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Abbreviation : D-Asp
Long Form : D-aspartate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 d-aspartate and N-methyl-d-aspartate promote proliferative activity in mouse spermatocyte GC-2 cells. NMDA, OXPHOS
2022 Mechanism of high D-aspartate production in the lactic acid bacterium Latilactobacillus sp. strain WDN19. AsnA, L-Asn, LAB
2021 D-Aspartate consumption selectively promotes intermediate-term spatial memory and the expression of hippocampal NMDA receptor subunits. D-Ser
2020 Biochemical characterization of mouse d-aspartate oxidase. DASPO
2020 d-aspartate treatment invitro improves mouse sperm fertility in young B6N mice. IVF
2020 D-Aspartate Upregulates DAAM1 Protein Levels in the Rat Testis and Induces Its Localization in Spermatogonia Nucleus. DAAM1, SPG
2020 New Evidence on the Role of D-Aspartate Metabolism in Regulating Brain and Endocrine System Physiology: From Preclinical Observations to Clinical Applications. D-Ser, NMDARs
2020 The bottromycin epimerase BotH defines a group of atypical alpha/beta-hydrolase-fold enzymes. ABH
2019 D-Asp upregulates PREP and GluA2/3 expressions and induces p-ERK1/2 and p-Akt in rat testis. CNS, PREP
10  2019 Free d-aspartate triggers NMDA receptor-dependent cell death in primary cortical neurons and perturbs JNK activation, Tau phosphorylation, and protein SUMOylation in the cerebral cortex of mice lacking d-aspartate oxidase activity. DDO
11  2018 Age-related and function-dependent regional alterations of free L- and D-aspartate in postembryonic chick brain. EAAs, ECC
12  2018 Effects of oral d-aspartate on sperm quality in B6N mice. IVF
13  2018 The Effects of D-aspartate on Neurosteroids, Neurosteroid Receptors, and Inflammatory Mediators in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis. D-Asp-Oral, EAE, i.p, MMP-2
14  2017 An overview on D-amino acids. D-Ser, NMDA
15  2017 Astrocyte-Mediated Neuronal Synchronization Properties Revealed by False Gliotransmitter Release. GLUT, GT, GTs, SICs
16  2017 Oral administration of a medium containing both D-aspartate-producing live bacteria and D-aspartate reduces rectal temperature in chicks. ATP, avANT, avUCP, CT, HT
17  2017 Orally Administered D-Aspartate Depresses Rectal Temperature and Alters Plasma Triacylglycerol and Glucose Concentrations in Broiler Chicks. L-Asp
18  2016 D-Aspartate drinking solution alleviates pain and cognitive impairment in neuropathic mice. mPFC, NMDA, SNI
19  2016 The protective role of protein L-isoaspartyl (D-aspartate) O-methyltransferase for maintenance of mitochondrial morphology in A549 cell. COPD, D-aspartate, IPF, PHB1
20  2015 A sensitive assay for measuring aspartate-specific amino acid racemase activity. DDO, HPLC
21  2015 Androgen and oestrogen modulation by D-aspartate in rat epididymis. DHT
22  2015 Biosynthesis of D-aspartate in mammals: the rat and human homologs of mouse aspartate racemase are not responsible for the biosynthesis of D-aspartate. GOT
23  2015 Characterization of the enzymatic and structural properties of human D-aspartate oxidase and comparison with those of the rat and mouse enzymes. DDO
24  2015 D-Aspartate Induces Proliferative Pathways in Spermatogonial GC-1 Cells. ERbeta, NMDAR
25  2015 D-aspartate modulates nociceptive-specific neuron activity and pain threshold in inflammatory and neuropathic pain condition in mice. DDO, NMDARs, NS
26  2015 The Effect of D-Aspartate on Spermatogenesis in Mouse Testis. ---
27  2014 Current knowledge of D-aspartate in glandular tissues. ---
28  2014 Free D-aspartate regulates neuronal dendritic morphology, synaptic plasticity, gray matter volume and brain activity in mammals. NMDARs
29  2014 Oral administration of D-aspartate, but not L-aspartate, depresses rectal temperature and alters plasma metabolites in chicks. HT, L-Asp
