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Abbreviation : DAD
Long Form : delayed afterdepolarization
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Curcumin, a Multi-Ion Channel Blocker That Preferentially Blocks Late Na+ Current and Prevents I/R-Induced Arrhythmias. CUR, EAD, I Na.L
2019 Effect of flunarizine on defibrillation outcomes and early refibrillation in a canine model of prolonged ventricular fibrillation. DADs, DFT, LDVF, VF
2019 The cardiac electrophysiology effects of higenamine in guinea pig heart. APD, HG
2018 Heart Failure Differentially Modulates the Effects of Ivabradine on the Electrical Activity of the Sinoatrial Node and Pulmonary Veins. AF, HF, PVs, SAN
2017 [Remodeling of the aging heart : Sinus node dysfunction and atrial fibrillation]. AF, SND
2015 Effect of alpha-Allocryptopine on Delayed Afterdepolarizations and Triggered Activities in Mice Cardiomyocytes Treated with Isoproterenol. ALL, ISO, TA
2015 Pro-arrhythmic action of autoantibodies against the second extracellular loop of beta1-adrenoceptor and its underlying molecular mechanisms. APD, CHD, RP, TA, VA
2015 Suppression of Early and Late Afterdepolarizations by Heterozygous Knockout of the Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger in a Murine Model. EAD, hetKO
2014 EAD and DAD mechanisms analyzed by developing a new human ventricular cell model. EAD
10  2014 Enhanced binding of calmodulin to RyR2 corrects arrhythmogenic channel disorder in CPVT-associated myocytes. CaM, KI, TA
11  2014 [Alterations of after depolarization and triggered activity in myocardiac muscle during progression of mouse aortic stenosis]. AP, APD90, EAD
12  2014 [Effects of Shenmai injection on afterdepolarization and triggered activities in left ventricular papillary muscle in rat cardiac hypertrophy]. AP, APD9, EAD
13  2013 Leptin modulates electrophysiological characteristics and isoproterenol-induced arrhythmogenesis in atrial myocytes. AF, APs, LA
14  2013 Resveratrol protects rabbit ventricular myocytes against oxidative stress-induced arrhythmogenic activity and Ca2+ overload. CaMKII, EAD
15  2013 Role of late sodium current as a potential arrhythmogenic mechanism in the progression of pressure-induced heart disease. CaMKII, RAN, TAC
16  2013 Wenxin Keli suppresses ventricular triggered arrhythmias via selective inhibition of late sodium current. EAD, INa
17  2012 Hypoxia and reoxygenation modulate the arrhythmogenic activity of the pulmonary vein and atrium. AF, EAD, LA, RA
18  2012 Proarrhythmia in a non-failing murine model of cardiac-specific Na+/Ca 2+ exchanger overexpression: whole heart and cellular mechanisms. AP, EADs, NCX, RyR, sAPs, WT
19  2011 Delayed afterdepolarization in intact canine sinoatrial node as a novel mechanism for atrial arrhythmia. DD, LDCAE, RA, SAN
20  2011 Heart failure enhances arrhythmogenesis in pulmonary veins. AF, EAD, HF, LA, PV
21  2011 The role of the calcium and the voltage clocks in sinoatrial node dysfunction. DD, LDCAE, RyR2, SAN, SR
22  2011 [Effects of hydrogen sulfide on ouabain-induced delayed after-depolarization and triggered activity in guinea pig papillary muscles]. ATP, L-NAME, NO
23  2010 Diastolic intracellular calcium-membrane voltage coupling gain and postshock arrhythmias: role of purkinje fibers and triggered activity. SCaE, TA
24  2010 Spontaneous Ca waves in ventricular myocytes from failing hearts depend on Ca(2+)-calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II. CaMKII, ISO, NCX, PKA, RyR, SCaW
25  2009 Relationship between autonomic innervation in crista terminalis and atrial arrhythmia. ChAT, CT, GAP43, PM, TH
26  2009 Role of coupled gating between cardiac ryanodine receptors in the genesis of triggered arrhythmias. Ca, RyR
27  2009 Role of ryanodine receptor as a Ca(+) regulatory center in normal and failing hearts. ARVC2, CPVT, SR
28  2009 [Effects of BmKIM on sodium current of isolated cardiomyocytes, transmembrane action potential and aconitine induced arrhythmia in vivo in rabbits]. APA, EAD
29  2008 Role of Ca2+-dependent Cl- current on delayed afterdepolarizations. A simulation study. AP, Cl,Ca, ti
30  2008 U-waves and T-wave peak to T-wave end intervals in patients with catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia, effects of beta-blockers. CPVT, PVT, TDR, TPE
31  2007 Calsequestrin mutation and catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia: a simulation study of cellular mechanism. AP, CASQ2, ISO, SR
32  2007 Electrophysiologic characteristics of an Andersen syndrome patient with KCNJ2 mutation. ---
33  2005 Cellular mechanism of calcium-mediated triggered activity in the heart. SCR
34  2005 Effects of resveratrol on delayed afterdepolarization and triggered activity induced by ouabain in guinea pig papillary muscles. NO, TA
35  2004 Effects of class I antiarrhythmic drugs on the digitalis-induced triggered activity arrhythmia model: a rationale for the short-term use of class I drugs against triggered arrhythmias. ---
36  2002 Actions of Androctonus australis and Leiurus quinquestriatus venoms in the rat isolated atria and anesthetized rats; effect of magnesium and lidocaine. Aa, Lqh, LQQ
37  2002 Effects of phytoestrogen genistein on delayed after depolarization and triggered activity induced by ouabain in guinea pig papillary muscles. APs, GST, TA
