TOP1MT axis confers cisplatin resistance through inhibiting mitochondrial apoptosis in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. CR-HNSCC, HNSCC
2022 A novel HIF1α-STIL-FOXM1 axis regulates tumor metastasis. EBI, EMT, FOXM1, GEO, HIF1alpha, IHC, MTOC, qPCR
2022 A novel lncRNA RP11-386G11.10 reprograms lipid metabolism to promote hepatocellular carcinoma progression. ceRNA, HCC, lncRNAs, RIP
2022 A novel tRNA-derived fragment AS-tDR-007333 promotes the malignancy of NSCLC via the HSPB1/MED29 and ELK4/MED29 axes. Co-IP, FISH, NSCLC, qRT-PCR, RIP, tRFs
10  2022 A reciprocal feedback between N6-methyladenosine reader YTHDF3 and lncRNA DICER1-AS1 promotes glycolysis of pancreatic cancer through inhibiting maturation of miR-5586-5p. FISH, m6A, RIP
11  2022 Aberrant SPOP-CHAF1A ubiquitination axis triggers tumor autophagy that endows a therapeutical vulnerability in diffuse large B cell lymphoma. DLBCL, IHC
12  2022 Actin Contributes to the Hyperexpression of Baculovirus Polyhedrin (polh) and p10 as a Component of Transcription Initiation Complex (TIC). BEVS, Luc, polh, TIC
13  2022 Actin-binding Rho activating C-terminal like (ABRACL) transcriptionally regulated by MYB proto-oncogene like 2 (MYBL2) promotes the proliferation, invasion, migration and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of breast cancer cells. ABRACL, CCK, EMT, MYBL2
14  2022 Altered gene expression of VEGF, IGFs and H19 lncRNA and epigenetic profile of H19-DMR region in endometrial tissues of women with endometriosis. DMR, IGF1, 2, lncRNA H19, PCR, VEGF
15  2022 An efficient chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) protocol for studying histone modifications in peach reproductive tissues. PTMs
16  2022 Angiopoietin-like 4 governs diurnal lipoprotein lipase activity in brown adipose tissue. ANGPTL4, BAT, FAs, LPL, PPARgamma, TG
17  2022 Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Rhamnetin on Bradykinin-Induced Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Expression and Cell Migration in Rat Brain Astrocytes. BK, MMP, NADPH, NF-kappaB, RNT, ROS
18  2022 Apigenin impedes cell cycle progression at G2 phase in prostate cancer cells. ---
19  2022 ATF1/miR-214-5p/ITGA7 axis promotes osteoclastogenesis to alter OVX-induced bone absorption. ATF1, TRAP
20  2022 ATF4 promotes brain vascular smooth muscle cells proliferation, invasion and migration by targeting miR-552-SKI axis. AS, HBVSMCs, miRNAs, mVSMCs, TFs, VSMCs
21  2022 BARX2/FOXA1/HK2 axis promotes lung adenocarcinoma progression and energy metabolism reprogramming. BARX2, ECAR, LUAD, qRT-PCR
22  2022 Both a hypoxia-inducible EYA3 and a histone acetyltransferase p300 function as coactivators of SIX5 to mediate tumorigenesis and cancer progression. CCK-8, Co-IP, CRC, EGFR, EYA-SIX, MMPs, RT-qPCR, VEGF-D
23  2022 BRD9 is an essential regulator of glycolysis that creates an epigenetic vulnerability in colon adenocarcinoma. ECAR, OCR
24  2022 c-Myc Targets HDAC3 to Suppress NKG2DL Expression and Innate Immune Response in N-Type SCLC through Histone Deacetylation. Co-IP, qRT-PCR
25  2022 CabZIP23 Integrates in CabZIP63-CaWRKY40 Cascade and Turns CabZIP63 on Mounting Pepper Immunity against Ralstonia solanacearum via Physical Interaction. BiFC, Co-IP, EMSA, HTS, RSI
26  2022 CAPTURE of the Human U2 snRNA Genes Expands the Repertoire of Associated Factors. CAPTURE, CDK12, CDK13, CDK7, CPSF1, MED23, NELF, Pol II, SMRC, SPT5, SPT6
27  2022 CEBPA mutants down-regulate AML cell susceptibility to NK-mediated lysis by disruption of the expression of NKG2D ligands, which can be restored by LSD1 inhibition. AML, LSD1, NK, NKG2D, NKG2D
28  2022 Cell death signalling is competitively but coordinately regulated by repressor-type and activator-type ethylene response factors in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) plants. EAR, ERFs, HR, TMV