30  2012 D-Aspartate acts as a signaling molecule in nervous and neuroendocrine systems. ---
31  2012 D-Aspartic acid implication in the modulation of frog brain sex steroid levels. ---
32  2012 New insights on the role of free D-aspartate in the mammalian brain. DDO, LTP, NMDARs
33  2012 Pharmacological evidence that D-aspartate activates a current distinct from ionotropic glutamate receptor currents in Aplysia californica. AMPA, BSC, L-Glu, NMDAR, TBOA
34  2011 A novel pyridoxal 5'-phosphate-dependent amino acid racemase in the Aplysia californica central nervous system. PLP
35  2011 D-Aspartate--an important bioactive substance in mammals: a review from an analytical and biological point of view. ---
36  2011 Effect of D-aspartate uptake on uncoupling protein-3 and alpha-tubulin expressions in rat Harderian gland. HG, UCP3
37  2011 Higher free D-aspartate and N-methyl-D-aspartate levels prevent striatal depotentiation and anticipate L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia. DDO, L-dopa, LID, NMDARs, PD
38  2011 HPLC methods for determination of D-aspartate and N-methyl-D-aspartate. HPLC, NMDA
39  2011 Physiological evidence that D-aspartate activates a current distinct from ionotropic glutamate receptor currents in Aplysia californica neurons. BSC, L-Glu, NMDAR
40  2011 Signaling through EAAT-1/GLAST in cultured Bergmann glia cells. AP-1, mTOR
41  2011 Unique ionotropic receptors for D-aspartate are a target for serotonin-induced synaptic plasticity in Aplysia californica. ACh, BSC, L-Glu, MES, PKC, PPDA
42  2010 Changes in D-aspartate ion currents in the Aplysia nervous system with aging. BSC, L-Glu
43  2010 Effects of D-aspartate treatment on D-aspartate oxidase, superoxide dismutase, and caspase 3 activities in frog (Rana esculenta) tissues. D-AspO, i.p, SOD1
44  2010 Immunohistochemical localization of D-aspartate oxidase in porcine peripheral tissues. DDO
45  2010 Increased D-aspartate brain content rescues hippocampal age-related synaptic plasticity deterioration of mice. ---
46  2010 Transportable and non-transportable inhibitors of L-glutamate uptake produce astrocytic stellation and increase EAAT2 cell surface expression. DL-TBOA, EAATs, GFAP
47  2010 Visible wavelength spectrophotometric assays of L-aspartate and D-aspartate using hyperthermophilic enzyme systems. AspR, L-AO, L-Asp, L-AspDH, mPMS, WST-1
48  2009 Apoptotic inducers activate the release of D-aspartate through a hypotonic stimulus-triggered mechanism in PC12 cells. DIDS, NPPB, STS, TNF, VSOC
49  2009 HPLC determination of acidic D-amino acids and their N-methyl derivatives in biological tissues. NMDA, NMDG, OPA
50  2008 Excitatory amino acids in the forebrain of the Naples high-excitability rats: neurochemical and behavioural effects of subchronic D-aspartate and its diethyl ester prodrug. ADHD, DEE, EAA, L-Asp, L-Glu, NHE, NRB, NSA, SSA
51  2006 Biochemistry of D-aspartate in mammalian cells. ---
52  2006 Cytoplasmic localization and efflux of endogenous D-aspartate in pheochromocytoma 12 cells. ---
53  2006 D-Aspartate as a putative cell-cell signaling molecule in the Aplysia californica central nervous system. CE, L-Asp
54  2006 Endocrine roles of D-aspartic acid in the testis of lizard Podarcis s. sicula. PCNA
55  2006 Identification of an essential gene responsible for D-Asp incorporation in the Lactococcus lactis peptidoglycan crossbridge. D-Asn, PG
56  2006 Occurrence of D-aspartate in the harderian gland of Podarcis s. sicula and its effect on gland secretion. HG
57  2005 A novel L-glutamate transporter inhibitor reveals endogenous D-aspartate homeostasis in rat pheochromocytoma MPT1 cells. PC
58  2005 Confirmation of peak assignments in capillary electrophoresis using immunoprecipitation. Application to D-aspartate measurements in neurons. CE, LIF