38  2002 Upregulated Na/Ca exchange is involved in both contractile dysfunction and arrhythmogenesis in heart failure. HF, NaCaX
39  2001 Selective attenuation by adenosine of arrhythmogenic action of isoproterenol on ventricular myocytes. APD50
40  2000 Contractile adaptations preserving cardiac output predispose the hypertrophied canine heart to delayed afterdepolarization-dependent ventricular arrhythmias. CAVB
41  2000 Extracellular detection of delayed afterdepolarization of cardiac fibers using signal averaging technique. ---
42  2000 [The effect of tetrahydropalmatine on ouabain-induced delayed after depolarization and triggered ventricular arrhythmia]. ECG, MAP, THP
43  1999 Abnormal cardiac repolarization and impulse initiation in German shepherd dogs with inherited ventricular arrhythmias and sudden death. ISO, LV
44  1999 Antiarrhythmic effects of magnesium on rat papillary muscle and guinea pig ventricular myocytes. AC, EAD, TA, TI
45  1999 Effects of agmatine on afterdepolarizations induced by isoproterenol in guinea pig papillary muscles. Agm, alpha 2AR, EAD, IR, ISO
46  1999 The dynamic behavior of the diastolic slope of monophasic action potential can be related to the occurrence and maintenance of delayed afterdepolarization dependent arrhythmias. ---
47  1998 INaCa and ICl(Ca) contribute to isoproterenol-induced delayed after depolarizations in midmyocardial cells. ECl
48  1997 Electrophysiologic effect of enalapril on guinea pig papillary muscles in vitro. AP, APA, BCL, RP, TA
49  1997 Facilitation of epinephrine-induced afterdepolarizations by class III antiarrhythmic drugs. EAD
50  1997 Similarities between early and delayed afterdepolarizations induced by isoproterenol in canine ventricular myocytes. CL, EAD, SR
51  1996 Effect of restacorin on the early and delayed after depolarization in dog Purkinje fibres. EAD
52  1996 Effects of daurisoline on intracellular Ca2+ activity in myocardium. DS, TA
53  1995 Effects of N6-cyclopentyladenosine on afterdepolarizations and triggered activity induced by isoproterenol in guinea pig papillary muscle. 8-PT, EAD, GLI, ISO, TA
54  1994 ATP promotes development of afterdepolarizations and triggered activity in cardiac myocytes. EAD
55  1994 Effect of halothane on in vivo and in vitro cardiotoxicity of an aminocardenolide. AP, AV, CL
56  1994 Induction of delayed afterdepolarizations and triggered arrhythmias in isolated Purkinje fibers: comparison of resibufogenin and acetylstrophanthidin. AS, RBG, TA
57  1994 Tubulin binding agent CI-980 has positive inotropic and local anesthetic actions. APA
58  1994 [Antagonism of daurisoline on arrhythmogenic delayed afterdepolarization]. DS, TA
59  1994 [Effects of alpha-adrenoreceptor excitation on the delayed after-depolarization of sheep cardiac Purkinje fibers]. AS
60  1994 [Inhibitory effects of 6 cardiac glycosides on sodium pump in sheep Purkinje fibers]. ---
61  1994 [Studies on electrophysiology of lysophosphatidylcholine and evaluation of its clinical significance]. EAD, LPC
62  1992 Afterdepolarizations and triggered activity. EAD
63  1992 Effects of m-nisoldipine on delayed afterdepolarization of canine Purkinje fibers. m-Nis, TA
64  1992 Ionic mechanisms responsible for the antiarrhythmic action of dehydroevodiamine in guinea-pig isolated cardiomyocytes. DeHE, INa
65  1992 [Antiarrhythmic effects of magnesium on single ventricular myocytes]. AC, EAD, TA, TI
66  1991 Effects of benzyltetrahydropalmatine on delayed after depolarization and triggered activity and on His-bundle electrogram and ECG in animal experiment. BTHP
67  1991 Investigation of electrophysiologic mechanisms for the antiarrhythmic actions of R 56865 in cardiac glycoside toxicity. ---
68  1991 The bronchodilator terbutaline enhances digitalis-induced arrhythmia. ---
69  1990 Can the MAP technique be applied to study triggered activities of the heart? Intracellular evidence in vivo. EAD, MAP, TAP
70  1990 Effects of mexiletine on delayed after-depolarization and triggered activity. TA
71  1990 [Effects of benzyltetrahydropalmatine on delayed after depolarization and triggered activity and rabbit His-bundle electrogram]. BTHP
72  1989 Acidosis depresses delayed afterdepolarization in guinea pig myocardium. aiNa
73  1989 Halothane antagonizes ouabain toxicity in isolated canine Purkinje fibers. ---
74  1989 Inter-species variations in myocardial responsiveness to cardiac glycosides: possible relations to the thyroid status. ---
75  1989 [Effects of isoprenaline and carbachol on delayed after-depolarization in myocardium]. ---
76  1988 Delayed afterdepolarizations elicited in vivo by left stellate ganglion stimulation. APD50, MAP
77  1987 Acute and chronic effects of amiodarone on delayed afterdepolarization and triggered automaticity in rabbit ventricular myocardium. ---
78  1987 Characteristics of triggered-activity and delayed afterdepolarization in responses to the electrical stimulation. TA
79  1986 External pH dependency of delayed afterdepolarization in rabbit myocardium. ---
80  1985 Histamine induced or enhanced delayed afterdepolarization and triggered activity in guinea-pig papillary muscles. A preliminary study. TA
81  1983 Effects of procaine amide, quinidine and ethmozin on delayed afterdepolarizations. APD, MDP
82  1982 Mechanism of delayed afterdepolarization caused by aconitine. CO