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Abbreviation : DAB
Long Form : diaminobenzidine
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A novel colorimetric immunosensor based on platinum colloid nanoparticles immobilized on PowerVision as signal probes and Fe3 O4 @beta-cyclodextrin as capture probes for ractopamine detection in pork. PtNPs, PV, RAC
2019 Comparison of different methodologies and cryostat versus paraffin sections for chromogenic immunohistochemistry. AEC, CXCR4, HRP, IHC, SDF-1alpha, SMA
2019 Comparison of indirect peroxidase and avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex (ABC) immunohistochemical staining procedures for c-fos in rat brain. ABC, ABC, BSA
2019 Condensed tannins are inducible antioxidants and protect hybrid poplar against oxidative stress. CTs, NBT
2019 Contrary logic pairs and circuits using a visually and colorimetrically detectable redox system consisting of MoO3-x nanodots and 3,3'-diaminobenzidine. AA
2019 Copper- and Cobalt-Codoped CeO2 Nanospheres with Abundant Oxygen Vacancies as Highly Efficient Electrocatalysts for Dual-Mode Electrochemical Sensing of MicroRNA. DPV, EELS, EIS, H2-TPR, IPs, miRNA, XPS
2019 Cytochemical Localization of Polyphenol Oxidase Activity in K2-Bodies of Saprolegnia ferax Secondary Zoospores. DOPA, PPO
2019 Detecting Horseradish Peroxidase-Labeled Cells. AEC, HRP
2019 Effects of the binding of a Helianthus annuus lectin to Candida albicans cell wall on biofilm development and adhesion to host cells. BEC, CFU, CFW, CSH, Helja-FITC
10  2019 Expression of cancer stem cell markers in metastatic melanoma to the brain. CSC, ESC, IHC, MM
11  2019 Expression of Cathepsins B, D, and G in WHO Grade I Meningioma. IF, IHC, MG, RAS, SMA, TSCs, WB, WHO
12  2019 Expression of Components of the Renin-Angiotensin System in Pyogenic Granuloma. ACE, ATIIR1, ATIIR2, ESC, IF, IHC, PG, PRR, RAS, WB
13  2019 Expression of Embryonic Stem Cell Markers in Microcystic Lymphatic Malformation. CISH, ESC, IF, IHC, MLM, OCT4, SOX2
14  2019 Immunohistochemistry to Study YAP in Human Tissue Samples. IHC
15  2019 Morphology, morphometry, ultrastructure, and mitochondrial activity of jaguar (Panthera onca) sperm. ---
16  2019 Proximity Staining Using Enzymatic Protein Tagging in Diplomonads. APEX, TEM
17  2019 Scanning transmission electron microscopic analysis of nitrogen generated by 3, 3'-diaminobenzidine-besed peroxidase reaction with resin ultrathin sections of rhinoceros parotid gland acinar cells. EDS, ER, NE, SGs, STEM
18  2019 Ultrasonic degradation of diaminobenzidine in aqueous medium. BBT, US
19  2019 Vigna unguiculata seed priming is related to redox status of plumule, radicle and cotyledons. NBT, ROS
20  2018 3,3'-Diaminobenzidine staining interferes with PCR-based DNA analysis. qPCR
21  2018 A novel gene of Kalanchoe daigremontiana confers plant drought resistance. ABA, GUS, KdN41, NBT, OE, ROS, YFP
22  2018 Assessment of the effects of metal oxide nanoparticles on the growth, physiology and metabolic responses in in vitro grown eggplant (Solanum melongena). NBT, NPs, ROS
23  2018 Cancer stem cells within moderately differentiated head and neck cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma express components of the renin-angiotensin system. ACE, ATIIR1, ATIIR2, CSC, IF, IHC, MDHNCSCC, PRR, PTS, RAS, TNs, WB
24  2018 Characterization of mercury-induced stress biomarkers in Fagopyrum tataricum plants. APX, CAT, GR, GST, POD, SOD
25  2018 Expression and Localization of Cathepsins B, D and G in Cancer Stem Cells in Liver Metastasis From Colon Adenocarcinoma. CSC, IF, IHC, LMCA, WB
26  2018 Expression of Embryonic Stem Cell Markers on the Microvessels of WHO Grade I Meningioma. CISH, ESC, IF, IHC, MG