29  2022 Cellular and Molecular Mechanism of Cell Proliferation in Human Gastric Cancer Drug-Resistant Cells After Hyperthermia and Cisplatin: Role of mRNAs and Long-Non-coding RNAs. mTOR, TNF
30  2022 Chemotherapy-induced adenosine A2B receptor expression mediates epigenetic regulation of pluripotency factors and promotes breast cancer stemness. A2BR, BCSCs, TNBC
31  2022 Chinese herbal component, Praeruptorin E, enhances anti-asthma efficacy and prevents toxicity of aminophylline by targeting the NF-κB/PXR/CYP3A4 pathway. 1,3-DMU, BALF, CYP3A, ELISA, IL, NF-kappaB, OVA, PE, PXR
32  2022 Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assay in Primary Mouse Hepatocytes and Mouse Liver. NASH
33  2022 Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assays on Medulloblastoma Cell Line DAOY. MB
34  2022 Chromatin Immunoprecipitation in Chloroplasts. ---
35  2022 Chromatin Immunoprecipitation in Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived 3D Organoids to Analyze DNA-Protein Interactions. hPSC
36  2022 Chromobox 4 (CBX4) promotes tumor progression and stemness via activating CDC20 in gastric cancer. CBX4, CBX4, CCK-8, GC, GSEA, IHC, mRNA, MTT, OS, qPCR
37  2022 Cinobufagin inhibits tumor progression and reduces doxorubicin resistance by enhancing FOXO1-mediated transcription of FCGBP in osteosarcoma. ADR, EMT, FOXO1, IF, WGCNA
38  2022 circPDE5A regulates prostate cancer metastasis via controlling WTAP-dependent N6-methyladenisine methylation of EIF3C mRNA. circRNA, EIF3C, MeRIP-seq, ncRNA, PCa, RIP
39  2022 Circ_0036412 affects the proliferation and cell cycle of hepatocellular carcinoma via hedgehog signaling pathway. circRNA, FISH, HCC, qRT-PCR, RIP
40  2022 Combination cancer immunotherapy targeting TNFR2 and PD-1/PD-L1 signaling reduces immunosuppressive effects in the microenvironment of pancreatic tumors. PD-L1, PDAC, TNFR2
41  2022 Corticosterone-mediated regulation and functions of miR-218-5p in rat brain. CORT, GO, GR, MDD, miRNAs, PFC, RISC-IP
42  2022 Crosstalk between macrophage-derived PGE2 and tumor UHRF1 drives hepatocellular carcinoma progression. HCC, TAMs
43  2022 CTCF-Induced lncRNA C5orf66-AS1 Facilitates the Progression of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer via Sponging miR-149-5p to Up-Regulate CTCF and CTNNB1 to Activate Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway. CTCF, CTNNB1, lncRNAs, qRT-PCR, RIP, TNBC
44  2022 CTPS1 promotes malignant progression of triple-negative breast cancer with transcriptional activation by YBX1. CTPS1, DFS, IHC, OS, TNBC, YBX1
45  2022 Curcumin improves atherosclerosis by inhibiting the epigenetic repression of lncRNA MIAT to miR-124. EZH2, HFD, HUVECs, LDL, MIAT, qRT-PCR
46  2022 CUT&RUN Profiling of the Budding Yeast Epigenome. ---
47  2022 DARS-AS1 recruits METTL3/METTL14 to bind and enhance DARS mRNA m6A modification and translation for cytoprotective autophagy in cervical cancer. 5'UTR, CC, HIF-1alpha, lncRNA, MeRIP, METTL14, METTL3
48  2022 Dec2 negatively regulates bone resorption in periodontitis. Dec2, KO, WT
49  2022 Decreased Krüppel-like factor 4 in adenomyosis impairs decidualization by repressing autophagy in human endometrial stromal cells. ABCD, ATG5, HESCs, qRT-PCR
50  2022 Deficiency of NARFL increases transcription of NADPH oxidases and ROS production impairing the function of endothelial cells. NARFL, NOX, ROS, SIV
51  2022 Deficiency of RARα Suppresses Decidualization via Downregulating CEBPB Transcription in Women With Recurrent Implantation Failure. C/EBP, cAMP, IGFBP-1, MPA, PRL, RARalpha, RIF, T-HESCs
52  2022 Deletion of Wild-type p53 Facilitates Bone Metastatic Function by Blocking the AIP4 Mediated Ligand-Induced Degradation of CXCR4. wtp53