59  2005 D-aspartate modulates transcriptional activity in Harderian gland of frog, Rana esculenta: Morphological and molecular evidence. HG, L-Asp, NMDA
60  2005 Free D-aspartate in mammals. ---
61  2005 Subcellular analysis of D-aspartate. LIF
62  2004 Activation of glutamate transporters in rods inhibits presynaptic calcium currents. L-Glu, mGluR
63  2004 Binding and transport of [3H](2S,4R)- 4-methylglutamate, a new ligand for glutamate transporters, demonstrate labeling of EAAT1 in cultured murine astrocytes. 4MG, Glu
64  2004 Determination of amino acids in rat vitreous perfusates by capillary electrophoresis. CBQCA, CE, D-Ser, LIF
65  2004 Glutamate-induced inhibition of D-aspartate uptake in Muller glia from the retina. Glu
66  2004 L-Glutamate in the extracellular space regulates endogenous D-aspartate homeostasis in rat pheochromocytoma MPT1 cells. Glu, PC12
67  2003 Metabotropic glutamate receptor-mediated hetero-synaptic interaction of red- and green-cone inputs to LHC of carp retina. LHC, MCPG, mGluR, THA
68  2002 Cell density inversely regulates D- and L-aspartate levels in rat pheochromocytoma MPT1 cells. PC12
69  2002 Effect of ionotropic and metabotropic glutamate agonists and D-aspartate on prolactin release from anterior pituitary cells. PRL
70  2001 Characterization of Na+-coupled glutamate/aspartate transport by a rat brain astrocyte line expressing GLAST and EAAC1. DHK, KA, RBA, S-O-S, THA
71  2001 Localization, transport, and uptake of D-aspartate in the rat adrenal and pituitary glands. GLAST, Glu, PRL
72  2001 Occurrence of D-Amino Acids and a pyridoxal 5'-phosphate-dependent aspartate racemase in the acidothermophilic archaeon, Thermoplasma acidophilum. PLP
73  2001 Regulation of mitochondrial glutamine/glutamate metabolism by glutamate transport: studies with (15)N. GA, GDH, THA
74  2000 Occurrence of D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartic acid in rat neuroendocrine tissues and their role in the modulation of luteinizing hormone and growth hormone release. LH, NMDA
75  2000 The role of D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartic acid in the regulation of prolactin release. NMDA, SAM
76  1999 Effects of pH changes on systems ASC and B in rabbit ileum. L-Glu, Leu, Ser
77  1998 Biosynthesis of D-aspartate in mammalian cells. ---
78  1997 Characterization of glutamate transporter function in the tiger salamander retina. DHKA, HCs
79  1997 Glutamate receptors in the postmortem striatum of schizophrenic, suicide, and control brains. AMPA, CNQX, KA, NMDA
80  1997 Immunohistochemical localization of D-aspartate in the rat pineal gland. ---
81  1996 Mechanisms of H+ and Na+ changes induced by glutamate, kainate, and D-aspartate in rat hippocampal astrocytes. BCECF, CNQX, DIDS, Glu, KA, SBFI
82  1995 D-aspartate in the male and female reproductive system of Octopus vulgaris lam. ---
83  1995 Presence of D-aspartate and D-glutamate in tumor proteins. D-Glu
84  1994 Ammonia stimulates the release of taurine from cultured astrocytes. GABA, L-Glu, Tau
85  1994 PAF antagonist, BN52021, inhibits [3H]D-aspartate release after ischaemia in vitro. PAF, PKC
86  1991 Decreased potassium-stimulated release of [3H]D-aspartate from hippocampal slices distinguishes encephalopathy related to acute liver failure from that induced by simple hyperammonemia. HE
87  1986 Putative glutamate receptors in membranes obtained from heads of Drosophila melanogaster. ---
88  1985 Afferent facilitation induced by iontophoretic application of acidic amino acids in the ampullary electroreceptors of Plotosus. Asp, CA, CSA, D-Glu, Glu, HCA, KA, QA
89  1983 The corticopontine projection: axotomy-induced loss of high affinity L-glutamate and D-aspartate uptake, but not of gamma-aminobutyrate uptake, glutamate decarboxylase or choline acetyltransferase, in the pontine nuclei. L-Glu