27  2018 Highly sensitive impedimetric biosensor for Hg2+ detection based on manganese porphyrin-decorated DNA network for precipitation polymerization. Exo III, MnTmPyP-dsDNA, T-T
28  2018 Identification of PSD-95 in the Postsynaptic Density Using MiniSOG and EM Tomography. EM, PSD
29  2018 In Silico Approach for Immunohistochemical Evaluation of a Cytoplasmic Marker in Breast Cancer. ICC, TMA
30  2018 In-vivo electrochemical monitoring of H2O2 production induced by root-inoculated endophytic bacteria in Agave tequilana leaves. ---
31  2018 Infection Unit Density as an Index of Infection Potential of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi. AM, IUs, MIP
32  2018 Methods to Quantify Biotic-Induced Stress in Plants. NBT, ROS
33  2018 Programmed death-ligand 1 expression by digital image analysis advances thyroid cancer diagnosis among encapsulated follicular lesions. DIA, EFVPTC, LT, NIFTP, PD-L1
34  2018 Purinoceptor expression in hepatocellular virus (HCV)-induced and non-HCV hepatocellular carcinoma: an insight into the proviral role of the P2X4 receptor. HCC, HCV, HCV
35  2018 Seeing the wood for the trees: towards improved quantification of glial cells in central nervous system tissue. GFAP, Iba-1
36  2018 The influence of brain iron and myelin on magnetic susceptibility and effective transverse relaxation - A biochemical and histological validation study. MRI, QSM, ROIs
37  2018 The Role of Sugarcane Catalase Gene ScCAT2 in the Defense Response to Pathogen Challenge and Adversity Stress. ABA, MeJA, PEG, qRT-PCR, SA
38  2017 A rapid, simple, and accurate plaque assay for human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV). HRSV
39  2017 Andy's Algorithms: new automated digital image analysis pipelines for FIJI. PLAs
40  2017 Autofluorescence and Nonspecific Immunofluorescent Labeling in Frozen Bovine Intestinal Tissue Sections: Solutions for Multicolor Immunofluorescence Experiments. SBB
41  2017 AutoIHC-scoring: a machine learning framework for automated Allred scoring of molecular expression in ER- and PR-stained breast cancer tissue. IHC, PR
42  2017 Cancer Stem Cells in Moderately Differentiated Lip Squamous Cell Carcinoma Express Components of the Renin-Angiotensin System. ACE, ATIIR1, CSC, IHC, MDLSCC, RAS, TNs, WB
43  2017 Cytochemical Detection of Peroxisomes in Light and Electron Microscopy with 3,3'-diaminobenzidine. ---
44  2017 Efficacy of gold nanoparticles against isoproterenol induced acute myocardial infarction in adult male albino rats. AST, CK-MB, CMC, cTnT, eNOs, GNPs, ISO, MI, nNOs, NO, PPARs, ROS
45  2017 Electron microscopy using the genetically encoded APEX2 tag in cultured mammalian cells. APEX2, EM
46  2017 Embryonic Stem Cell-Like Population in Dupuytren's Disease Expresses Components of the Renin-Angiotensin System. ACE, ATIIR1, ATIIR2, DD, IHC, RAS, WB
47  2017 Embryonic Stem Cell-Like Subpopulations in Venous Malformation. ESCs, IF, IHC, IMVM, SCVM, VM
48  2017 Ethanol Enhances High-Salinity Stress Tolerance by Detoxifying Reactive Oxygen Species in Arabidopsis thaliana and Rice. APX, NBT, ROS
49  2017 Expression and Localization of Cathepsins B, D, and G in Two Cancer Stem Cell Subpopulations in Moderately Differentiated Oral Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma. CISH, CSC, IF, IHC, MDOTSCC, RAS
50  2017 Expression of Cathepsins B, D, and G in Isocitrate Dehydrogenase-Wildtype Glioblastoma. CISH, CSC, IDH, IF, IHC
51  2017 Glucose oxidase-initiated cascade catalysis for sensitive impedimetric aptasensor based on metal-organic frameworks functionalized with Pt nanoparticles and hemin/G-quadruplex as mimicking peroxidases. EIS, GOx, hGq, IPs, STPs
52  2017 Interlink between cholesterol & cell cycle in prostate carcinoma. CAP, LDLR, PBR, PSA
