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Abbreviation : DA
Long Form : directional asymmetry
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Patterns of mandibular asymmetries in two types of companion rabbits. FA
2019 Bilateral dentoalveolar asymmetries in female patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. FA
2019 Breaking Symmetry: A Quantitative Analysis of Facial Skeleton Disharmony in Children Born with Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate. BCLP
2018 Disruption of symmetry: A quantitative assessment of facial skeleton anatomy in children born with unilateral cleft lip and palate. UCLP
2018 The asymmetry of dermatoglyphic finger ridge counts and the geographic altitude of the Jujenean population in northwest Argentina. FA, PCA
2017 Facial skeleton asymmetry and its relationship to mastication in the Early Medieval period (Great Moravian Empire, Mikulice, 9th-10th century). ---
2016 A newly identified left-right asymmetry in larval sea urchins. left
2016 Patterns of directional asymmetry in the pelvis and pelvic canal. ---
2015 Dermatoglyphic correlates of hippocampus volume: Evaluation of aberrant neurodevelopmental markers in antipsychotic-naive schizophrenia. ---
10  2014 Morphological analysis of the flippers in the Franciscana dolphin, Pontoporia blainvillei, applying X-ray technique. SD
11  2014 When right differs from left: human limb directional asymmetry emerges during very early development. ---
12  2013 Directional asymmetry of facial and limb traits in horses and ponies. ---
13  2013 Heritabilities of directional asymmetry in the fore- and hindlimbs of rabbit fetuses. ---
14  2013 Measuring and evaluating morphological asymmetry in fish: distinct lateral dimorphism in the jaws of scale-eating cichlids. AS, FA, HMPE, Poll
15  2013 Rhodnius prolixus and Rhodnius robustus-like (Hemiptera, Reduviidae) wing asymmetry under controlled conditions of population density and feeding frequency. FA
16  2013 Skull shape asymmetry and the socioeconomic structure of an early medieval central European society. FA
17  2012 Heritability of asymmetry and lateral plate number in the threespine stickleback. FA
18  2012 Quantitative dermatoglyphic asymmetry: a comparative study between schizophrenic patients and control groups of West Bengal, India. FA, SZ
19  2011 Population stochasticity, random determination of handedness, and the genetic basis of antisymmetry. AS, HGs, RGs
20  2010 Directional asymmetry in the limbs, skull and pelvis of the silver fox (V. vulpes). ---
21  2010 Fluctuating and directional asymmetry in young human males: effect of heavy working condition and socioeconomic status. FA
22  2009 Heritability of Directional Asymmetry in Drosophila melanogaster. ---
23  2009 The effect of inbreeding on fluctuating asymmetry of wing veins in two laboratory strains of Drosophila melanogaster. FA
24  2007 Genetics of anthropometric asymmetry in an Indian endogamous population-Vaidyas. FA, SA
25  2006 On hidden heterogeneity in directional asymmetry--can systematic bias be avoided? FA
26  2005 Does testis weight decline towards the Subarctic? A case study on the common frog, Rana temporaria. RelTW
27  2005 Genetic analysis of bilateral dermatoglyphic asymmetry in twins and their parents. FA, GVRs
28  2004 High levels of fluctuating asymmetry in populations of Apodemus flavicollis from the most contaminated areas in Chornobyl. FA
29  2004 The quantitative genetics of fluctuating asymmetry: a comparison of two models. FA
30  2003 Lack of response to selection for lower fluctuating asymmetry of mutant eyespots in the butterfly Bicyclus anynana. FA
31  2003 Quantitative-genetic analysis of wing form and bilateral asymmetry in isochromosomal lines of Drosophila subobscura using Procrustes methods. DI, FA
32  2001 Fluctuating asymmetry is nongenetically related to mating success in Drosophila buzzatii. FA
33  2001 Relationship between genetic anomalies of different levels and deviations in dermatoglyphic traits. Part 7: Dermatoglyphic peculiarities of females with cervical and endometrial carcinoma. Div, DT, FIA
34  2000 Effects of selection for increased body weight, egg production, and shank width on developmental stability in turkeys. AS, FA, RA, RBC
35  2000 Quantitative trait loci for directional but not fluctuating asymmetry of mandible characters in mice. FA
36  2000 What, if anything, does visual asymmetry in fallow deer antlers reveal? FA
37  1999 Relationship between genetic anomalies of different levels and deviations in dermatoglyphic traits. Part 4: Dermatoglyphic peculiarities of males and females with Down syndrome. Family study. Div, DS, DT, FA
38  1998 Quantitative trait loci for fluctuating asymmetry of discrete skeletal characters in mice. FA
40  1992 Craniofacial asymmetry in Bedouin adults. FA
41  1991 Spatiotemporal mechanisms in receptive fields of visual cortical simple cells: a model. DS, LGN, NDS
42  1987 Directional dental asymmetry in South Sinai Bedouin isolates. ---