53  2022 DgbZIP3 interacts with DgbZIP2 to increase the expression of DgPOD for cold stress tolerance in chrysanthemum. DLA, EMSA, LCI
54  2022 Diosmetin Affects Gene Expression on Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells. lncRNA, LUAD
55  2022 DNA Methylation and Histone Modification Are the Possible Regulators of Preimplantation Blastocyst Activation in Mice. MeDIP
56  2022 E26 transformation-specific 1 is implicated in the inhibition of osteogenic differentiation induced by chronic high glucose by directly regulating Runx2 expression. ETS1, HG
57  2022 E2F6/KDM5C promotes SF3A3 expression and bladder cancer progression through a specific hypomethylated DNA promoter. BC, Co-IP, SF3A3
58  2022 EEF2K silencing inhibits tumour progression through repressing SPP1 and synergises with BET inhibitors in melanoma. BET, EEF2K, p-STAT3
59  2022 Effects of Inflammatory Factor Expression Regulated by 12/15 Lipoxygenase on Obesity-Related Nephropathy. HFD, LO, ORG, WT
60  2022 Elevated expression of the rhythm gene NFIL3 promotes the progression of TNBC by activating NF-κB signaling through suppression of NFKBIA transcription. NFIL3, TNBC
61  2022 ELK1-Induced upregulation of long non-coding TNK2-AS1 promotes the progression of acute myeloid leukemia by EZH2-mediated epigenetic silencing of CELF2. AML, CELF2, LncRNAs, RIP, TNK2-AS1
62  2022 Endothelial PERK-ATF4-JAG1 axis activated by T-ALL remodels bone marrow vascular niche. ECs, PERK, sEV, T-ALL, UPR
63  2022 Epigenetic Activation of lncRNA MIR155HG Mediated by Promoter Hypomethylation and SP1 is Correlated with Immune Infiltration in Glioma. BSAS, CGGA, GBM, IDH, LGG, MIR155HG
64  2022 Epigenetic regulation of ferroptosis via ETS1/miR-23a-3p/ACSL4 axis mediates sorafenib resistance in human hepatocellular carcinoma. ETS1, HCC, miRNAs, UTR
65  2022 Epithelial microRNA-30a-3p targets RUNX2/HMGB1 axis to suppress airway eosinophilic inflammation in asthma. HMGB1
66  2022 Ethylene response factor MdERF4 and histone deacetylase MdHDA19 suppress apple fruit ripening through histone deacetylation of ripening-related genes. ---
67  2022 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E binding protein 1 (EIF4EBP1) expression in glioblastoma is driven by ETS1- and MYBL2-dependent transcriptional activation. EIF4EBP1, IDH, mTOR
68  2022 Exosomal miR-27b-3p Derived from Hypoxic Cardiac Microvascular Endothelial Cells Alleviates Rat Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury through Inhibiting Oxidative Stress-Induced Pyroptosis via Foxo1/GSDMD Signaling. CMECs, FOXO1, Foxo1, GSDMD, I/R
69  2022 Ferutinin induces osteoblast differentiation of DPSCs via induction of KLF2 and autophagy/mitophagy. DPSC, ECAR, KLF2
70  2022 Focal adhesion kinase-related non-kinase ameliorates liver fibrosis by inhibiting aerobic glycolysis via the FAK/Ras/c-myc/ENO1 pathway. ENO1, FAK, FRNK, HSC, MCT1, pHSCs
71  2022 Foxhead box D1 promotes the partial epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma cells via transcriptionally activating the expression of zinc finger protein 532. EMT, FOXD1, GO, KEGG, LSCC
72  2022 FOXM1-mediated NUF2 expression confers temozolomide resistance to human glioma cells by regulating autophagy via the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway. CCK-8, EdU, FOXM1, RT-qPCR, TMZ
73  2022 Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy associated risk variant, rs3768617 in LAMC1 shows allele specific binding of GFI1B. EMSA, FECD
74  2022 Function of AXL and molecular mechanisms in regulation of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. DFI, DSS, GEO, HNSC, NPC, OS, PFI
75  2022 Functional characterization of two WD40 family proteins, Alr0671 and All2352, from Anabaena PCC 7120 and deciphering their role in abiotic stress management. EMSA, ROS