53  2017 Segmentation of digitized histological sections for quantification of the muscularized vasculature in the mouse hind limb. ---
54  2017 The Identification of Three Cancer Stem Cell Subpopulations within Moderately Differentiated Lip Squamous Cell Carcinoma. CSCs, IHC, MDLSCC, OCT4, pSTAT3, SALL4, SOX2, TNs, WB
55  2017 Ultrasonic assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method based on deep eutectic solvent for speciation, preconcentration and determination of selenium species (IV) and (VI) in water and food samples. DES, ETAAS, UALPME
56  2017 Using a Whole-mount Immunohistochemical Method to Study the Innervation of the Biliary Tract in Suncus murinus. PFA, S. murinus
57  2017 Validation of simple and cost-effective stains to assess acrosomal status, DNA damage and mitochondrial activity in rooster spermatozoa. FG-RB, SCD, TB
58  2017 [Determination of diacetyl in liquors by high performance liquid chromatography coupled with precolumn derivatization using 3,3'-diaminobenzidine]. DAD, HPLC-UV
59  2016 A new benzimidazole based covalent organic polymer having high energy storage capacity. Tp
60  2016 A ratiometric fluorescence nanosensor for highly selective and sensitive detection of selenite. ---
61  2016 A sensitive impedimetric platform biosensing protein: Insoluble precipitates based on the biocatalysis of manganese(III) meso-tetrakis (4-N-methylpyridiniumyl)-porphyrinin in HCR-assisted dsDNA. CEA, dsDNA, HCR, IPs, MnTMPyP, PtPdNWs
62  2016 An Investigation of the High Performance of a Novel Type of Benzobisoxazole Fiber Based on 3,3-Diaminobenzidine. DHTA, FTIR, NMR, PPA, TAP, WAXD
63  2016 Cancer Stem Cells in Glioblastoma Multiforme. CSC, ESC, GBM, IF, IHC, WB
64  2016 Cancer Stem Cells in Moderately Differentiated Buccal Mucosal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Express Components of the Renin-Angiotensin System. ACE, ATIIR1, ATIIR2, CSC, IF, IHC, MDBMSCC, RAS, WB
65  2016 Characterization of Cancer Stem Cells in Moderately Differentiated Buccal Mucosal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. CISH, CSC, ESC, IF, IHC, MDBMSCC, SCC
66  2016 Computer-aided molecular pathology interpretation in exploring prospective markers for oral submucous fibrosis progression. HIF-1alpha, IHC, VEGF
67  2016 Effects of caffeine supplementation in post-thaw human semen over different incubation periods. ---
68  2016 Endoplasmic reticulum membrane-bound MoSec62 is involved in the suppression of rice immunity and is essential for the pathogenicity of Magnaporthe oryzae. ER, PAMP
69  2016 Enzyme catalysis enhanced dark-field imaging as a novel immunohistochemical method. HRP
70  2016 Enzyme-mediated polymerization inside engineered protein cages. ---
71  2016 Establishing the subcellular localization of photodynamically-induced ROS using 3,3'-diaminobenzidine: A methodological proposal, with a proof-of-concept demonstration. ROS
72  2016 Expression of the Tumor-associated Mucin 1 Epitope Analyzed with the Humanized PankoMab-GEX™ Antibody in Malignant and Normal Tissues of the Head and Neck. IRS, MUC1, POD
73  2016 Glioblastoma Multiforme Cancer Stem Cells Express Components of the Renin-Angiotensin System. ACE, ATIIR1, ATIIR2, CSCs, GBM, IF, IHC, RAS, WB
74  2016 Microfluidic Distance Readout Sweet Hydrogel Integrated Paper-Based Analytical Device (muDiSH-PAD) for Visual Quantitative Point-of-Care Testing. GA, GOx, muDiSH-PAD, muPADs
75  2016 Mitotic Golgi disassembly is required for bipolar spindle formation and mitotic progression. SAC
76  2016 MUC1 (VPM654 and EPR1023) Expression in Mucosa of Fallopian Tubes With Ectopic Pregnancy is Altered. ---
77  2016 Overexpression of quinone reductase from Salix matsudana Koidz enhances salt tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana. MDA, NBT, QR
78  2016 Programmed death-ligand 1 overexpression is a prognostic marker for aggressive papillary thyroid cancer and its variants. DFS, FFPE, IHC, PD-L1, PTC
79  2016 Quantitative diagnosis of HER2 protein expressing breast cancer by single-particle quantum dot imaging. FISH, IHC, IHC-QD, QD, TTP
80  2016 Quinone Methide Signal Amplification: Covalent Reporter Labeling of Cancer Epitopes using Alkaline Phosphatase Substrates. AP, IHC, QMs
81  2016 Reactive Oxygen Species Play a Role in the Infection of the Necrotrophic Fungi, Rhizoctonia solani in Wheat. NBT, ROS
82  2016 Validation of the IHC4 Breast Cancer Prognostic Algorithm Using Multiple Approaches on the Multinational TEAM Clinical Trial. HR, QIF
83  2015 2-Deoxy-D-glucose treatment changes the Golgi apparatus architecture without blocking synthesis of complex lipids. 2-DG, TLC
84  2015 Carbon Nanotubes Labeled with Aptamer and Horseradish Peroxidase as a Probe for Highly Sensitive Protein Biosensing by Postelectropolymerization of Insoluble Precipitates on Electrodes. CNTs, HRP
85  2015 Digital separation of diaminobenzidine-stained tissues via an automatic color-filtering for immunohistochemical quantification. ---
86  2015 Down-regulation of osmotin (PR5) gene by virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) leads to susceptibility of resistant Piper colubrinum Link. to the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora capsici Leonian. PcOSM, TRV, VIGS
87  2015 Factors affecting the activation and inhibition of intracellular enzymes for degradation of 1,2 diamino benzene: kinetics and thermodynamic studies. MICE
88  2015 Functional recovery after experimental spinal cord compression and whole body vibration therapy requires a balanced revascularization of the injured site. CLS, FSA, RHI, WBV
89  2015 Reactive oxygen and nitrogen (ROS and RNS) species generation and cell death in tomato suspension cultures--Botrytis cinerea interaction. AO, DAF-DA, EB, GSNOR, NBT, NO, SNO
90  2015 Self-labelling enzymes as universal tags for fluorescence microscopy, super-resolution microscopy and electron microscopy. CLEM, FM, SRM, TEM, TMR
91  2015 Study of melanin bleaching after immunohistochemistry of melanin-containing tissues. TCCA
92  2015 The importin alpha subunit PsIMPA1 mediates the oxidative stress response and is required for the pathogenicity of Phytophthora sojae. ---
93  2015 The localization of NADPH oxidase and reactive oxygen species in in vitro-cultured Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L. hypocotyls discloses their differing roles in rhizogenesis. DPI, NAA, POD, ROS
94  2015 Visualizing viral protein structures in cells using genetic probes for correlated light and electron microscopy. CLEM, EM, SBEM
95  2015 [Molecular mechanisms of lung cancer development at its different stages in nuclear industry workers]. FFPBs, PCR
96  2014 A simple, rapid, and reliable protocol to localize hydrogen peroxide in large plant organs by DAB-mediated tissue printing. ROS
97  2014 An adequate Fe nutritional status of maize suppresses infection and biotrophic growth of Colletotrichum graminicola. ---
98  2014 Attempt of correlative observation of morphological synaptic connectivity by combining confocal laser-scanning microscope and FIB-SEM for immunohistochemical staining technique. CF-LSM, FIB, FIB-SEM, SBF-SEM, TEM, VGLUT2
99  2014 Canola (Brassica napus L.) NAC103 transcription factor gene is a novel player inducing reactive oxygen species accumulation and cell death in plants. HR, MDA, ROS, SA
100  2014 Combined in situ Hybridization/Immunohistochemistry (ISH/IH) on Free-floating Vibratome Tissue Sections. ISH/IH