76  2022 Functionally Antagonistic Transcription Factors IRF1 and IRF2 Regulate the Transcription of the Dopamine Receptor D2 Gene Associated with Aggressive Behavior of Weaned Pigs. DRD2, IRF-1, PK-15, PNCs, SNP
77  2022 G9a promotes inflammation in Streptococcus pneumoniae induced pneumonia mice by stimulating M1 macrophage polarization and H3K9me2 methylation in FOXP1 promoter region. Arg-1, BALF, FOXP1, IL-1beta, iNOS, LPS, Spn, TLW, TNF-alpha
78  2022 GAS41 mediates proliferation and GEM chemoresistance via H2A.Z.2 and Notch1 in pancreatic cancer. Co-IP, GEM
79  2022 Genetic analysis of chlorophyll synthesis and degradation regulated by BALANCE of CHLOROPHYLL METABOLISM. BCM1, Chl, GLK1, LHCPs, NYE1, SGR
80  2022 Genetic and functional analyses of TBX4 reveal novel mechanisms underlying pulmonary arterial hypertension. FGF10, PAH
81  2022 Genomic Occupancy of the Bromodomain Protein Bdf3 Is Dynamic during Differentiation of African Trypanosomes from Bloodstream to Procyclic Forms. ---
82  2022 GPX4 suppresses ferroptosis to promote malignant progression of endometrial carcinoma via transcriptional activation by ELK1. EC, GPX4, IHC
83  2022 HaloChIP-seq for Antibody-Independent Mapping of Mouse Transcription Factor Cistromes in vivo. ---
84  2022 Harnessing CRISPR-Cas9 for Epigenetic Engineering. ---
85  2022 HIF-1α-regulated lncRNA-TUG1 promotes mitochondrial dysfunction and pyroptosis by directly binding to FUS in myocardial infarction. CK, ELISA, FUS, HE, LDH, MI, NAC, qRT-PCR, RIP, ROS, TTC, TUNEL
86  2022 Histone chaperone HIRA complex regulates retrotransposons in embryonic stem cells. ESCs, HIRA, lncRNAs
87  2022 Histone deacetylase HDAC2 regulates microRNA-125a expression in neuroblastoma. CCK-8, GO, HDAC2, miR, NB, RT-q
88  2022 Histone macroH2A1 is a stronger regulator of hippocampal transcription and memory than macroH2A2 in mice. mH2A, mH2A1
89  2022 HMGA2 facilitates colorectal cancer progression via STAT3-mediated tumor-associated macrophage recruitment. AOM, CRC, DSS, HMGA2, STAT3, TAMs
90  2022 HMGA2-Snai2 axis regulates tumorigenicity and stemness of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. CSCs, HMGA2, HNSCC
91  2022 HO-1 Upregulation by Kaempferol via ROS-Dependent Nrf2-ARE Cascade Attenuates Lipopolysaccharide-Mediated Intercellular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 Expression in Human Pulmonary Alveolar Epithelial Cells. APO, ARE, HO-1, HPAEpiCs, JNK, KPR, LPS, MAPK, NAC, Nrf2, PKC, ROS
92  2022 HOXB5-activated ANGPT2 promotes the proliferation, migration, invasion and angiogenic effect of esophageal cancer cells via activating ERK/AKT signaling pathway. ANGPT2, HOXB5
93  2022 HucMSCs-exosomes containing miR-21 promoted estrogen production in ovarian granulosa cells via LATS1-mediated phosphorylation of LOXL2 and YAP. hMSCs, hUCMSCs, LATS1, LOXL2, POF, RIP, YAP
94  2022 Hypoxia-reprogrammed regulatory group 2 innate lymphoid cells promote immunosuppression in pancreatic cancer. HIF-1alpha, PDAC, TIME
95  2022 Identification and Functional Evaluation of a Novel TBX4 Mutation Underlies Small Patella Syndrome. MSCs, SPS, TBX4mt, TBX4wt
96  2022 Identification of EPZ004777 and FG2216 as inhibitors of TGF-β1 induced Treg cells by screening a library of epigenetic compounds. ---
97  2022 Identification of SOX2 Interacting Proteins in the Developing Mouse Lung With Potential Implications for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. CHD4, CUX1
98  2022 Identifying a novel KLF2/lncRNA SNHG12/miR-494-3p/RAD23B axis in Spare Nerve Injury-induced neuropathic pain. DRGs, ELISA, IL, KLF2, lncRNA, miR, PWL, PWT, RAD23B, SCI, SNHG12, SNI, TNF-alpha
99  2022 IFN-γ and LPS Induce Synergistic Expression of CCL2 in Monocytic Cells via H3K27 Acetylation. TSA
100  2022 Immunoprecipitation Analyses of Estrogen Receptor α Phosphorylated at Serine 216 in the Mouse Liver. Co-IP, DBD, ERalpha, PB